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Concept Map


Drawing of a Concept Map

For this assignment you will create a concept map similar to the one in the picture. Then you will use keywords from your concept map to find corresponding Library of Congress Subject Headings.

Part 1: Think of a main topic and write it in the center of the page, circled. Brainstorm for subtopics of the main topic and write those in circles surrounding the main topic. Continue subdividing those subtopics until you have at least ten—yours does not need to be as detailed as the one in the picture.

Part 2: Read the articles about subject headings in this week's reading assignment. Then use URSUS to identify Library of Congress Subject Headings that correspond to the ten subtopics in your concept map. If you can't find exact matches, that is okay, try to find the closest matches.

EXAMPLE: concept keywords: no milk allergies; LC subject heading: Food allergy

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