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-- Wednesday, March 31 , 2010--

1. Announcements
            A. Bright Papers Added to Cohen Collection
2. Collections
            A.  Grove Art Online
“I don’t have any real contribution to make in Washington anymore except bitterness,” wrote Thomas Bright, a man who had been press secretary for William S. Cohen since 1975.  His parting thoughts were offered in a November, 1979, article written for the Washington Post.  He concluded that he had “ample reason to abandon Capitol Hill for the more humble pleasures of life in a New England suburb,” as he returned to Massachusetts to work in a family shoe business.  “It is more satisfying to build a chapel,” he reflected, “than to tear down a cathedral.”
In a letter to the Special Collections Department in 2009, he explained that he had been in Washington for a gathering that included a number of Cohen alumni and it had come up in conversation that the Cohen Papers reside at UMaine’s Fogler Library.  This prompted him to think of the several bankers boxes in his attic full of paperwork from his years with the Cohen administration. 
Within a few months, we received the addition of Thomas Bright’s papers, which have now been processed and are available for research.  Bright’s files included many annotated drafts of speeches, news releases, editorial columns, and news clippings.  Memos and correspondence reflect the internal workings of the office and its interactions with members of the press in the 1970s. Anyone interested in accessing the Thomas Bright subseries of the William S. Cohen Papers may contact Desiree Butterfield-Nagy at 207-581-2665 or <>
            A. GROVE ART ONLINE
Grove Art Online in now available via our Indexes and Databases page: <>.  This resource is today's foremost scholarly art encyclopedia covering all aspects of Western and non-Western visual art. It includes the full text of The Dictionary of Art, edited by Jane Turner (1996, 34 volumes) – the landmark reference work containing more than 45,000 articles (more than 21,000 biographies and 500,000 bibliographical citations) contributed by 6,700 scholars from 120 countries. Grove Art Online is maintained with a regular update program to articles and bibliographies. Each year, new articles are added to enhance the coverage of significant areas of the visual arts with the participation of more than 1,000 international art historians. All new content continues to be written and peer reviewed by scholars and specialists.
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