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CMJ 102: Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication

Your subject librarian is Jen Bonnet.


A. Research the service organization you are working with this semester.

B. Using your service-learning organization as a guide for your research, locate and read at least 3 scholarly articles on the organization's larger community issue/need. Summarize the articles for content related to your service project. Provide current facts and statistics. Write a reference page in APA style.

To find appropriate resources for your assignment:

  • Use relevant online databases;
  • Use appropriate search terms;
  • Contact your subject librarian if you need assistance.

Peer Review:

What are scholarly, peer-reviewed articles?
  • Usually published in scholarly journals
  • Well-researched original articles on specialized topics written by scholars
  • Author affiliation and contact details are provided
  • There is an abstract at the beginning of peer-reviewed articles
  • Contain in-text citations and a list of references at the end
  • May include charts tables, graphs, and other statistical data
  • Use subject-specific language that include technical terms unique to the field
  • Presented in sections such as Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusion
  • Subjected to intense critiques by a team of subject specialists who are peers of the author(s)
Not sure if the journal article you've found is peer-reviewed? You can find the journal on the free web and see if it has an editorial board or if there's an explicit mention of peer review for submissions. Communication Studies is an example.

Example popular article about farmers' markets and nutrition
Example scholarly article about farmers' markets and nutrition
Scholarly journals vs popular/trade magazines

To find information on your topic:

To cite resources used for your assignment: For news about your organization:

Where to go for assistance:

  • Ask-a-Librarian: Reference librarians are available via chat, text, phone, and email.
  • Don't hesitate to contact your subject librarian, Jen Bonnet.

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