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-- Wednesday, November 19, 2008 --

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1. Events
    A. Fogler Library Releases Music Video
2. Databases
    A. OECD Factbook
    Fogler Library, in collaboration with the Maine Channel, has produced its first music video. Featuring The Renewals, Fogler Library’s band, singing "My Library," the video is a student - staff collaboration. Band members from the Library staff wrote the lyrics and musical arrangement for the song, students Cassie Alley and Erin Keim provided vocals, and production was handled by students from the Maine Channel. "My Library" is now playing on the Maine Channel; it is also available on the Library web site.  <>.
   The Renewals band includes students Cassie Alley and Erin Keim as lead vocalists accompanied by library staff musicians and singers, Thomas Jones, Larry Corbett, Kjerste Christensen, Albie Dunn, and Gretchen Gfeller. The production team at the Maine Channel includes: David Nickerson, producer and editor; Jacob Davis, sound recording; Thomas Haraden, camera and filming. The Renewals will be back in the spring with a new song.

    Library users now have access to the online OECD Factbook.  This data collection is published by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and covers forty full and candidate member countries with some information for 177 more non-member countries.  It has economic, environmental, and social statistics in the form of charts, spreadsheets, pdfs, etc.
  Data categories include: air and land; communications; economic globalization; economic growth and  structure; education expenditure and outcomes; employment and unemployment; energy production, prices and supply; environment; foreign direct investment; government deficits, debt and support for agriculture and fisheries; gross domestic product; health; labor; labor compensation and hours worked; life expectancy;  macroeconomic trends; natural resources; population and migration; prices and interest rates; public expenditure and finance; purchasing power; quality of life;  research and development; science and technology; support and aid; taxes; trade; transport; and water.
   Some of the presentations are interactive, to compare selected countries. Access the OECD Factbook via URSUS.
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