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Publicizing events, collections, acquisitions and services at UMaine's library 
-- Wed., August 12, 2002 --

Distributed by the Fogler Library, The University of Maine, Orono, Maine. Please send comments or requests for more information on news items to Gretchen Gfeller 207-581-1696 or Frank Wihbey, 207-581-1681 Newsletters are also posted and archived at If you would prefer not to receive future issues of this news service by e-mail, please send a message to:

1. News
A. Fall 2002 Reserve
B. Print Management Software
2. New Acquisitions
A. New Database Subscriptions
3. Library Services
A. Fall 2002- Urgent Update


Fogler Library offers services for both traditional and electronic
reserves. To place course material on reserve, use the form on our reserve
web page ( To ensure
that reserve materials are available for your students, please follow these
guidelines: submit your request at least six weeks prior to the first class
assignment, provide first generation copies for scanning, and provide a copy
of your syllabus. All reserve materials are available through URSUS.
Electronic reserves provide 24/7 access to your materials through our Eres
system. This system also allows reserve list content to be password access
only. For more information about reserves and processing please see our web
page at

This fall the Library will fully implement a print management system, Pharos
Uniprint. This is the system that has been tested in the reference section
of the library over the past few months. Students will be given 300 free
pages per semester for their printing, after the free pages are used the
cost per page for printing will be $ 0.08. For further information see the
Paper-Toner Cost Recovery Committee information at


The following is a list of new databases available to faculty and
researchers. For information about an individual database, click on the
Indexes and Databases link on the Fogler Library homepage
( and select the
database title from the alphabetical list. Clicking the 'I' info icon on the
left of any title will provide scope and content details.

Alt-Health Watch, American National Biography, ASFA 3: Aquatic
Pollution & Env Quality, Bacteriology Abstracts, Business Source
Corporate, Business Wire News, Computer Source, Encyclopedia Britannica,
Legal Collection, Literature Resource Center: (Scribner's Writer's Series)
(Twayne's Author Series), Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford Reference
Online, Poem Finder, Prof Development Collection, Psych & Behavioral
Sciences Collection, Religion & Philosophy Collection, Sociological
Collection, Vocational & Career Collection.

These databases are in addition to the expanded Cambridge Scientific
Abstracts resources outlined in our May 15th newsletter. To find this and
other previous issues, click on the link to past issues of the newsletter


Fogler Library had a number of positions that were unfilled over the past
year due to the two hiring moratoriums. Although we now have been allowed
to fill some of the positions we will not be able to hire and have the new
staff in the library by the time classes begin on September 3. This will
have an impact on the services we are able to offer. We will be unable to
do many of the instruction sessions that we have done in the past. We will
need more lead time to process reserves, both electronic and traditional,
for your classes. It is possible that some hours in some areas of the
library will be reduced for a period of time.
We hope to fill the released positions as soon as possible, but it is a
process that will take time.

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