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-- Wednesday, February 17 , 2010--

1. Announcements/Projects/Events
            A. Graduate Colloquium Series
2. Collections
            A. New Reference Books
The Library is introducing a new series of monthly graduate colloquia. The first in the series will be held on February 23rd at noon in the Library Classroom. Craig Lodis will be the speaker. His topic is “Testing the Perseverative Cognition Hypothesis: Examining the Relationship Between Worry, Rumination, and Heart-rate Variability.”
The Graduate Colloquia are an opportunity for students to talk in an informal environment about their thesis or dissertation topics, the research process - the problems they face and the resources that they use. This is also intended to highlight the role of Fogler Library in the students' research process. The colloquia will enable the presenters to get feedback from others. It is also an opportunity for other students who are contemplating doing graduate studies to see what is entailed at that level.
The sessions are scheduled for one hour. Students can use the full hour or split the time with another student. For more information, contact Joe Fernandez <> or 581-3611.
An anthology of American folktales and legends. REF GR105.A67 2009
A collection of tales and legends representing various ethnic groups and regions in the United States.
The Grove encyclopedia of Islamic art and architecture. REF N6260.G75 2009
“Offers over 1,600 up-to-date entries on Islamic art and architecture ranging from the Middle East to Central and South Asia, Africa, and Europe and spans over a thousand years of history.”
Encyclopedia of communication theory. REF P87.5 .E496 2009
A two-volume set of descriptions of the different theories and aspects of communication.
Resh, Vincent H. and Carde, Ring T. (eds.) 2009. Encyclopedia of insects. 2nd ed. SciRef QL462.3.E485 2009. Signed entries on all aspects of insects.  Each entry includes references for indepth reading on the topic.
Boller, Christian, Chang, Fu-Kuo, and Fujino, Yozo. (eds.) 2009. Encyclopedia of structural health monitoring. 5 vols. SciRef TA656.5.E53 2009.
Detailed information is present on "smart structures" in the field of health.  "Smart structure" use "...sensing and actuation devices an integrat part of a structure or the structural material itself." (p. xxxiii, vol. 1.)
Benson, Alvin K. (ed.) 2010. Inventors & inventions. 4 vols. SciPTDL T39.G75 2010
Signed entries on inventors.  Each entry includes information on the inventor's early life and life's work.  FA further reading list enhances each entry.

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