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Collection Development: Learning Materials Collection


The mission of the Learning Materials Collection (LMC) is to provide resources to support teacher preparation programs by the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Maine. Collection selection is done by the librarian assigned to the College of Education and Human Development.


Children’s and Young Adult Literature

The LMC collects award-winning books and other notable titles for preschool through young adult literature. The LMC collects books winning awards sponsored by librarians, teachers, writers and publishers.

Categories collected include: realistic fiction, historical fiction, nonfiction, folk literature, fantasy, poetry, chapter books, picture books, concept books, big books, multicultural, and graphic novels.


Bibliographies and indexes on children’s and young adult literature are collected. Relevant online databases and indexes can be accessed using the Children’s Literature Portal, the Young Adult Literature Portal, and the Literacy Subject Guide. These pages are linked from the LMC web site at and the library home page.

Children’s reference is not an area of concentration. The LMC collects key titles such as World Book. Donations are accepted.

Note: Reference books on children’s and young adult authors are housed in the Reference area on the first floor.

Internet Resources

Appropriate free resources, such as lesson plans, are selected and added to the Literacy Subject Guide and Curriculum Subject Guide. These pages are maintained by the library/librarian.

Other formats

The LMC collects a selection of children’s magazines. The educator magazine Book Links is also housed in the LMC. Other adult journals for children’s and young adult literature are housed in the periodical stacks or are available online.

Supplementary curriculum materials such as reproductions of primary source documents are also collected.

The Learning Materials Collection does not collect textbooks or computer software. There is no state mandated textbook policy, and the library cannot license client software. Multimedia formats are not currently collected because of insufficient funds.

Maintenance and Weeding

Award-winning books are replaced, if possible, when lost or in poor condition. Nonfiction books with no special significance are discarded when in poor condition, or if the material has become dated or misleading. Other books with no special significance are discarded when in poor condition. Other formats are discarded if they are in poor condition or become obsolete.

Created April 2008 in cooperation with the College of Education and Human Development.

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