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LandView 6    The EPA, U.S. Census Bureau, NOAA, and USGS worked together to provide readily accessible federal spatial and demographic data.  Two software programs, the LandView database manager and the MARPLOT map viewer, create a simple computer mapping system that displays individual map layers and the demographic and spatial information associated with them.  Available for use on our GeoStats workstation.        Click image for more information.  The Online Help is particularly useful.

Sample Map from ESRI Data & Maps 2002 ESRI Data & Maps 2002 is an 8 cd-rom set of ready-to-use spatial data (primarily shapefiles) for ArcGIS programs.  It includes data for the world, Mexico, Canada, and European countries, as well as general and detailed data for the entire United States, and very detailed data for U.S. states.  Available for use on our GeoStats workstation.     Click image for more information.
Map Tech Terrain Navigator Pro Maptech's Terrain Navigator Pro includes over 59,000 USGS detailed topographic maps covering the entire US as 1:24,000/25,000 scale (7.5 minute) quadrangle maps, as well as 1:100,000 & 1:250,000 scale maps, USGS digital elevation models, USCS geographic names database, NGS survey control and much more, giving users a wide selection of tools to customize the maps for a variety of professional uses such as land surveying, real estate, forestry, land management, public safety, homeland security, & fire fighting; as well as recreational uses from hunting and hiking to genealogy.     Click image for more information.
Coastal Vulnerability to Sea-Level Rise : A Preliminary Database for the U.S. Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf of Mexico Coasts

Coastal Vulnerability to Sea-Level Rise : A Preliminary Database for the U.S. Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf of Mexico Coasts The goal of this project is to quantify the relative susceptibility of the Nation's coast to sea- level rise through the use of a coastal vulnerability index (CVI).  The combination of these variables (coastal geomorphology, regional coastal slope, tidal range, wave height, historical rates of relative sea-level rise and shoreline erosion and accretion rates) furnishes a broad overview of regions where physical changes are likely to occur due to sea-level rise.    Click image for more information.  

Satellite Image of Portland, Maine SAT 10 Maine - Delorme       SAT 10 is 10-meter resolution natural color satellite imagery for the entire state of Maine derived from merging SPOT 10m panchromatic and Landsat 30m multi-spectral scenes, tonal balanced and edge-matched to create a mosaic image across the state. Geo-registered using ground control points from the USGS 7.5-minute topo maps and ortho-corrected using USGS Digital Elevation Model (DEM). Most of the scenes used were taken in 2000 and 2001 with no scenes older than 1998.  Use in conjunction with TOPO USA allows for split scene capability, where you can view the satellite imagery on one side and the  3-D TopoQuads data on the other.    Click image for more information.
South East Asia Tsunami Emergency - Affected Areas GIS in Times of Disaster       Geographic Information Systems  play a very important role during  three critical stages of a disaster:  Emergency Preparedness; Damage Assessment; and Relief & Recovery Efforts.  Agencies can combine data from many sources and present them spatially to assess the situation  and  coordinate efforts. has a very good collection of  information that show how GIS  helps make sense out of chaos here.       Click image for more information.
LandStat Image of Mt Desert Island ME from NASA NASA's Landsat Thematic Mapper Mosaic          page allows online viewing and downloading (in mrsid format) of 30 meter Landsat false color satellite images.  These images cover most of the land-covered portion of the earth and are georeferenced for use in GIS.       Click image for more information.
GeoBase logo GeoBase  is a federal, provincial and territorial government initiative that is overseen by the Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG) with generous contributions form the GeoConnections.  This portal, from Natural Resources Canada, provides free access to quality, up-to-date geospatial data including administrative boundaries, digital elevation data, geographical names, Landsat-7 imagery, and the national road network for all of Canada.   Click image for more information.
Sample Screen Image from SEA-GEOFISH interactive mapping application SEA-GEOFISH  The Southeast Geographic Fishery-Independent Survey and Historical (SEA-GEOFISH) Database is a Web-based mapping application that provides access to more than 30 years worth of data from a long-term fishery survey conducted by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR). The maps include distribution of fish species; data on abundance, biomass, diversity and spawning, plus GIS-based statistical analysis tools.        Click image for more information.

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