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From the Goddard Space Flight Center, Global Change Master Directory.

Canadian Climate Normals or Averages 1961-2000

Provides climate normals data including average temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind speeds.  Data is first broken down by providence and then into individual cities.  Maintained by Environment Canada.  

Climatological Database for the World's Oceans 1750-1850

Data based on logbooks from the European Union. Version 1.5

Degree Day Monitoring & Data

Provides maps and data sets showing observed degree days, departures from normal, averaged temperature percentile, and winter energy savings based on temperature.  Maintained by NOAA's Climate Prediction Center (CPC).

Eastern Region Headquarters Internet Web Site

Contains staff notes, station digests, technical notes, and links to specific forecast offices.  Maintained by the Eastern Region Headquarters of the National Weather Service.  

Environment Canada. Weather Office

"THE SOURCEŽ for Weather in Canada."   Links to current weather conditions and a five day forecast for cities through Canada.  Maintained by the Meteorological Service of Canada.  

Extreme Weather and Climate Events

This National Climatic Data Center site includes temperature, precipitation, and storm events.

FEMA Storm Watch

Provides current news, various storm related fact sheets, and storm data for the Atlantic and Northeast Pacific.  Maintained by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  

Global Climate Data & Maps

Provides global climate highlights and anomalies, global Regional Climate maps, global precipitation time series, global temperature time series, and, in partnership with African Meteorological and Climatic Services, maps and data on Africa.  Maintained by NOAA's Climate Prediction Center (CPC).   

International Research Institute for Climate Prediction

Includes monthly data on precipitation, atmospheric temperature and circulation, and ocean temperature. The Earth Institute, Columbia University.

IRI/LDEO Climate Data Library

Over 300 datasets with analysis tools. From the International Research Institution for Climate and Society, Columbia University.

Major World Crop Areas and Climatic Profiles

Provides crop maps and regional information such as climate zones, monthly climate data, freeze date maps, historical crop area, yield, and production data for various countries throughout the world.  Note:  Site is said to be still under construction.  Maintained by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 

National Climate Data Center (NCDC) 

"NCDC is the world's largest active archive of weather data. NCDC produces numerous climate publications and responds to data requests from all over the world."  Maintained by the National Climatic Data Center.  

National Weather Service – Caribou, Maine 

Provides current weather conditions and climatic data for various cities throughout Maine.  Also includes marine and aviation forecasts, radar and Satellite images, and fire weather information.  Maintained by the national weather station in Caribou, Maine.  

National Weather Service – Gray/Portland, Maine  

Provides express Weather information for various Maine cities and current weather warnings for Maine and New Hampshire.  Other features include: information on flood awareness, satellite and radar imagery, and a wind chill chart.  Maintained by the national weather station in Grey, Maine.   

Plymouth State College (PSC) Weather Center

Provides up to date observations and forecasts for various cities in each state, along with city summaries for Canada, Latin America, and other foreign countries.  Other  resources include a variety of different maps and radar images.  Maintained by the Plymouth State College Meteorology Program.

Reconstructing North American, Eurasian, and Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Extent, 1915-1997

Time series data set available through ftp from the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

Reconstructing North American Snow Extent, 1900-1993

Data set available from the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

State of the Climate - National Overview

Select reports on droughts, hurricanes & tropical storms, snow & ice, tornadoes, etc. both national and global and limit by year and month. From the National Climate Data Center.

The Tropical Atmosphere Ocean (TAO) Project

The Homepage for the TAO Project, including an overview and tour.  Provides data and publications produced by project.  Data and graphic displays are updated daily.

Tree Ring

"Maintained by the NOAA Paleoclimatology Program and World Data Center for Paleoclimatology. The Data Bank includes raw ring width or wood density measurements, and site chronologies (growth indices for a site).  Tree-ring measurement series from other parameters are welcome as well. Reconstructed climate parameters, including North American Drought, are also available for some areas. Over 1000 sites on five continents are included." 

U.S. Climate Data & Maps

Provides "time series, and maps for various climate parameters, such as precipitation, temperature, snow cover, and degree days. Precipitation maps include the Palmer Drought and Crop Moisture Indices."  Maintained by NOAA's Climate Prediction Center (CPC).  

United States Climate Page

Thirty year (1961-1990) climate date for selected U.S. cities presented in a clickable U.S. map format.  From Climate Diagnostics Center, NOAA.

The creation of computer consultant Robert Hoare, "contains over 85,000 records of world climate data (historical weather averages) from a wide range of sources."  By entering the name of a specific city, the user is provided with its average maximum and minimum temperature, rainfall, etc.  Designed for a general audience.

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