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-- Wednesday, February 6, 2008 --

1. Collections
    A.  New in Reference
    B.  Government Publications
2. Services
    A. Library Podcasts
.    Columbia encyclopedia of modern drama. Cody, G. H. & Sprinchorn, E. (Eds.). [REF PN1861.C65 2007]
Covering the period from 1860 to the present this two-volume work emphasizes "the interdisciplinary nature of drama by placing playwrights and plays within their social, cultural, and historical contexts."
.    Encyclopedia of American Journalism. Vaughn, S. L.(Ed.). [REF PN4855.E53 2008]
One-volume reference with 405 articles by specialists, covering a wide range of topics in print media, radio, television, and the Internet. Includes mainstream media, ethnic and immigrant media, biographical information on the great journalists, and historic legal trials that now define journalism as an important part of American society.
 .   Schirmer encyclopedia of film. Grant, B. K. [REF PN1993.45.G65 2007]
Four volumes. Articles on film genres, film theory and other aspects of film and film studies including film history, documentary, propaganda, structuralism and poststructuralism, and queer theory.
.    Focal encyclopedia of photography. Peres, M. R. (Ed.). [REF Fine Arts TR9.F6 2007]
Renowned photographers compiled this fourth edition, featuring "the history and historical processes of photography, contemporary applications, and the new and evolving digital technologies"
 .   Greenwood Library of American folktales. Green, T. A. (2006). [REF GR105.G75 2006]
Four volumes, divided as follows:  Northeast & Cyberspace; Southwest, Plains & West; South & Caribbean; Northeast, Midwest & Mid-Atlantic. Folktales subarranged under the headings: Origins; Heroes, heroines, tricksters, and fools; The powers that be: Sacred tales; The Powers that be: Secular tales

B.  Government Publications
    Fogler Library now has over 2.3 million public documents available on campus. These include publications of United States federal and state and Canadian federal and provincial governments, as well as those of other foreign national governments, and intergovernmental and international bodies. Search these in the URSUS online catalog as with any other publication, by author, title, keyword and subject.
   In the 21st century documents exist in non-paper formats including: microfiche, microfilm, CD-ROM, DVD, and tangible video and audio media.  Government publications need not be on a library's premises to be accessible, so about 250,000 more are accessible online via links in URSUS.  For further information contact Frank Wihbey, email phone 207-581-1681.

   Five videos in the podcast format are available at Fogler Library's podcasts page  Please recommend them to your students for convenient virtual tours of some of the resources available to them.  (You may enjoy them too!)
   The podcast of Fogler Library's Science and Engineering Center highlights the Center's collections and services for the natural and physical sciences, engineering, and patent and trademark information.  The Media Resource Center podcast tours its media collections including music, video, AND CDROMs; draws attention to the equipment that may be checked out such as laptops, digital camcorders, digital cameras, digital audio recording equipment; and the video/audio workstations, recording equipment, and scanners available.
  There are podcasts also for the Reference Department, and Learning Materials Center.  Reference is the primary information center for Fogler Library, where professional librarians assist library users in identifying, locating, and using print and electronic resources. The Learning Materials Center supports the University's education curriculum with a collection of high quality educational materials for use with children from preschool through grade twelve.
 The University Library, in a succession of campus buildings, has a history as long as the University's itself.  Featured in the Library history podcast are historical photographs and present-day video depicting the Fogler Library building from ground breaking in 1941 to today.
   To subscribe to new podcasts as they become available, please go to  

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