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Locating Who Cited Your Work in Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a free resource that searches for scholarly literature by automatically analyzing and extracting citations from Google-indexed online sources. 
1. Go to Google Scholar.
For this example we will search for works that cite  the article Gender Differences in High-School Students' Views about Science by PH Miller,  JS Blessing, and S. Schwartz  
2. Put  information in the search box to bring up a citation for the article. Usually the last name of the first author and the title is enough.
Google Scholar Citation Example
3. The citation will tell you the number of times the article has been cited at the bottom of the citation information
4. Click on the Cited By Link to bring up the works citing this article.
Google Scholar Citing Articles
5. If you use citation management software, go into Scholar Preferences and change the setting to bring up a link. This will allow you import each citation. Click on the Save Preference button to keep this setting.
Google Scholar Bibliographic Manager
5. Remove any self-citations  and save citation list.
6. Repeat this process for each work.

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