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Current Weather Conditions

United States

Climate Prediction Center - National Weather Service

Includes weekly draught updates and heat index, temperature, and precipitation outlooks. Weather

Provides the latest in weather news, and a 5 day forecast for 10,000 cities worldwide  Additional information include a Storm Center, business traveler's advisory, and an allergy report.  Maintened by CNN.

Current Marine Data and Observations

Provides global analysis wave model graphics, worldwide basin plots, and high resolution regional plots of marine observations. Maintained by Oceanweather inc., a private marine forecasting and consulting firm.  

Hurricane & Storm Tracking for the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans

Tracks current hurricanes and storms using "weather data from the US National Weather Service via satellite."  An archive is kept of past storms that includes a final plot, a Java animated plot, and storm data.  Maintained by Paul Curtis.

Medium Range Forecasts for North America

"Forecasts by the MRF model issued by the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (formerly the National Meteorological Center) are presented individually, or in two formats: either in a set of six panels for each 24 hour interval from 0 (analysis) to 120 hours, or as a series of six panels showing the evolution in time of a particular set of fields."  Maintained by the the Institute of Global Environment and Society

National Weather Service: NWS Offices and Centers

Provides links to NWS offices throughout the United States in the form of a clickable map.  Also lists national and regional support centers.  Maintained by the National Weather Service.

Plymouth State College (PSC) Weather Center

Provides current observations and forecasts for the U.S. via an interactive radar map.  Maintained by Jim Koermer, Professor of Meteorology at Plymouth State College.

RAL Real Time Weather Data

Provides current satellite images, radar images, surface data, and upper-air data.  Maintained by the Research Applications Laboratory (RAL), a division of the National Center for Atmospheric Research.  Note:  The What's New section has not been updated recently but other data seem up-to-date.

United States Weather

Provides "forecasts, watches, warnings, and the most recently observed weather conditions for locations throughout the United States."  First choose a state, then narrow to a specific area or location.  Maintained by the National Weather Service.    

Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin

Contains "weekly national agricultural weather summaries, including the weather's effect on crops; summaries and farm progress for 44 states and New England area."  Coverage is from 1995 to the present.  Maintained by the National Agricultural Statistics Service, Agricultural Statistics Board, U.S. Department of Agriculture.


Canadian Weather - Environment Canada

Provides current weather data for locations with Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador. Maintained by Environment Canada.

UM Weather: Canada Weather.

Provides regional forecasts, satellite images, and warnings for the provinces of Canada.  Forecasts are also given for their bordering U.S. states.  Maintained by The Weather Underground at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.  

Provides current weather conditions and climatic data for various cities throughout Maine. Also includes marine and aviation forecasts, radar and Satellite images, and fire weather information.  Maintained by the national weather station in Caribou, Maine. 

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