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Weather Calculators 

Weather Calculators - virtual librariesimage of wind chill chart

Northshore Harbormasters Association - Weather calculators

Includes temperature conversions and windchill, relative humidity, and heat index calculations.



Washington Post Weather calculators

Includes Fahrenheit/Celsius Conversion, wind speed conversions, relative humidity from temperature and dewpoint, wind chill from temperature and wind speed, and heat index from temperature and relative humidity.

Beaufort wind scale 

Cloud altitude calculator

Drought factor calculator

McArthur forest and grassland fire danger meters 

Potential temperature

Relative humidity table

Wind chill chart

Heat index chart

Wind chill calculator

see calculating windchill values. National Center for Atmospheric Research for the mathematics behind wind chill calculators

USDA plant hardiness zone map

Tide Tables and Current Predictors

Tides online

WWW tide and current predictor

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