A.  Biography

1. Burke's Peerage & Baronetage, Ref CS420 .B85


2. Oxford dictionary of national biography [electronic resource] or DA28


3. Dod's Parliamentary Companion, Annex JN500 .D7


4. Modern English Biography, CT733 .B6


5. Who's Who, Ref DA 28 W6


6. Who Was Who, a Companion to Who's Who, Ref  DA28 .W6


7. Who's Who of British Members of Parliament : a biographical dictionary of the House

of Commons based on annual volumes of Dod's Parliamentary companion and

other sources  JN672 .S73



B.  General Reference

1. Abstract of British Historical Statistics   HA1135 .M5


2. Annual Register PORTLAND Spec Coll D2 .A7


3. Bibliography of British history, 1851-1914   Ref Z2019/2020


4. British Humanities Index  Ref INDEX AI 3 B7


5. An Encyclopædia of Parliament Ref  JN555 .W5


6. How to Find Out About the Victorian Period; a guide to sources of information

 Z2019 .M34 1970 


7. The Oxford English Dictionary Ref  PE1625 .O87


8. Second Abstract of British Historical Statistics  HA1135 .M52


9. Steinberg's Dictionary of British History Ref  DA34 .S7


10. Victorian Britain : an Encyclopedia Ref DA550 .V53


11. Victorian England 1837-1901 Ref Z2019 .A56


12. Victorian Studies : a Research Guide Ref DA550 .P76


13. Whitaker's Almanack   AY754 .W5


14.  Royal Historical Society Bibliography on CD-Rom:  The History of Britain, Ireland

and the British Overseas  *Note the RHS puts out lots of

handbooks on British history.  Fogler has at least 60 on various topics.


15. British History Online


16.  The Nineteenth Century


C.  Periodicals, Magazines, Serials - Indexes


1.  Poole's index to periodical literature Ref Index AI3 P7


2.  The Wellesley index to Victorian periodicals, 1824-1900 [computer file] Ref  AI3



3.  Early English Newspapers: Bibliography and Guide to the Microfilm Collection at

Bowdoin (also see www.galegroup.com/pdf/guide/early.pdf)


4.  Nineteenth Century British Library Newspapers


D.  Newspapers (select list)


Birmingham Daily Post

Blackwood's Magazine

Bolton Evening Guardian

Bolton Evening News

Bradford Daily Telegraph

Bradford Observer


Contemporary Review

Daily Chronicle

Daily Mail

Daily News

Daily Telegraph

Eastern Morning News

Echo, The

Edinburgh Review

Evening News

Evening Standard

Fortnightly Review

Glasgow Herald



Illustrated London News (in Fogler)

Independent Review

Lancashire Daily Express

Leeds Mercury

Liverpool Daily Post

Liverpool Weekly Newspaper

Macmillan's Magazine

Manchester Evening News

Manchester Examiner

Manchester Guardian

Morning Chronicle

Morning Herald

Morning Leader


National Review

New Statesman

New Statesman and Nation

Newcastle Daily Chronicle

Nineteenth Century

Northern Echo

Oldham Chronicle

Pall Mall Gazette

Printer's Register


Quarterly Review

Review of Reviews

Reynold's Newspaper


Sheffield Daily Telegraph

Sheffield Independent

Socialist Review

Speaker, The

Spectator, The


Star, The


St. James Gazette

Sun, The

Times (in Fogler)


United Ireland

Vanity Fair

Western Daily Press

Western Morning News

Westminster Gazette

Westminster Review

World, The

Yorkshire Post



E.  Collections (and Indexes)


1.  General index to the Bills, Reports and papers printed by order of the House of

Commons and to the reports and Papers presented by command, 1900 to 1948-49

Ref  J301 .K6 1960 Index


2.  Guide to Parliamentary Papers.  Z2009.A1 F6


3.  A Numerical Finding List of British Command Papers 1833-1961. Z2009 .D5


4.  Hansard’s Parliamentary Debates, series 1-3, Annex  J301 .H22

     Parliamentary Debates, series 4, Annex  J301 .H22 

     Parliamentary Debates, Commons series 5-6, Annex  J301 .H22

     Parliamentary Debates, Lords, series 5-6, LAW  KD76 .P37

     Limited Digitized Hansard 1803-2005: http://hansard.millbanksystems.com/



5.  Irish University Press.  British parliamentary papers:  colonies :

a.  Africa Folio JQ1881 .A2I73

b.  Australia  (at BU and McGill)

c.  East India  (at B.U. and McGill)

d.  General  (at UNH, BU and McGill)

e.  New Zealand - Colby  Miller  OVRSZ DU420 .I68

f.  Canada   Folio F1031.5 I74

g.  West Indies -Bates Oversize Bookstacks  F2131 .I7

h.  Canadian Boundary Folio F1027.5 .I7


6.  Index to the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers on cd-rom, 1801- Bowdoin


7.  House of Commons parliamentary papers


8.  House of Lords parliamentary papers (none near)


9.  Select list of British Parliamentary papers 1833-1899 328.4204 G798

Breviate of Parliamentary papers 1900-1916 Annex  328.4204 G798

Breviate of Parliamentary papers 1917-1939 Annex  328.4204 G798

Breviate of Parliamentary papers 1940-1954 Annex  328.4204 G798

Select List of British Parliamentary papers, 1955-1964  at Bates, Bowdoin, Colby




F.  Historical Journals (general –select list)


1.  Albion


2.  American Historical Review


3.  Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research


4.  Cambridge Historical Journal


5.  Economic History Review


6.  Economy and Society


7.  English Historical Review


8.  Historical Journal


9.  History


10.  History Today


11.  Journal of British History


12.  Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History


13.  Journal of Modern History


14.  Journal of Peasant Society


15.  Journal of Social History


16.  Past and Present


17.  Transactions of the Royal Historical Society


18.  Victorian Studies



G. Full Text e-Boooks


1.  Google Books – http://Books.google.com


2.  Project Gutenberg - http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Main_Page