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Publicizing events, collections, acquisitions and services at UMaine's library 
-- Wed., May 15, 2002 --

Distributed by the Fogler Library, The University of Maine, Orono, Maine.
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1. News
A. Expanded Resources from Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
2. Highlighting Library Services
A. Women's Studies Bibliography


A. Expanded Resources from Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA)

Many of you are familiar with our CSA titles:Animal Behavior Abstracts,
Ecology Abstracts, Entomology Abstracts, Oceanic Abstracts, and Pollution
Abstracts. Up until now, we have had access only to the current + previous
year of abstracts, making their usefulness fairly limited. We now have
access to these titles back to either 1981 or 1982, adding thousands of
bibliographic records to your search. In addition, we are now subscribing to
the following CSA titles:

-Agricultural & Environmental Biotechnology Abstracts (1993-present)
-ASFA 3: Aquatic Pollution & Environmental Quality (1990-present)
-Bacteriological Abstracts (1982-present)
-EIS: Digests of Environmental Impact Statements (1985-present)
-Environmental Engineering Abstracts (1990-present)
-Health & Safety Sciences Abstracts (1981-present)
-Industrial & Applied Microbiology Abstracts (1982-present)
-Risk Abstracts (1990-present)
-Toxicology Abstracts (1982-present)

Each of the above abstracts provides an index to journal articles,
conference papers, books, and reports. Visit our Indexes and Databases page
at All have now been linked and are ready to
search. If you have any questions about searching these databases, please
contact Jim Bird at x1697 or


A. The Women's Studies Bibliography
 The Women's Studies Bibliography is compiled and edited by reference
librarian Nancy Lewis as a service to researchers and faculty. The
Bibliography is divided into 14 subjects ranging from feminist theory to
economic development to anthropology. The criteria for works that are
included in the Bibliography is that they must be somehow pertinent to the
field of Women's Studies. Some of the works are authored by members of
significant feminist circles, while others cover women's history or
represent a women's perspective on a subject. The topic is far-reaching, and
Lewis says she can see up to 50 books a month for consideration into the
Bibliography. The Women's Studies Bibliography is published monthly. It is
posted to the Library folder on FirstClass and can be viewed on the web at:

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