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Information for Publishers and Vendors

FTE enrollment for each campus in the University of Maine System: see the latest and past enrollment figures under  Fall Enrollment Summaries.

Headcount enrollment by college majors at the Orono campus (Fogler Library): see

Advertisements and sales c

Send ads by U.S. mail, or via informational e-mail that does not request a response; please do not "cold call." This will save your time and ours. 

We will contact publishers and vendors if we would like to meet with a representative in person.

PRICING: We appreciate and are more likely to buy from publishers and vendors who provide readily available information about resource costs on their websites and in their communications.

Please be sure that correspondence about advertised products includes all pricing options specific to our institution(s), or a link to an online price chart. Generic ads asking us to contact a sales representative for "customized pricing" are not very helpful.

CONSORTIUM PRICING: Fogler Library and The University of Maine are active purchasing members of NERL (Northeast Research Libraries), WALDO, and LYRASIS. We also purchase and manage selected resources on a consortium pricing basis for the State of Maine, the URSUS libraries, and the University of Maine System Libraries.

Online resource trials

We will contact publishers if we would like to have trial access to an online resource. We delete unsolicited "free trial" advertisement e-mails.

Preview copies

Fogler Library does not accept preview copies of materials for purchase consideration, even if the publisher claims that a staff member has approved delivery of preview copies. Materials sent as "preview copies" will be treated as unsolicited materials.

Unsolicited materials

Under Maine state law (MRS 33 §1101. UNSOLICITED MERCHANDISE; DUTY OF RECEIVER), unsolicited materials received from authors, donors, publishers, or other entities will be treated as gifts. The library is under no obligation to acknowledge receipt of, make payments for, or return unsolicited materials. Those who wish to donate materials should read the library's Gift Policy.

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