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ARTstor Guide

ARTstor is a subscription database of nearly a million images from a wide range of cultures and time periods. Check online guides on how this database may be used in various disciplines. It is available through Fogler Library's list of databases.

With ARTstor you can:

  • Access images by classification, geographic area, or from various art collections
  • Organize and download your collection of images
  • Zoom in on details or highlight parts of your selected images
  • Share high-quality images with other users
  • Send images directly to PowerPoint

Levels of Access

  • Unregistered Users
    Search and browse for images, save, print data and images, and view contents of public Shared Folders

  • Registered Users (any UMaine person with a First Class email)
    One-time registration required with FirstClass e-mail address and password.
    Save selected images to Image Groups, add personal notes to images, view contents of password-protected Shared Folders, and use Offline Image Viewer.

  • Instructors (Contact Jen Bonnet at Fogler Library for Instructor Privileges registration)
    Create Image Folders for sharing collections of selected images in Image Groups with students and colleagues, add instructor notes to images, upload personal images to Personal Collection (1 GB), and use Offline Image Viewer for presentations.

Technical Requirements

  • Enable pop-ups
  • Enable cookies
  • Flash Player Version 6 or above
  • Firefox is the recommended browser '

For additional system requirements information, please consult ARTSTor's guidelines.

Accessing ARTstor


  • Access ARTstor through
  • Use FirstClass email address to register.
  • The default password will be "artstor".
  • Change the default password by logging in to ARTstor and clicking "Edit my profile" icon.

Browse ARTstor collections by:

  • Geography (Afghanistan, United States, ...)
  • Classification (Paintings, Photographs, ...)
  • Collection (Carnegie Arts of the United States, Cornell Museum of Fine Arts, ...)

Using selected images

  • Find and highlight selected images
  • Add personal notes to selected images
  • Save selected images
    (Go to Organize==>Save selected images to==>New Image Group
    Name your Image Group

    Highlight the default "My Work Folder" and click "Save")
  • Use viewer options to zoom, pan, rotate images
  • Use images in your Image Group(s) for display using Offline Image Viewer

Note: Students can only create Image Groups and save the groups under the default My Work Folder

Presenting images

Users can present their selected images:

  • Offline with presentation tools such as PowerPoint
  • Offline with ARTstor's downloadable Offline Image Viewer


  • Save selected images to an Image Group.
    Organize ==> Save selected images to==>New Image Group. Name your image group.
    Highlight My Work Folder. Then click Save.

  • Delete an image group
    Share ==> Manage folders
    Highlight Image Group to be deleted and click Delete

  • Add personal notes to image
    Click open caption below selected image and add your notes

  • Generate URL for an image
    Share ==> Generate URL

  • Pan an image
    Click Zoom icon first and then click the Pan icon

  • Present images using Offline Image Viewer

  • Cite ARTstor images
    Tools ==> Save citations for selected images or image group ==> View and export citations
    (This provides image details needed for citations)
    Using image details generated by ARTstor, create appropriate citations using citation styles preferred by individual departments.
    For more details, see

  • Export images to PowerPoint
    See this screenshot tutorial:

For further information on using ARTstor:

Where to go for assistance

  • To contact a Reference Librarian with questions, click here: Ask-a-Librarian

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