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-- Wednesday, October 27, 2004--

1.   News & Events     
      A.  Interviews Beginning for the New Dean of Libraries 
      B.  Last Computer Mapping Workshops of the Fall Semester 
      C.  Presidential Artifacts on Display 

1.    NEWS & EVENTS  
There will be three candidates brought to campus to interview for the Dean of Libraries position over the next three weeks.  We urge you to attend the open sessions to interact with each candidate; contact Wanda Legere (on FirstClass or x11516) for specific days, times, and locations of these sessions.

Faculty are invited to attend any of the remaining computer mapping workshops in the Fogler Library Workshop series.  Instructor is Frank Wihbey, Head, Government Documents and Microforms,  207-581-1681.  To register please contact Gretchen Gfeller  207-581-1696. 

Cm6. GIS Immersion Workshop- $50 (includes materials) 
Tues., 9 Nov., 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 
For those who cannot take the individual weekday workshops one at a time, here’s the whole shebang in a single day. Covers basic terminology, characteristics of formats, selected hardware and software. You will be introduced to one of the most commonly used GIS software packages:  ArcView 3.3 from ESRI, Inc.   Then we will move to basic applications and techniques in ArcView and how to convert from any data format to any other.  You will also learn how to construct and print customized maps from the widely available DeLorme Topo USA 5.0 program . The workshop includes strategies on how to find ready-made numeric and spatial databases. We'll also show how to convert maps from paper or microfiche to digital (computer-readable) form for those cases where you cannot locate ready-made data sets.  Brief coverage will be given on how to overlay your GPS data onto a topographic map.

Cm0. Customized Topo Maps with MapTech - FREE 
Tues., 16 Nov., 2:00-3:00 p.m. 
MapTech Terrain Navigator Pro is a versatile mapping system with coverage of the entire U.S. Learn how to: use the map search features; find exact coordinates, elevations and grades; view and crop single (or stitch multiple) high-quality digital USGS maps in 2-D and 3-D.

Cm1. GIS for Everybody  - $10 (includes materials) 
Thurs., 18 Nov., 2:00-5:00 p.m. 
Learn how to map the spatial distribution of your data with ArcView 3.3 software, and how to print customized maps from the DeLorme Topo USA 5.0 program. Hands-on, with option to also schedule time on the Library's GeoScan computer. 

These and other workshops in Fogler Library's Workshop series are listed and described at:

William S. ("Bill") Cohen's congressional career (1973-1996) and his service as Secretary of Defense (1997-2001) spanned the administrations of six presidents from Richard Nixon through Bill Clinton.  Photographs, documents, autographed letters, and memorabilia in the William S. Cohen Papers offer a glimpse at the presidency from Cohen's perspective as congressman, senator, and cabinet member.  To coincide with the upcoming election, these items will be exhibited during the first two weeks of November in the Memorial Union lower level display cases.  The Cohen Papers comprises nearly 2,000 linear feet of material documenting Bill Cohen's political life, maintained and made available to researchers through Fogler's Special Collections Department.  Stop by to see the exhibit and learn more about the collection at


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