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Web of Science Database Guide

Default Search Cited Reference Search Advanced Search Search History
Default Search
Web of Science incorporates the Science Citation Index Expanded, the Social Science Citation Index, and the Arts and Humanities Citation Index. 
1. The default setting is for three boxes set to topic, author, and publication name.   It is recommended to use the wildcard *  at the end of words and after the first initial of an author's first name. 

Web of Science search box

2. The pull down menu allows users to specify other fields for each search box.

Web of Science search menu options

3. You can add more boxes by clicking on the link Add Another Field. 
4. The default setting is to search all  databases simultaneously for all available years. However, you can limit the years and the databases by using the limits.

Web of Science limits

5. Click on the title to open article abstracts. To view article click FullText button if available. If there is no FullText button then click on Article Linker button.
Web of Science fulltext options
Cited Reference Search
Cited reference allows you to locate documents that have been cited by authors in the scholarly journals that are indexed by the Web of Science.
1. Click on the Cited Reference Search link at the top of the screen to begin your search
Web of Science link to cited reference search
2. Click here for instructions on cited reference searching.
Advanced Search
Advanced Search allows you to conduct sophisticated searches using field tags combined with Boolean operators.
1. Click on the Advanced Search link at the top of the screen.
Web of Science Advanced Search link
2. Enter you search using field tags and Boolean operators.
Web of Science advanced search
Web of Science field tags
Search History
1.The search history contains the results of searches conducted during the current session.

web of science search history

2. You can combine searches in the search history to produce new searches.

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