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Serials Titles FY10 K-R

Ka Hoʻoilina [electronic resource] = legacy
Kant-Studien; philosophische Zeitschrift
Karger gazette
Keats-Shelley journal
Keats-Shelley review
Kennebec journal [newspaper]
Kennedy Institute of Ethics journal [electronic resource]
Kenyon review [PERIODICAL.]
Key reporter
Kids discover [Periodical]
Kinetics and catalysis [electronic resource]
Kiplinger letter : forecasts for management decisionmaking
Knowledge acquisition [electronic resource]
Korean studies [electronic resource]
Kritika [electronic resource] : explorations in Russian and Eurasian history
K-theory [computer file]
Kybernetes [electronic resource] : the international journal of systems & cybernetics
Kyklos; [electronic resource] internationale Zeitschrift für Sozialwissenschaften
La gazette
Labor history [electronic resource]
Labor history [periodical]
Labor law journal [periodical]
Labor market digest / Maine Department of Labor, Bureau of Employment Security, Division of Economic Analysis and Research
Labor studies journal [electronic resource]
Labour history review
Labour. Le travail
Ladybug [Periodical]
lancet [electronic resource]
Land economics [electronic resource]
Land economics [Periodical]
Landmarks observer
Landscape and urban planning [electronic resource]
Landscape architecture [periodical]
Landscape ecology
Landscape ecology
Langmuir [electronic resource] : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids
Language & communication [electronic resource]
Language [electronic resource]
Language and speech [electronic resource]
Language arts [electronic resource]
Language arts [Periodical]
Language in society [electronic resource]
Language learning [electronic resource] / A Journal of Research in Language Studies
Language problems & language planning
Language problems & language planning [electronic resource]
Language, speech & hearing services in schools [Periodical]
Language. [PERIODICAL]
Laryngoscope [electronic resource]
Late imperial China [electronic resource] = Qing shi wen ti
Latin America monitor. Andean group
Latin America monitor. Brazil
Latin America monitor. Caribbean
Latin America monitor. Central America
Latin America monitor. Mexico
Latin America monitor. Southern cone
Latin American antiquity : a journal of the Society for American Archaeology
Latin American perspectives [electronic resource]
Latin American politics and society [electronic resource]
Latin American research review [electronic resource]
Latin American research review. [PERIODICAL]
Latin American weekly report
Latin American weekly report
Lattice / Mineralogical Society of America
Launchspace : the magazine of the space industry
Law & policy [electronic resource]
Law & society review [electronic resource]
Law and contemporary problems
Law and critique [electronic resource]
Law and human behavior [electronic resource]
Law and philosophy [electronic resource]
Laws relating to property taxation
Le bulletin de la S.H.M.C
Le devoir
Le forum [periodical]/ Le Centre Franco-Américain, Université du Maine
Le Français dans le monde
Le Français moderne
Le Monde
Le Monde diplomatique
Le Moyen âge [PERIODICAL]
Leadership & organization development journal [electronic resource]
Leadership and management in engineering
Leadership compass
Leadership in health services [electronic resource]
leading edge [electronic resource]
Learned publishing [computer file] / ALPSP
Learning & behavior : a Psychonomic Society publication
Learning & behavior [electronic resource]
Learning and instruction : the journal of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction
Learning and instruction [electronic resource]
Learning and leading with technology [Periodical] : the ISTE journal of educational technology practice and policy
Learning and motivation [electronic resource]
Learning and motivation. [PERIODICAL]
Learning disabilities research & practice [electronic resource]
Learning disability quarterly [PERIODICAL] : journal of the Division for Children with Learning Disabilities
Learning environments research [electronic resource]
learning organization [electronic resource]
Lecture notes in computer science [computer file]
Lecture notes in mathematics [electronic resource]
Legacy [electronic resource]
legal memorandum
Legislative studies quarterly
Legislature. Senate and House registers. State of Maine
Leisure sciences
Leisure sciences [electronic resource]
Leonardo [electronic resource]
Leonardo electronic almanac [electronic resource] : LEA
Leonardo music journal [electronic resource]
Les temps modernes
Lethaia [electronic resource]
Letters in applied microbiology
Letters in applied microbiology [electronic resource]
Letters in mathematical physics [electronic resource]
Letters in peptide science [electronic resource]
Leviathan [electronic resource] : a journal of Melville studies
Librarian career development [electronic resource]
Libraries & culture [electronic resource]
Library & information science abstracts
Library collections, acquisitions & technical services [electronic resource]
Library consortium management [electronic resource] : an international journal
Library hi tech [electronic resource]
Library issues
Library issues [electronic resource]
Library journal [electronic resource]
Library journal [periodical]
Library management [electronic resource]
Library media connection : LMC
Library of Congress information bulletin [Periodical]
Library resources & technical services. [periodical]
Library review [electronic resource]
Library worklife [electronic resource]
Licensed producers and dealers of nursery stock
Lichenologist [electronic resource]
Life sciences [electronic resource]
Life sciences [electronic resource]
Lifetime data analysis [electronic resource]
LiLi, Zeitschrift für Literaturwissenschaft und Linguistik
Limnology and oceanography. [PERIODICAL]
Lin yeh k'o hsüeh = Scientia silvae sinicae
Lin yeh kʻo hsüeh yen chiu = Forest research
Linear algebra and its applications [electronic resource]
Lingua [electronic resource]
Linguistic inquiry
Linguistic inquiry [electronic resource]
Linguistics [PERIODICAL]
Linguistics and education
Linguistics and education [electronic resource]
Linguistics and philosophy [electronic resource]
lion and the unicorn [electronic resource]
Liquid crystals [electronic resource]
Liquid crystals [periodical]
LITA newsletter [computer file]
Literacy research and instruction
Literacy, teaching and learning
Literary magazine review
Literary review
Literature and medicine [electronic resource]
Literature and psychology [PERIODICAL.]
Literature film quarterly
Literature online [electronic resource] : the home of literature and criticism
Lithology and mineral resources [electronic resource]
Lithos [electronic resource]
Lithuanian mathematical journal [electronic resource]
Livermore Falls advertiser [newspaper]
Liverpool law review [electronic resource]
Livestock production science [electronic resource]
Livestock science [electronic resource]
LJ Digital [computer file] : JALN
Local climatological data. Caribou, Maine, monthly summary
Local climatological data. Portland, Maine, monthly summary
Logistics information management [electronic resource]
Logos [electronic resource] : a journal of Catholic thought and culture
London magazine
London review of books
Lovtidende [Elektronische Ressource]
Machine design
Machine learning [electronic resource]
Machine translation [computer file]
Maclean's [periodical]
Macromolecular bioscience [electronic resource]
Macromolecular chemistry and physics [electronic resource]
Macromolecular rapid communications [electronic resource]
Macromolecular reaction engineering [electronic resource]
Macromolecular theory and simulations [electronic resource]
Macromolecules [electronic resource]
Madawaska Historical Society newsletter / Madawaska Historical Society
Magazine of concrete research
Magazine of concrete research [electronic resource]
Magazine of history [periodical] / Organization of American Historians
Main economic indicators [Periodical]= Principaux indicateurs économiques
Maine Alumni Magazine [Periodical] University of Maine Alumni Association
Maine antique digest
Maine Arts Commission mag [periodical]
Maine bar journal
Maine business and employment law
Maine business indicators [Periodical]
Maine civilian labor force estimates
Maine CoastLine
Maine Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
Maine construction wage rates .
Maine educational directory
Maine educational facts
Maine educational staff
Maine educator [Newspaper] / Maine Education Association. National Education Association
Maine employment statistical handbook
Maine environment : bulletin of the Natural Resources Council of Maine [Periodical]
Maine Epi-Gram
Maine fish and wildlife [periodical]
Maine Folklife Center, University of Maine
Maine genealogist
Maine geologist : the newsletter of the Geological Society of Maine [Periodical]
Maine geology
Maine highway facts
Maine history [Periodical]
Maine home + design
Maine Human Rights Act
Maine hunting and trapping regulations summary
Maine in print [newspaper]
Maine individual income tax booklet: long form 1040ME
Maine is technology
Maine law review
Maine leaf
Maine ledger
Maine made, America's best : a buyer's guide to quality Maine made products
Maine memo : newsletter of the Maine Library Association & Maine State Library
Maine Nature News [computer file] / created and maintained by Frank Wihbey
Maine organic farmer & gardener
Maine policy review [periodical] / Margaret Chase Smith Center for Public Policy
Maine population estimates by minor civil division / Maine Department of Human Services, Bureau of Health, Office of Data, Research and Vital Statistics
Maine preservation news. [periodical]
Maine public schools annual performance report / Department of Educational & Cultural Services
Maine real estate news
Maine retail sales quarterly report [periodical]
Maine seed potatoes certified .
Maine snowmobiler
Maine sportsman
Maine State Government annual report
Maine State retirement news for members : a quarterly newsletter from the Maine State Retirement System
Maine townsman [periodical]
Maine trails [Periodical]
Maine traveler newsletter : a quarterly publication of the Maine Department of Transportation
Maine veterinarian
Maine-lines for the deaf
Maine-link : your Maine mission conection
Mainely IASA
Maine's enterprising women
Make : technology on your time
Making history newsletter
Making waves
Malahat review
Mammal review [electronic resource]
Mammalian biology [electronic resource] = Zeitschrift für Säugetierkunde
Mammalian genome [electronic resource] : official journal of the International Mammalian Genome Society
Mammalian species
Mammoth trumpet
Management accounting research [electronic resource]
Management decision [electronic resource]
Management development review [electronic resource]
Management for strategic business ideas
Management of environmental quality [electronic resource]
Management research news [electronic resource]
Management science [electronic resource]
Management science. [PERIODICAL]
Managerial auditing journal [electronic resource]
Managerial finance [electronic resource]
Managerial law [electronic resource]
Managing information
Managing service quality [electronic resource]
Mānoa [electronic resource]
Manual of classification
Manufacturing engineering
Manuscripta mathematica [electronic resource]
Marine & freshwater research
Marine & freshwater research [electronic resource]
Marine and freshwater behaviour and physiology
Marine and freshwater behaviour and physiology [electronic resource]
Marine biology
Marine biology [electronic resource]
Marine biology research
Marine biotechnology [electronic resource]
Marine chemistry [electronic resource]
Marine ecology
Marine ecology [electronic resource]
Marine ecology progress series
Marine ecology progress series [electronic resource]
Marine environmental research [electronic resource]
Marine geodesy; [electronic resource] an international journal of ocean surveys, mapping and sensing
Marine geodesy; an international journal of ocean surveys, mapping and sensing
Marine geology [electronic resource]
Marine geophysical researches [electronic resource]
Marine mammal science [electronic resource]
Marine micropaleontology [electronic resource]
Marine policy [electronic resource]
Marine pollution bulletin [electronic resource]
Marine resource economics
Mariner's mirror
Mariners weather log / National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Environmental Data and Information Service
Mark Twain journal
Marketing intelligence & planning [electronic resource]
Marketing letters [computer file]
Marriage & family review
Marvels & tales [electronic resource]
Maryland historical magazine
MAS newsletter
Mass spectrometry reviews [electronic resource]
Massachusetts review
Master drawings
Materials evaluation
Materials science & engineering. A, Structural materials: properties, microstructure and processing. [electronic resource]
Materials science & engineering. B, Solid-state materials for advanced technology [electronic resource]
Materials science & engineering. C, Biomimetic and supramolecular systems [electronic resource]
Materials science & engineering. R, Reports [electronic resource] : a review journal
Materials science [electronic resource]
Materials today
Maternal and child health journal [electronic resource]
Mathematica scandinavica
Mathematica scandinavica
Mathematical biosciences [electronic resource]
Mathematical gazette. [PERIODICAL]
Mathematical geology [electronic resource]
Mathematical notes [computer file]
Mathematical physics, analysis, and geometry [electronic resource]
Mathematical proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society [electronic resource]
Mathematics and computer education
Mathematics and computers in simulation [electronic resource]
Mathematics education dialogues / National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Mathematics in school
Mathematics magazine. [PERIODICAL]
Mathematics of computation
Mathematics of computation [electronic resource]
Mathematics teacher. [PERIODICAL]
Mathematics teaching
Mathematische Annalen [electronic resource]
Mathematische Zeitschrift [electronic resource]
McGill journal of education
McGill journal of medicine : MJM
Measurement science & technology [electronic resource]
Measurement techniques [electronic resource]
Measuring business excellence [electronic resource]
Meccanica [electronic resource]
Mechanical systems and signal processing [electronic resource]
Mechanics based design of structures and machines [electronic resource]
Mechanics of advanced materials and structures [electronic resource]
Mechanics of composite materials [electronic resource]
Mechanics of time-dependent materials [electronic resource]
Mechanics research communications [electronic resource]
Mechanisms of ageing and development [electronic resource]
Media ethics
Media report to women
Media, culture & society [electronic resource]
Medical anthropology [electronic resource]
Medical anthropology [PERIODICAL]
Medical history
Medical subject headings
Medicare supplement insurance comparison chart
Medicine, health care, and philosophy [electronic resource]
medieval review [computer file] : TMR
Mediterranean quarterly [electronic resource]
Medium aevum
Member directory / Latin American Studies Association, LASA
Mémoire [electronic resource]
Memoirs of the Entomological Society of Canada [electronic resource]
Memoirs of the Queensland Museum
Memory & cognition [electronic resource]
Memory & cognition [PERIODICAL.]
Mental health services research [electronic resource]
Mergentonline [electronic resource]
Mergers & acquisitions [PERIODICAL]
Meridians [electronic resource] : feminisms, race, transnationalism
Merrill-Palmer quarterly
Merrill-Palmer quarterly
Message of Thaqalayn
Metabolic brain disease [computer file]
Metabolic engineering [electronic resource]
Metabolism, clinical and experimental [electronic resource]
Metal science and heat treatment [computer file]
Metallurgical and materials transactions. A, Physical metallurgy and materials science
Metallurgist [computer file]
Methodology and computing in applied probability [computer file]
Methods in cell science [computer file]
Metropolis [periodical]
Metropolis [periodical]
MGG - Molecular genetics and genomics
Michigan botanist
Michigan history
Michigan journal of community service learning
Michigan mathematical journal
Michigan mathematical journal
Micmac Maliseet Nations news [Newspaper]
Microbial ecology [Periodical]
Microbial pathogenesis [electronic resource]
Microbiological research [electronic resource]
Microbiology [periodical]
Microbiology [periodical]
Microbiology [periodical]
Microbiology and molecular biology reviews : MMBR
Microelectronics international : journal of ISHM--Europe, the Microelectronics Society--Europe
Microelectronics journal [electronic resource]
Microform & imaging review
Micromath : a journal of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics
Microporous and mesoporous materials [electronic resource]
Microscopy research and technique
Microscopy research and technique
Microvascular research
Middle East journal
Middle East report
Middle East report
Middle Eastern studies
Middle Eastern studies
Middle Eastern studies [electronic resource]
Middle school journal [Periodical]
Midland history
Midwest quarterly
Milbank quarterly [electronic resource]
Military intelligence professional bulletin
Military law review
Miller Center journal
Milton quarterly [electronic resource]
Mind [electronic resource]
Minds and machines [computer file]
Mineralogical magazine
Mineralogical magazine
Mineralogy and petrology
Minerva [computer file]
Minnesota review
MIR: Management international review
MIS quarterly : management information systems
Mississippi review
Mitigation and adaptation strategies for global change [computer file]
Mitteilungen des Kunsthistorischen Institutes in Florenz
Mobile computing and communications review : MC²R : a publication of the ACM SIGMOBILE
Mobile networks and applications : MONET
Mobile networks and applications : MONET
MOCA newsletter / Maine Old Cemetery Association
Modelling and simulation in materials science and engineering [electronic resource] / IOP
Modern drama. [PERIODICAL]
Modern fiction studies. [periodical]
Modern fiction studies. [periodical]
Modern Judaism [electronic resource]
modern language journal [electronic resource]
Modern language quarterly [PERIODICAL.]
Modern language review
Modern language review
Modern law review
Modern philology. [PERIODICAL]
Modern philology. [PERIODICAL]
Modern plastics worldwide
Modernism/modernity [electronic resource]
moé pi toé [electronic resource]
Molecular and cellular biochemistry
Molecular and cellular neurosciences
Molecular and cellular probes [electronic resource]
Molecular and general genetics [electronic resource] : MGG
Molecular biology [electronic resource]
Molecular biology and evolution [electronic resource]
Molecular biology of the cell [electronic resource]
Molecular biology reports [electronic resource]
Molecular breeding [computer file]
Molecular cancer research [electronic resource]
Molecular cancer therapeutics [electronic resource]
Molecular cell biology research communications : MCBRC : part B of Biochemical and biophysical research communications
Molecular diversity [electronic resource]
Molecular ecology [electronic resource]
Molecular engineering [computer file]
Molecular genetics and metabolism [electronic resource]
Molecular membrane biology
Molecular membrane biology [electronic resource]
Molecular microbiology [electronic resource]
Molecular pharmaceutics [electronic resource]
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution [electronic resource]
Molecular physics [electronic resource]
Molecular physics. [Periodical]
Molecular plant-microbe interactions : MPMI
Molecular therapy [electronic resource]
Molecules [computer file] : a journal of synthetic chemistry and natural product chemistry
Molluscan research / published by Malacological Society of Australasia
Monatshefte für Chemie
Monatshefte für Mathematik [electronic resource]
Monitor on psychology : a publication of the American Psychological Association [periodical]
Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development [electronic resource]
month in brief / Maine Department of Labor, Bureau of Employment Security
Monthly bulletin of statistics [electronic resource]
Monthly bulletin of statistics = Bulletin mensuel de statistique
Monthly bulletin of statistics = Bulletin mensuel de statistique
Monthly catalog of United States government publications / issued by the Superintendent of Documents
Monthly climatic data for the world / sponsored by World Meteorological Organization
Monthly energy review
Monthly labor review / U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society [electronic resource]
Monthly operations highlights
Monthly project summary as of ... : Section 1122 Certificate of Need Review / Division of Project Review, Department of Human Services, Health Planning and Development
Monthly review. [PERIODICAL]
Morning sentinel (Waterville, Me.) [newspaper]
Most : economic journal on Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union
Mother Jones [Periodical]
Motivation and emotion [electronic resource]
Motor vehicle laws
moving image [electronic resource] : the journal of the Association of Moving Image Archivists
Moving image review / Northeast Historic Film
MPEJ [computer file] : Mathematical physics electronic journal
Ms [Periodical]
MSHA partners : a partners newsletter
Multibody system dynamics [electronic resource]
Multidimensional systems and signal processing [electronic resource]
Multimedia tools and applications [electronic resource]
Multiscale modeling & simulation
Multivariate behavioral research
Municipal officials listing / prepared by Bureau of Taxation, Property Tax Division
Municipal valuation return statistical summary / prepared by Bureau of Taxation, Property Tax Division
Museum international [electronic resource]
Music analysis [electronic resource]
Music perception [electronic resource]
Music theory online [computer file] : MTO : a publication of the Society for Music Theory
musical quarterly [electronic resource]
Mutation research forum
Mycological research
Mycological research [electronic resource]
mycologist [electronic resource]
Mycopathologia [electronic resource]
NACE journal
NACLA report on the Americas
NAEA news [Newspaper]
Nagoya mathematical journal
Nano letters [electronic resource]
Nanotechnology [electronic resource]
Narrative [electronic resource]
NASA tech briefs / National Aeronautics and Space Administration
nation [periodical]
National economic trends
National fisherman [periodical]
National geographic [periodical]
National geographic kids
National Library news. Nouvelles de la Bibliothèque nationale
National NOW times : official journal of the National Organization for Women (NOW) [Periodical]
National review. [periodical]
national spiritualist summit
National tax journal. [PERIODICAL]
Nationalities papers
Nationalities papers [electronic resource]
Nation's cities weekly / National League of Cities
Natural areas journal : a quarterly publication of the Natural Areas Association
Natural areas news : a quarterly newsletter of the Natural Areas Association
Natural hazards review [electronic resource]
Natural language & linguistic theory [electronic resource]
Natural language semantics [electronic resource]
Natural resource modeling [electronic resource]
Natural resources journal
Natural resources research [electronic resource]
Nature biotechnology [electronic resource]
Nature cell biology [electronic resource]
Nature genetics [electronic resource]
Nature geoscience [electronic resource]
Nature immunology [electronic resource]
Nature INBRE package
Nature medicine [electronic resource]
Nature nanotechnology [electronic resource]
Nature neuroscience [electronic resource]
Nature Publishing Group Academic Journals Package (Direct Group)
Nature reviews. Cancer [electronic resource]
Nature reviews. Drug discovery [electronic resource]
Nature reviews. Genetics [electronic resource]
Nature reviews. Immunology [electronic resource]
Nature reviews. Molecular cell biology [electronic resource]
Nature reviews. Neuroscience [electronic resource]
Nature structural biology [electronic resource]
Nature. [periodical]
Nature. [periodical]
Naval War College review
Navigation : journal of the Institute of Navigation
Navy civil engineer
Negotiation journal [electronic resource]
Neohelicon [electronic resource]
Neonatal network : NN
Neophilologus [electronic resource]
Nepantla [electronic resource] : views from south
NETC news
Netherlands journal of zoology [electronic resource]
Netnomics [electronic resource] : economic research and electronic networking
Network : a bi-monthly newsletter for Northeast rural development
Network [computer file] : a quarterly newsletter for Northeast rural development / Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development
NetWorker : the craft of network computing
Networks [electronic resource]
Networks and spatial economics [electronic resource]
Neural computation
Neural computation [electronic resource]
Neural networks [electronic resource]
Neural processing letters [electronic resource]
Neurobiology of learning and memory [electronic resource]
Neurochemical research [electronic resource]
Neuropsychologia [electronic resource]
Neuropsychology review [electronic resource]
Neuroscience and behavioral physiology [electronic resource]
Neurotoxicology [electronic resource]
Neurotoxicology and teratology [electronic resource]
new criterion
New England economic indicators [Periodical]
New England economic review / Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
New England journal of history / New England History Teachers Association
New England journal of medicine. [periodical]
New England quarterly [periodical]
New England Reading Association journal
New England review [periodical]
New England theatre journal
New entomologist
New forests [electronic resource]
New Hampshire Sunday news
New hibernia review [electronic resource] = Iris éireannach nua
New journal of chemistry [electronic resource] / RSC
New journal of chemistry = Nouveau journal de chimie
New Left review
New letters
New library world [electronic resource]
New literary history [electronic resource]
New moon girls
New perspectives quarterly [electronic resource]
new phytologist [electronic resource]
New product bulletin / American Pharmaceutical Association
New products catalog
New publications of the Geological Survey / United States Department of the Interior
new republic. [periodical]
New scientist [electronic resource]
New scientist. [PERIODICAL]
New statesman [Periodical]
New times = Novoe vrem︠i︡a
New York history : quarterly journal of the New York State Historical Association
New York journal of mathematics [computer file]
New York review of books [periodical]
New York times [newspaper]
New York times book review. [newspaper]
New York times on the Web [computer file]
New York University journal of international law & politics
New Yorker [periodical]
New Zealand journal of agricultural research
New Zealand journal of agricultural research [electronic resource] / the Royal Society of New Zealand
New Zealand journal of forestry science
New Zealand journal of marine and freshwater research
New Zealand journal of marine and freshwater research [electronic resource]
Newfoundland and Labrador studies
News bulletin / National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
News from Mabel
NewsLeader / the National Association of Secondary School Principals
Newsletter - American Shore and Beach Preservation Association
Newsletter / Estuarine Research Federation
Newsletter / Maine Genealogical Society
Newsletter / Maine Office of Rural Health
Newsletter / Society for Historical Archaeology
Newsletter :  Health engineering
Newsletter of the Atlantic Association of Historians
Newsletter on intellectual freedom. [periodical]
Newspaper advertising source
Newspaper Practice for Laura
Newsweek [periodical]
Nieuw archief voor wiskunde. Derde serie
Nine [electronic resource]
Nine-one-one news
Nineteenth-century French studies [electronic resource]
Nineteenth-century literature [electronic resource]
Nineteenth-century literature [periodical]
NISEE [electronic resource] : National Information Service for Earthquake Engineering, University of California, Berkeley
Nitric oxide : biology and chemistry / official journal of the Nitric Oxide Society
NNF news
Nonlinear dynamics [electronic resource]
Nonlinear dynamics, psychology, and life sciences [electronic resource]
Nonlinearity [electronic resource]
Nordic pulp & paper research journal
Nordisk papperstidning = Nordic paper journal
North American archaeologist
North American birds
North American journal of aquaculture
North American journal of fisheries management
North American review [Periodical]
Northeast African studies [electronic resource]
Northeast anthropology
Northeastern naturalist [periodical]
Northeastern naturalist [periodical]
Northern aquaculture
Northern journal of applied forestry
Northern journal of applied forestry [electronic resource]
Northern logger and timber processor [Periodical]
Northwest science : official publication of the Northwest Scientific Association
Norwegian journal of geology = Norsk geologisk tidsskrift
Notarius international [electronic resource]
Notes [electronic resource]
Notes and queries [electronic resource]
Notes on contemporary literature
Noteworthy / Central Maine Library District
Notices of the American Mathematical Society [electronic resource]
Notre Dame journal of formal logic
NPG Academic Journals Package (NERL Group)
NSTA report / National Science Teachers Association
Nuclear data sheets [electronic resource]
Nuclear safety
Nuclear science and engineering : the journal of the American Nuclear Society
Nucleic acids research [electronic resource]
Numerical algorithms [electronic resource]
Numerical heat transfer. Part A, Applications
Numerical heat transfer. Part A, Applications [electronic resource]
Numerical heat transfer. Part B, Fundamentals
Numerical heat transfer. Part B, Fundamentals [electronic resource]
Nursing clinics of North America [periodical]
Nursing economic$
Nursing law's Regan report
Nursing outlook [electronic resource]
Nursing outlook [periodical]
Nutrient cycling in agroecosystems [electronic resource]
Nutrition & food science [electronic resource]
Nutrition [electronic resource]
Nutrition research reviews
Nutritional sciences
NWSA journal [electronic resource] : an official publication of the National Women's Studies Association
O & M news / Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Water Quality Control
Occupational injuries and illnesses in Maine
Occupational outlook quarterly [periodical]/ United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics in cooperation with Veterans Administration
Ocean and coastal law journal
Ocean engineering [electronic resource]
Ocean modelling
Oceanic linguistics [electronic resource]
Oceanis : série de documents océanographiques
Oceanographic literature review
Oceanologica acta
OCLC systems and services [electronic resource]
OECD factbook [electronic resource] : economic, environmental and social statistics
OECD observer [electronic resource]
Oecologia [electronic resource]
Off our backs
Off the coast [periodical]
Official gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Trademarks
OHA newsletter / Oral History Association
Oikos [electronic resource]
oil and gas journal
oil and gas journal [electronic resource]
Old Broad Bay : Bund und Blatt : a newsletter about the German colony established at Broad Bay, Maine 1740-1753
Omega : an international journal for the study of dying, death, bereavement, suicide, and other lethal behaviors
Onearth : environment, politics, people
Online guide to computing literature [electronic resource]
Ontario history
Ontario review
OPD chemical buyers directory
Open economies review [electronic resource]
Open systems & information dynamics [electronic resource]
opera quarterly [electronic resource]
Operating systems review
Optical and quantum electronics [electronic resource]
Optical fiber technology [electronic resource]
Optical networks magazine [electronic resource]
Optics and photonics news
Optics and spectroscopy
Optics and spectroscopy [electronic resource]
Optics communications [electronic resource]
Optics letters
Optimization and engineering [electronic resource]
oral history review [electronic resource]
Orbis. Supplementa : monographies publiées par le Centre international de dialectologie générale (Louvain) = monographs published by the International Center of General Dialectology (Louvain)
Order [electronic resource]
Organic & biomolecular chemistry
Organic & biomolecular chemistry [electronic resource]
Organic gardening [periodical]
Organic geochemistry [electronic resource]
Organic letters [electronic resource]
Organic process research & development [electronic resource]
Organization science [electronic resource] : a journal of the Institute of Management Sciences
Organizational behavior and human decision processes [electronic resource]
Organizational dynamics [electronic resource]
Organizational dynamics. [periodical]
Organometallics [electronic resource]
Orient-express magazine
Origins of life and evolution of the biosphere [computer file]
Oryx : the journal of the Fauna Preservation Society
OSERS news in print / Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, U.S. Department of Education
Oud Holland
outlook / Standard & Poor's
Outlook on agriculture
Outlook on agriculture [electronic resource]
Outside [periodical]
Oxford art journal
Oxford art journal [electronic resource]
Oxford economic papers [electronic resource]
Oxidation of metals [computer file]
PAA insider : the official newsletter of the Potato Association of America
Pacific historical review
Pacific historical review [electronic resource]
Pacific Northwest quarterly
Pacific philosophical quarterly [electronic resource]
Pacific science
Pacific science [electronic resource]
PAJ [electronic resource] : a journal of performance and art
Palaeogeography, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology [electronic resource]
Palaeontology [electronic resource]
Paleobiology [electronic resource]
Paleoceanography [electronic resource]
Paleoceanography [electronic resource]
Paper industry : [electronic resource] North America's new product news leader
Paper technology
Paperi ja puu. Papper och trä.  Paper and timber
papers of the Bibliographical Society of America [PERIODICAL]
Papers on language & literature : PLL
Paradigm : [computer file] journal of the Textbook Colloquium
Parameters : journal of the US Army War College
Parasitology [electronic resource]
Parents [periodical]
Paris review
Paris-match. [PERIODICAL]
Park science / National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior
Park science / National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior
Parliamentary affairs [electronic resource]
Parnassus: poetry in review
Participation & empowerment [electronic resource]
Past & present [electronic resource]
Pastoral psychology [computer file]
Patent information news / EPO [Elektronische Ressource.]
PCI journal / Prestressed Concrete Institute
Peace research
Peace watch / United States Institute of Peace
PEARL [electronic resource]
Pedagogy : critical approaches to teaching literature, language, culture, and composition
Pediatric clinics of North America
Pediatrics [electronic resource] / American Academy of Pediatrics
Pediatrics in review  / American Academy of Pediatrics
Pediatrics in review [electronic resource]
Pedobiologia [electronic resource]
Pennsylvania archaeologist
Pennsylvania magazine of history and biography
Penobscot Times
People [periodical]
People management [electronic resource] / Institute of Personnel and Development
Perception & psychophysics
Perception & psychophysics [electronic resource]
Perception [electronic resource]
Perception. [PERIODICAL]
Perceptual and motor skills [periodical]
Performing arts & entertainment in Canada
Periodica mathematica hungarica [computer file]
Perkin transactions I [electronic resource] RSC
Personal relationships [electronic resource] : journal of the International Society for the Study of Personal Relationships
Personnel psychology [electronic resource]
Personnel review [electronic resource]
Perspectives : newsmagazine of the American Historical Association [periodical]
Perspectives : the DMHMRSAS quarterly
Perspectives in biology and medicine [electronic resource]
Perspectives on politics [periodical] American Political Science Association
Perspectives on science [electronic resource] : historical, philosophical, social
Perspectives on sexual and reproductive health [electronic resource]
Pesticide biochemistry and physiology [electronic resource]
Pharmaceutical chemistry journal [electronic resource]
Pharmaceutical research [electronic resource]
Pharmacological research [electronic resource]
Pharmacology, biochemistry and behavior [electronic resource]
Pharmacy and pharmacology communications [electronic resource]
Pharmacy world & science [electronic resource]
Phi Delta Kappan. [periodical]
Phi Kappa Phi forum
Philological quarterly. [PERIODICAL]
Philosophical books [electronic resource]
Philosophical magazine : structure and properties of condensed matter
Philosophical magazine letters
Philosophical magazine letters [electronic resource]
Philosophical magazine. A [electronic resource]
Philosophical magazine. B [electronic resource]
philosophical quarterly [electronic resource]
Philosophical studies [electronic resource]
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London Series B, Biological sciences
Philosophical transactions. Biological sciences [electronic resource]
Philosophical transactions. Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences [electronic resource]
Philosophical transactions. Series A, Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences
Philosophy & public affairs [electronic resource]
Philosophy & rhetoric [electronic resource] : P & R
Philosophy & social criticism
Philosophy : the journal of the British Institute of Philosophical Studies
Philosophy [electronic resource] : the journal of the British Institute of Philosophical Studies
Philosophy and literature [electronic resource]
Philosophy and phenomenological research [electronic resource]
Philosophy East & West. [PERIODICAL]
Philosophy East and West [electronic resource]
Philosophy of music education review [electronic resource]
Philosophy of science
Philosophy of science [electronic resource]
Philosophy today [periodical]
Philosophy, psychiatry & psychology [electronic resource] : PPP
Photochemistry and photobiology [electronic resource]
Photogrammetric engineering and remote sensing. [PERIODICAL]
Photonic network communications [electronic resource]
Photosynthesis research [electronic resource]
Phycological research [electronic resource]
PhysChemComm [computer file]
Physica A [electronic resource]
Physica scripta [electronic resource]
Physica status solidi. A, Applications and materials science : PSS
Physica status solidi. A, Applications and materials science [electronic resource] : PSS
Physica status solidi. B, Basic solid state physics [electronic resource] : PSS
Physica status solidi. Rapid research letters : PSS-RRL
Physica. B, Condensed matter [electronic resource]
Physica. C, Superconductivity
Physica. C, Superconductivity [electronic resource]
Physica. D, Nonlinear phenomena [electronic resource]
Physica. E, Low-dimensional systems & nanostructures
Physica. E, Low-dimensional systems and nanostructures [electronic resource]
Physical education index
Physical review
Physical review and Physical review letters index
Physical review letters
Physical review letters online [electronic resource]
Physical review online archive [electronic resource] : PROLA
Physical review. A
Physical review. B, Condensed matter and materials physics
Physical review. B, Condensed matter and materials physics
Physical review. C, Nuclear physics
Physical review. C, Nuclear physics [electronic resource]
Physical review. D [electronic resource]
Physical review. D, Particles and fields
Physical review. D, Particles and fields
Physical review. E, Statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics [electronic resource]
Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
Physics and chemistry of glasses
Physics and chemistry of minerals [electronic resource]
Physics education [electronic resource]
Physics letters. A [electronic resource]
Physics letters. B [electronic resource]
Physics of fluids
Physics of fluids [electronic resource]
Physics of plasmas
Physics of plasmas [electronic resource]
Physics of the solid state
Physics of the solid state [electronic resource]
Physics reports
Physics teacher [electronic resource]
Physics teacher [PERIODICAL.]
Physics today. [PERIODICAL]
Physics world [electronic resource]
Physics, Uspekhi [electronic resource]
Physiologia plantarum [electronic resource]
Physiological and biochemical zoology : PBZ
Physiological and biochemical zoology [electronic resource]
Physiological and molecular plant pathology
Physiological reviews
Physiology & behavior [electronic resource]
Phytochemistry [electronic resource]
Pigment & resin technology [electronic resource]
PIMA's ... papermaker
Piscataquis observer
Pituitary [electronic resource]
Plains anthropologist
Planning & changing
Plant & cell physiology [electronic resource]
Plant and soil [electronic resource]
Plant biology [electronic resource]
Plant breeding [electronic resource]
plant cell [electronic resource]
Plant cell reports [electronic resource]
Plant cell, tissue, and organ culture [electronic resource]
Plant disease
Plant ecology [electronic resource]
Plant foods for human nutrition [electronic resource]
Plant genetic resources newsletter / International Board for Plant Genetic Resources = Ressources génétiques végétales bulletin / Conseil international des ressources phytogénétiques
Plant growth regulation [electronic resource]
Plant molecular biology [electronic resource]
Plant pathology [electronic resource]
Plant physiology [electronic resource]
Plant science [electronic resource]
Plant science bulletin
Plant, cell & environment [electronic resource]
Planta [electronic resource]
Planter notes
Plants & people : Society for Economic Botany newsletter
Plasma chemistry and plasma processing [electronic resource]
Plasma sources science and technology [electronic resource]
Plasmas and polymers [electronic resource]
Plastics engineering
PLoS biology [electronic resource]
Poetics [electronic resource]
Poetics today [electronic resource]
Poets & writers [periodical]
Polar biology [electronic resource]
Polar research [electronic resource]
Police studies
Policing & society [electronic resource]
Policing [electronic resource] : an international journal of police strategies & management
Policy and politics
Policy and politics [electronic resource]
Policy options. Options politiques. [PERIODICAL]
Policy perspectives / the Higher Education Research Program
Policy sciences [electronic resource]
Policy studies journal [electronic resource]
Polish review
Political affairs
Political behavior [electronic resource]
Political communication
Political communication [electronic resource]
Political psychology [electronic resource]
Political science quarterly [electronic resource] : PSQ
Political science quarterly [periodical]
Political studies [electronic resource]
Political studies review / Political Studies Association
Politics / Political Studies Association of the United Kingdom
Politics [electronic resource] / Political Studies Association of the United Kingdom
Polity [electronic resource]
Polyhedron [electronic resource]
Polymer [electronic resource]
Polymer bulletin
Polymer composites [electronic resource]
Polymer degradation and stability [electronic resource]
Polymer engineering and science [electronic resource]
Polymer journal
POPLINE [electronic resource] / POPLINE Digital Services (PDS), Johns Hopkins University/Center for Communication Programs (CCP)
Popular mechanics. [PERIODICAL]
Popular music and society
Popular music and society [electronic resource]
Population and environment [electronic resource]
Population bulletin [periodical]
Population ecology [electronic resource]
Population research and policy review [electronic resource]
Population studies
Population studies [electronic resource]
Portal [electronic resource] : libraries and the academy
PortCity life
Portland : Maine's city magazine
Portland press herald [newspaper]
Portugaliae mathematica
Positions [electronic resource] : East Asia cultures critique
Positivity [electronic resource]
Postmodern Culture [electronic resource]
Postmodern culture [electronic resource] : PMC
Potential analysis [electronic resource]
Powder diffraction
Powder metallurgy and metal ceramics [electronic resource]
PPI detailed report / U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Practice periodical of hazardous, toxic, and radioactive waste management [electronic resource]
Practice periodical on structural design and construction [electronic resource]
Prairie schooner [electronic resource]
Precambrian research [electronic resource]
Precision agriculture [electronic resource]
Présence africaine
Preservation : the magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation
Presidential studies quarterly
Prevention science [electronic resource]
Preventive medicine [electronic resource]
Pricing strategy & practice [electronic resource]
Principal [periodical]
Principal leadership (High school ed.) [Periodical]
Principal leadership (Middle level ed.) [Periodical]
Print quarterly
Probability in the engineering and informational sciences [electronic resource]
Problems of information transmission [electronic resource]
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society [electronic resource]
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society held at Philadelphia for promoting useful knowledge
Proceedings of the annual Eastern Snow Conference [electronic resource]
Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society [electronic resource]
Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington
Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society [electronic resource]
Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Bridge engineering
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Civil engineering
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Civil engineering [electronic resource]
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Construction materials
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Engineering sustainability / ICE
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Geotechnical engineering
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Geotechnical engineering [electronic resource]
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Ground improvement
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Management, procurement and law
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Maritime engineering
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Municipal engineer
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Municipal engineer [electronic resource]
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Structures and buildings
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Structures and buildings [electronic resource]
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Transport
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Transport [electronic resource]
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Urban design and planning
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Waste and resource management
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Water and maritime engineering
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Water management
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Water, maritime and energy [electronic resource]
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Proceedings part M, Journal of engineering for the maritime environment
Proceedings of the Japan Academy. Series A: mathematical sciences
Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society
Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society [electronic resource]
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America [electronic resource]
Proceedings of the National Science Council, Republic of China. Part A, Physical science and engineering
Proceedings of the Nutrition Society [electronic resource]
Proceedings of the United States Naval Institute
Proceedings online [electronic resource]
Proceedings. Biological sciences / Royal Society
Proceedings. Biological sciences [electronic resource]
Proceedings. Mathematical, physical and engineering sciences / the Royal Society
Proceedings. Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences [electronic resource]
Process safety and environmental protection [electronic resource] : transactions of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, Part B
Process safety progress [electronic resource]
Professional geographer : the journal of the Association of American Geographers [Periodical]
Professional geographer [electronic resource] : the journal of the Association of American Geographers
Professional psychology, research and practice [electronic resource]
Professional surveyor
Programming and computer software [electronic resource]
Progress in biophysics and molecular biology [electronic resource]
Progress in human geography [electronic resource]
Progress in human geography [Periodical]
Progress in oceanography [electronic resource]
Progress in organic coatings [electronic resource]
Progress in physical geography
Progress in physical geography [electronic resource]
Progress of theoretical physics
Progress of theoretical physics [electronic resource]
Progress of theoretical physics. Supplement
Progressive [periodical]
Project Muse [electronic resource] : scholarly journals online
Prologue : the journal of the National Archives
Prooftexts [electronic resource]
Property management [electronic resource]
Protection of metals [electronic resource]
Protein expression and purification
Protein structure and molecular enzymology [electronic resource]
Protist [electronic resource]
Protoplasma [electronic resource]
PS, political science & politics [electronic resource]
PS, political science & politics [periodical]
Psychiatric quarterly [electronic resource]
Psychiatric services : a journal of the American Psychiatric Association [periodical]
Psychiatric services [electronic resource] : a journal of the American Psychiatric Association
Psychiatry [electronic resource]
Psychiatry [Periodical]
Psychological bulletin [electronic resource]
Psychological medicine [electronic resource]
Psychological methods [electronic resource]
Psychological reports [periodical]
psychological review [electronic resource]
Psychological science : a journal of the American Psychological Society / APS
Psychological science [electronic resource]
Psychological science in the public interest : a journal of the American Psychological Society
Psychological science in the public interest [electronic resource]
Psychology & marketing [electronic resource]
Psychology and aging [electronic resource]
Psychology in the schools [electronic resource]
Psychology of women quarterly [electronic resource]
Psychonomic bulletin & review
Psychonomic bulletin & review [electronic resource]
Psychopharmacology bulletin [Periodical] / National Clearinghouse for Mental Health Information
Psychophysiology [electronic resource]
Psychosomatic medicine [electronic resource]
Psychosomatics [electronic resource]
Psycoloquy [computer file]
Public & access services quarterly
Public administration [electronic resource]
Public administration and development [electronic resource]
Public administration and management [computer file]
Public administration quarterly [PERIODICAL]
Public administration review [electronic resource]
Public budgeting & finance [electronic resource]
Public choice [electronic resource]
Public culture [electronic resource]
Public finance = Finances publiques
Public full-time professional staff average salaries for the ... school year by local administrative unit / State of Maine
Public health nursing [electronic resource]
Public health reports
Public health reports [electronic resource]
Public historian
public historian [electronic resource]
Public integrity [electronic resource] : PI
Public manager
Public opinion quarterly [electronic resource]
Public organization review [electronic resource]
Public voice / National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges
Public works [Periodical]
Public-access computer systems review [computer file]
Publications mathématiques
Publications of the Modern Language Association of America. [periodical]
Publications SCITECH = SCITECH publications
Publishers weekly. [PERIODICAL]
Publius [electronic resource]
Puckerbrush review [periodical]
Pulmonary pharmacology & therapeutics [electronic resource]
Pulmonary pharmacology [electronic resource]
Pulp & paper Canada
Pulp & paper international
Purchasing performance benchmarks : [various industries] / CAPS, Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies
Pure and applied chemistry [electronic resource]
Pure and applied chemistry. Chimie pure et appliqueé
Qualitative market research [electronic resource]
Qualitative sociology [electronic resource]
Quality assurance in education [electronic resource]
Quantitative microbiology [electronic resource]
Quarterly journal of economics
quarterly journal of economics [electronic resource]
quarterly journal of experimental psychology. A [electronic resource]
Quarterly journal of experimental psychology. A, Human experimental psychology
quarterly journal of experimental psychology. B [electronic resource]
Quarterly journal of experimental psychology. B, Comparative and physiological psychology
Quarterly journal of forestry
quarterly journal of mathematics [electronic resource]
quarterly journal of mathematics [electronic resource]
quarterly journal of speech [electronic resource]
Quarterly journal of speech [periodical]
Quarterly of applied mathematics
Quarterly report
Quarterly review of biology
quarterly review of biology [electronic resource]
Quarterly review of economics and finance [electronic resource]
Quarterly review of film and video : QRFV
Quarterly reviews of biophysics [electronic resource]
Quaternary perspective : newsletter of the International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA)
Quaternary research [electronic resource]
Quaternary science reviews [electronic resource]
Québec français
Queen's quarterly
Queueing systems [electronic resource]
Quill & quire
RACAR, revue d'art canadienne. Canadian art review
Radiation and environmental biophysics [electronic resource]
Radiation measurements [electronic resource]
Radical history review [electronic resource]
Radical philosophy
Radical society : review of culture & politics
Radical society [electronic resource]
Radical teacher
Radio advertising source
Radio advertising source
Radiocarbon [electronic resource]
Radiophysics and quantum electronics [electronic resource]
Ramanujan journal [electronic resource]
Rand journal of economics [electronic resource]
Ranger Rick / National Wildlife Federation
Rapid communications in mass spectrometry [electronic resource] : RCM
Rapid prototyping journal [electronic resource]
RCM midwives : the official journal of the Royal College of Midwives
RDA journal of agricultural science. Biotechnology
RDA journal of agricultural science. Rice
RDA journal of agricultural science. Soil & fertilizer
Reaction kinetics and catalysis letters [electronic resource]
Readers' guide to periodical literature
Reading & writing quarterly
Reading & writing quarterly [electronic resource]
Reading and writing [electronic resource]
Reading online [electronic resource]
Reading research quarterly. [PERIODICAL]
Reading teacher. [periodical]
Real estate taxation: RE
Real-time imaging [electronic resource]
Real-time systems [electronic resource]
Recherches féministes
Recherches sociographiques
reference librarian [electronic resource]
reference librarian [periodical]
Reference reviews [electronic resource]
Reference services review [electronic resource] : RSR
Referendum questions and proposed constitutional amendments
Refractories and industrial ceramics [electronic resource]
Regional review [periodical] / the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Regulatory toxicology and pharmacology [electronic resource]
Rehabilitation nursing
Reliable computing [computer file]
Religion [electronic resource]
Religious studies [electronic resource]
Remote sensing of environment [electronic resource]
Renaissance quarterly
Renewable resources journal
Report Card / APEC
Report on stumpage harvested by county : compiled from...landowner reports pursuant to Title 12 MRSA Section 8885
Reports on progress in physics [electronic resource]
Representation theory [electronic resource] : an electronic journal of the AMS
Representations [electronic resource]
Reproduction : the official journal of the Society for the Study of Fertility
Reproduction [electronic resource] : the official journal of the Society for the Study of Fertility
Reproductive health matters [electronic resource]
Republican journal
Res publica [computer file]
Research and practice for persons with severe disabilities : the journal of TASH
Research and theory for nursing practice
Research in African literatures [electronic resource]
Research in economics [electronic resource] = Ricerche economiche
Research in higher education [electronic resource]
Research in nursing & health [electronic resource]
Research in science education [electronic resource]
Research in the teaching of English [PERIODICAL.]
Research in veterinary science [electronic resource]
Research policy [electronic resource]
Research quarterly for exercise and sport. [PERIODICAL]
Research results digest / National Cooperative Highway Research Program
Research roundup / NAESP, National Association of Elementary School Principals
Research update / Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Resident per pupil operating costs (K-12) / State of Maine  Department of Educational and Cultural Services
Resource  [Periodical]: engineering & technology for a sustainable world
Resources for American literary study
Resources for American literary study [electronic resource]
Resources for American literary study [electronic resource]
Resources for feminist research : RFR = Documentation sur la recherche féministe : DRF
Restoration ecology : the journal of the Society for Ecological Restoration
Restoration:  [PERIODICAL] studies in English literary culture, 1660-1700
Review [electronic resource] : Far Eastern economic review
Review [periodical] / Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Review bulletin / State of Maine Executive Department, State Planning Office
Review of accounting studies [electronic resource]
Review of agricultural economics
Review of agricultural economics [electronic resource]
review of Austrian economics [electronic resource]
Review of Black political economy [electronic resource]
Review of contemporary fiction [PERIODICAL]
Review of derivatives research [electronic resource]
Review of economic dynamics [electronic resource]
review of economic studies [electronic resource]
Review of economics and statistics
review of economics and statistics [electronic resource]
review of English studies [electronic resource]
Review of higher education : a bulletin of the Association for the Study of Higher Education
Review of higher education : a bulletin of the Association for the Study of Higher Education
Review of income and wealth [electronic resource]
Review of industrial organization [electronic resource] : an international journal published for the Industrial Organization Society
Review of metaphysics
Review of palaeobotany and palynology [electronic resource]
Review of policy research
Review of quantitative finance and accounting [electronic resource]
review of radical political economics [electronic resource]
Review of religious research
Review of scientific instruments
Review of scientific instruments online [electronic resource]
Review of social economy
Review of social economy [electronic resource]
Reviews in American history [electronic resource]
Reviews in American history [electronic resource]
Reviews in American history [Periodical]
Reviews in anthropology
Reviews in endocrine and metabolic disorders [electronic resource]
Reviews in fish biology and fisheries [electronic resource]
Reviews in fisheries science [electronic resource]
Reviews of modern physics
Reviews of modern physics [electronic resource]
Revista canadiense de estudios hispánicos
Revista de música latinoamericana [electronic resource] = Latin American music review
Revue de littérature comparée
Revue des deux mondes
Revue d'histoire de l'Amérique française
Revue d'histoire diplomatique
Revue d'histoire moderne et contemporaine
Revue du Nord
Revue historique
Revue horticole (Paris, France)
Rheologica acta [electronic resource]
Rhetoric & public affairs [electronic resource] : R & PA
Rhetoric review
Rhetorica [electronic resource]
Ricerche economiche [electronic resource]
Road & rec
Roads & bridges
Robotica [electronic resource]
Robotics and autonomous systems [electronic resource]
Robotics today [electronic resource]
Robotics world
Rocks and minerals [Periodical]
Rocky Mountain journal of mathematics
Rolling stone [periodical]
Romance notes
Romance philology [PERIODICAL.]
Round table
Round table
round table [electronic resource]
Rumford Falls times [Periodical]
Rural builder
Rural sociologist : a publication of the Rural Sociological Society
Rural sociology [electronic resource]
Russian chemical bulletin [computer file]
Russian journal of applied chemistry [electronic resource]
Russian journal of bioorganic chemistry [electronic resource]
Russian journal of coordination chemistry [electronic resource]
Russian journal of developmental biology [electronic resource]
Russian journal of electrochemistry [electronic resource]
Russian journal of general chemistry [electronic resource]
Russian journal of marine biology [electronic resource]
Russian journal of nondestructive testing [electronic resource]
Russian journal of organic chemistry [electronic resource]
Russian journal of physical chemistry
Russian journal of plant physiology [electronic resource] : a comprehensive Russian journal on modern phytophysiology
Russian linguistics [electronic resource]
Russian microelectronics [electronic resource]
Russian physics journal [computer file]


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