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Chemical & Biological Engineering Resources

The following are selected resources that are available at Fogler Library or on the Internet. If you have questions about finding information related to Chemical & Biological Engineering, please contact the Science and Engineering Center at 581-1691 or email Martin Wallace. Or use our Ask a Librarian service.

Table of Contents
Indexes & Databases for Locating Journal Articles Selected Internet Sites
e-Journals Professional Societies & Research Organizations
News Sources & Newspaper Indexes Maine Organizations
Library Catalogs Biography & History
Dictionaries & Encyclopedias Citation Guides, Writing Manuals & Evaluation Criteria
Handbooks, Manuals, & Other Reference Works Consider Engineering
Chemical Prices Educational Resources
Standards & Specifications Graduate School, Postdoctoral Studies, Careers, Jobs, & Internships
PatentsGrant & Funding Sources
Company & Product Directories


Use these databases to locate citations or full text for journal articles, conference papers, technical reports and theses in chemical engineering. Once you have located relevant articles, search URSUS by journal or book title to determine if Fogler Library owns the item. We may own journals in print or online or both formats. Need to check the record listed as Serials (for print holdings) and E-Serials (for electronic holdings). Must click on the "Restricted Access UM" link to see the online holdings. If we do not own the item you need, consider requesting through Interlibrary Loan. Remember most of the articles listed in these databases cannot be located by using a regular web browser such as Google. These databases provide the means to locating scholarly research articles.

Tips for Searching:

  • Use truncation to allow for the various spellings of a word. Truncation symbol for most databases is the * (asterisk). For example: Comput* will retrieve: computer, computing, computers, computational, etc.
  • Use double quotes to search for an exact phrase: "wood chips" will retrieve much more precise results. Searching without quotes in most databases yields a search for - wood and chips. This finds the words anywhere in the same record not as a phrase.
  • Check the length of the article. Would probably not want to pursue articles under 3 pages unless you are looking for news items to gather information on companies or research labs making news.
  • Use synonyms to make your search more comprehensive. Link synonyms with 'or' operator. For example: biofuel* or biodiesel or ethanol.
  • Link concepts with the 'and' operator. Use parentheses to group synonyms together when using one search box. For example: (biodiesel* or biofuel*) and (pulp or wood or forest* or hemicellulose*)
  • When you have located some relevant articles, review the abstract and subject headings of these records. Utilize subject headings for more precise results. Most databases you can click on a subject heading for a new search and then refine this new search.
  • Utilize the bibliography at the end of relevant research papers to expand your list of resources. Some of these references may have errors. It has been found that 20% of the references cited will have an error.
  • Utilize articles that are more than one year old and use the Web of Science database to locate more recent articles that have cited the know paper.

Most relevant databases:

  • Chemical Abstracts. (Sci Index QD7.C44) Online access now available through SciFinder Scholar, 1907 to present. Software needs to be loaded on your computer to utilize SciFinder Scholar. We have a contract for just one user at a time but the service is available almost 24/7. This is the major indexing source for the worldwide chemical literature. Published by the American Chemical Society. Approximately 14,000 journals are monitored, plus patents, conference proceedings, and other types of literature. SciFinder Scholar is available in clusters in Jenness Hall.
  • Chemical Data Access Tool (CDAT). Use CDAT to find health and safety information submitted to EPA under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), including a broad range of health and safety information reported by industry under TSCA Sections 4,5, 8(d), and 8(e), unpublished, nonconfidential studies covering chemical testing results and adverse effects of chemicals on health and ecological systems, health and environmental effects information obtained through the High Production Volume (HPV) Challenge, and recently declassified confidential business information.
  • Compendex (Engineering Index). Coverage is 1970 - Present. The best multidisciplinary engineering database that indexes over 5000 engineering journals, conferences and technical reports. Use their subject headings to obtain more precise results. Access is provided by the following indexes: author, author's affiliation (university or company), keywords from the abstract and title, subject terms and source title (journal or conference title). Compendex is part of the Engineering Village. In the select database box they provide specialized indexing of the Internet, access to INSPEC (physics, electronics and computer science database), a technical standards database, and a link to the U.S. Patent Database and European Patents database (Esp@cenet). SUGGESTION: Search Compendex and INSPEC together for best results when looking for research papers. For information published before 1970 consult the print copy at Sci Index TA1.E6, 1884 - 1995 in the Science and Engineering Center.
  • Web of Science. Coverage is 1900 to present. Online version of Science Citation Index, Social Sciences Citation Index and Arts and Humanities Citation Index. May elect to search all 3 databases or just the Science Citation Index which has excellent coverage of all fields of engineering. Citation searching provides one method for bringing your list of references more up-to-date. Take your most important known papers and use this index to determine if they have been cited by more recent journal articles. For a citation search, utilize the first author's last name and initials in inverted form (genco j) and the year(s) of publication. No need to try to input the title of the publication. It will display a listing that you can choose from. They index over 8,500 journals but do not include technical reports, conference papers or theses.
  • ACS Journal Archives. Full Text of all ACS journals from volume 1 up until 5 years ago. Includes important titles: Environmental Science and Technology, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data and Langmuir. Provides for locating a known citation or searching by author, keywords or the full text of the articles.
  • Academic Search Complete. PARTIAL FULL TEXT DATABASE. Provides full text for 3,200 scholarly publications covering academic areas of study including social sciences, humanities, education, computer sciences, engineering, and mathematics. Good resource for a few basic articles on a topic. This database is designed for undergraduate research. For a more comprehensive search, search Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete and Master File Premier at the same time. Select the Choose Databases link in the EBSCO interface to select multiple databases.
  • Business Source Complete. PARTIAL FULL TEXT DATABASE. Provides full text for over 3200 business and industry journals. Coverage is back to the 1950's for some important publications and contains detailed company profiles for the world's 5,000 largest companies. Contains full text for these important journals: Chemical Business, Chemical Market Reporter, and Chemical Week.
  • TAPPI e-Library. Provides unlimited access to over 20,000 documents from 1990 to the present including conference proceedings, technical papers, TAPPI Journal articles, Paper360º articles, archived Solutions! articles, and more. The TAPPI e-Library covers every area of the pulp and paper industry and is a powerful resource for keeping up with industry developments, researching solutions to problems and challenges, learning about leading edge technologies and business strategies.

Databases that may also be helpful:

  • AGRICOLA. 1979 - Present online. This database contains records for articles, technical reports, and book chapters on all aspects of agriculture and allied disciplines, including agricultural economics, agricultural engineering, agricultural products, and alternative farming practices. (Non-UMaine users may want to use the AGRICOLA database at the National Agricultural Library website. ) Updated monthly.
  • Agricultural and Environmental Biotechnology Abstracts. Coverage is 1993 to present. Produced by Cambridge Scientific Abstracts. Covers biotechnological techniques in the food industry, agriculture, and the environment. Also covers a wide range of environmental developments and issues. Indexes a wide range of journals from genetics and cell biology to animal and crop science. Updated bimonthly.
  • Agricultural Engineering Abstracts. Part of the CAB Direct package. Click on Search CAB Direct in the middle of the screen to start searching.
    This package covers all areas of plant science, ecology, forestry, soil science, food science and biotechnology. Over 4 million records are searchable.
  • BIOSIS Previews. Indexes over 5,200 scholarly journals. Most comprehensive database for biology, biotechnology and molecular biology. Coverage is 1969 - present.
  • Digital Dissertations and Theses (Proquest). Indexes dissertations and theses written by graduates of North American and European universities. The complete text of dissertations written at the University of Maine after 1996 is included.
  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). Provides access to the full text of over 1100 free scholarly journals. Some journals are searchable at the article level. Also provides access by broad subject areas.
  • Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC). Scientific and Technical Information Network. PARTIAL FULL TEXT DATABASE. Access to all unclassified, unlimitedcitations to documents added into DTIC from late December 1974 to present, many from 1998 to present in full text. STINET MultiSearch is a STINET feature intended to assist the DOD community to access pertinent scientific and technical information over a wide range of sources. You may check up to 10 databases to search simultaneously.
  • Environmental Engineering Abstracts. Coverage is 1990 - Present. Produced by Cambridge Scientific Abstracts. The focus of this database is engineering aspects of air and water quality, environmental safety, and energy production. More than 700 primary journals are covered and over 2,500 additional sources, including monographs and conference proceedings.
  • Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management. Provides access to the electronic versions of several standard indexes: Agricultural & environmental biotechnology abstracts (1993-present); AFSA Aquatic pollution & environmental quality (1990-present); Ecology abstracts (1982-present); EIS Digests of environmental impact statements (1985-present); Environmental engineering abstracts (1990-present); Health & safety sciences abstracts (1981-present); Industrial & applied microbiology abstracts (Microbiology A) (1982-present); Bacteriology abstracts (Microbiology B) (1982-present); Pollution abstracts (1981-present); Risk abstracts (1990-present); Toxicology abstracts (1981-present); Water resources abstracts (1967-present). Helpful to search several or all of these files at once. You are given the option of choosing databases that are appropriate.
  • FSTA: Food Science and Technology Abstracts. Coverage is 1969 - Present. International Food Information Service (IFIS) produces Food Science and Technology Abstracts (FSTA), which contains over 500,000 references. The file is updated weekly. FSTA covers all areas of food science, food technology, and human nutrition, including basic food science, biotechnology, toxicology, packaging, and engineering. Over 1800 publications are scannd, including journals, reviews, standards, legislation, patents, books, theses, and conference proceedings.
  • INSPEC. Coverage is 1969 - Present. Provides worldwide coverage of the research literature for the fields of physics, electrical engineering, electronics, computer hardware and software, control engineering and information technology. It is produced by the Institution of Electrical Engineers, Great Britain. Literature is reviewed from over 3,500 journals and 1,500 conference proceedings each year. Very helpful for applied physics and chemical physics topics. Database is updated weekly. Searching in combination with Compendex is recommended. Use the pull-down menu under Select Database to choose the combined databases. Utilize the "Remove Duplicates" feature.
  • Master File Premier. PARTIAL FULL TEXT DATABASE. Provides full text for over 1800 business, science and industry journals. Indexing coverage for oer 2800 periodicals. Full text extends back to 1990 and abstracts back to 1984. Updated daily by EBSCOhost.
  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) Search - National Repository. FULL TEXT DATABASE. This site pulls together in one place a great many sites containing material safety data sheets. Large list of manufacturers is included.
  • MSDS Solutions. FULL TEXT DATABASE. Database providing access to over 1 million Material Safety Data Sheets. See also this listing of MSDS compilations.
  • National Environmental Publications Internet Site - NEPIS. This Environmental Protection Agency site contains the full text of over 6,000 EPA documents. Searching is by keyword.
  • NASA Technical Report Server (NTRS). This database collects, archives, and disseminates aerospace information produced by NASA and other relevant worldwide research.
  • National Technical Reports Library (NTRL). Provides indexing to a collection of more than 2.2 million historical (pre-1900) to current U.S. government-sponsored technical reports archived by the National Technical Information Service (NTIS). Over 700,000 documents are available in full-text format. Subject coverage includes engineering, computer science, transportation, medicine, biology, energy, communications, agriculture, and more.
  • Pollution Abstracts. 1981 - present. Presented by Cambridge Scientific Abstracts this resources covers air, water, land and noise pollution. Industry pollution problems and solutions are covered. Updated monthly.
  • Science Accelerator, Office of Scientific and Technical Information, U.S. Department of Energy. Search collections of DOE research results, project descriptions, and accomplishments. These collections enable you to find out about ongoing research projects, explore significant DOE discoveries, learn about DOE Nobel Prize Winners, access and search scientific e-prints, locate science conference papers and proceedings, patents, and more.
  • 5.0. A free, integrated single-search gateway to reliable science and technology information from 17 organizations within 13 federal science agencies - access to over 200 million pages of scientific information.
  • Science Citation Index. Paper copy at Sci Index Q1.A1S36. Holdings are 1965 to present. An excellent multidisciplinary science information source which leads you to papers that cite a paper of interest, thus resulting in records for articles that you may not find using traditional subject or keyword searching. To learn how to use it, ask a Science and Engineering Center librarian. Online access is available through Web of Science. Coverage is 1900 to present.
  • ScienceDirect. FULL TEXT FOR UMAINE SUBSCRIBED JOURNAL TITLES ONLY (1800+). Online access to full text from 1995 for most titles. Sign up for automatic notification when new issues are published.
  • SciTech Connect. Formerly two separate databases: Energy Citations Database and DOE Information Bridge. Coverage is 1948 - Present. Contains bibliographic records and many full texts for energy and energy-related scientific and technical reports and papers sponsored by the Department of Energy (DOE) and its predecessor agencies. It provides coverage of traditional and alternative forms of energy production and conservation. Many aspects of electrical engineering and applied physics are covered including fission and fusion.
  • SPIN: Searchable Physics Information Notices. A bibliographic database published by the American Institute of Physics. It is updated every 2 weeks with coverage of all AIP journals and proceedings. Coverage also includes journals from other societies including the Electrochemical Society, Russian Academy of Sciences, etc.
  • TOXNET. a cluster of databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, and related areas including TOXLINE.
  • U.S. Patent database. See also Maine's Patent and Trademark Resource Center.
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Makes available many databases that index technical data and research reports. Review the list of research programs. National Environmental Publications Internet Site - NEPIS. This database contains the full text of over 6,000 EPA documents. Searching is by keyword.
  • Virtual Technical Reports Center. Maintained by the University of Maryland Libraries. Links to institutions worldwide that provide full text and indexing to their reports, dissertations, reprints and preprints.
  • Water Resources Abstracts. Index to international scientific literature on all aspects of water resource issues. Includes abstracts of journal articles, monographs, technical reports, books, and conference papers. Produced by Cambridge Scientific Abstracts and also provides access to evaluated internet resources. Updated monthly. Coverage is 1967 to the present.


News Sources & Newspaper Indexes

  • Chemistry Headlines. From the ACS.
  • The Internet Navigator for the chemical industry. It contains chemistry-related news and industry trends, links to quality tutorials and databases and electronic journals.
  • EurekAlert. Service of the AAAS.
  • LexisNexis Academic. Worldwide coverage of newspapers, newsletters, and trade journals with good coverage of environmental and water resources issues.
  • Maine Newsstand. Indexes four Maine newspapers.
  • New York Times. 1999 - present. Full text of articles.
  • New York Times Historical. 1851 to 4 years ago. Full indexing and full page image of articles, reviews, advertisements, photos, etc.
  • News on the Web - Archive. Provides links to U.S. and international newspaper archives that are searchable. Also has links to TV and radio broadcast archives.
  • PE Magazine. News magazine from the National Society of Professional Engineers.
  • ProQuest Newspapers. Full text of more than 500 U.S. and international news sources. Includes The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, and the Times of London, plus hundreds of other news sources and news wires. Years of coverage vary by title. Maine papers included: Bangor Daily News (1992+), Portland Press Herald (1995+), and selected business coverage from Maine Times (1994-2002) and Central Maine Morning Sentinel (1993-1997).
  • Pulp and Paper Net. Information about pulp and paper-related conferences and job openings, and a suppliers database.
  • SciCentral. Gateway to the best scientific research news sources


  • URSUS. University of Maine System catalog. Use the Request function to request items from other campuses. Items are sent to Orono and loaned for 4 weeks.
  • MaineCat. College and university libraries in Maine. Use the Request function to request items from other libraries. Items are sent to Orono and loaned for 4 weeks.
  • WorldCat. International catalog containing the holdings of over 8,000 libraries.
  • Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI) Catalog.


  • Access Science. Online version of the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology and the McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms. Includes over 8,500 online encyclopedia articles and 15,000 illustrations from the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology, 10th Edition and regularly updated, fully-searchable media-rich content, terms, images and video.
  • Dictionaries, thesaurus, quotations, etc.
  • The Internet Navigator for the chemical industry.
  • Concise encyclopedia of the properties of materials surfaces and interfaces / editor. J.W. Martin; Elsevier. (SciRef TA402 .C665 2008)
  • Credo Reference (online). Over 3.2 million entries from more than 450 encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, guides, and atlases in all fields.
  • Encyclopedia of biomaterials and biomedical engineering, 2nd ed. / edited by Gary E. Wnek; Informa Healthcare USA. (SciRef R857.M3 E53 2008)
  • Encyclopedia of Bioprocess Technology : Fermentation, Biocatalysis, and Bioseparation. Wiley, 1999. (Sci Ref TP248.3.F57 1999 5 vols.)
  • Encyclopedia of Energy. Ed. by C. Cleveland. Elsevier, 2004. (SciRef TJ163.2.E539 2004)
  • Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology. 3rd ed. Wiley-Interscience, 2003+ (SciRef TP1110.E53 2003)
  • Encyclopedia of Separation Science. Academic Press, 2000. (SciRef TP156.S45E525 2000 v.1-10)
  • Encyclopedia of Separation Technology. Wiley, 1997. (SciRef TP156.S45E53 1997 v.1-2)
  • Encyclopedia of stem cell research / general editors, Clive N. Svendsen and Allison D. Ebert; SAGE Publications. (SciRef QH588.S83 E53 2008)
  • Encyclopedic Dictionary of Chemical Technology. VCH Pub., 1993. (SciRef TP9.E65 1993)
  • Encyclopedic dictionary of named processes in chemical technology, 3rd ed. / Alan E. Comyns; CRC Press. (SciRef TP155.7 .C664 2007)
  • Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary. (SciRef QD 5 C5) Thousands of chemicals and chemical phenomena are covered in this compendium of technical data. When available, information for chemicals and raw materials includes synonyms, CAS registry number, formula, properties, source or occurrence, derivation, grade, hazards, uses, shipping regulations and trademark.
  • IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology.
  • Japanese-English chemical dictionary : including a guide to Japanese patents and scientific literature / edited by Markus Gewehr; with contributions by Irene Schellner and Klaus Hinkelmann; Wiley-VCH. (SciRef QD5 .J55 2008)
  • Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology. 5th ed. John Wiley, 2004. (SciRef TP9.K54 2004) Excellent resource for students and researchers of all levels. Covers all areas of chemical technology and articles are written by experts in the field. General scientific and technical articles are included. Extensive bibliographies. 3rd and 4th editions also available in the ORO stacks.
  • Modern Plastics Encyclopedia. (SciRef TP986.A1M62) Special issue of the journal, Modern Plastics. Covers a broad spectrum of plastics technology.
  • Polymeric Materials Encyclopedia. CRC Press, 1996. (SciRef TP1110.P65 1996)
  • Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. Wiley - Interscience, 6th ed, 2003. (SciRef TP9.U57) Contains information complementary to that of Kirk-Othmer.
  • World of Chemistry. By Eric Weisstein. Wolfram Research. Access to the articles is provided by an index or major subject areas.


  • Alternative Fuels Data Center. From the Dept. of Energy and includes data on various physical, chemical, operational, and environmental, safety, and health properties.
  • ASME Steam Tables. (SciRef TJ270.A4) Properties of steam presented in numerous tables and charts. Includes software.
  • Atomic Spectra Databases. From NIST.
  • Bilbao Crystallographic Server. Supplies crystallogrphic programs and databases using the International Table for Crystallography.
  • ChemAlliance. Regulatory information for the chemical industries.
  • ChemBioFinder. Searchable database that contains 2D structures and 3D models, physical property information and appropriate Internet links.
  • Chemical Formulary. Chemical Pub. 32 volumes. (SciRef. TP151.B35) Provides formulas for a wide variety of products.
  • Chemicals in the Environment. Fact Sheets. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Coatings Technology Handbook. 2nd rev. Marcel Dekker, 2001. (SciRef TP156.C57C62 2001).
  • CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. (SciRef QD65.H3) A classic reference work with tabulated data on the physical properties of organic and inorganic compounds.
  • Credo Reference (online). Over 3.2 million entries from more than 450 encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, guides, and atlases in all fields.
  • Engineering Fundamentals - EFUNDA. Materials, Formulas, Mathematics, Processes and Design, Etc.
  • Fundamental Physical Constants. CODATA and NIST.
  • Handbook of Applied Surface and Colloid Chemistry. Wiley, 2002. (SciRef TP149.H283 2002)
  • Handbook of Chemical Engineering Calculations. 3rd ed. Ed. by N. Chopey McGraw-Hill, 2003. (SciRef TP149.H285 2004) Solved, numerical illustrative examples of the main, process-related problems that occur often in chemical engineering practice.
  • Handbook of Compressed Gases. (SciRef TP761.C65H36) Properties and accepted means of transportation, storage, and handling of compressed gases. Physical constants are given in both U.S. and SI Units.
  • Handbook of nanostructured biomaterials and their applications in nanobiotechnology, vols. 1&2; American Scientific Publishers. (SciRef TP248.25.N35 H36 2005)
  • Handbook of Surfaces and Interfaces of Materials. Academic, 2001. (SciRef QC173.4.S94H363 2002 vol. 1-5)
  • Handbook on the toxicology of metals / editors, Gunnar F. Nordberg [et al.]; Academic Press. (SciRef RA1231.M52 H36 2007)
  • Hazardous Substances Data Bank. Compiled by NLM.
  • Industrial Polymers Handbook. Ed. by E.S. Wilks. Wiley-VCH, 2001. (QD388.I53 2001 vol.1 - 4)
  • International Critical Tables of Numeric Data, Physics, Chemistry and Technology. Published by the National Research Council. Online provided by Knovel Corporation.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on the Internet.
  • Materials handbook : a concise desktop reference, 2nd ed. / François Cardarelli; Springer. (SciRef TA404.8 .C37 2008). Also available as Springer eBook.
  • Merck Index. 13th ed. Merck & Co., 2001. (SciRef RS51.M4) Dictionary of chemical compounds that contains structure diagrams, physical property data and references for articles and patents that describe the compound's preparation. Includes formula index and trade name index.
  • MSDS Search - National Repository. FULL TEXT DATABASE. This site pulls together in one place a great many sites containing material safety data sheets. Large list of manufacturers is included.
  • NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards. Contains physical and chemical properties and exposure hazard information for several hundred chemicals that are common in the work environment.
  • NIST Standard Reference Database: Chemistry. Search by name, formula, structure, CAS number. Thermochemical, thermophysical, and ion energetics data compiled by NIST under the Standard Reference Data Program. See also the NIST Data Gateway.
  • NIST/SEMATECH e-Handbook of Statistical Methods. Workbook on statistical methods for scientists and engineers.
  • Organic Compounds Database. Index to over 2400 compounds and their properties.
  • Organic Syntheses Website and Database. Provides detailed instructions for the production of chemicals.
  • Perry's chemical engineers' handbook, 8th ed.; McGraw-Hill. Comprehensive one-volume data source for chemical engineers. (SciRef TP151 .P45 2008
  • PGM Database. Comprehensive collection of physical, chemical and mechanical properties for the platinum metals group (Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Irridium, Osmium, and Ruthenium).
  • Polymer Data Handbook, 2nd ed. Oxford University Press, 2009. (TA455.P58 P675 2009)
  • Riegel's Handbook of Industrial Chemistry. 10th ed. Kluwer Academic, 2003. (SciRef TP145.R54 2003)
  • Rules of thumb for chemical engineers : a manual of quick, accurate solutions to everyday process engineering problems, 4th ed. / Carl R. Branan, editor; Elsevier. (SciRef TP151 .R85 2005)
  • Sax's Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials. 10th edition. Wiley, 2000. (SciRef T55.3.H3L494 2000 v.1-3) Contains toxicology and carcinogenic data for chemical compounds. Extensive name index and bibliography for each compound.
  • Smithsonian Physical Tables. 9th edition.
  • Spectral databases on the Internet. Virtual Chemistry Library.
  • SubsTech. A free and open knowledge source on Materials Engineering. It contains a wide range of illustrated articles on metals, ceramics, polymers, composites and fluids including their properties, applications and technologies for their manufacture. Each article includes a list of useful links related to the article content. Users can create their own Expert page, edit the site content, add new articles and contribute to discussions.
  • ThermoDex. Index of selected thermodynamics data handbooks. Links you to the handbooks and contain the data you require.
  • Toxics Release Inventory (TRI). EPA database about toxic chemical releases and waste management activities by many industries.

Stay up-to-date: see our recent acquisitions in Chemical & Biological Engineering titles.


  • Chemical engineering. Buyers guide. McGraw-Hill, Inc. (SciRef TP158 .C5 2009). Current edition located in Fogler Science & Engineering Center. Superseded editions located in stacks.
  • Chemical Market Reporter. Online version of journal. Can search for price information. They no longer have a section each week listing current prices.
  • OPD chemical buyers directory. Schnell Pub. Co. Over 19,000 chemicals and related materials offered for sale for industrial consumption are listed. Access points include an alphabetical listing by chemical name as well as a chemical supplier index, 800 phone directory and chemical distribution index. A list of shipping, storage and related services is also provided. Issued annually. Print edition available in the Fogler Science & Engineering Center (SciRef TP12.O6 2009).
  • Sigma-Aldrich Inc. Directory of fine chemicals.


See the Engineering Standards and Specifications Guide for more information.



  • ASTM Standards and Engineering Digital Library. See also: American Society of Testing and Materials. Annual Book of ASTM Standards. (SciRef TA401.A653 Standards shelves) 2009 edition. Older editions in ORO Stacks at TA401.A653.
  • American Wood Council. Standards and Publications.
  • Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater. 20th ed. American Public Health Asoc, American Water Works Assoc. and Water Environment Federation. (SciRef QD142.A5 20th ed. 1998 Standards Shelves)
  • NCASI Methods Manual. Useful to companies involved in environmental monitoring, mill research programs, and analysis of environmental samples.
  • Pulping and Paper Production Technical Information Papers. (SciRef Standards Collection TS1175.P8)
    Corrugated Containers& Packaging: Technical Information Papers. (SciRef Standards Collection TS1138.C6778) These two information sources include engineering data and "best practices" prepared by technical committees of the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry. Updated annually.
  • TAPPI Test Methods. (SciRef Standards Collection TS1109.T44) Collection of testing procedures containing all the Official Test Methods, Provisional Test Methods and Classical Methods that have been published by the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry. Published annually.



  • OPD Chemical Buyers Directory.
  • Guide to the global chemical industry. Choose Suppliers and search for a specific chemical to locate companies and their web sites.
  • eMolecule. Find Suppliers and Information for over 8 Million Unique Chemicals.
  • Fisher Scientific. Laboratory products.
  • Hoover's Online. The business information authority.
  • Sigma-Aldrich. directory to over 85,000 chemicals.
  • OPD Chemical Buyers Directory. (SciRef TP12.O6 2003) Over 19,000 chemicals and related materials offered for sale for industrial consumption are listed. Access points include an alphabetical listing by chemical name as well as a chemical supplier index, 800 phone directory and chemical distribution index. A list of shipping, storage and related services is also provided. Issued annually.
  • Thomas Register. Lists over 173,000 U.S. and Canadian manufacturers.
  • Thomas Global Register Europe.



Codes of Ethics


Biography & History



Web sites that describe the engineering profession, link to college and university web sites, and that provide guidance on choosing a major field of study.


Graduate School, Postdoctoral Studies, Careers, Jobs, & Internships


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