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-- Wed., April 24, 2002 --

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  A. Serials Cancellation Project for FY 2003

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  A. Manly Hardy Collection

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Fogler Library's acquisitions budget is not keeping pace with inflation. The Library has transferred a steadily increasing percentage of the monographs budget to journal subscriptions. Inflation has increased prices about 8-10% annually. Journals now consume about 75% of the entire acquisitions budget and book purchases have steadily declined to meet these increased costs. Over the years savings from staff vacancies have also been used to supplement the acquisitions budget. Since we have lost many positions, staff salaries cannot continue to be counted on to help balance the budget.

After three years with no inflation monies, we have determined that it is necessary to cut approximately $660,000 worth of journals to bring the budget into balance. The total cut will result in approximately 1200 journals being eliminated. This will be in addition to the 440 already eliminated as of 2001 which includes the titles cut in the previous serials cancellation project.

This deficit has reached a critical point at this time due to the following:

  1. A cut of $179,000 in expenditures requested by the administration in order for the Library to meet its reallocation goal.
  2. Loss of several positions.
  3. Anticipation that again there will be no money appropriated to meet inflation in the coming fiscal year. Current industry projections indicate another $187,000 will be needed after title cuts.

Project web page:



In the summer of 2000, the Special Collections Department of Fogler Library received a small but significant gift -- a collection of materials related to Manly Hardy, 1832-1910, of Brewer, Maine. Hardy was the son of Jonathan T., and Catherine Sears Atwood Hardy and the father of Fannie Hardy Eckstorm, whose large collection of papers related to various Maine topics is already a part of Special Collections. The papers were collected and donated to the library by Ralph S. Palmer, of Tenants Harbor, Maine, who was interested in writing a biography of Manly Hardy and was given much of the original material in the collection by Mrs. Eckstorm and her sister, Charlotte Hardy. Local history researchers will find that the materials in this collection complement several other collections which relate to Bangor/Brewer history, such as the Chamberlain Family and Hamlin Family Papers, the James B. Vickery Collections and of course the Fannie Hardy Eckstorm Collection. The collection may also be of interest to anyone studying Maine wildlife, Penobscot Indians, ornithology, or fur-trading and trapping in Maine.



Fogler Library participates in a program of the Research Libraries Advisory Committee that extends library privileges to faculty members of other research universities. If you are planning to visit a library that participates in this program we can provide a Borrowing Program Card for you. This card tells the lending library that you are a member of the faculty at the University of Maine. Privileges vary from institution to institution, we can search the on-line Name-Address Directory record for information about the institution you plan to visit. Please see the description of the program and the membership list at

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