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JSTOR Database Guide

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JSTOR is an archive of over 1,000 core scholarly journals in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. A number of the journals date from the 19th century. JSTOR has a moving wall policy that keeps a 2 to 5 year gap between current articles and articles in in the database. Article Linker can pull up articles from the moving wall gap if they are covered by any UMaine subscription.

Getting Started

1. JSTOR can be accessed from the Fogler Library Website by clicking on Indexes and Databases , and then clicking on J in the Databases A-Z List.
2. To access the database remotely you will need to use your UMaine card. For problems see Remote Access Troubleshooting.

Basic Search

Basic Search is for general searching. 

JSTOR basic search 
1. Basic searches  author, title, and abstracts of all journals. The user can use a checkbox to search for links to articles outside of JSTOR.
2. The default search automatically puts AND between terms. However, you can also use OR, NOT
    Example: penguins NOT sports
3. Basic supports phrase searching using ""
    Example: "English Language Learners"
4. Basic allows field searching for author and title
    Example: au: lombardi AND history

Advanced Search

1. Click on the tab for Advanced Search.
Advanced Search allows precise searching with pull down menus and extra limits to narrow the search. In the example below the search is looking for a topic within a date range for a specific journal title.

JSTOR advanced search

2. You can also the more general topic limits that range from African American Studies to Zoology. If you open the topics, you can select multiple  journals within a topic

JSTOR advanced search


Use MyJSTOR to save, email, or export citation to a bibliographic software such as EndNote. Click on the tab for MyJSTOR. 


Recent Searches

You can return to previous searches during a session by using the Select Recent Search drop down menu

JSTOR recent searches

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