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Featured Sites:

NEXRAD National Mosaic Reflectivity Images

Canadian Weather Radar

          Environment Canada 

NEXRAD Data Inventory Search

Search the National Doopler Radar sites. Maintained by the National Climate Data Center.

National Weather Service - United States

Provides current radar maps of the United States.  Maintained by the U.S. National Weather Service.

Plymouth State College (PSC) Weather Center

Provides Current radar data for areas throughout the United States.  Link to the New England Radar/Watch

Real Time Weather Data - Radar, Satellite, and Surface Data

Provides radar maps and data for many locations through the United States.  Maintained by the National Center for Atmospheric Research

Weather Graphics

Contains links to four commercial vendors that, in agreement with the National Weather Service, distributes radar information.  Maintained by the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Gray/Portland Maine.

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