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About the Friends-History
"Olive: An old world evergreen tree much cultivated throughout the ages and today, still, for the valuable oil contained in its berries. In Greek legend, Athene was responsible for having made the olive bear fruit -- a gift to the people of Attica. Its branches furnished wreaths used by the Greeks and Romans to crown the brows of victors. Universally regarded as an emblem of peace and reconciliation, the olive also represents beauty, strength and friendship."
The Friends of Fogler Library have been supporting The University of Maine Library since the building's construction in 1941 when the donations from alumni and faculty alike made the building's birth possible. Raymond H. Fogler, for whom the building is named, made numerous contributions to the School for over 80 years after graduating from the University in 1915.
In 1991, under the leadership of Dean Elaine Albright, a group of University of Maine Alumni and faculty came together to officially form the Friends of Fogler Library. The group personified the vision established by previous benefactors of the Library. This vision meant establishing an organization that reinforced what Fogler Library meant to the University: the academic and intellectual heart of the school. Dean Albright explained the organization's mission noting, "The emphasis will be on people."
The Friends appointed alumnus Maureen Goff to act as the first Friends of Fogler coordinator. Dionne Hutchinson, wife of then University President Fred Hutchinson, was named the Friends' chair. Hutchinson chaired the Friends until the turnover of presidents came when the University's new first lady, Dianne Hoff, took over the position. The year 1995 started a new chapter in the Friends' book as Gretchen Gfeller took over as coordinator. Gfeller quickly became an active part of the group, involving herself in many activities and projects. She was instrumental in the creation the Friends' website in 1997. Today, together for over a decade, the Fogler Library Friends continue to help Fogler Library move into the future.

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