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The Terrain Navigator Pro Database

Database Overview

The Terrain Navigator Pro database, produced by MapTech, Inc. provides access electronically to the topographic map information for the entire United States, as compiled by the United State Geological Survey originally in over 58,000 sheet maps. It is updated annually. The latest versions of the data and the client software are available via the GeoStats workstation at Fogler Library and in the Forest Management Department’s GIS Lab[s?] in Room[s?] Nutting Hall. The database is searchable by place names, feature names, geographic coordinates and other methods. Users of this system must go to a workstation on which the client software is installed. The University of Maine's license does not permit additional installations on users’ own workstations.

Use Restrictions

Guides to Searching the Database


• Contact Karen Stewart (581-1680) for assistance

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Revised: 12/28/2011

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