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Database Trials


Early American Newspapers, Series 8, 9, 10
[link goes to combined database including Early American Newspapers Series 1 - 10, 1690-1922 and African American Newspapers, 1827-1998]

African American Newspapers, 1827-1998
[link goes to this resource separately]

African American Periodicals, 1825-1995
[link goes to this resource separately]

Expires: February 28, 2015

Please send feedback about these full-text newspaper and periodical resources to Mel Johnson.

University of Maine on WorldCat

The University of Maine on WorldCat service searches the entire OCLC WorldCat database, but displays locally owned materials in URSUS or MaineCat at the top of search results lists. (The local-materials-first display is a default setting, with the alternative being most-relevant-materials-first, even when not held locally.) It also displays article citations from selected major publishers and some article links will go through to full text content once OCLC has worked with Fogler Library to create profiles for this to happen.

The University of Maine on WorldCat database is NOT the equivalent of URSUS or MaineCat. It is the OCLC WorldCat database, with only those local materials OCLC knows about presented first. In OCLC, some, but not all, URSUS libraries have indicated ownership of most, but not all, of their collection holdings. For the most complete picture of University of Maine materials, and all links to our full-text resources such as e-books and e-journals, please use URSUS.

This interface will eventually (2016) replace the WorldCat on Firstsearch interface we have linked on the Indexes and Databases page. will remain unchanged.

Please send any feedback or questions about University of Maine on WorldCat to deborah.rollins [at]


Please send feedback about trial databases to Deb Rollins unless there is a librarian's name noted for feedback under the trial description.

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