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-- Wed., September 4, 2002 --

1. News
A. Reserve Services
B. Printing and copying in the Library
C. Elevator Update
D. Central Stairwell Construction


Fogler Library staff are currently processing reserve lists for the fall semester courses. To ensure that your reserve materials are ready for your students please submit your request at least six weeks prior to the first class assignment; provide first generation copies for scanning; and provide a copy of your syllabus. All reserve materials are available through URSUS, our online catalog. Electronic reserves provide 24/7 access for your materials through our Eres system. This system also allows reserve list content to be password access only. For more information about reserves and processing please see our web page at

Along with other campus departments the Library has implemented a print management system. Pharos Uniprint has been installed on the printers in Reference and Science and Engineering. Students and faculty will be given $16.00 on their MaineCard each semester to use for printing at any of the Uniprint locations. The print management system tracks usage and will show the printing funds balance each time you swipe your card. If the $16.00 is used before the end of the semester the system will automatically draw from whatever campus funds are available on your card. The printing charge at the library is .08 per page.

Photocopying at Fogler library also uses the MaineCard for payment. The copying charges come from the campus funds account. You can add money to your MaineCard Campus Funds in either the MaineCard office, Fogler Library or in the Union lobby. The copying charge at the library is .08 per page.

The elevator renovation project in the core stacks of the Library is completed. The new elevator features an expanded elevator shaft, hydraulic piston system to replace the motor driven cable system, and a more attractive car, with better illumination and ventilation. The newly constructed elevator shaft and deeper car now allow for wheel chair entry and exit.

Work is underway to add fire doors to each level of the central staircase of the Library. This construction is part of the University compliance with fire prevention regulations. When complete each level will have fire doors that will be held open magnetically, unless the fire alarm is activated. 

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