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Faculty Because my job description does not include research, I use the library primarily in course development. The staff has been unfailingly helpful and supportive.
Faculty I have received incredibly kind, conscientious assistance by staff. Any remarks regarding service are not meant to refer to human support but rather to Fogler resources. I cannot say enough about staff qualifications and treatment of all my queries and those of my students! This has happened numerous times.
Faculty What I really need is more access to electronic journals. Reduce paper journals, (graduate) students don't use them, faculty avoid them.
Faculty Has to provide free access to the local community members on the same level as MIT library
Faculty I need access to electronic journal articles from the past, not just the last year. I must write friends at "big" schools like Bates to get journal articles!
Faculty Knowing that it is very expensive I would still like to see better access to "Science Direct". Also, you have some excellent, helpful and dedicated staff in Arlene Banks and Bonnie. I can't tell you how many times they have made my job easier with advice and the quick turn-around they provide with article requests!
Faculty My chief complaint is that not enough journals are available electronically. At a minimum, journals not available in hard copy should be available electronically rather than having to do an ILL request. PS. I am a Research Professor, a category not listed in question 42.
Faculty The building needs a major update. It is a little out of date. Printed materials are insufficient.
Faculty Great staff people!
Faculty I am continually impressed by the ability of ILL to find obscure articles or books for me and the speed with which they are delivered.Reference desk staff are consistently helpful and courteous.I would like to see electronic subscriptions to journals covering a longer period of time - past 15 years rather than the past 1 year.
Faculty Staff and online search is very good. ILL is fast and I like e-delivery of articles. Need more space and $ (as you know) for hard copies and subscriptions to journals and e-journals. Some very good journals and e-journals are missing and are needed if we are to be a premier research university. Overall, the excellent staff people make it work, but you need more space and $.
Faculty There should be more quiet space, more books, more chairs, and fewer computer terminals. Instead of putting terminals in the library, the focus should be on providing remote-access services. Putting more than a very few computers in the library is a waste of space.  The staff is great.
Faculty Jim Bird is excellent during interactions with undergrads, grad students, and faculty. He's a great asset.
Faculty You do pretty well with the resource level available. Unfortunately, the resource level is not adequate for a first-rate research university.
Faculty Generally, very good!
Faculty This survey is ridiculously designed, so I have not filled in it. My minimumservice level???? Desired service level???? Come on.  I do want to state, however, that the staff at UMaine's Fogler are a splendid bunch. Almost never have I had anything to complain about. They make a library what is should be.
Faculty The library does not have, or does not direct, sufficient resources to support research-intensive disciplines on this campus. It is a serious hindrance to being competitive in the national research scene.
Faculty Air quality in Fogler is the most limiting issue for both students and faculty.
Faculty The library staff is always helpful and professional. It's frustrating to have so many of the journals needed for my work unavailable electronically (or in any way except paying for them inter-library loan). The increase accessibility of online journals is appreciated.
Faculty Staff are good. The journal collection is embarrassing. I have started using a colleague and her student at another University as a source for articles, which then email or fax to me. Every time I do this, its an advertisement that the University of Maine does not take research seriously.
Faculty In the past 8 years I have found the library staff to be exceptionally friendly and helpful. The Science staff do a very good job of keeping new books on the shelves and responding to requests for specific books or databases.The largest weakness is the lack of electronic access to journals. After working on sabbatical this past year at a university with a wide range of e-journal access, the lack of access we have at Maine has become even more clear and should be a priority area for funding.
Faculty In some cases, your questions are difficult to answer with one rating. For example, if I have a low minimum need, a low desired need, and a perception that the level provided is low but meets all my needs, do I rate it low because that's what's actually supplied in a phsical sense or high because that's what is supplied relative to what I need? I guess I'm anticipating what the analsis is going to be; namely, would an absolute amount provided at a low level would be good if that amount met that respondent's needs? Also, what if your needs are small and met, but your friend's needs are high and not being met? In this case, I assumed that I am to only answer for myself.
Faculty The library needs to be much better funded to be able to provide full PDF access to many more social science journals than it does now.
Faculty I would like to see more journals available electronically.
Faculty More access to on-line journals is what I really need.I realize that it's also very expensive, unfortunately.
Faculty 1. In the past, I wished the library would hope at 7:00 AM but I've learned to live with the hours, especially understanding how budgets are.2. I think having 3 columns to rate the services was difficult.3. Student workers could be a little friendlier.
Faculty the library can be very HOT
Faculty The floor staff at Fogler is superb. The big problems are library policies and lack of funding.
Faculty The electronic retrieval of articles in superb... colleagues at other institutions are jealous that I have a library that will send PDF article files so quicly!
Faculty The library staff do an excellent job working with students. The web access provides convient access to the electronic resources, although frequently links have changed and it is clear that more staff resources are needed to maintain the electronic access system. The major problem is simply that many journals are only available in particular time frames or not available at all. This is, I believe, a major, on-going funding issue for the University and the State.
Faculty We have an excellent library, with a history of outstanding, forward-thinking leadership. The only thing missing is funding -- especially for journals, but also for decent faculty space, individual study areas, etc., for students. But for what the library has control of, it is absolutely first-rate.
Faculty Services to support people with disabilities are very good, as is technological training workshops for faculty and staff. Having library staff as resources on university committees is particularly helpful and necessary. That type of service is not noted in the survey, but should be!
Faculty I know you are doing the best you can under the conditions generally, but special collections is a shame.
Faculty You have a great staff who has consistently responded in a positive manner to any of my needs. But let's face it the library is not a priority on this campus for funding. Electronic access to materials is sometimes very limited, the hardcopy collection is limited, this is "the research" university in the UMaine system that lacks a strong library to support research. I understand the cost of periodicals, but that is a price a serious university must pay to support the research agenda of their students, staff, and faculty. A great research university supports and maintains a great library, UMaine has and supports mediocrity and for some unknown reason that is okay with this administration.
Faculty Considering the budgetary restrictions, I think the library is doing all it can. I appreiciate the effort.
Faculty access to e-journals is woefully inadequate
Faculty I found the minimum/desired/perceived queries confusing and am not sure that my logic for answering as I did will match how they are interpreted. Some thought should be given to additional survey techniques.Overall, I use the library a great deal. It is an essential institution for my acedmic work and teaching and a crucial one for the general health of the university. While I am very impressed with the dedication and quality of the staff and find them very responsive to my needs, the long-term budget shrinkage, the wholly inadequate physical structure, and the collections crisis in the humanities makes me fear for the future of our library.
Faculty Staff are fabulous! Electronic access to journals is sometimes spotty due to lack of adequate funding and difficulties staying up with a quickly changing environment. Tools for searching books through URSUS are limited and, I think, limit my use. Finally, sometimes ILLIAD cancels my requests wihtout letting me know. I don't mind the request being cancelled (such as when I was an idiot and forgot to check our stacks) but would like to know so I know I need to go fetch. Thanks for what is generally superb service under difficult circumstances.
Faculty There are three things I would like to see in our library but don't expect will ever be there: electronic version of LLBA, The Journal of French Language Studies, and the Journal of Sociolinguistics.
Faculty I think the staff is great. They are always helpful. I would like to see the library be more supportive of faculty research. Specifically for me, that would mean a faculty reading space, or at least a space for serious study for graduate students and faculty. I would also like for there to be a better policy about checked out material. I think there should be a better recall policy. As it is now, if someone has a book I am interested in, I am usually told to get it through interlibrary loan. But when I do this, I can check out the book only for a few weeks. I also think faculty should be able to check out items indefinitely. As long as there is an easy recall policy, this is not a problem for others looking for that book. It seems like these two policy changes would make it easier for those of us who are working on long-term research projects. It would also be better if there were more bibliographers to help me keep abreast of my developments in my field. Right now, I feel as if I am responsible for telling the library what is happening in my field. At other research libraries that I have used, this relationship was reversed, and the library bibliographiers would tell me about new books, new developments.
Faculty Overall- great. We need more funding to support book and journal acquisitions.
Faculty I find the research librarians to be EXTREMELY helpful--one of the most efficient and effective resources of the library. I rarely use the online links b/c my home connection is horrible; however, I have used those links from my office and found them sufficient for my needs. I have high expectations of a library as a service provider, and with few exceptions (due mainly to high demand service times and low funds for resources), the library has met my expectations.
Faculty It is frustrating to find the computers and copy machines in the stacks are not working. that is probably my biggest gripe, and second would be limitations of online journals (old issues not available for some journals, others not subscribed to). The staff is great, though.
Faculty Stop all paper journal subscriptions that are online. Acquire backup issue that are not avaialble electronically. Improve dramatically easy search for INDIVISUAL articles (e.g., direct link from Googel Scholar).Improve URSUS' user interface so that if reflects the user's perspective, NOT the archivers' perspective.Learn from Google Scholar.
Faculty The library must move forward into the 21st century in terms of data management and information handling.
Faculty Any shortcomings of the Fogler library indicated by my survey answers are due to the poor budget for the library and not the willingness of the staff. I have had many excellent dealings with library personnel and they have done their best to help my pursuits. Electronic journal shortcomings need to be addressed. However, this is a budgetary concern, not one of service.
Faculty The Oakes Room Cafe should be open on weekends, and later on Fridays: whenever the library is open, except for the need to close down by the same time the library does.
Faculty The staff at the library is very nice and helpful; however the resources, especially access to electronic journals, are terrible. It is embarrassing when I have to contact colleagues at other universities for articles that I need, but do not have access to at UMaine.
Faculty I've alway loved the library and have been well treated there by staff. What I need is electronic access to full-text in in a broad range of current journals in molecular and cellular biology, and those offerings are sadly inadequate.
Faculty The people at the library are nice and usually helpful but the library's collection, its electronic holdings, and the environment of the library itself are sub-standard and make it very hard to do my research. A research university deserves a much a better library but that only comes by making the resource stream to the library a top priority. It is not at U. Maine and that ought to produce a sense of shame in those who allocate resources.
Faculty Cynthia Crosser has been invaluable help to me. I appreciate being able to use e-reserve. I wish the scanning and the acessibility for all students wwere more dependable.
Faculty I am sometimes confused by requests for username and password in Blackwell Synery database.
Faculty There is a serious lack of play scripts in the library. My students comp[lain often that titles that are listed as in the library are no where to be found.
Faculty I know that budgets are limited, and considering this, I think the Library has done an extraordinary job. The librarians are incredibly respectful of everyone, helpful, and knowledgable. My only complaint is that more money should always be funneled to the library whenever possible.
Faculty The lack of journals both (on-line and "stacks") is an embarrassment to this institution. Although the Engineering and Sciences bring in the majority of research overhead, there is virtually nothing in the library collection that supports these areas. It is IMPOSSIBLE to carry on quality research programs at the University of Maine without convenient access to research journals. I am forced to inappropriately affiliate with other institutions just to have access to their library resources. Additionally, in accepting federal funding, the University agrees (through negotiation with OMB) to provide the necessary infrastructure to carry out the directives of that grant. Library resources are part of this infrastructure and currently the University is in violation of their federal contracts. For all the good the library does, it should be razed and a swimming pool put in.
Faculty I find it difficult to access journals online.
Faculty I am very happy with the staff at the library, but feel that it is underfunded and thus resources, including staff, are stretched rather thin
Faculty The following items are among those that need attention:- Financial support to acquire journals that we presently do not have in many areas of current research (e.g., x-omics)- Increased hours of daily operations for utilizing the library- Choosing and subscripting to either electronic or hard copies (or preferably both) in such a way that there is consistency (we should not have off & on periods for our journal subscriptions!)- Additional online seats (e.g., scifinder) for scholarly research- Better capabilities to get articles in full text (not just abstracts!) in pdf or other formats- We have excellent library staff & employees and they should be acknowledged for their excellent support
Faculty Subscription to more electronic journals is critical
Faculty For me the library should be the center of the campus. I'm used to some university libraries that are superior to ours. A major problem is level of funding. Another limiting problem is the architecture/space. I know that this is a difficult problem regarding the atmosphere, but I think that it would be helpful if more students did not regard the library as a place to socilialize, but rather a place for serious research and study. Considering all of the limitations of funding, space, and student background and expectations, I think that the library staff, on the whole, do a commendable job.
Faculty The library staff is very helpful and always appears ready and willing to be of service as well as very courteous. The main limitations I see in the librarly are in its funding---not exactly its own fault. I think it does an excellent job with what it has.
Faculty Electronic and print journals required for my research are inadequate.
Faculty My interactions with the library staff are polite and usually productive--I do receive a fair number of complaints from students about lack of assistance and helpfulness
Faculty Generally very happy with services, especially interlibrary loan and retrieval/email of printed articles. Wish there was greater access to online journals specific to my field (aquatic ecology / fisheries).
Faculty I think I would benefit from some instruction on how to access electronic journal resources and electronic books from my office or off campus. I seem to have hit or miss success with this when I've tried, though this hasn't been my main way to do research.I am not sure that this is a problem that can be solved, but I do not find the library an inviting place to sit and work. The spaces are mostly too crowded and "busy," and I prefer seats with backs on them - at my age?I would say that the addition of the coffee shop was an excellent move, although it too is recently getting so much use that I rarely find a place to sit.Finally, I would say that I am someone who wants to have physical access to books and journals. Electronic access obviously has its benefits - usually economic - but I need to be able to move about in different areas without knowing specifically what I am looking for. This allows for me to make unplanned connections and associations between different ideas and disciplines that seems to be impossible with an electronic library.
Faculty Sometimes articles recieved as PDFs that have been scanned in are scanned sloppily so part of the page is cut off.
Faculty One aspect of the library needs to be improved: access to electronic journals. Increasing the electronic journal holdings would have a greater impact for me than any other improvement. Also, I find the software for ejournal searches a little clunky.
Faculty Doing a great job with severely limited resources. Expansion of the full-text journal electronic sources is crucial.
Faculty Lack of journals has been a problem. I do have my own subscription but sometimes must loan them to my student. Not that much of a problem since interlibrary loan is good.
Faculty Would like to have more journals available online, but I realise this is very very expensive. At present, I need to use other library websites (libraries at universities where I hold adjunct appts) to get access to all the journals I need
Faculty The quality of the library has fallen seriously in the 16 years I've been here as a faculty member, especially with respect to journal subscriptions (hard-copy and electronic). Books in my field are also often not acquired.
Faculty There are quite a few online journals that can only be accessed by subscription. I would like to see more journals in my field available online through institutional subscription.
Faculty lack of journal holdings and lack of on line access to many journal articles is a severe impediment to my research
Faculty Although I am rating my library expirence pretty low, I would like to highlight that the person in charge of my area, Joe Fernandez, is an absolutley terrific resource. He has helped my in all aspects, shows a lot of interest, and is extreamly knowledgble in my area. If he was not there I would reduce my efforts in trying to find materials and rely on other places (which is less than ideal considering I am faculty).Unfortunatley the library does not carry most of the materials or journals I use and getting a hold of them is very difficult and time consuming. For example, requiring professor to work in the libary to search bound journals is very inconvinient because most journals are not found on line (or the dates available are limited), we are not allowed to check them out (even for a couple of days, something I had never expirenced in other major Universities), photocopying is expensive, and having to pull the journals out every single time is very frustrating. I truly think that my research would be greatly aided if faculty needs were considered and more resources were alocated to journals from key disciplines. Although i undertand budget constraints, this should be a priority, after all we are striving to be a top research university.
Faculty I found the beginning of this survey not very user friendly. Hard to figure out exactly how to answer it. Perhaps move the top of the survey to later in the instrument. I was tempted to just shut the browser and forget the whole thing. There were a few statements that I answered N/A because I didn't know what the statement meant.
Faculty The library staff is to be commended for providing very helpful support for students and faculty. Thanks to all.
Faculty Great support for student reserach assistance; willingness to visit classes to provide information and demonstrate use; assitance in preparing course-focused materials. Some student comments about hours.
Faculty my only complaint is that print copies of journalsI need in aging have been cut by the libraryand to browse in most recent issues I may haveto go to boston
Faculty This survey is grossly long and imprecise.  Self-serving.  No requests foir comparison to other libraries!I rate it a 3/10.
Faculty I find it almost impossible to access electronic journals through the library. It is much easier to go through googlescholar or some general search engine. The library really needs to improve this part of their offerings.
Faculty The URSUS frint end neds be cleaner with radio buttons for obvious orientations (e.g., journals v books). The journal interface works, but the time required to locate and download (or examine) a journal article is too long because of all of the (seemingly) additional screens that have to be navigated/filled in
Faculty ILL service friendly and helpful. URSUS/Info-Net could be more powerful search/limit. Check-out policy does not favor research: (1) there is a space shortage but professor's have terminal loan periods? (2) recalls appear to be discouraged. Top (relatively inexpensive) journals not available, but journals that no one has used in years continue in subscription. Staff very friendly.
Faculty I think your staff is open, friendly, and knowledgeable.However, the library does not always have some of the full-text articles in certain journals that I need.
Faculty I wish that VHS and DVD type materials were part of interlibrary loan at least within the system campuses.There were some great VHS programs on photography/photographers at Presque Isle and we can't have them!Overall I think the service at the library is great. Everyone has been quite helpful.
Faculty Nancy Lewis is a very, very dedicated and helpful person in supporting the classes that I teach and my own research.
Faculty I have never experienced anything but courteousness and diligence from the regular library staff (from student workers the experience is sometimes more mixed, but that is unavoidable). However, I am consistently distressed by the inadequacy of our library holdings. One can scarcely demand good undergraduate research based on our Humanitites holdings, let alone Masters- or Doctoral-level work. As to my own reseach, I find the Fogler only occasionally useful and use it far less than I have the libraries at other universities I've been associated with. A serious infusion of resources is desperately required to get the Fogler up to a level of minimal adequacy for serious research in the humanities: electronic access to journals is not enough.
Graduate Excellent staff and materials. Air conditioning would be wonderful.
Graduate In most ways Fogler is more than adequate, my issues stem from the lack of Journals, both web based and paper and the holes being created in the journal collections because of one-year subscriptions to online journals. Science Direct is a fundamental indexes that we no longer have access to. I now commonly request articles from friends at other Universities with better journal access.
Graduate I think the focus should be on efficient and comprehensive access of materials using the web.
Graduate I think the library staff are great. I have had many good interactions with them. In general I have been able to get everything I need for my thesis research at the library or through inter library loan. The interlibrary loan period is WAY too short. I end up ordering the same resources over and over and currently have fines because i kept stuff I needed. I understand that different libraries loan stuff for different amounts of time. My biggest gripe with our library is the lack of good places to study in the library and the lack of plugs for my laptop. If you want to sit at a big table and spread out you have to plan your study/research time for sunday or weekday mornings. I hate the cubical things on the second and third floor. I never have enough room. I think an area for grad students to work individually or in groups would be really helpful.
Graduate This survey is difficult to respond accurately to.
Graduate Hope you woule provide more electronic resources. If you can't, you can provide enough hard copies instead, or make the copy machine free using.
Graduate I feel that the electrical outlets could be increased and be in better locations. If you bring in a laptop there aren't very many that are available and they aren't in great locations.
Graduate The database search engine tends to by unreliable for psycinfo and the accessibilty of hard or electronic copies of journal articles could use improvement, especially at the flagship campus
Graduate The human services at the library are excellent. I could not ask for a better, more dedicated, attentive library staff. At the same time, printed resources, specifically the French-language Canadian history collection, can use much more financial support.
Graduate Because I am a non-traditional student, I tend to use the library in my home city (Augusta) more than Fogler, and have nothing but praise for the library staff at the Maine State Library. I do very much appreciate the electronic data bases that UMaine provides.
Graduate This survey has too many gradations in for each category. 5 would be sufficient.
Graduate Fogler, or at the very least the Special Collections, is in dire need of temperature control. I understand shortages of funding, but this really ought to be a priority of the University to raise money to protect the collections.
Graduate The staff service provides is fine, but...It is too damned hot in there!!!! Kill the heat or open some windows....otherwise the above items are meaningless. And could someone PLEASE enforce the quiet floor rules! Also, the hours of operation should be later than 6:00 on Saturday's!
Graduate I find the selection of online journals to be less than satisfactory. I also consider Fogler Library to be one of the loudest and hardest libraries to study in, since many students apparrently use Fogler as a place to chat with their friends and make cell phone calls.
Graduate Staff has always been VERY friendly and VERY helpful. What I would like to see the most would be an on-line database that is comprehensive - it is very inefficient to visit different databases for the same search profile.
Graduate especially ursus and the number of online journals need improvement.
Graduate The library staff has been helpful for the most part. The things I find disturbing about the library is how loud it can be. I don't think their are enough signs distinguishing cell phone free areas. In general, I am anti-cell phone use in the library, which is why avoid making more frequent trips to the library (loudness+ annoying patrons). The other problem is journal availability, I realize subscriptions are expensive, but there are many articles that are simply unavailable.
Graduate Wonderful staff. Beautiful building/work areas. I love the place! I wish our high school was closer because I think it would be great to bring them in to browse this great resource. Thank you.
Graduate Thank you to Jim Bird who is a marine reference specialist. I am very pleased with Fogler.
Graduate You never have enough online access to journals (especially when you try to access the library from off campus), I can't get ILL access to journals sometimes because of the cost (e.g., $50/article), and you do not have many of the important journals in the stacks for my discipline. Many of the students in my department (including myself) use our undergrad libraries for journal access because they are significantly better than UMaine, which is unfortunate.
Graduate Better access to electronic and print journals is a must for UMaine to compete with other state universities. ILL does not substitute for an actual subscription. The ejournals can be frustrating when descriptions of the holdings next to the links are incorrect.
Graduate I wish it was easier to locate books that aren't found in URSUS.
Graduate i find it very difficult to find/access research articles everytime i do a search
Graduate Recent enhancements to psychinfo and access to electronic articles is much appreciated! Staff are prompt, respectful and skilled in answering questions about remote access, databases, etc.
Graduate When answering questions, workers might try harder at not making users feel unintelligent or uninitiated. Otherwise, a fine resource for me as a student and a teacher.
Graduate The building is an energy hog that I find rather uncomfortable.
Graduate Access to online data stores quite lacking. Example: World bank / IMF / United Nations. General unwillingness to assist in finding / collecting data needed for research. Science direct journal articles online should be for periods greater than the last year.
Graduate Would like to see more access to scientific journals, mainly online access.
Graduate In general, our library is a good place for finding information, studying, and the personnel is very helpful.My only two comments for improvement would have to do with the open hours (as an employee/student, if the library opened at 7:00 or 7:30 at least a few days a week, it would allow me to take care of classwork early, instead of getting home to my family late -i.e. doing homework after work hours).The other aspect that desperately needs enhancement at the library are the photocopy machines!
Graduate expanded access to electronic journals is really the only place the library needs improvements...invest new dollars there.
Graduate In the field of plant sciences, the library collection of journals is inadequate for the material that is needed. The Plant Journal, the leading plant research journal is not available, along with a host of other necessary journals.
Graduate The electronic journals could be improved both in quantity and quality. I am at the Darling Marine Center and use the electronic journal resource for most of my library needs. I frequently can't get journal articles I want electronically and find using the electronic journal site frustrating because it is not always clear whether I will be able to get the article I want until I go through several websites and end up wasting a lot of time. It would also be helpful if the interlibrary loan site was set up in the format of citations in article search results so you didn't have to copy and paste each piece of information separately. However, when I do request interlibrary loan materials from Fogler Library, I generally get them quickly.
Graduate I really like the cubbies on the second floor.
Graduate My strongest need is for full-text, electronic access to current and recent archives of journals in the natural sciences. The "current-year only" access to most Elsevier journals is unacceptable, as is the "one-year embargo" on access to Science magazine. To be an effective graduate student requires me to stay abreast of the literature in my field, but this is difficult when access to many journals requires a trip to the stacks in Fogler or a lengthy wait for ILL. U. Maine's competitiveness as a graduate institution would benefit greatly from expanded online journal access.
Graduate My only real complaint is that the xerox machines are fickle and of poor quality.
Graduate I want more access to academic journals, specifically electronically, and a better way to request a specific article I need for research but the library does not have.
Graduate The online articles are very helpful - and you offer quite a few. ILL has been very helpful in getting me articles too. ILL sending articles via email is great. The article finder feature is great!!
Graduate The library staff is great and they're always helpful when I ask questions or have trouble. However, the number of available journal articles (online and in print) isn't sufficient for what I need to do and the few times I've used ILL it has been rather slow or I wasn't able to get anything at all. URSUS is somewhat difficult to use as well, even when I know Fogler has something that I need. It would be helpful to have a tutorial on how to find printed materials such as books posted on the wall so one doesn't have to bother library staff.
Graduate While I appreciate that I can receive materials that Fogler doesn' t have through interlibrary loan, it is disapointing that 90% of all my research - which is to say current publications, several journals and rare monograms - comes from libraries like Bowdoin, Colby, or out of state. If the University truly had an interest in facilitating academic research across all disciplines, perhaps it would see to it that we have as current the research materials offered to science and engineering as for humanities.There is an arts alcove...and a science and engineering ROOMs with much of what is needed provided on the spot! If it was not for interlibrary loan I would not be able to conduct adequate research in humanities from Fogler Library at the University of Maine. Given that this is a University institution, I would think access to the best research materials would be made available. It's sad that a private, 4-year liberal arts college has better library holdings than a supposedly research-driven University.This is not even to mention that many schools out of state have entire libraries devoted to arts and humanities! If nothing else, I would say that Fogler Library indexes the extent to which the University Administration is committed to under-funding humanities research, and for that reason, is one I am for the most part disappointed in on a regular basis.The best thing Fogler has going for it is a kind and helpful staff and interlibrary loan...two things I am appreciative of.
Graduate Broad access to electronic journals is critical for my research and academic life.
Graduate Overall pleased with the library, but there is always room for improvement. For comparison, I love the Penn State University library, but it is a much larger school.
Graduate Please enforce no cellphone use policy--even on first floor. There should be at least a few cellphone-free places on campus.
Graduate The professionals who work at the library are very friendly and helpful; the students are not always helpful. The lighting is terrible there -- that horrible flourescent lighting which is too far above the desks. That is the main reason I don't study there often. Also, often times you do not have the books I need and to be the best library in the state, that is not acceptable -- obviously you need MUCH MORE FUNDING! The library is probably the most important institution on this campus!
Graduate I know that access to electronic journals is expensive, but I would like to see the library improve its access to electronic journals. There are numerous articles I can't access through Fogler, though Illiad has been very helpful. My biggest complaint is that the library doesn't have electronic access to Science for all issues. As a research university this is a journal that should electronically be available for all issues.
Graduate My biggest complaint is when the avalibility data for online journals is wrong.
Graduate i use on lien services only adn fien tehm very usuful.. I have caled to aske questions and always was treated well
Graduate Regardless of pleasant attitudes, friendly spaces, or excellent technical support, no library can be considered successful if it does not focus primarily on content. Books, journals, and other sources of information, electronic or otherwise, should always be considered the number one priority of a library.
Graduate None
Graduate I have found that the staff, especially Jim Bird and Gretchen Gfeller to be fantastic...I just wish I had more time to be at the library
Graduate Access to online journals from off campus should be much easier than it currently is.
Graduate Obtaining articles from scholarly journals is by far my most frequent use of the library. Like many others I'm sure, I'm not satisfied with how few full-text electronic journals are available to us, but I understand that there will never be enough money to make everyone from every discipline happy. ILL, as the fall-back option, always seemed very hit-or-miss, but did _markedly_ improve in both speed and efficiency when you switched to the ILLiad system - whatever else, be sure to keep that in place!!My only other suggestion might be to think about giving presentations on library resources tailored to / targeted towards particular departments / disciplines, perhaps coordinated through the departments. For instance, I use really only a few core databases (e.g., PsycINFO, MMY) on a regular basis, and don't even really know what else is out there that I might find helpful.
Graduate the database of e-journal should be enlarged.
Graduate In question 42 above there is some room for ambiguity. In asking "(Select the ONE option that best describes you)."; does the survey ask select ONE answer in EACH of the 5 boxes in question 42; or select ONE of the FIVE BOXES presented for the user to consider in answering the "question " and/or statements?Moreover, the box labelled "Undergraduate" does not in my thinking, fully present, or address what undergraduate academic work encompasses; or, is incomplete, lacking additional, traditional information in academia.In addition to the entries "First year", "Second year", Third year", Fourth year", Fifth year and above", and "Non-degree"; the earned degrees "Associates", "Bachelors" and/or "Baccalaureate" should also be included in this box ; as the latter two programs are part of the "Undergraduate" curriculum.Boxes 3 "Faculty: ", 4 "Library Staff: ", and 5 "Staff: " in question 42 I perceived as applying to University and/or Library staff employees only; and, as I'm NOT an UMaine employee; but I am a Umaine alumnus (May, '04) graduating with an M.A. in Liberal Studies (English and History); graduating with a B.A in History in May, '85 from California State University, Northridge; and graduating with an A.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences, General June, '81 from Los Angeles Pierce College; I did not PREVIOUSLY answer these box statements, as I did not find them applicable to me.
Graduate I have noticed that many articles in the "indexes and databases" only indicate the article notation and not the full text. This is a big problem for me as I live in Fort Kent.
Graduate Reference staff have been very helpful to me and Interlibrary Loan staff and services are fantastic. My only complaint about library hours is closing at 5 during vacations. I need to use the library in the evenings. Special Collections service not as good as in the past and the area is not very comfortable. Thank you for this opportunity.
Graduate some of the e-journal articles that I need are not accessible
Graduate Some of the psychology journals I need access to aren't available online. I'm not certain whether this is due to the library not having an e-subscription of the journal not allowing online access. Also, when using URSUS, it would helpful to have a search function that allowed entering the author's name and part of the title. For instance, sometimes I know the author's last name and some of the words from the title, but neither the name or title in their entirity. It would helpful to be able to search by name AND title or keywords.
Graduate A great service. A big help in times of need.
Graduate Your staff is excellent: They are engaged, informative, friendly and very professional. Your microfiche readers are horrible, and the periodical stacks are stuffy, overheated and claustrophobic. You need more plugs for laptop computer power up in the carels, and the elevators are soooo slow that I pace back and forth inside like a caged lion. I love your staff, dislike aome of your infrastructure, and want more journals online.
Graduate I enjoy studying in the library, but I often become distracted by cell phone and loud conversations on the 2nd and 3rd floor.
Graduate In general I am happy w/ library services, however, quit study/reading areas are seriously lacking. At times I have also had diffcultly accessing materials for research, or they aren't available. Also it would be nice to get an overdue notice in a timely manner,
Graduate Electronic access off-campus slow and unpredictable at times. Slows down research speed.
Graduate Would be nice to have a larger and quiter computer cluster....More access to the library from outside online sourcesand also more files made electronic
Graduate temperature is too hot
Graduate I think the people that work there on a regular basis as permanent hired staff are excellent at what they provide for a service.
Graduate I like working in the library but would spend even more time there if the air circulation system was better. The air is often heavy, I guess from the smell of (old) books, and stale. It makes me very drowsy.
Graduate I have a few dissatisfactions with Fogler Library. For one, I can never find a table to study at. It would be more useful to have four-person tables rather than the long tables on on the second floor. (More smaller tables instead of fewer larger ones.) No one wants to sit near strangers; it is awkward. Also, I don't think that cell phone conversations should be more restricted (perhaps to one hallway). Students should be allowed to drink coffee in the library in places besides the Wicks Room. If you can check out a library book, you could easily spill coffee on it at your house. The restrictions on beverages are not conducive to a college environment. A library at a university should be open past midnight. There should also be bookmarks to celebrate different months such as Women's History Month, Black History Month, etc. You could list different authors on these bookmarks in order to promote them.
Graduate Online access here is inadequate for a research institution. The staff are great, but resources suffer. I have had to go to colleagues outside of this institution to get articles I need. The last of which was an article written by a graduate of this university !!!!
Graduate I would like to be able to access more journals, more full text articles, and be able to access more material from my home.I find the staff friendly and helpful.
Graduate This is the only University library I have been to that does not allow COVERED coffee cups into the study areas....I hope you will consider allowing this! Thank you!
Graduate great survey but there were some questiond that were hard to understand (difficult language).The library services are very good, incl. the media resource center services!
Graduate more electronic journal access
Graduate more journals in print or preferably online access on the topics of land use planning and land use change, please. More years accessible online for journals, not just last 12 months.
Graduate Everything I have needed from the library is excellent. Emplyees, availability, help, books, articles, computers, interlibrary loans, wonderful librarians, etc.There's just one place in the whole library that I have no plans to visit again: the University Club. For me, as a Graduate student/assistant, trying to become a Club member was frustrating. When other graduate folks introduced the place to me I thought I had found the best spot ever to sit and relax and meet with my peers. No way! The way I was treated by the people who work there made me rethink my concepts. It's been almost a year now that I am "living" on campus, but at the same time it's been almost a year now that I don't walk into that mean place again, and I don't ever want to. I wish I could be heard and tell exactly how I was treated there so that more people could know, and perhaps help someone make it different. A different place. A place where more people could feel welcome. Where they could be treated like the people who work there want to. I guess.
Graduate I believe that the library is an excellent resource that is underdeveloped. It has very good and knowledgeable staff. The whole system could be a little more user friendly and easier to access information from home based computers.
Graduate I wish that a couple of journals in my discipline were available on site or on line, but lacking that, the interlibrary loan is a very effective program that is extremely well run. The library staff are consistently friendly and helpful with a can-do attitude that is rare on this campus, and MUCH APPRECIATED
Graduate When receiving books through Illiad, it would be great to have them longer than two weeks. A couple of months would be nice.
Graduate The late fees can be a bit too demanding on a college budget and should be automatically applied to student bills. In addition, it would be nice if the computer databases for student records were mainstreamed. That is, it was a pain to update personal information in five different campus locations.
Graduate i depend on ILL for papers and books not avaialbel here at Fogler. Often I receive requested papers promptly, which I am very thankful for. but other times my request seems to enter a black hole where I do not receive any response. I would appreciate a way to track not only papers received, but all papers and books requested. thanks
Graduate I wish more academic journals and full text articles were available. ILL is unfortunately slow in making up for the deficit. I understand this is not a large university, and further understand these resources are expensive; but to remain a institutution interested in research, more resources need to be allocated to subscriptions to academic journals. Additionally, making them accessible online is very important for graduate students, as we are typically very busy and the library hours are not conducive to our late-night schedules.
Graduate I find that URSUS is extremely efficient and easy to use, however it would be nice to be able to find audiobooks easier. Also, it is EXTREMELY difficult to find articles using the article linker feature. It is frustrating and although I have a great deal of paitence, I usually end up not bothering, consequently not using excellent sources.
Graduate I wish I had more access to electronic full-text articles from the available online databases. It would make my research much more broad, time effiecient and effective, if I could access some articles.
Graduate At other schools I have attended the library was open until late in the evening (2am or so) and 24 hours a day leading up to and during finals. I always found this very beneficial.
Graduate I have attended several Universities in my lifetime (4 others) and folgers at U of Maine is by far, the best for service and especially the people.
Graduate everyone at the library always treats me well and is knowledgeable about where and how to find information - I VERY MUCH APPRECIATE THEM!the only negative thing I would say is that it would be great to have more online access to journals in my field (communication and women's studies). Also, many times UMaine does not have enough books on feminist theory or communication theory.
Graduate For the most part, library staff has been very helpful and attentive- I especially appreciate library classroom sessions and being able to access academic journals via the internet from off-site locations!
Graduate A stronger focus should be placed on increasing the variety of electronic journals. Print journals are far less useful. At the same time you must ensure the availability of the systems which validate of campus users.
Graduate Open earlier during the week
Graduate Good service overall.
Graduate Overall, the library does really well. HOWEVER, I have never had any luck with accessing the databases from home, dispite putting in my code and password. I am registered. It just never works. Also, (I realize this is a funding issue and you are doing your best) more engineering journals would be very helpful. Specifically more of the SNAME and Ocean Engineering journals, especially since we have an Ocean Engineering graduate program now. Finally, I'd just like to add that your staff is lovely :-)
Graduate The first part of this survey was confusing, and the statements vague; therefore, it was difficult to fill out (I do not believe my answers to be helpful). My only problem with Fogler library service is with insufficient subscriptions to journals that I need. This problem is likely due to funding limitations, and I suspect would be resolved with more money. I am sure library administrators are aware of this problem.
Graduate Please improve access to electronic full-text articles. At least 50% of articles I need are unavailable electronically.
Graduate While I do believe that electronic access is important, I think that having any access, whether it be electronic or paper, is paramount to academic success. There are many holes in our journal collections. Luckily, the ILL staf are great at getting materials in a timely fashion, but this is of no help when I am writing grants that are worth alot to me and to the University and am unable to access information quickly during crunch time. The competitiveness and success of our marine biology lab and my research is directly linked to the our ability to access current and classic literature in a timely fashion. Read: more lournal access needed.I would also like to say that the science and eng. librarians are terrfiic, especially Jim Bird and Lois Nase (I know she left but she deserves mentioninng); the staff at ILL are always ready to roll up their sleeves even with the obscure stuff; and the permanent desk staff are polite, friendly, and helpful
Graduate The employees are terrific! My only issue is that of trying to get electronic journal access. Often, the current/online history journals or women's studies journals I am interested in aren't carried by our library. I can, however, often access the women's studies journals via the Internet via non-library access.
Graduate I really enjoy and appreciate the library and the staff.It would be helpful if there was one cooled room for working in the summer.
Graduate Being a commuter, I find there is no place to securely leave items without packing everything up and taking it with you to go get something. I'm not sure what the solution is, but this is a perennial problem for non-residents, especially.
Graduate We need electronic access to more medical journals; and no cost ILL for speciality medical journals.
Graduate more online access to journals
Graduate I would like to strongly recommend improving the ejournal services. The science is faslt changing and we all need to keep up to date.
Graduate Excellent interlibrary loan service. We need more electronic journals available!
Graduate Need to improve the online journal access, it seems that much of the access is limited to only a few years. Also the lighting needs to be upgraded, some of the places for studying are just too dark and not conducive to studying.
Graduate My work/research would greatly be enhanced if more funds were available for requesting journal articles the library does not have. I cannot afford to pay $50 for an article, but some articles are very important to have for the research I do.
Graduate I find the library and the library resouces readily available and the assistance above average.
Graduate The library needs to be physically expanded. There's just too few books for a flagship university's libary. We can't have a Ph.D. in English program because the research services at UMaine-Orono are too small!
Graduate Service from librarians is just great. My only disappointment is when I cannot access full text of articles in scholarly publications.
Graduate I really appreciate the ILL services and especially their prompt service.I sometimes get frustrated by not being able to access e-journal.
Graduate full service from a distance has a way to go
Graduate I wish there were more group study space, so the quiet study spaces would stay quiet (which they sometimes do not). Also (and this is not meant in a bad way), I wish the library were a bit cleaner. The chairs and tables on the second floor are a bit gross. Finally, it would be nice if it were air-conditioned, as it gets so hot in here and I can't think it is good for the books OR the people. Thanks!
Graduate Finding and using electronic services for research, essays etc. I find, is incredibly difficult. The process is just not user friendly (in my opinion).Other unviversity libraries offer writing websites via libraries or other sources that give you help regarding all types of writing. I have never found one on Fogler. If it is there I've never been able to locate it.In fact that is one of my major complaints about UM in general. Other university professors offer huge websites regarding their classes, with readings and all kinds of help there. Here there is nothing at all. A few professors have small sites.
Graduate In general library services are excellent. I would prefer having access to more journals, although I realize that this is a financial issue and one which the library may not be able to rectify. My field of study is Gerontology and Hospice and many of the current peer reviewed journals are not available through the library.
Graduate The people who work in the library elevate the overall impression I get from the library. Without them, it would often times be useless or a waste of time to go there.
Graduate Research aide here in the library is EXTREMELY rude.
Graduate Overall, the professional staff in the library are quite helpful when questions arrise.The work study students are not very helpful at all though, and often cannot even guide me with basic information.I also enjoy the media center! I wish, though, that the lap tops were update more often. They can be slow at times, and do not always work properly.I wish there were more educational DVD's available to rent. FRONTLINE dvd's are quite informational.
Graduate Customer service during my graduate level education has been outstanding! Sometimes the layout for the online library resources are not always the easiest to use.
Graduate It would be really nice to have access to more online journal articles and the ability to access these articles from computers off campus!
Graduate I feel like the research librarians underestimate my knowledge when I ask questions. They tend to assume that I don't understand how the library organizes information or I don't know how to work the computer when actually the problem is that I am looking for obscure information and I've tried, unsucessfully, all the normal things you try before you ask the librarian. I also feel like the library has less information, fewer journals and books than I would expect for a land grant University and for the largest library in the state. This survey is very complicated and difficult to use. The 10 minute estimate is optimistic.
Graduate The learning material center is always very friendly and helpful. Also, anytime I have needed help in finding things I have but to ask.
Graduate Over all, the librarians are good , and willing to help me. But sometimes because of the limitation of library, some articles are hard to find and it takes month or even longer to get the articles I need. Thanks
Graduate wonderful survey. Thank you
Graduate Ursus is increadily hard to use for finding scientific journals. In many cases i am unable to find articles on Ursus that I know to reside in the U-Maine Stacks.
Graduate Many of these questions were repetitve in nature.
Graduate It would be useful to have more texts on the work I am doing for both my doctoral studies and my lecturing/advising.
Graduate On occasions some staff members have been extremely helpful which counters those who may be apathetic and not as helpful as they could be
Graduate Library need more small rooms for individual and group study. And expanded late evening and early morning hours
Graduate Access to online libraries would be nice, though maybe unrealistic at this stage in the libraries development. Information needs to be scanned into massive it really is not the libraries blame as far as the low accessibility scores for online materials.
Graduate i have been very happy with the library staff, atmosphere and resources in the past. Interlibrary loan has been very easy to work with.
Graduate more on-line articles - (and articles in general) in communication, women's studies and disability studies. Along with books - I'm frustrated with the interlibrary loan program because I can't keep books long enough to finish what I'm doing. Also, it would help if the electronic searching distiguished peer-reviewed journals from other journals. The library staff is great - we just need better resources.
Graduate My main concern is the lack of electronic access for serials. It is frustrating to ILL sometimes 10 papers at a time!
Graduate More catalogue computers and more up-to -date history works would be useful.
Graduate Please don't cut research data bases. They are VITAL to graduate work, especially in the humanities which are often underfunded anyway. Thanks for all the staff's hard work!
Graduate Staff is quite helpful. The AV room is great. ILL is great. I wish there were a better selection of full text journals on-line. The library does an adequate job of making comfortable study places considering the age/era of the builiding. The map area is very useful.
Graduate The access to electronic journals is embarrassing. I actually drive to Colby College on a weekly basis to use their electronic access to elsevier journals. Many of the print journals that I need for my work are found at the Darling Marine Center, and it is simply quicker to go to Colby and download the pdf than it is to drive to the coast or have copies faxed (usually 3-5 day turnaround). It should be a priority for scientists to have electronic access to journals needed for research.
Graduate You NEED aquaculture journals and more marine journals at least in hard copy. This has to be one of the most poor university journal collections I have ever seen. I have to sign on to friends librarys at other institutions just to get the journal articles I need in a timely fashion.
Graduate Please make more journals available online. I know it's expensive, but the advantages are innumerable. It's a bit embarrassing, when comparing to other similar universities' more extensive online selection.
Graduate I require many more full text electronic journal articles than I can current access through the library
Graduate my primary concern is the unavailability of numerous journals, and the lack of quality study space. I have an office but would prefer to work in the library due to the resources. However it is not worth it since I cannot find what I need there.
Graduate In general I am satisfied with the library services. However, as a graduate student and a research assistant I strongly rely on electronic sources of scientific publications. And the resources provided by our library, in particular in the field of marine sciance, are simply insufficient. Thus, my overall rating cannot be any higher.
Graduate Please continue to increase the amount of full text journals available
Graduate I would truly like to see more availability for on line access to Psychology texts and articles.
Graduate The library is noisy even in quiet areas. There is a variety of services provided; however many aspects of the variety of services are in dire need of updating. Where is the USB ports on the computers????
Graduate Would really like more electronic access to social work magazines especially back issues that professors use in courses or are needed for Literature reviews or research. Other than that, I have ahigh opinion of the quality and quantity of services offered.
Graduate Though I understand staffing concerns, extended library hours on both Friday and Saturday for the select population that will use the facilities would be beneficial.Expanding the collection of full text electronic journals available, especially within the humanities, is essential for those of us in the field.Working toward allowing grad students to renew inter-library loan materials would be quite welcome, in addition to striving toward multiple renewals on URSUS requests.
Graduate I am so happy that so much of the library's information is available online!
Graduate I think it would be helpful if there was someone available on site that can answer questions regarding how to make Graduate poster presentations, banners and or to bind documents.I also wanted to say I have been there several times and had trouble with the printers...they would get paper jammed and only one or tow of the staff would know how to handle was a problem.
Library Staff Good staff, resources and building need help.
Library Staff Need much more reading and study space. Patron expectations have risen considerably for all aspects of service and facilities, e.g they want air-conditioning in the building, free full-text for all their needs, more public workstations to alleviate wait-time.
Library Staff In my opinion, I think that employees should be more courteous and friendly to all patrons and staff.
Library Staff The library budget should be a high priority to the University administration.
Library Staff Services are best that can be done under current funding constraints. Low marks for environment. Building needs a/c in work and study areas, too hot/stuffy to study comfortably, especially spring and summer. Appearance is lacking in public areas. Needs painting/updating in many areas to reflect that we are a modern and inviting facility.
Library Staff The library staff does a remarkable job given the present limitations of both funding and highest level administrative support on campus that is needed to be fully proactive in addressing rapidly evolving information service needs.
Library Staff Minimum services are still "services" and can help one achieve their goals... though maximum is desired at all levels / in all areas.As a public service staff, rating what we provide is a bit hard to do....I see many who do their best, some could do better. I see very few who do "the minimum."
Library Staff We need IEEE Electronic Library (IEL) in order to be competitive with other engineering libraries and electrical engineering programs. We also need to heat turned down to save energy - it's too hot in the S&E center.
Library Staff The building is too hot in the summer because there is no air conditioning. The reference librarians need offices that are away from the noise on the first floor.
Library Staff testing
Library Staff I think that we do a really great job for our patrons, both internal and external, on- and off-campus.
Library Staff The library is extremely underfunded. The acquisitions budget (including journals) is a disgrace for an institution of our caliber. The building is inadequate. Library staff are doing the best they can with what they have to work with.
Staff i appreciate the efforts of the staff to help.The collection of current fiction and general reading books is good.
Staff many E-journals are NOT available in Fogler
Staff afaik, i haven't used a library service in many years. sorry. Note: Qs 33-35 don't have a good answer for someone that doesn't use library services.
Staff I tried to answer as honestly as possible for the questions that applied. I have not used all that the library has to offer- which is why I marked some questions N/A.
Staff This survey is the most confusing awful thing I've ever had to fill out.
Staff URSUS is a great tool, very easy to use -- I've never had it NOT work. I wish more libraries in Maine were included in it. Library staff has always been helpful.
Staff Library staff are great; just need more electronic access and to be able to access full text when studying from home. Also the journals with the 1 year window of full text access are awful - always need something from 13 months ago! This is very frustrating - can we get a better subscription?
Staff Cell phone use should be prohibited.Headphones should be required for laptops in use.More chairs/seating in stacks.No faculty club/Starbucks when there is not even enough room for the books!!
Staff I believe the Library staff are committed to providing the best service possible, resources are simply not adequate.
Staff I would like to see additional parking closer to the Library. Do not consider myself a "Visitor" to be able to park in the Lord Hall parking lot.
Staff I intended to complete the top half of the survey but found the format too ridiculous. I'm sorry to see that taxpayer money was given to outside consultants to come up with such a clunky survey. Why don't you just ask us what we think of the service and the products? I do not do any research or academic work at the library. I use it strictly for personal enrichment and it serves my needs well. I would like to see the music in the media center to be cataloged in a more user-friendly way. It would be helpful if all the music was listed somewhere and sorted by genre and artist, like at a music store and not like a library. People don't browse for music the same way they browse for books. Also, the Canadian topo map collection is very incomplete and most of the maps that are there have not been bar coded, so that makes check out time very slow and labor intensive. Overall, I think that the Fogler Library is a tremendous resource and I would spend much more time there if I had it.
Staff I've been pretty disappointed at the lack of assistance I've received from the staff in the Interlibrary Loan department. Fogler circulation professional staff are generally great, some are outstanding, but the folks at Interlibrary Loan act as though it is an intrusion for a library patron to ask for assistance and pointedly ignore information I've provided about personal contacts at other lending institutions in order to get access to rare materials with restricted circulation. It's just really disappointing and has curtailed some of my research.
Staff I have always been treated very kindly and with respect when I have utilized Fogler Library.
Staff I am very pleased with the services provided by Fogler
Staff The computer-based trainings provided by Gretchen Gfeller and other library staff have been invaluable to the campus' work!
Staff So far, I have found library staff to be very knowledgeable and helpful. I always found Ursus and on-line articles to be very useful when I was a student, and now as a member of the UMaine staff, interlibrary loan and the software courses have been very helpful. Keep up the great work!
Staff With the number of group projects required on campus it would be a nice resource if the library had a large number of conference rooms with presentation equipment available for groups to sign out and meet in. Some departments do not have conference rooms either and could also make use of those.
Staff I have found the Fogler Library staff to be helpful, pleasant and responsive on all occasions, from people and materials in periodicals, stacks and all the way to Special Collections and including the Cohen archives materials. Kudos all the way around.
Staff Fogler Library staff have always been very courteous, friendly, and helpful.
Staff I find URSUS very hard to use...when I am searching for something it seems to only send me in circles and I get no where. It is difficult to search for just a topic...the way it is set up you really need to have a good idea where you want the info to come from...and sometimes that just isn't the case.
Staff I wish I could get books delivered to me. I work for the University and attend classes so my free time is important to me. You deliver for Faculty and Grad Students, what about the Staff???
Staff The special collections staff has been a great help
Staff I do not use the library often, No time to leave my worksite and just browse. I wish that children's collections were more up to date. I do use Ursus occasionally.
Staff Library needs stronger financial support.
Staff It is apparent that financial constraints have severely limited electronic resources (data and publications), and in turn, I believe that this negatively affects the whole research climate for quantitative social scientists. The result is a faculty who is not particularly research oriented; and students, likewise. PS: My answers to Questions 31, 32, 33, and 35 are meaningless (I entered a midpoint score) because I do not expect a library to help me determine quality of information or provide me with research skills, and I have hardly ever used the library building's resources except electronically, so I can't answer the questions. Your survey form does not allow me to say "Don't know" or "Not applicable," and it won't let me submit my other answers unless I answer these questions. Forced choice often makes for bad data!
Staff I enjoy the library; it offers everything I need. Ifind the satff to be friendly courteous and knowledgable, the atmosphere inviting. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Staff The move to electronic journal access is fantastic - we need to expand this as much as possible.We also need to evaluate and (hopefully) expand our life sciences journal collection.
Staff Science librarians have been extremely helpful/indispensable on several occasions
Staff I am not a student or employee at the Univ of Maine and therefore don't have a Maine Card. I GREATLY appreciate being able to now use my Bangor Public Library card to borrow books.
Staff I'd like to see more group therapy and organizational dynamics resources
Staff I think less work needs to be focused on teaching people how to use the library. If they can't handle call number and pages like URSUS now, it is pretty much a lost cause. Rather, I'd like to see higher online availability of documents, improved search facilities and attention to the fact that not everyone uses Microsoft products which does cause some of the services offered by the library to be a hassle to deal with.
Staff Fogler Library is doing a great job. I know it is tough to get journals, but the more that are accessible online, the better.(I already filled out this survey for the Bangor library.)
Staff People are friendly.
Staff I work at an off campus location(3 hrs. away). I guess if I used interlibrary loan my responses might be different. The job and family life keep me very busy. When ever I have had to use the library it was helpful.
Staff Sorry, I do not use the library services at this time. I have my 2 year degree and am working full time here on campus.
Staff I have always been satisfied with library services and staff.
Staff Generally the staff is very helpful and courteous. Some of the workstudy students are less so.
Staff This survey is way too long and tedious.I am employed by UMaine but I work off site in southern Maine. I am a student at USM and only occasionally use interlibrary loan.
Staff I find it difficult to navigate to the journals site on URSUS. But, once I get to the site I need, it is very easy to get articles to save or print out.
Staff NA
Staff Need more access to electronic journal articles!!
Staff The computer cluster with swipe-card printers is an excellent addition.
Staff I am a new temp employee - 6 weeks - and although I see myself as a potential user, I have not to date done so, except to see if a resource was available. Perhaps that shows an opportunity for outreach.
Staff Excellent staff, very helpful. Not enought periodicals in my research areas, and books are somewhat lacking as well. Library seems to favor sciences over social sciences in its periodical collections. This survey is geared more around service and environment than around actual content of what's in the library. You need an increased acquisitions budget!
Staff You need more space and climate control, especially in special collections.
Staff The library seems weak in keeping current with graphic design techniques and graphic design software books. I wish Ursus would provide better descriptions of books, similar to
Staff most people I have contact with ,have been very good.their a bunch of nice people and very good to work with.
Staff It would be nice if you could revise the book check out policy for Special Collections. It doesn't make sense to restrict the use of Special Collections when there are books in the general stacks that are as old, or older (and probably rarer) than some of the books in Special Collections.
Staff Overall, good services and helpful staff.
Staff The reference and reserve staff provide excellent customer service.
Undergraduate I have a really hard time finding a quiet, private place to study, but maybe I am not looking hard enough. I know it is a big university, but it would be nice to have a quiet place to get away from my roomate sometimes.
Undergraduate I have found that the library staff has always been helpful to me and that it's been easy to access the library resources. The libraries online services have also made it easier for me to get any research I might need done.
Undergraduate If the hours were extended by one hour each day it would help. Also, it would be cool to get an engineer to jam the cell phones:)
Undergraduate great service
Undergraduate I love Fogler and am always treated so well. All staff are very helpful.
Undergraduate I think you guys do a great job at the library and should keep it up. Thanks for all the help.
Undergraduate The library is way too hot, which is not condusive to studying.
Undergraduate The library has many resources regarding school work, but could stand to have a better literature section. I would like to see a larger, more up-to-date fiction section.
Undergraduate URSUS is a very useful and valuable tool. I think it would be nice to see it revamped a little and changed for a modern look. It would also be great if more material were available to read online. It can be kind of a bummer to drive to campus to find something in the library when it would be more convenient to access it online.
Undergraduate wish there were more desks on the quiet side of the 2nd floor; student employees aren't helpful in answering questions about the library/resources
Undergraduate I L-O-V-E studying in this library its the perfect envirnment for anyone!
Undergraduate The one issue I have with the library is the printers, they never seem to work.
Undergraduate I wish the library would open a little before 8 on school days. Sometimes I need to print something for my first class of the day, but I can not do that and make it to class on time.
Undergraduate I love the library, I can get so much work done there, especially on the third floor in the "bunk desks." I really like that area because it's quiet, and being above the walking/action on the floor is helpful. More of these "bunk desks" would be great. I wish there were more outlets for my laptop. I also wish that the chairs, although very comefortable, were more clean, as they're quite dirty. A cleaner environment would be less distracting. I think it is perpetually too hot in the library, no matter what floor or time of year. It is hard to concentrate and I often have to change my clothes to go to the library-into teeshirts/even shorts. One thing that is great is the amount and variety of print resources availible, I truely believe that if the library cannot get ahold of it, it's just not possible. Also, with living in the dorms, it is sometimes hard to remove distractions while studying. I wish Thank the library were open more hours, both earlier and later, and weekdays and weekends. Or even just open one floor for extended hours, just for a place to be. But, generally, I am happy with the service of the library.
Undergraduate none
Undergraduate Overall, the library is a nice, quiet place to study and focus on academic pursuits. I love how there are the different levels, and a completely silent level where there is no talking. It makes it easier to focus on my work!
Undergraduate I'd like to see the library stay open later on weeknights. I get out of work at 10:30 PM, and would love to be able to get some work done at the library instead of having to do it in the dorm where 11:00 PM is party time.
Undergraduate I think that overall the library is a great place to help me focus on my studies. It is a great meeting place to meet with other people to study. I think that staying open later on Sundays would be beneficial for many people, I think that overall the staff is very friendly and helpful however with the drink policy which I understand has been changed a little more curtisy when telling people to get rid of drinks could go a long way.
Undergraduate none
Undergraduate Hard to Navigate in the Library
Undergraduate I had one very poor experience with the administration level of the library. I went to the administrative offices to ask if they would be willing to support a student honor society on campus and received the nastiest response I have ever received from anybody on this campus in 4 years. Having unfriendly people in the administrative offices makes you feel as though your not welcome in the library, a place I usually love.
Undergraduate I am impressed and grateful for the services of the Fogler Library. No complaints here.
Undergraduate I am a transfer student from UMaine back to URI and i'm actually going back to UMaine in the fall.YOU GUYS ARE DOING A GREAT JOB!!!!When I walked in the doors at the library at URI, i didn't feel the same welcoming that I did at Fogler.Thanks for making us students be important.
Undergraduate Although I beleive the library is an underused resource, it is incredibly helpful and convienent.
Undergraduate I love it, I wish I could go more often. A step up from my high school library
Undergraduate i think the library is a great place to get work done and learn, but it needs to be more electronically friendly. its hard to bring computers because there arent very many outlets.
Undergraduate This is a horrible survey. There are too many options, it's too confusing and I can't give meaningful answers. Please don't assume these answers are thoughtful -- when you have a page of rows and rows of numbers, there's little actual response that happens. If I was given this page again, my answers would be completely different. I did it on a whim, because of the lack of correlating restraints.
Undergraduate I would like more peer-reviewed journal articles to be available through the databases in URSUS.Perhaps have more large screen Macs in the collaborative media lab, on occasion they are completely filled up. Overall, the library itself is a comfortable place to work and study.
Undergraduate Last year was my first year back to college in over 20 years. The staff was most helpful in showing me the ropes. They made me feel welcome and offered suggestions that assisted me in my research, so that I am now able to do it on my own. I feel comfortable to ask for help when I need it, and now know my way around the library, but still learning from the staff. Thank you for a great team.
Undergraduate For the most part, my experiences at the library have been good, but there has been a few times, where i did not know the rules of the library, because i am only a first year and have no need to go to the library often, and the employees were snappy and rude to me instead of being polite and asking me to stop what i was doing nicely. Other than those instances, the library and the employees have been very helpful.
Undergraduate Turn the heat down, there is no need for it to be 75 degrees during the winter, we are in maine, we know what sweaters are, no higher then 68 degrees please.This will also save the University money.
Undergraduate There is more informatino here than I ever knew until this year and no matter how many times I was told how to use the resources you don't really believe it until you have to go and do it yourself.
Undergraduate none
Undergraduate The computer cluster is often loud, especially when groups of several people are working at one computer. It can be very distracting. It might also help to have people trained in fixing the printers. Every time I ask for help I end up losing money because my stuff doesn't print. People come to fix it, and it ends up jamming almost immediately.
Undergraduate Up to date Simmons data would be very helpful and keep us abreast of new information and technologies
Undergraduate Better chairs would be nice. Ones that would be more suitable for hours of sitting in them.
Undergraduate Although I do not use the library services as much as regular students, each time I do the employees are always very helpful and courteous. The library is always an excellent learning and studying environment as well.
Undergraduate My biggest concern about the library is the lack of group studying areas. For my first degree I went to UMF where the library had small rooms where groups of 4 or 5 could study together and not have to worry about disturbing others. Last semester I went to the library to study with someone...we spent the first 20 minutes trying to find a place where we could speak loud enough to be able to hear each other but yet not disturb anyone else in the process. My second concern is the small amount of full length documents available in the database. When looking for research articles I can find 25-50 articles on file but only 2 of those are full length. Which doesn't help me when I live almost an hour from school. The library does have a lot of positives though. The staff are very friendly and if you are studying by yourself then it is a great place with a comfortable atmosphere.
Undergraduate I enjoy the campus library and feel that it is a great environment where i can get my work done.
Undergraduate I often have trouble finding things in the libraryTables are often all full of students studying!
Undergraduate The third floor is the quiet floor, there should be staff monitoring it. Especially during finals.
Undergraduate Generally the library is adequete; however two points worth mentioning are the lack of recent, current affairs books that must be ordered on inter library loan as opposed to having them at the Universities library. Second, is the hours of operation, specifically during finals week when the library should be open 24 hours. Many universities employ this practice and it would be far more condusive to a learning environment then what is currently offered.
Undergraduate I mostly use the library as a place to study or work in groups and Fogler has worked out very well for me.
Undergraduate Tour I took three years ago was nice. There are a lot of very squeaky desks and creaky chairs up in the quiet study places.
Undergraduate Ursus seems to be a fairly weak search engine. I often search for items in WorldCat and then find that they are in fact in Orono.
Undergraduate Without the library i wouldnt pass tests! Its the best place to study. I have a hard time on the computer with trying to find books and stuff. I think it should have a little help guide for those who are independent learners.
Undergraduate THe library was great with inter liberary loan. I had access to many outsdie resources that I never thought i could get. The history section at Fogler is alright, but for specific research it was best to use this great service!! The people at ILLAID ARE AWESOME!
Undergraduate Printing at the library can be difficult.Some of the quiteset places to study are poorly lit and have uncomfortable chairs.People talk a lot on the second floor, esp. by the computers. I know you ask them to be quiet, but I'm not that confrontational. Better lighting is needed at the top of the main stairs (near the front enterance)- those lights are old; it's so dim in there.
Undergraduate good stuff library
Undergraduate there is always room for improvement
Undergraduate More general use computers would be great! I commute and sometimes it's impossible to find a computer to work on if computer clusters are full.
Undergraduate The Fogler Library is an excellent resource to me and a great place to find a comfortable quiet place to study.
Undergraduate It seems it should be more clear as to which computers are for what purposes, though, I have never used the computers in the library.
Undergraduate I would like to see a supply of pencils and index cards (nothing fancy) at each of the ursus stations in the library for copying down book titles and locations.
Undergraduate When I walk into the library, it seems like a very sterile environment. If there was money in the budget for it, I'd like to see some more art work or new carpets put into some of the rooms.
Undergraduate The website needs a lot of work. I have trouble finding the resources and what i am looking for on the website. It is not very user friendly.
Undergraduate I think you should be allowed to bring food/drinks in more rooms in the library. Sometimes, I need coffee to keep me awake and focused, but the only place it's allowed is in the Oaks room.
Undergraduate Everything is electronic, I have lettle need to use the library except a place to study. Most times I use the library it is required for a class project.
Undergraduate The libraray is nice to study at.
Undergraduate Fogler Library is excellent, in my opinion. It's a pleasant and comfortable environment, with good staff and very good resources. I'm in the library nearly every day, and I really enjoy going there to do the work I need to get done for my classes.
Undergraduate the little armchairs upstairs for watching movies are very useful for vhs which is hard to watch elsewhere. it is a nice environment for documentary watching and such.
Undergraduate Excellent service and place for study, but the building itself is sometimes hard to navigate when searching for specific materials.
Undergraduate The library has a whole wealth of information and i am pleased with the service and the manner in which things are categorized. I have always been approached with concern and genuiness while asking for help.
Undergraduate Except for one or two seemingly rude employees, I have found the employees at the library to be excellent in helping me find what I need. However, the library almost never has the book I'm looking for--it's almost always at some other library on Ursus. The most frustrating thing about it is trying to track down a book when I find it on Ursus--it's a confusing system and the aisles are poorly labeled in general. In some subjects (especially technology/computer programming), the library's selection is a bit out of date. In any case, I mostly use the library to study, and in that respect, it is excellent.
Undergraduate The ITV tapes not being available for check out is a major problem. I have called the library to make sure the tape is available, dropped my children at the sitter, on my way to the library and then when I've arrived it's been check out for 3 hours. When I've ask if the tape could be held for 15 mins till I could get there I was told it was not possible.
Undergraduate Quiet areas with good lighting and easy access would be an ideal improvement.Many times the staff is extremely loud, and patrons get talkative and it makes it difficult to concentrate. Full online access to educational journals would be helpful.
Undergraduate This survey was particularly difficult since the rating system didn't make a whole lot of sense.
Undergraduate The library provides a great wealth of information for anyones' use in any field of interest. I like living on campus where I know that no matter what academic (or other) question I may have on any subject I can access the library at most times of the day, and even on the Web.
Undergraduate LBR200 helped me immensely.
Undergraduate the service the library provides is great. The only improvment i would like to see. is better printers.
Undergraduate I find the library to be an important resource and the staff is always friendly and helpful.
Undergraduate No one who works at the library helps any body all they do is sit at their desk and play computer games, If you do have a question they do not know the answer. Ursus sucks, when looking for an article for a paper all I can find are the abstracts with links to dead websites.
Undergraduate Ursus, hard to get academic sources onine
Undergraduate The only complaint that I have is the fact that if an item is late, the student owes the library a rediculous fee regardless if the item is returned or not. I think that there should be a fee but it should vary depending on how long the item is missing. And then after a certain period they are expected to pay for it entirely.
Undergraduate Fogler Library has never let me down, the people who work there are always very helpful, and i am always able to find the information that i need.
Undergraduate please pick me for the $250!Thanks
Undergraduate I use the Learning Materials center a lot for resources for my Elementary Education classes. This is the best resource that I've had in my college experience when it comes to things that supplement my lesson plans or projects. This is a wonderful resource that I know every Elementary Ed major appreciates. Staff is awesome in there too!
Undergraduate not enough area for quiet readingcomputer area is often loud with alot of foot traffic causing distractions
Undergraduate great staff
Undergraduate It's a great place for solitude and inspiration.
Undergraduate I utilize the library nearly everyday and I would only suggest that the hours possibly extend til 2am for the first floor only.
Undergraduate The only thing that I can really complain about with the library is that there are some staff members (in the past few years) who have been very rude to me as a patron.
Undergraduate I would like the library to be open a little earlier. I am a morning person, and would to get to the library a few hours before my first class begins. It gives me more study time If I were to have an exam first thing in the morning.
Undergraduate Great place to work.
Undergraduate I am going to miss Fogler Library very much when I graduate! There is no other library like it.
Undergraduate I think that you guys need to open earlier in the morning. There are many students who get up early and like to study, but they are unable to go to the library in the morning because its not open. Especially on the weekends, I feel that you need to open earlier.
Undergraduate I've always appreciated the quality of the Fogler Library, and have showed it off to several of my friends that hadn't been inside.
Undergraduate Fogler has excellent online services. Additionally, I enjoy my time in the library and find it easy to work on group projects, research, or study independently.
Undergraduate The only thing I would suggest would be some kind of school password on the web site for getting electronic data bases. Everything else is awesome!
Undergraduate Library good!Help me lern!
Undergraduate The library rules!
Undergraduate It would be helpful if the library opened at least one hour earlier on weekdays and before 10am on weekends.
Undergraduate I use the library very seldom but have had good experiences when I did.
Undergraduate Its a great place to study. My biggest issue is Saturdays hours. I would like to see it open longer.
Undergraduate it would be great to have more people who can help find nursing research articles since we have so many papers to write in the major and it is hard to find good articles.
Undergraduate Fogler does a great job for such a small campus. I was surprised to see the resources from a campus of aprox. 10k students. Keep up the good work!
Undergraduate The library does not provide adequate subscriptions to Journals in the business academic discipline at the University of Maine. Emerald Online is simply ONE database, and it is not nearly as strong as the offerings for political science, engineering, or nursing.
Undergraduate Library should be open earlier in the morning.
Undergraduate In any aspects, University of Maine Orono library seems to process properly. However, sometimes I do get frustrated when there are books or resources I really can't find and the librarians seem don't take much time helping.
Undergraduate The library personnel have been very helpful!
Undergraduate Third floor special.
Undergraduate I believe the Library is in desparate need of more funding -- as a non-traditionally aged student who works full time; during breaks the library closes early due to lack of funds for staffing -- this poses a problem for students like myself.Another issue I find very disconcerning is that fact that there are one or two regular full-time staff who are continually rude to students and can not be bothered to offer assistance. This portrays a very poor image of UMaine. Overall the staff are extremely helpful and are willing to offer as much assistance as needed to get you where you need to go.The Library holdings are also a funding issue and could also used to be expanded. Overall I believe the library is a good resource and provides a comfortable environment for research and study.
Undergraduate Young staff members ar e not always kind and courteous when you have questions and also sometimes chatting with their friends is more important than your questions. cell phones must be restricted for employees
Undergraduate I have been very pleased with all my interactions with staff in the library.
Undergraduate intimidating because it is so big. I am a non-traditional student, so I often find the library massive and a bit intimidating.
Undergraduate As a returning student, I am still uncomfortable with my ability to access information easily from the library. Only one time did an employee go above and beyond in showing me how to locate the information I needed. I was struggling, now I understand how and share this with fellow students my age. It would be nice to have a class for non-traditional students or make the advisors aware of this when entering a program to assist with a successful year!
Undergraduate The library staff does a wonderful job. My only complaint is the the large windows on the first floor study area. The should be closed completely during the winter months.
Undergraduate it would be nice if the library opened at 7 instead of 8
Undergraduate I LOVE to study at the library, but wish it had a more comfortable atmosphere. The couches and "comfy" chairs are painful to sit in, which basically leaves the option to sit at a table or a cubicle. If there was more comfortable seating, I would be there every day. I also think there should be more extended hours. I work weeknights and weekend days, and thats basically when the library is open, except weekdays when lots of students are in class.
Undergraduate As someone who has done extensive research work using the journal collections, I would find it very helpful if more full-text articles from scientific/engineering journals were available from my home PC. Being able to access articles wherever I am allows me to spend less time on research.
Undergraduate I think the library is my favorite resource on campus. You do an excellent job providing a place to work/study with an enormous amount of resources at students' fingertips. My only criticism is that I am often unaware of some of the resources within the library. Perhaps a way to show students how much the library has to offer other than just books. Journals, media resource, maybe lists of the journals we carry and the things loaned out by the media resource room. Thank you for allowing no-spill containers, the staff here does a wonderful job supplying a very professional, impressive library to the university.
Undergraduate I think the library is a good place to come to study and its quiet and no one bothers you. No arguments here
Undergraduate I have been impressed with the helpfulness and knowledge of the library staff. However I feel strongly that the library needs more hours. Not everyone sleeps in late or goes home early on the weekends. At the least I feel that library hours should be 7am to midnight EVERY day. In fact I feel the library should be open 24 hours, but I think that would be less easily attained than a 7-12am hours of operation.
Undergraduate The people are a wonderful asset. The library needs tables I can put my legs under, a quiet zone (third floor has tours during finals week and talking employees!!) and a ventilation system so I can breath fresh air during studies.
Undergraduate Overall I really enjoy the UM library
Undergraduate The Library does an excellent job in serving the people of this campus.
Undergraduate if it opened an hour or a half hour earlier, people could go to the library before 8 am classes to print off things for class. Also, better break hours would be good.
Undergraduate They should be open earlier in the morning and later on Saturday nights
Undergraduate I do not generally ask for help finding information at the library so I marked'N/A' on several related fields above. I generally use the library for firstclass, internet research, and on occasion to find and photocopy articles in 'the stacks'
Undergraduate The CML is one of the greatest tools that I use in the library, as it has programs that I cannot afford to buy. If the library could go back to being open on weekends (Fri, Sat) after 6, that would make it so much better. I am one of those students that stays home to do homework and I'm a nightowl!
Undergraduate The late hours that you have for finals week should start sooner!! By about a week or two!
Undergraduate I am a transfer student and I haven't used the library resources much until this semester. So far I have had a great experience with the service and information that I have gotten from Fogler. I also do a lot of work at home because I commute and take some classes online, so I really need to have resources online and easily accessible. Fogler does a great job with online resources.
Undergraduate It may be good t go to a first year experience class and let people know how to use the resources at hand.
Undergraduate I really enjoy being able to use the upstairs, with the comfy chairs that have the desk on them and i also like the fact that i can grab a quick bite to eat if i need to.
Undergraduate I like the oaks room a lot but it is not too modern. I mean, you could keep the style but much of the library is not inviting. It could really turn out to be a hot spot for coffee on Sunday afternoons but it looks too threatening for groups and to small for space plus privacy. If anything, I would like to see that change the most.
Undergraduate This library is doing a good job, CML staff are helpful but due to the complex nature of equipment and programs can not always offer assistance.My experiences here have been good, the search on ursus sometimes leaves one with much to sift through and the "keword" search function needs improvement (often does not yield results). no real complaints keep up the good work
Undergraduate They Rock!
Undergraduate Fogler is NOT handicapped accessible if you are not in a wheelchair. If you have a walking disability, then parking and walking a long distance to the elevator entrance is not an option, nor is climbing the many stairs in poor repair. I have spoken about this to employees in the past.
Undergraduate It has been good to me for the past five years. The only complant I have is that I find it way to easy to fall asleep when I am trying to study there. Its that comfortable.
Undergraduate Get all of the ground outlets on the second floor to work!
Undergraduate there needs to be more than one of each play in the library. and as far as books that contain a collection of plays by a certain author goes, they are almost useless; the plays need to be individual from the rest of the author's work.
Undergraduate Overall, the library is a good place to study, however, the comfort level could be increased. When you are pouring over research material over studying for an exam, being uncomfortable or distracted my people hunting for information is detrimental to learning.
Undergraduate Itīs a little tough to get there and figure stuff out the first time. I didnīt use the library until my third year there, and now that I do use it, itīs great, but difficult to get started.
Undergraduate The Fogler Library is one of the most fantastic resources available to anyone in the state of Maine, and I am fortunate to be so close to it!
Undergraduate I am really impressed with the library staff. they are a constant source of information, and always very nice and helpful.
Undergraduate I find it increasingly difficult to study in the designated quiet areas. Primarily do to the fact that students and faculty do not respect the "quiet" signs. I find this to be rude and completely distracting. I think that a monator should be considered.
Undergraduate Over all very good have had a few unhelpful people but you get those every where and I have been here four years! :P
Undergraduate Overall i am very productive when I am at the library, although it would be great to know more about the search data system within the library as well as what subjects are in what area. A tour of the library and the system would help. My guess is that you offer them but i haven't ever been on one:-P
Undergraduate The Fogler Library has been a place that I have come to count on for a dependable place to study. The recently extended hours are great, and have made Fogler that much more convenient. Thank you for doing such a great job.
Undergraduate i had trouble getting on to synapse when i wanted to print out lecture powerpoint for me to annotate in class
Undergraduate I like the new arragnement of the computers on the first floor.
Undergraduate Thank you for finally letting people bring other drinks besides water into the rest of the library. Coffee makes everything better. In general, you guys do a really good job, which is why I spend so much time there. A few more computers full-capability computers would be nice though.
Undergraduate I know funding as well as space are issues regarding computer clusters, but more computers would be helpful (at certain times of the day all the first-floor computers are guarenteed to be in use). An alternative may be freeing up some of the research-only computers (the ones with the blue signs) to be used for other purposes.
Undergraduate The people are always friendly, and there is a wide range of material offered there. However, there really needs to be some repairs to the building, especially the bathrooms which are filthy.
Undergraduate Overall, I mainly use the library for different study atmospheres, and I like how the library accomodates group and/or individual studying. Separation by floors is quite helpful depending on the type of studying I am doing.
Undergraduate For the most part the library is a conveinent and comfortable place for studying and research. However, sometimes its hard to find available space in the study areas and the computer clusters.
Undergraduate In general I find the library to be very helpful with finding information that I use for my major. I have had a pretty successful time when using interlibrary loans, and a fair amount of information can be accessed on the library website. I do think that there should be more fulltext articles available online, because it just makes things easier. Also, I do not think that the staff needs to get too much more involved with helping people, but I do think that first year students should be taught right away about becoming familiar with the materials in the library. For the most part I like the atmosphere and the resourses at this library!
Undergraduate I'm a Surveying Engineering Major and I do not use the library as much as other majors because we have space set up in Boardman Hall for studying and research.
Undergraduate It would be nice if you were to open eariler, like at 7am, so that students with 8am classes could study for an hour or print/copy papers for those classes.
Undergraduate I've been treated well at the library.
Undergraduate I can usually find quite a bit of information through the library, and if I cannot find a lot I can usually find something about any topic. Interlibrary loan is amazing and very fast.Some of the information people (never it seems the students, but the older men who work there) are very condescending, they treat you like it is your fault when something isn't working, and then when they can't figure out why it is not working either they get annoyed at you like you tricked them or something.The website links for getting at indexes/databases could be made more clear. I am a fifth year and do research as part of my job, so I can get around okay, but my friends and my husband have an aweful time if they are not familiar with it. It could be a little more obvious, how to choose between databases that would be relevant for your topic.The library is overall great and I don't now what I would do without it.
Undergraduate In general I like everything about our library except that it is not a great environment for study, cell phones and non library guidance to adhere students to rules makes me have to schedule my time around that and seek quieter places. The staff in general are great and are very good at their respective jobs, but you can tell the people who like being there from those who do not :-( The updated systems and Ursus are very helpful but how to utiize the library best is never actually introduced but if you are enticed to learn you can for yourself. I suggest an introductory course being required for all incomming freshman. **********
Undergraduate I wish the no-cellphone policy was enforced more in the computer cluster areas. Sometimes there are people talking on their phones for extended periods of time while I'm trying to write papers, and it is very distracted.
Undergraduate Library needs to be refurnished and get more up to date books and articles on business. There should also be a quiet place where people can study but also be able to have snacks and eat lunch because I know I can not concentrate in the Oaks lounge but there are times when I needed to study and eat at the same time.
Undergraduate when using search criteria when searching databases it does not filter everything out. For instance, I need USA journals and I often only get UK or Ireland...can be very frustrating and the link helper does not help you find the article.
Undergraduate There should be more full text journal articles in the electronic resource section of URSUS.
Undergraduate The service provided by older library employees is fine--but the student employees often have no idea how to answer library-user's questions. The older employees seem to be there by day, and students by night--and if you can't find a book after 5 pm and ask for help--you won't get it, because they simply don't have any idea how to help you.Theatre books: there are dozens of plays missing, plays that my major requires me to read. Where am I supposed to get the materials? The library has them listed as "lost"--well fantastic, they've been lost or out or missing for 10 years, has the library replaced these books? What happens when the professors we've been borrowing books from retire? Our library is not fulfilling its primary job: providing books. It's upsetting and frustrating. It would also help to have more than one copy of a text as well.
Undergraduate the library is a great resource
Undergraduate I think that they have a very good service as a library. I find it more useful than internet sometimes.
Undergraduate URSUS could be better if, when you search for something and there are several things with that same name, it listed them all with more info. For example, when I search for the book "Messenger," there is a link for just that word on the first page, along with a billion links for titles that have that in it. But to get to the one just called "Messenger," I have to click that link, and guess which one is by Lois Lowry. If I search for just that word, I would think all the titles that contain only that word would show up first, with enough details (like author names) to tell them apart. Then, the books that have that as PART of the title.As for anything else, the library is great. I LOVE that you guys keep so many hours, because I work all day and then want to to schoolwork at night. I am a night owl, and it's terrific that you guys help me out with that. And having a quiet floor is great too. Any chance you'd be willing to put some general-usage computers in a corner somewhere on the third floor?
Undergraduate Fogler Library provides excellent resources and journal titles from many journals that are needed in my course of study. I am impressed and extremely satisfied with the services the library has provided in my four years at UMaine, especially with inter-library loan and finding information needed for papers and theses.
Undergraduate Most of my usage has been with Government Docs and Special Collections....FABULOUS service and content. I have also been very pleased with other depatments and the atmosphere at the Library. MORE COMPUTER STATIONS ARE NEEDED as well as greater access to printers/copiers. The staff has always been (in my opinion) VERY helpful, courteous, and knowledgable, and will readily direct me to other staff if they cannot provide an answer. The folks affiliated with microfiche/film and the GEO station have also been wonderful. HOWEVER....My acedemic pursuits include much use of Autodesk drafting software. THIS SHOULD BE AVAILABLE AT THE GEO STATION ALSO, (along with updated ESRI software)!!!! THANK YOU to ALL @ Fogler!
Undergraduate The library at UMaine has impecable service and many great resources. The largest issue I have with the library is their online databases which are often severely lacking especially in the engineering and science realm i.e. science direct. It seems almost every article I wanted for my thesis was hosted by Elsevier to which I had no access. I was able to access these articles back home at a Community College, why should they have better online resources than a full University.
Undergraduate I have a hard time finding the electronic journal articles. After I have used URSUS to locate different articles, it seems that trying to actually read or track them down becomes the issue.
Undergraduate could use more computer terminals by the front door, could use more space layout maps of the premises in more locations
Undergraduate Open Earlier on weekends please
Undergraduate ursus should automatically search mainecat. I've used ursus for years, since I frequented the bangor public library as a child. I love the fogler library!
Undergraduate I have not had a good exprience with the library when I tried to get help finding infomation I was sent in circles and didn't get any information. I think that there should be a help session to give students a better Idea of all the resources and how to use them.
Undergraduate I would like to see a 24 hour computer/study area somewhere on campus. Whether it is in the library or in a separate building. The Oaks Room needs to be expanded as well, because it is often too cramped and conjested to get any work done in it.
Undergraduate although I've only been to the Library a few times, it seems like an inviting place to find valid information to study in a comfortable environment.
Undergraduate I wish the library was open a few hours later than midnight. College students are used to staying up later than midnight to do school work, and my dorm environment is not very study-oriented.Also, it would be extremely helpful if library staff members could keep an ear out for study groups getting too loud and out of hand on the second floor. It is very distracting, but I can't move up to the third floor because I like to spread my notes/books out on a big table rather than a little desk.Thank you!
Undergraduate I find the library very helpful, a plce to study, the staff are always helpful and the library is full of resources. I enjoy going there.
Undergraduate The services are a mixture of great and not-so-good. The hours could be better, and there could be more areas available for groups to work quietly together. Also, it's frustrating to have such a diverse library on campus and not have many fiction books available. Numerous classes I've taken have included fiction novels and other materials that I had to go elsewhere to find.
Undergraduate I think that the library is a great place to visit and really useful for studying!!! Two changes I wouldn't mind seeing: The library open for more hours and ursus being a bit easier to use. Everything else is great!!
Undergraduate I wish the library could be arranged more like a book store, where similar references are all together. Also, I wish there were more quiet places for study. Other than that, it's a great place for me.
Undergraduate I Love Fogler Library and think the staff does an excellent job! Thank you for all of your assistance.
Undergraduate The workers at the Media Resource Center are very friendly and helpful!
Undergraduate Its a nice welcoming enviornment that I use when I need to get my work done because I know I can there.
Undergraduate I LOVE comiong to the library!!
Undergraduate its nice just not at all quite or a place to go to be alone while studying
Undergraduate Probably not feasable, but longer hours would be good. I like that I can bring in coffee mugs with a cover!
Undergraduate I have always found the wealth of information offered at Fogler covers any subject that I might need to find out more about. I also appreciate the different types of information offered through internet and media resources. The library staff has always been more than helpful and very courteous. I do think, however, that we need more space for our collections.
Undergraduate Coffee should be allowed everywhere, hands down.
Undergraduate It might be better if you have more $$$ in our printing account.
Undergraduate I think the greatest need for improvement is in reaching the student body and the public, and educating them in the use of the library's materials and services. There are alot of services that I don't utilize because I don't know the proceedure and do not want to burden employees with too many questions; more "library workshops" offered throughout the year (perhaps even some in the summer) would be useful- especially if the workshops were advertised more extensively.
Undergraduate I think this survey was too detailed and was to hard to exactly describe the feedback that you wanted.
Undergraduate Extending the Sunday hours of operation would greaty increase my usage of the facilities, as I generally do a lot of studying on this day.
Undergraduate I will be graduating in may and have to say this library has become my home away from home. It is the place i have come on a million of occations to get work done! I find it to be a great study place... It should stay open until 2 more often not just on finals. and the staff that come to classes should make sure they know how to use the programs before coming! This is often the worst presentations and it makes the library look bad! On that note ppl should be required to attend these as an incoming freshman (I have had a few that were done well) and they should cover everything that way you dont have to hear it 100 times in different classes... as your intro. class you should have to spend time having them tell you all about the resources here and make the professors aware that you have already completed this with the new freshman that way we dont have to hear a speech more than once! those are my suggestions. oh, and that you make sure that there are more papers that you can get frusterating it is to find, what you think would be the best paper ever from the abstract and then not be able to find the paper...totally frusterating!!! that is actually what i am trying to do here tonight is find some more full text articles! all in all though i do enjoy this library and the oaks room!
Undergraduate I would like to have had the library open 24 hours, or at least some sections of it for a quiet place to do work. I would have benefited from this greatly.
Undergraduate I am continually satisfied with the library's services, doing research in the library has been an important part of my studies here. However, it upsets me to hear that the number of journal subscriptions have been drastically cut and I imagine that several other areas are suffering as well. I hope that in the future, the library can get enough funding to grow rather than shrink!
Undergraduate What service I have had, has been good.
Undergraduate The new information commons need (adjustable) chairs that fit the computer tables. The red ones are too low. Also, I miss the computer tables that allowed more room for your books and notes.The closure on Saturdays at 6 pm is frustrating especially during the most stressful part of the semester. If you cannot add more hours, I think a Friday closure at 6 would be more convenient than a Saturday closure at 6. Or perhaps an 8 pm closure for both days which would not add any more hours to the schedule.Thank you very much for the free use of a locker free of charge.The area at the top of the main staircase with the large tables is too dark for studying. Perhaps a few standing table lights?Finding journals in the stacks is still a challenge even with the posted maps. I notice there are numbers on each bookcase. Perhaps you can include the row and bookcase number of each journal in URSUS?I think very highly of Fogler Library and its staff and the services provided. Thank you very much for helping me get the most out of my education at UMaine.
Undergraduate I enjoy being able to study upstairs in the library. It provides a quiet place where I can study alone, mostly undisturbed, or with a study group.
Undergraduate Please install more electrical boxes in the main room for laptop users, this is significantly lacking. thanks
Undergraduate I wish there were even more books!!!
Undergraduate Every employee that I have come in contact has exceeded the standards of most businesses I come into contact with!
Undergraduate jim bird is always such a great help, he knows everything!
Undergraduate It would be helpful to have more posters to remind users how to use URSUS in the computer area.
Undergraduate I know it's a tough thing to ask- but it would be SOOOO nice if we could access the library and enjoy a cup of coffee withit...maybe students,et al could pay an extra fee or bare responsibility for any damages...maybe?
Undergraduate When I had to do a project for a BUA325 class, the books that were provided were hugely outdated.. some new material may be required because the business world is constantly changing and growing. I didn't feel that I was using up to date, helpful information.
Undergraduate Later hours of operation, ESPECIALLY the week before and week of finals.
Undergraduate nice job :-)
Undergraduate one of my major problems with the library is that it is not open long enough. i understand that it might not be practical but i find that it would be very nice if the library or at least the first floor of the library was open 24 hours. sometimes you can not study in your room and need a quite place, and i know a few students might not have computers of their own and need the library. i just think it would be nice if it was always open, even on saturdays.
Undergraduate the library is the best place to study. I get more work done there and there are plenty of places for a quite study atmosphere. My grades have improved because of the no distractions there.
Undergraduate The individual study/quiet space in the library is rather small. The second floor individual desk clusters are always full and aren't very numerous. The sliding stacks on the second floor are also daunting to use and I can't sometimes ever find someone who can help me use them thus I must avoid them. It would also be nice to have a reference computer on the second floor like there is one on the third as you enter.There aren't enough computers downstairs, it always seems like there's a line to wait to use one. Also, they don't all have access to Microsoft Word and those that do have an extremely hard time to access it because there's something messed up with the program when I open it.It would also be nice to have better keyboards that don't have stuck keys. Extremely helpful when you're doing research or writing a report.
Undergraduate i think that the information provided by the library is very helpful and easily accesible
Undergraduate I have never had any negative experiences with the library. They have when I need it, or they can it, and I love it.
Undergraduate Please stop people from talking on their cellphones. Please change the setup of the computer cluster. It is very noisy from people talking to each other and on cell phones. Last year it was quieter.
Undergraduate Great people. Too bad you ditched all those journals. I had no idea you have texts online. Make people aware of what you offer. Just because you have it accessible, doesn't mean people know to access it.
Undergraduate I find that often when I try and get a book or journal article I have to send out to other libraries for it, because Maine on has suscribed to limited years of that journal or they do not have the book.
Undergraduate One of the complaints I hear the most often, and which I agree with wholeheartedly is that library hours need to be extended. Access to the library should be available both earlier in the morning and later at night.
Undergraduate The majority of the time, I find the staff of the library very friendly and helpful, thank you!
Undergraduate Excellent Library
Undergraduate I like the new computer on the 3rd floor that you can use for URSUS. More of these on 2nd and 3rd floor maker it easier. I would like more instructions of how to find the books on the shelfves. Sometimes I have the num,ber and I am wandering for 20 minutes to find it. Once I never did find the book!
Undergraduate overall awesome library! if hours could be extended on the weekends it would be nice.
Undergraduate I think it would be nice if the Library has more space for group studying where we will not disturb people because that seems to be a problem. there is no where to go for group studying but the library is the only place to go with no distractions but it always seems that group studying is not very accepted on the second floor of the library-which is not the silent floor so i dont understand why we are always pushed to leave, to move our group studying elsewhere.
Undergraduate More couches and desks for larger groups of people to study
Undergraduate The set amount of money for a student for printing every semester is absolutely invaluable.
Undergraduate :)
Undergraduate none
Undergraduate One big issue I have as a library user is the limited amount of library hours. I understand there are probably staffing problems, but as a student it would be greatly helpful if there were more expansive hours for the library.
Undergraduate The library is a great place for me to come to study when I need a break from being in my dorm room.
Undergraduate several employees are very rude, aren't able to provide useful information, and some even seem to hold their position as some sort of power trip. Others are very helpful and polite. I had one case where I took a cell phone call in the stairway that was emergency in nature from my son's preschool, and had a library employee walking by take my phone out of my hand and disconnect my call and say "you're not allowed to use your phone on this level"
Undergraduate very happy with the service I was provided
Undergraduate I am chemistry, and I wish you had more chemistry journals, e.g. the international journal of quantum chemistry.
Undergraduate The hours are sometimes not long enough or when I want them.
Undergraduate The one shortcoming of this library is that it could use more books and journals pertaining to world history. But this is relatively minor. On the whole I love the library and everything about it.
Undergraduate I have used the databases a lot and they have been very helpful, especially knowing that when I click on scholarly-reviewed I always know that I am getting something appropriate for class.
Undergraduate I visit the library at least once a day during the week and it is very likely to find me here at Fogler on weekends as well. The library provides the perfect atmosphere to be able to study individually or in a group. The Oakes room is a great place to take a break from studying and grab a snack if desired. On average, I spend about 15-25 hours a week at Fogler so I feel that it is important for the library to be readily available. The thing that really bothers me about Fogler is the open hours. I've visited schools that offered a 24hour room within the library enabling students to stay as long as needed. I believe that should be something to consider for the near future at Fogler. I also find it to be highly uneccessary to close the library so early on Saturday. Thougth many students do engage in other activities, many students use their weekends to study and the library offers a great environment for just that.
Undergraduate The hours suck I cant believe the library closes at midnight, there has been more than one occasion when I needed to get into the library and could not because it was too late.
Undergraduate I really enjoy the library overall. During finals the third floor is always crammed but that is to be expected. I just wish there was more room during those days so I dont have to be there late to study.
Undergraduate more links to full text journal articles, I often find that I can get to an article I want because there a link to the full textI liked the computers on the first floor much better when they were all in one area in the back. the new setup feels t
Undergraduate I love going to the library.
Undergraduate The only problems I have had are trying to access reserve items online. Sometimes that is not as successful as I would like it to be. Other than that the library is a great addition to our facility.
Undergraduate Great source for peer-reviewed journals
Undergraduate always met a smiling face at the door and help was only a silent shout away!
Undergraduate Library is always hot ! Often noise level is unacceptable and seating is Very uncomfortable & dirty. Library staff are very friendly & helpful. Audio resources are quite good.
Undergraduate It would be nice if the library were open longer hours. Especially on weekends. It should also open earlier than 8am.
Undergraduate It seems that every book I want to check out takes 2 to 4 buisness days to get to me because the library at UMO doesnt have it. The facutly should take the time to receive more copies of books so we don't have to wait as long.
Undergraduate I enjoy using the library as my main source of information
Undergraduate Fogler is awesome. The only problem is that I am from a small town with a small library. Fogler is huge. I have trouble (as embarassing as it is) using it and the staff isn't very helpful when it comes to figuring out how to use it. I was never given a tour when I was a freshman like some are, so it's a huge problem at times. I don't like it when the staff makes me feel stupid.
Undergraduate I haven't had any serious issues with Fogler, I think the staff works well to help me, especially Larry Corbett in the media listening room.
Undergraduate LOVE the desks on floor 2B i use them all the time, they are nice and quiet perfect for serious studying!
Undergraduate The Fogler Library has been one of the best resources of my college experience. The hours could be longer. The Oaks Room is an awesome place, thus it should have longer hours. We should have more electronic journals.
Undergraduate The library should be open more hours of the day!! I know that during finals week they are open a little bit later but it would be nice to have it open later more often!thank you!
Undergraduate I love the bound periodicals section!
Undergraduate easier electronic access would be great!
Undergraduate turn the heat down
Undergraduate The library needs more fresh air and natural light in study areas!
Undergraduate I had one bad encounter with one of the library attendants who got mad at me for chewing gum and kept bothering me about it.The third floor (silent floor) is a sanctuary for me when I need serious studying time, but many people are still noisy there and don't respect that it's the quiet floor.
Undergraduate I would be lost without Fogler.
Undergraduate This is the best library I have ever used and I have used many. I have used the Worcester Public Library, Worcester Poly Tech,U MA at Amherst,Smith College and other smaller libraries. I hope I can use this after graduation.The staff is kind, courteous and ALWAYS willing to help, especially when I was new to it and its nuances and finer distinctions.
Undergraduate To be honest, every service is exceptional. It's so much easier to study with full concentration when I'm in there. And my researches have been pretty good with the sources I have been able to grab. But there's something I'd like to drag your attention towards, the men's bathroom is extremely filthy. Please make sure the genitor guys are doing their right jobs.
Undergraduate The LMC has been an amazing tool - I would definitely like to see more space and funds for this department. They are a big help for the education majors - particularly elementary ed - and are extremely convenient.
Undergraduate area tax maps on file would be nice
Undergraduate none
Undergraduate the library is a good place to be, but it would be nice if the library staff would help find books ^_^
Undergraduate I honestly don't go to the library to do work or use hard-copy resources, but I use CINAHL regularly for nursing research.
Undergraduate Fogler library has a few very qualified employees... but the majority of Fogler employees seem not to understand how to relate to students. Many times I have visited the library and felt completely patronized and belittled by staff members who were themselves incompetent. Fogler's hours are also a joke. This is a university. The library is the heart of a university. The fact that Fogler is not open 24 hours a day shows how misplaced UMaine's priorities are!!!!!!!
Undergraduate I don't have anything more to say about the library itself, but this survey was a little much. I think you could have kept it to one or two columns and some of the questions seemed very redundant. It was so confusing that I don't think you'll get useful information.
Undergraduate A lot of my research pinges on key articles and theses from foreign universities, it is nearly impossible to recieve such journals and articles that I need, this is something the libarary could improve on. Also many journals online only have the most recent years even when older years are available, this has really hurt me in a number of instances.OVer all thanks though, the library is great.
Undergraduate I think that the library should do a better job in replacing books that have been taken or paid off. There have been several books there that I have wanted to get ahold of and could not. i had to use interlibrary loan (which does not give you that much time) and/or go find the book someplace else. If the library carried the book in the past i think it should look in to replacing it.
Undergraduate earlier hours on the weekends would be good and later on Saturday evening
Undergraduate great place, great atmosphere
Undergraduate I like that we can bring drink in now and not just water
Undergraduate have hot coco in the Oaks room
Undergraduate Thank you for all you do! :0)
Undergraduate The only problem I have with the library is that every time I need to take out a book it is ancient. Most of the time the information in the books are outdated and I dont like to go elsewhere or have book sent from other libraries. Another issue is the atmosphere in the library. It just seems to be a little too open and blah I guess is the word. It just is not a very comfortable atmosphere I guess. Do some fung shway or something.
Undergraduate I like the copiers
Undergraduate I rarely use the library
Undergraduate I would like to see the library to be open 24hrs. I think it helps provide an area in which students can study without interruption or guilt of roomates.
Undergraduate funds should be useable in the copiers
Undergraduate The library staff is very helpful. Opportunities to concentrate on your work is high. However, the printers on the first floor get stuck too often when I try to print PDF files.
Undergraduate I think there is strong need for improvement to make it a more relaxed and inviting atomospher. The Oaks room is great but it is small, but if you could have a larger room for folks to hang out while studying it would be wonderful. Also I feel that the learning materials section could use some new additions. Its a great place for resouces however It would be much better for education folks if there was some more choices.
Undergraduate Always people to help!
Undergraduate They are great but I don't have use for them.
Undergraduate The staff are very helpful and considerate of the user's needs. I sometimes I have trouble finding journals under URSUS that have good links to recieving the full document, so I often spend more time searching than desired. However, URSUS is super-user friendly. Thanks so much for being a great library!
Undergraduate Overall very pleased. Don't spend much time there, but good when I'm there. Wish there was a full subscription to the E-Village publications (always have to request interlibrary loan for publications).
Undergraduate I have never set foot in the library during my college career.
Undergraduate The lack of access to full text articles really makes my work and research really difficult. Also, the library, especially 2nd floor + is really cluttered and uninviting to work in.
Undergraduate i really like the privacy of the sublevels
Undergraduate Sorry some answers were vague, I haven't used the library's resources for much other than a wonderful place to study!
Undergraduate Over all the services are good, but I will like extended hours on the weekends.
Undergraduate it would be nice to have a few more hours on Saturday nights. 6pm is kind of early for students who need the library mostly on weekends.
Undergraduate The library has a wonderful section of Children's Literature and does a great job with the InterLibrary Loan system. I have mostly used the library for that purpose and have not had much difficulty finding what I am looking for. I think they could do a better job teaching First-year students how the library works since it is a new set up to most of them and it can be intimidating at first.
Undergraduate More electonic access would be nice.
Undergraduate I love the fogler library. I would be lost without it.
Undergraduate What would help with URSUS alot is pictures of the books cover page to provide a visual reference. maybe even a picture of the binding (as would be seen on the shelf).
Undergraduate Thanks
Undergraduate I am pleased with the overall quality of the library, Once you are able to find your way around due to the size, the library is very helpful. It is also a great place to study alone, or in groups. I am happy with Fogler Library- it meets the majority of my needs. The only issue is that the seating for group studying can get a little crowded, but I believe that is due to the fact that crowds come around similar times. I used to work in InterLibrary Loan, and it was a great experience. It definitely gave me a different outlook on how the libraries work, all of the work that needs to be done to keep the libraries going, and it also helped me to understand the layout of the library a bit more.
Undergraduate I have been very satisfied with the help I have received in utilizing the resources at Fogler. Jim Bird has been a great help to me on a number of occasions.
Undergraduate The biggest change I would like to see is access to more journals- especially online.
Undergraduate I'm not a good judge of library services because I don't use it often.
Undergraduate Should have more journals and articles available online to print from your home with more recent material.
Undergraduate You don't have nearly enough Nursing Journals! Full text articles were rarely available. I received more help from Google Scholar than from my this library! Also, you need more study space! I was always very difficult to find QUIET study space. And it would be GREAT to have a QUIET space to eat and study! Often the only break I had was for lunch, and there is nowhere that is quiet (and where you are able to eat) within the library.
Undergraduate great job if i was a library i would be THIS library
Undergraduate I wish there were some way to make it clear (as if it isn't already abundantly so!), that talking is unnacceptable on the third floor. I know that funds are limited and you probably have other priorities, but I would love to see an area just for quiet studying without any books.
Undergraduate The only problems I have ever had with the library was trying to access the electronic articles from URSUS from an IP address just off campus. I cannot understand why all umaine students barcodes are not activated to begin with. Also, it would be MUCH easier if you could activate barcodes from the phone.
Undergraduate I have always found the staff extremely helpful and pleasant. I do wish the library had more books in the library itself.
Undergraduate Needs longer hours or a location that stays open 24-7
Undergraduate The library needs more up to date textbooks. The library needs more versions of books. I tend to run into problems of finding the book i desire to read always unavailable. The library needs better bathroom facilities. Lighting in some areas are too dim, and the atmosphere is stuffy at times.
Undergraduate I was never given a tour or very much information about the library, therefore, I never really knew how to use it correctly
Undergraduate I would really like to see updated laptops that are available for use at the library as well more of them being made available. I would also like to see more desktops that are open for any kind of use, I attended Elon University, which was a private college/university and it was in the top 100 wired campuses in the U.S.! I would really enjoy an increase in the number of computers available for general use, as well as having them be up to date. Another one of my concerns is the amount of quiet study area and the availability of comfortable chairs, couches, and other area to sit! The laptops and computers are the biggest issue that I see, that could hinder anyone form doing their work. Also the availability of quiet work areas! Thank you for offering this survey and I hope that it makes an impact!
Undergraduate inadequate operating hours have been my largest issue at the library. specifically weekend hours, (primarily the closing times on the weekend. )Second to the operating hours, the only complaint I have addresses the beverage policy. I understand that there are a few people who ruin the privleges of the many, but I think the policy is too restrictive.
Undergraduate Over all I really like fogler. Yet, sometimes I find the staff to be unhelpful and rude. In the past when I have been asked for help to find a book (that I already looked for and could not find) I have been given a snear, and not always helped in the proper fashion. However I would say that I have spent many hours in the library tat have been enjoyable. Suggestions: Put more outlets along the wall in the big room so that people can plug in laptops. Have staff worry more about heling to finding books than finding students with food.
Undergraduate Many of the books/materials in the LMC are outdated for use in the educational fields. When I return large quantities of books, I can anticipate one or two showing up on my acct as not returned! I've just started going to the stacks and re-returning them myself! Education Weekly and Education Leadership are no available in the library---Ed majors are required to use these resources to research articles! Why were these removed??? How do you decide which journals wil be ordered??
Undergraduate It will be more convenient to users if it is made a rule that the loaned book is kept at the resevation desk when it arrives, not to be sent to department office. In my case, it was sent to the office of the department that I am not belonged any more, so I had to look it around.
Undergraduate I dont really use teh library very often but when i have it been pretty good.
Undergraduate Online, digital and downloadable/printable copies (PDF or something) of printed library material available to students/community should be a priority for the library, which would enable the searching of the content and form of a publication, making it easy to find reference material and save enormous amounts of time for researchers/students. Also, more signs around the library so people know exactly where they are (esp. floors 2a and 2b as I believe they are called... a rather confusing floor plan). Also, allow food and drink into the screening room... there are no volumes in there, and the electronic equipment could easily be protected with some sort of plastic cover. It's awful to sit in there for 2-3 hours watching a terrible movie and not be able to sip on a coffee.
Undergraduate It would be really great if snacks/coffee were allowed in other areas of the library besides the small, crowded Oaks Room. Brighter, more comfortable areas are needed for independent study. Summer hours also need to be longer and more regular.
Undergraduate I enjoy having a place like the library to sprawl my stuff out and get alot of work done.
Undergraduate i think the over service is decent, i wish ther was more quiet spaces for independant study, more available material for use onine instead of interlibrary loan, and cheaper printing : )
Undergraduate i think the library does a pretty good job in fulfilling it's purposes. One thing I would like to see would be more outlets on the first floor to plug in laptops. Not everyone wants to work on "quiet floors".
Undergraduate Pretty damn good.
Undergraduate Longer hours would be appreciated at night.
Undergraduate I have had an overall good experience with the library over the 4 years I've been a student.
Undergraduate I have been pleased with the overall quality of service that I have received at the library and with my interactions withits staff.
Undergraduate Information available to students either on line or by pamphlet about the layout of the library where different study areas are located.
Undergraduate i think the Fogler library does a very good job with meeting students needs and offerign a peaceful place to study. The staff does a great job with offering assistance when needed.
Undergraduate I have a hard time understanding how to use the library services, especially online.
Undergraduate I enjoy going to the library on campus because it is very welcoming and a great enviornment to study and even take online tests.
Undergraduate library good
Undergraduate I feel that sometimes people are too busy or not concerned with my some of my questions or help i may need.
Undergraduate Well done, perhaps more night time hours.
Undergraduate I feel the lighting, esp. on the second floor in the center of the floor & back between the bookcases is horrible; it is very dim. I also think that coffee or drinks with covers should be allowed in the library.
Undergraduate nice place..its big and has lots of stuff to utilize
Undergraduate I find some areas difficult to study in due to background noise. I like that e-mails are being sent out as reminders now before books are late. I find URSUS somewhat confusing to use because of all of the options available. Also, sometimes there appears to be more than one entry for the same book.
Undergraduate The lighting could be better. Also, more outlets are needed for laptop users!
Undergraduate No complaints good job
Undergraduate I really enjoy the comfy chairs and the two clusters of those tree thingies (one desk area on top of the other) on the third floor.I only have two complaints...1) Why must you close soooo early on Saturday!?!?2) I know it's not your fault that people will have full conversations on the phone on the third floor, but it's very annoying. Especially when I go up there because cell phones arent permitted.
Undergraduate I think it would be more useful to undergraduates in mathematics to find more magazines for us to have access to in order to further our careers in mathematics and related fields.
Undergraduate The lounge chairs on the second and third floors are incredibly uncomfortable.
Undergraduate The only thing that would be cool was to have wireless printing so you can print items straight from my laptop. Also i've tried to set my print job so that it can print on the front and back of each page to save paper but it doesn't work, but i think you should have that as a default option to print front and back instead of wasting so much paper. So right now i just print multiple pages on each paper.
Undergraduate the library needs to open a lil bit longer on the week ends. we need more using computer than research computer on the first floor.
Undergraduate Although I have not used the library very much due to the courses I am taking, when I do use the library, it is very useful.
Undergraduate I think the library is a good place to work and find information. URSUS is not always as helpful as it could be. I think it is important to have the classes to teach us how to navigate on URSUS. This way we can all use this tool more efficiently.
Undergraduate This library offers great service and an extensive collection. Thank you.
Undergraduate I also took the information literacy course with Nancy Lewis and found this to be extremely helpful in using the library resources more completely, faster, easier, clearer, and better! Fogler is a fantastic resource and the staff has always been top notch in helping myself and other students with any questions or problems.
Undergraduate We need more land survey reference books in the library . . . etc., Dr. Hermasen teaches Maine Boundary Law here on the UMO campus. He is a lawyer as well as profession land surveyor. He has written many articles, and even books on such boundary law , real estate law topics; however, the book that he wrote covering road right of way, road easement information, is off campus and being kept at some other library. Students on campus need easy access to this material - it is a difficult class, which requires supplemental information not given in class. Would you please obtain all his books, as well as others on this topic . . . it would be extremely helpful for his SVT 221 Boundary Law class. Thanks
Undergraduate I think that the library should be open later on Saturday nights. There have been many times in my years at UMO that I have had big projects and tests the following week and needed the library to study and because it closed early on Saturday I had to pack up and interpert my follow of school work and relocate to my loud and busy apartment.
Undergraduate the staff has always been extremely friendly and helpful
Undergraduate The only true problem I have with the Fogler library is with the books, lack there of and the dates and selection. I have found that they have been grossly inadequate for any my classes this semester, and have had to go outside of Folgler for most of my research. To me books and electronic resourses are the most important part of library service, and that seems to be where Fogler is lacking.
Undergraduate I wish the library was open longer on the weekends. It would be nice if there was a similar room as the Oaks room that allowed food and beverages and also provided large study tables for group projects. It would be benefical if the library ha individuals available to teach students how to make better use of the library tools. I personally feel very uninformed when it comes to reseaching in the library. I do not know how to use some of the available tools. Every student needs to me more informed with what their library has to offer.
Undergraduate I appreciate the late hours
Undergraduate I would like a program that could help me find journals or journal articles that apply to my topic in a fast and easy manner
Undergraduate I wish there was a class or even some sort of a map to help students find recourses such as books and journals.
Undergraduate It's good, just needs a little bit mor perking & the teconology needs to be upped in here
Undergraduate The Director of the Library or Reference Director (Jerry, not sure his title) is excellent!!!!!!!!
Undergraduate never had a problem
Undergraduate I am usually very happy
Undergraduate should be open earlier
Undergraduate More resources online please, and more available music resources in the MRC
Undergraduate I feel like when students are very stressed out about finals or tests and are in the library studying they should not be bugged about having coffee or snacks. This is the fuel that students need to keep going and the staffs interruptions are usually done in a very rude manner and disrupt studying. Also, the library should be open later then mid-night sunday-thursday!!!!!!
Undergraduate the oaks room is awesome
Undergraduate I would enjoy even more quiet areas for solitary work. More secluded work spaces.
Undergraduate the people are very helpful when it comes to needing resources, but the ursus is inaccurate most times, and the library seems very underfunded. There just doesn't seem to be enough space, and it seems as though the university is looking at their campus more as a resort than a learning center. There should be more space for individual study groups, like rooms, and the bound periodicals should not be on the floor...I think the heads of the university need to be more in touch with what the current students need in terms of what is a must have for a successful education, not just aesthetics to draw new students to the university.
Undergraduate I don't like the searchengin its almost as if you need to have the exact word or nothing will come up. Like if I seached for "Guardrail accidents", nothing would come upbut if I was more speciffic like "guardrail accidents in 1945 " something would come up. I can usually only find a small amount of stuff that is helpful on URSUS.
Undergraduate If at all possible, I believe the library should open earlier on weekdays. I think an opening time of 7 AM would be much more convenient for myself nd many other students as well. I am very pleased with all other services provided by the library and its staff.
Undergraduate The library staff does a great job working with the public, being helpful and courteous, and using their resources. It would be nice if the library was better funded, so perhaps it could be as attractive from the back and the inside as it is from the front.
Undergraduate Great staff and facilities. I just wish there were more full articles available online via journals.
Undergraduate i work circulation at the library
Undergraduate The library needs to be a 24 hour establishment. Most state universities have minimal staff at in the early AM to ensure it's open to students who require the library to be open. Especially important on the weekends.
Undergraduate Library open later on saturdays instead of fridays. A few more smiles would be nice, but otherwise great!
Undergraduate People are nice, caring, and helpful.
Undergraduate I spend a lot of time in the library and always have a pleasant experience.
Undergraduate It would be great if the library opened earlier in the morning. 6:00 ?? also, if your thinking about expanding should do it!!
Undergraduate this is one of the greatest resources on campus but i think some of the employees could be more friendly
Undergraduate I think that you have an impressive database of full-text journals. I use it frequently in my work.
Undergraduate The library is an amazing place. Thank you.
Undergraduate I feee lthe library should improve it communication wih users. The posters on the wall are much too broad to convey the correct message. Example: the new mug rule.
Undergraduate it would be nice if the staff were nicer. also, if we were able to drink our coffee in the cups provided in the oaks room elsewhere in the library, or if they still wont let us, then to provide cups that we are able to use elsewhere (that dont require us to buy them.) Some of us dont have the appropriate mugs, and dont appreciate the rudness about the drinking situation.
Undergraduate Library services are excellent. However, I believe the environment in the library can be to loud at times. It is frustrating to hear conversations while trying to study in "quiet" places of the library.
Undergraduate The best time I have to use the library is Saturday early in the evening, and it is closed. I find that frusterating.
Undergraduate I really like the library. The staff here is SO FRIENDLY and SO HELPFUL. I have dealt with so many departments on campus and the library staff have been by far the nicest, most useful, and most helpful. I do have a some problems with there not being enough periodicals or enough space sometimes. And the second floor is way too hot and there isn't enough ventilation. This happens on the third floor too. I think many of the problems in th library probably arise from a lack of funding which is unfortunate because this is the biggest library in the state and it should have more. It would be nice to have some better group study areas where people can be away from the chaos of the first floor. It is hard to do work in the public areas sometimes because so many people tend to treat the library as a hangout spot rather than a place to do work or study. It is good that there is a relaxed and open atmosphere but sometimes people just need to do work without the chaos. Also, the staff is really nice and they seem under appreciated. Overall the library is great and keep up the good work!
Undergraduate This library aids in my education a lot. The only thing I have had a problem with here is finding research articles. I find them listed sometimes on ERIC or Medline, etc., but then I cannot find them online or within the library. It is very frustrating.
Undergraduate The late fees on CD's is over priced. $5 for a day late is robbery.
Undergraduate I enjoy the immense spectrum of resources, the freindly and open staff, and the environment of the library which seems to stimulate achedemic growth.
Undergraduate Yay Fogler!!
Undergraduate I do not know about commitment or funding, but it would be great if the library could be open more hours. I know it is open later during finals week, but even the week before finals is crazy, especially for those in the humanities and other fields, who have to write papers. Often we don't have finals so the week before finals is crazy with writing papers. The library environment is excellent for this. If others mention this in their comments, I hope that if feasible, you could consider this. I am a graduating senior but I am coming back for another degree and would love to see more hours implemented if possible. Thank you. Also, on a positive note, I find URSUS incredibly easy to navigate and have found the reference desk to be helpful. The computer stations are also set up well.
Undergraduate It would be nice if the library was open an hour earlier.
Undergraduate As much as I understand that the library does not allow food or drink in the library due to rodent issues, it seems to be the only concern of the librarians. I can gaurantee that if I have food in an area I shouldn't they will yell or scold me, but if I need help getting something I have never received it, even upon request. They usually just point me to a computer and say I can look there. If I ask it is because I couldn't find it on the computer. Sometimes they politely tell me they are unsure.
Undergraduate The lighting in the individual study areas is not adequate, and makes it hard to study. I wish there were more quiet, well-lit, comfortable (with back support) areas to study.
Undergraduate It would be helpful if there were more direction of where the materials in the library are, the library is confusing and it is therefore hard to find the books that one is looking for
Undergraduate I like that there is a variety of 'spaces' where a student can have silence or a group of students can study together and talk quietly.
Undergraduate I do not usually use the resources in the library, but it is a great place to study and do homework.
Undergraduate very helpful when used for research and studying.
Undergraduate Need to provide more electronic access to books.
Undergraduate I find more often than not that the library is more of a maze than a straight shot to the information that I need to find. Sometimes, it can even feel as though the information is being hidden than being readily available. The systems are confusing and the only reason I feel as though I can get anything done is due to the fact that I have been in classes where a libarian will come in and try to explain the system and I will take notes. Otherwise, for the most part, I have to figure things out on my own.
Undergraduate The librarians and student employees are very helpful, although they generally keep to themselves they are always ready to help in finding's wonderful to have such a resource so nearby. Keep up the work!
Undergraduate The library hours are ridiculous, if you want to inspire students, you must be open 24/7, most major research institutions are!
Undergraduate Information via electronic journals is accessible through PubMed but journals that the library has subscribed to is not made available electronically. I always felt that the library must have subscription codes to get to electronic articles but that information is not made to the public. I never pursued it further but wish that I had that information when doing research.