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Euro Crisis

This page supports the December 2012 display Euro Crisis at the Raymond H. Fogler Library at the University of Maine.


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Bust: Greece, The Euro, and the Sovereign Debt Crisis  (2011) - Print.  Also available as an Ebook

The Euro Area and the Financial Crisis  (2011) - Print

Europe and the Financial Crisis (2011) - Ebook

A Global History of the Financial Crash of 2007-10  (2011) - Print

Sovereign Debt and the Financial Crisis: Will this Time be Different?  (2011) - Print.  Also available as an Ebook

Understanding the Crisis in Greece: From Boom to Bust  (2011) - Print.  Also available as an Ebook


Other resources

Country Intelligence Reports from Global Insight

Euro Crisis. Hack, C.  (2012, October 5).  CQ Global Researcher.

European Commission, Economic and Financial Affairs

The European Financial Stabilisation Mechanism (EFSM)  (6-page pdf) Gavin Thompson.  (2011, May 20).  House of Commons Library, United Kingdom.

European Union

The European Union’s Response to the 2007-2009 Financial Crisis  (23-page pdf) Walter W. Eubanks .  (2010, August 13).  Congressional Research Service.


Future of the Euro: Will the Eurozone Survive Intact?  Glazer, S.  (2011, May 17).  CQ Global Researcher.

Global Financial and Economic Crisis Subject Guide

OECD Economic Surveys. Euro Area (2012) - Print.  Also available as an Ebook

Resolving the European Debt Crisis, Special Report 21 (2012) 

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