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Minsky Jewish Heritage Video Collection: Title List

Fogler Library holds the videos and guides listed below in the Minsky Jewish Heritage Video Collection. The educational curriculum and course guides have discussion questions and background information about various topics and films.  

To find more information, including whether an item is currently available from Circulation Media-Reserves at Fogler Library, search the title listed below in URSUS, our online catalog, at





An American Tail

Videocassette Pn1994.5 .A48 1997

The Animated Haggadah

Videocassette Bm675.P4 O75 1997

Benjamin And The Miracle Of Hanukah

Videocassette Pn3353 .B4 1997

Dear Kitty: A Film About The Life Of Anne Frank

Videocassette D810.J4 F733 1997


Videocassette Bs580.E8 .E86 1993

Fievel Goes West

DVD PN1995.9.A3 F54 2003

Fliegel's Flight

Videocassette Ds118 .F642 1997

Lights, The Miracle Of Chanukah

Videocassette Bm695.H3 L53 1997

Lovely Butterfly: Chanukah

Videocassette BM695.H3 C43 1991

The Mitzvah Machine

Videocassette Bm700 .M698 1997

Molly's Pilgrim

Videocassette E184.A1 A5 1997

The Prince Of Egypt

DVD PN1995.9.A43 P75 2002

Pripetshik Sings Yiddish!

Videocassette M1852 .P75 2004

The Sabbath: A Gesher Video Learning Kit

Videocassette Bm685 .S11 1996

The Secret In Bubbie's Attic

Videocassette Bm690 .S61 1997

Shalom Sesame (11 Video Cassettes)

Videocassette Ds126.5 .S16 1997

Shalom Shabbat

Videocassette Bm685 .S53 1997

Shirim K'tanim (8 Video Cassettes)

Videocassette M1997 .S51 1997


American Matchmaker

Videocassette Pn1997 .A3435 1997

Animal Crackers

Videocassette Pn1997 .A646 1997

Annie Hall

Videocassette Pn1997 .A4812 1997

Biloxi Blues

DVD PN1995.9.C55 B55 2003

Blazing Saddles

Videocassette Pn1995.9.C55 B55 1997

Brighton Beach Memoirs

Videocassette Pn1997.B75 1987

God Is Great... And I'm Not

DVD PN1995.9.F67 D54 2004

The Great Dictator

Videocassette Pn1997 .G73 1997

The Jack Benny Program

Videocassette PN1995.9.C55 J33 1997


Videocassette Pn1997 .L44 1997

Radio Days

DVD PN1995.9.C55 R33 2001

Mr. Saturday Night

Videocassette Pn1995.9.C55 M5 1997

My Favorite Year

Videocassette Pn1997 .M9 1997

Private Benjamin

Videocassette Pn1995.9.C55 P759 1997

The Producers

Videocassette Pn1995.9.J46 J4 1997

To Be Or Not To Be

DVD PN1995.9.A26 T6 2005

Your Show Of Shows

Videocassette Pn1992.77.Y65 Y6 1997 V.1


An Act Of Faith

Videocassette Ds135.D4 A8

The Boat Is Full

Videocassette Pn1997.B62 I54 1997

Border Street

Videocassette Pn1997 .U5555 1997

The Camera Of My Family

Videocassette Tr680 .C34 1997

Danzig, 1939

Videocassette Bm657.A1 D35 1982

The Devil Is A Gentleman

Videocassette Ds247.E5 D48 1997

The Diary Of Anne Frank

Videocassette Pn1995.9.J46 D5 1997

Enemies, A Love Story

DVD PN1995.9.J46 E54 2002

Europa Europa

Videocassette D810.J4 P472 1997

Facing Hate

DVD BF575.H3 F33 2005

The Garden Of The Finzi-Continis

Videocassette Pn1997.85.A55 G37 1997


Videocassette D804.3 G46 1997

Good Evening Mr Wallenberg

Videocassette Pn1995.9.H53 G63 1997

Judgment At Nuremberg

DVD PN1995.9.T75 J83 2004

Lodz Ghetto

Videocassette Ds135.P62 L628 1997

Music Box

DVD PN1995.9.T75 M87 2003

Night And Fog

Videocassette D805.A2 N84 1997

Now -- After All These Years

Videocassette Ds135 .G4 1997

Nowhere In Africa

DVD PN1995.9.F67 N69 2003

The Oppermanns

Videocassette Pn1992.77 .G483 1997 Pt.1 Videocassette Pn1992.77 .G483 1997 Pt.2

Painful Reminder

Videocassette D805.A2 P35 1997

Partisans Of Vilna

Videocassette Ds135 .R93 1997


Videocassette Ps3573.A434 P38 1997

The Pianist

DVD PN1995.9.H53 P53 2003


Videocassette D804.3 .S364

Schindler's List

DVD PN1995.9.H53 S35 2004

Shoah (4 Video Cassettes)

Videocassette Pn1995.9.H53 S56

The Shop On Main Street

Videocassette Pn1997 .O23 1997

So Many Miracles

Videocassette Ds135.P62 P56 1997

Swing Kids

DVD PN1995.9.M83 .S95 2002

Terezin Diary

Videocassette D805.C9 T47 1997

Transport From Paradise

Videocassette Pn1997 .T725 1997

Trial At Nuremberg

Videocassette D804.G42 T75 1997

The Wannsee Conference

Videocassette D810.J4 W36 1997

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Videocassette D765.2.W3 .W28 1997

Weapons Of The Spirit

Videocassette Pn1995.9.J46 J4x No.188

Who Shall Live And Who Shall Die?

Videocassette D810.J4 W45 1997


At The Crossroads: Jews In Eastern Europe Today

Videocassette Ds135.E83 A1 1997

Chariots Of Fire

Videocassette Pn1997 .C47 1997

The Commissar

Videocassette Pn1997 .C666 1997

Fiddler On The Roof

Videocassette Pn1997 .F5 1986

George Eliot's Daniel Deronda DVD PN1995.9.J46 G46 2003

Homage To Chagall: The Colors Of Love

Videocassette Nd699.O5 H66 1997

Image Before My Eyes

Videocassette Ds135 .P6 1997

The Last Marranos

Videocassette Br158 .L37 1997

Like A Bride (Novia Que Te Vea)

DVD PN1995.9.W6 N68 2003

Mirele Efros

Videocassette Pn1995.9.M63 M57 1997

Operation Moses

Videocassette Ds135.E75 O64 1997

Prisoner Of Honor

Videocassette Pn1997 .P757 1997

Routes Of Exile: A Moroccan Jewish Odyssey

Videocassette Ds135.M8 R68 1997


Videocassette Pn1997.85 .S565 1997


Black To The Promised Land

Videocassette Ds107.5 .B4 1992

Broken Wings (Kenafayim Shevurot)

DVD PN1995.9.F67 K46 2004

Cast A Giant Shadow

Videocassette Pn1997 .C37 1997

Company Jasmine


Cup Final

Videocassette Pn1995.91.H4 G5 1997

Exodus (2 Video Cassettes)

Videocassette Pn1997 .E95

Fictitious Marriage

Videocassette Pn1997 .F45575 1997

Hill 24 Doesn't Answer

Videocassette Pn1997 .H495 1997

The House On Chelouche Street

Videocassette Pn1997 .H678 1997

How Israel Won The War

Videocassette Ds127 .H83 1967

The Israelis

Videocassette Ds126.5 .E4195 1973

Late Summer Blues

Videocassette Pn1997 .B655 1997

Operation Thunderbolt

Videocassette Ds119.7 .O6 1998

Over The Ocean

Videocassette D919.G9 S5 1991

Sadat In Israel

Videocassette Ds119.8.E3 S15 1977


Videocassette Pn1997.K57 S25 1990

See It Now: Egypt And Israel

Videocassette Ds121.5 .E34 1997


Videocassette Pn1997 .S5585 1997

A Wall In Jerusalem

Videocassette Ds126.5 W34 1997

The Wooden Gun

Videocassette Pn1997 .R7667 1997

Yitzhak Rabin

VIDEOCASSETTE DS126.6.R32 Y58 1995

Yossi and Jagger

DVD PN1995.9.H55 Y67 2004


The Apprenticeship Of Mordecai Richler

Videocassette Pr9199.3.R5 Z5176 1997


Videocassette Pn1997 .A8 1997

The Chosen

DVD PN1995.9.J46 C46 2003

Crimes And Misdemeanors

Videocassette Pn1997 .C743 1997


Videocassette Pn1997 .C76 1997

Crossing Delancey

Videocassette Pn1997 .C763 1997


Videocassette Ps3554.O3 B62 1997

Dirty Dancing

Videocassette Pn1995.9.L6 D57 1997

Driving Miss Daisy

Videocassette Ps3071.H7 D7 1997

The Forward, From Immigrants To Americans

Videocassette Pn4885.Y5 F67 1997

Free Voice Of Labor--The Jewish Anarchists

Videocassette Hx843 .F74 1997

Funny Girl

Videocassette Pn2287.B69 F85 1997

Gentleman's Agreement

Videocassette Pn1995.7 .G46 1997

Hester Street

Videocassette Pn1995.9.J46 H47 1990z

His People

Videocassette Pn1997 H593 1997

The Imported Bridegroom

Videocassette Ps3505.A254 I46 1997

Isaac In America: A Journey With Isaac Bashevis Singer

Videocassette Ps3569.I5437 I73 1994

The Jazz Singer

Videocassette Pn1997 .J296 1997

The Miracle Of Intervale Avenue

Videocassette Hn80.N5 M573 1997

Marjorie Morningstar

Videocassette PN1997 .M36575 1997

Next Stop, Greenwich Village

Videocassette Pn1997 .N49 1997

Number Our Days

Videocassette F869.V36 N8 1997

The Purple Heart

Videocassette Pn1997 .P86 1997

School Ties

Videocassette Pn1995.9.J46 S35 1997

Stranger Among Us

DVD PN1995.9.D4 S77 2003

Street Scene

Videocassette Pn1995.9.F43 S774 1997

They Came for Good. Taking root, 1820-1880: A History of Jews in the United States

DVD E184.35 .T44 2001

The Way We Were

Videocassette Pn1997 .W37 1997


The Eighth Day

Videocassette Pn1997.E41 E44 1997

Genesis: A Living Conversation. (5 Video Cassettes)

Videocassette Bs1235.2 G46 1997

Great Figures Of The Bible (6 Video Cassettes)

Videocassette Bs1171.2 .G725 1997

Half The Kingdom

Videocassette Hq1172 H344 1990

In Her Own Time: Based On The Fieldwork Of Dr. Barbara Myerhoff

Videocassette F869.L89 J5 1997

Intermarriage: When Love Meets Tradition

Videocassette Hq1031 .I67 1997

The Journey

Videocassette Pn1997.J57 J826 1997

A Jumpin' Night In The Garden Of Eden

Videocassette M630.I8 J8 1997

The Longest Hatred (2 Video Cassettes)

Videocassette Ds145 .L66 1997

Ritual: Three Portraits Of Jewish Life

Videocassette Bm700 .R58 1997

Saying Kaddish

Videocassette Pn1997 .S298 1997

The Talmud & The Scholar

Videocassette Bm755 .S74 1997

Trembling Before G-d

DVD HQ75.15 .T74 2003


American Jewish Comedy: An Introduction

PN1995.9.J46 A44 1995

American Jewish Directors: Three Visions of the American Jewish Experience

PN1995.9.J46 F69 1995

Elie Wiesel's Great Figures of the Bible

BS571 .S28 1998

Growing-Up Stories: Coming of Age in the Media and in Literature

PN1995.9.J46 G76 1995

The Jewish Image In American Film: A Century of Jewish Characters and Themes.

PN1995.9.J46 F722 1996

More Than Chemistry: The Romantic Choices of American Jews

PN1995.9.J46 F57 1995

Perspectives on The Holocaust: A Course for Adolescents

D804.33 .J65 1997

Precious Images, Provocative Conversations: A Handbook for Film Groups

PN1995.9.J46 B76 1998

Real Americans: The Evolving Identities of American Jews

E184.J5 F55 1996

Visions of Israel: Israeli Filmmakers and Images Of The Jewish State

PN1995.9.I72 A95 1997

Yiddish Culture: Between the Old World and the New

PN1995.9.J46 Y53 1995

Jewish Heritage Video Collection
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PN1995.9.J46 J485 1997 v.1 
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PN1995.9.J46 J485 1997 v.7

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