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Part Three: Analysis of Comments

LibQUAL returned all of the comments to the open-ended question together with demographic information about the respondents. Fogler also opted to have the responses to the core and local questions sent coded for SYSTAT (statistics software). Six hundred and eighty four respondents provided comments ranging from global expressions of satisfaction/ dissatisfaction to specific suggestions. The table below has the respondent breakdown for user groups.

  Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Faculty Staff
N 390 145 87 62
% 57% 21% 12% 9%

     3.1 Information Resources

Information Resources were divided into Journals/Databases, Books/Other Formats, and URSUS/Library Web Site.

graph for comments on information resources  
Types of Comments
Inadequate resources in general
Inadequate resources for field
Inadequate resources online
Connection issues for online resources
Usability issues for online resources
Link maintenance for online resources

     3.2 Staff and Services

Staff and Services were divided into Staff, Policies, and Instruction. Comments for staff were overall very positive.

graph of comments for staff and services  

Types of Positive Comments
Overall satisfaction with staff
Specific praise for departments and individuals

Types of Negative Comments
Unhelpful student workers
Rude or condescending “staff”
Inadequate Borrowing policies
Unsatisfactory Food policies
Inadequate tours and instruction

     3.3 Building and Equipment

Building and Equipment were divided into Building/Equipment and Building Hours.

graph for builidng and equipment comments  

Types of Comments
Complaints about cell phone conversations
Complaints about temperature control
Complaints about printers
Unsatisfactory signage
Inadequate hours

     3.4 Other

Other comments were divided into General Satisfaction, Financial Support, and Survey.

graph for other comments  

Types of Comments
General satisfaction with library
Lack of financial support for library
Problem understanding survey

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