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For a number of years our librarians perceived a need on campus for a site that would bring together in one place, Internet resources on climate and weather.  In early 2000 our proposal to meet this need became Fogler Library’s first designated project of the Digital Library.  Developed over a nine-month period, it is intended to serve as a virtual library of annotated links to climate and weather Internet resources that will serve students, faculty, and staff of the University of Maine.  Additional, we have included sites that will be of interest to the K-12 education community as well as the general public.

The site is broken down into six broad categories of information: Climate Data; Education; Environments; Global Climate Change; Maps and Images; and Resources.   Sites presented within these categories were selected to met the needs of University of Maine students, faculty, and staff -- based on reference questions and conversations with selected members of the University community that have a research interest in climate and weather information.

Climate Data: Many of the sites in this category were developed, and are maintained by NOAA.

Education: This category includes many K-12 sites that include lesson plans.  Users will also find links to college and university sites that offer extensive listing of climate and weather education sites.

Environments:  “Environments” is presented in three areas: Atmosphere, Cold Regions, and Oceans. Each of these environments has its own listing of resources.

Global Climate Change:  Because of keen interest in this subject area, we included it as a category.  This page has links to the full text of five Congressional Research Briefs issued in the past two years.

Maps and Images:  The Maps and Images page is presented in three sections:  Weather Maps, Radar Images, and Satellite Images.  Most of the sites represent various NOAA resources.

Resources:  Our Resources page is presented in seven sections:  Maine Weather; U.S. and Canadian Weather; Climatological Societies; Dictionaries and Glossaries; Directories; Indexes and Abstracts; and Virtual Libraries.  Each section provides links to these named topics.  Note that if you are conducting a literature search on a weather or climate related topic, start with the Indexes and Abstracts page which provides links to both, web based resources available to the public and those resources available only to the University of Maine community.

Additionally, through the top level page, users can access what we call “Quick Links” – to those sites of a ready reference nature:  Current weather in Maine, Canada, and the U.S., Weather Cams, Weather in the News, and Weather Calculators and Tide Tables. 

The site should be viewed as a “work in progress”.  It will consequently be revised and updated on a regular basis.  At the bottom of each page of resources is the name (with e-mail address) of the person responsible for the development and maintenance of the page.  If you have questions about a particular resource or you would like to suggest a resource for inclusion please contact the listed librarian.  General questions about the site or reference questions about climate and weather resources should be directed to Jim Bird, Science & Engineering Center.

The members of the Fogler Library Climate and Weather Resources Team are:

Jim Bird, Chair, Science & Engineering Center, Librarian
Steve Galbraith, Social Sciences & Humanities Reference Librarian*
Frank Wihbey, Government Documents & Microforms Dept. Head, Librarian*

*no longer at Fogler Library

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