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Photocopy Self Service

Fogler Library has 7 photocopiers available for public use. At least one photocopier is located on every level.

Paying for Photocopies

MaineCard (with Black Bear Bucks). Cost per copy is $0.08. Note: Computer printing funds allocated to students and staff at the beginning of each semester cannot be used on the Library photocopiers as this funding comes from Information Technologies.

Coins. Cost per copy is $0.10.  

Replenishing Cards or Getting Change

Value Transfer Station. Add Black Bear Bucks to your MaineCard using the Value Transfer Station (VTS) located near the Circulation Desk. The VTS will provide a receipt of the transaction. Note: Those who do not own MaineCards can purchase a photocopy card for $1.00 ($0.50 for the card and $0.50 of photocopy credit). 

Change machines are located in the Reserve Reading Room (level 1) and Presidents Room (level 2). These accept dollar bills and dispense 10 dimes.

Locating Photocopiers

  Area Located Near Qty
Level 1 Reserve Reading Room Circulation/Reserve Desk 2
Level 1 Bound Periodicals Stacks Center Elevator 1
Level 1b Bound Periodicals Stacks Center Elevator 1
Level 2 Presidents Room   1
Level 2b Bound Periodicals Stacks Center Elevator 1
Level 3 Book Stacks Special Collections 1

Making Photocopies

Photocopiers can print on both sides of a sheet. Printing on both sides of a sheet costs $0.16 (MaineCard) and $0.20 (coin).

MaineCard/Photocopy card holders. Use the black box on top of the photocopier. Insert your card (stripe-up) in the slot, slide to right, and leave it in the device. Reinsert card if it times-out. Remember to remove card when finished.

Coins. Do not insert several dimes at time. Instead, insert a dime, press copy, and repeat.


MaineCards. Contact MaineCard Service Center at 581-CARD.

Photocopiers. Go to Circulation Desk or call 581-1666.

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