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Annotated Evaluative Bibliography

  1. Entire document should be typed, double spaced, 12 point.
  2. Choose a style (APA, MLA, etc.) and be consistent. Ask your professors what, if any, format they require or recommend. All references must conform to your chosen style.
  3. Using the grading rubric as a guideline, create references to six sources on your topic. You will need at least one encyclopedia article, one book, one peer-reviewed journal article, one Web site, one government publication or technical report, and one other source of your choosing.
  4. All annotations should be limited to no more than 150 words, must be written in your own words, and each should include an evaluation of the source based on the criteria we covered in class (see slides). Describe special features that were unique, if any, and a brief description of your overall perception the source’s usefulness (example: "This source was useful because…" or, "This source was not useful because…"). Consult the Purdue Online Writing Lab for more tips on writing annotated bibliographies.
  5. Write an abstract. In one or two concise paragraphs, describe the subject of the bibliography and why you chose it (for a class project, a hobby or personal interest, needed to research for work, etc.). Think about use of words that will make this bibliography “findable” by others who may want to consult your bibliography. Hint: I recommend that you write the abstract after you have done the rest of the work, not before. Consult the Purdue Online Writing Lab for more tips on writing journal abstracts. (Annoated bibliographies are often submitted as articles to scholarly and professional publications.)
  6. Post, staple, tape or glue the annotated bibliography into your journals.
  7. Points will be based on how well you follow these instructions. One point is awarded for each properly formatted reference, one point for each properly written annotation, and up to four points for the abstract.

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