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The following is a brief, selected guide to entomology information resources available in Fogler Library, through the Fogler Library home page, and the World Wide Web.

Indexes and Databases | Journals | Dictionaries and Encyclopedias | Handbooks, Manuals, and Directories | Atlases | Associations and Societies | Cooperative Extension Publications | Classification | Bibliographies | University of Maine Publications and Information | Virtual Libraries

Spotlight March 2014

On-line Directory of Acarologists


URSUS - the online catalogue of the University of Maine System, contains a wealth of information on entomology and related topics. Searching is by author, title, keyword, subject, and call number. Through URSUS you can find books, conference, symposium, and workshop proceeding volumes, University of Maine theses and dissertations, and state, federal, Canadian, and other international documents. Material is catalogued by Library of Congress Subject Headings. The following subject headings may get you started in your search:

forest insects | insects anatomy | Insects as carriers of diseaseinsects behavior | insects classification | insects ecology | insects larvae | insects parasites | insects physiology

A good way to search URSUS is by Keyword.   Using the keyword search option you can combine various keywords together using AND, OR, and parentheses. 

Once you have found something of interest note the subject headings and use these in your search.

Indexes and Databases

Agricola 1970-present online
Sci Index S1.U52. 1942-1996 (1980-1996 in Annex). If you are connecting to this database off the University of Maine campus but within the State of Maine, please connect through Maine's Science, Technology & Business Library.
Index to materials acquired by the National Agricultural Library (NAL) and cooperating institutions. Includes journal articles, monographs, series, and materials in many non-print formats covering a broad range of agricultural topics.  Bibliography of Agriculture (print form of Agricola) can be searched by subject, author, and geographic location. The Web version can be searched in a variety of ways including author, title and abstract keyword, and CAB descriptors. From 1979-1985 international in scope. From 1985+ focuses on U.S. related publications. Note that the National Agricultural Library provides its own Web version of Agricola from 1970 to present. There is an online thesaurus.  Updated monthly.

AGRIS- 1975-present online
This database is one of the three main agricultural databases along with Agricola and CAB. It is produced and maintained by FAO. It contains over 2.7 million references. Searching is by keyword or by individual fields within a record. Agris indexes journals and books as well as gray literature, such as reports and theses. The records have been divided into two parts: references from 1975 to 1996 and from 1996 to present. Updated monthly.

Search the world's ant literature by author or taxon.  Many papers are available full-text. Agosti, D. and Johnson, N.F. 2005. American Museum of Natural History.

Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts -1971-present online. If you are connecting to this database off the University of Maine campus but within the State of Maine, please connect through Maine's Science, Technology & Business Library.
This abstract is updated quarterly and covers the total aquatic environment (freshwater, brackish, and marine). Information is included on living resources as well as technology, policy, and non-living resources. Approximately 4500 journals are selectively indexed (see Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts serials list) as well as conference proceedings, books, and government and technical reports. Abstracts are included for most citations.

BIOSIS Previews - 1926-present online
BIOSIS Previews, worldwide in scope, indexes the literature of the biological and biomedical sciences. The premier database in the biological sciences, subject coverage includes agriculture, biochemistry, bioengineering, botany, ecology, genetics, microbiology, ornithology, pharmacology, and zoology. Approximately 5,500 serial publications (see Biosis Previews serials list) as well as books, proceedings and meeting abstracts, technical reports, review papers, and patents are indexed. There are 58 separate data fields that can be searched including author, title, publication source, organism, concepts, super taxa, publication type, author affiliation, and abstract keyword. Searches can be limited to review articles.

CRIS - Current Research Information System
A searchable database of U.S. Department of Agriculture funded research. Search by keyword, investigator, agency, institution, state, and project status and type. Many records include a list of publications resulting from the research.

Ecology Abstracts - 1982-present online
Sci Index QH 540 A66 - 1979-2002
Indexes the broad area of the interactions of organisms with their environment. Includes information on conservation, pollution, management, environmental degradation, and reclamation. Ecology Abstracts can be searched by author, title, subject, and abstract word. Indexes over 900 journals (see Serials source list for Ecology Abstracts). Updated monthly. 

Forestry Abstracts - 1980 to present
Sci Index SD 1 F66 - 1939-2002
Index to the world's literature on all aspects of forestry including silviculture, forest mensuration and management, fire, plant biology, genetics and breeding, mycology and pathology, insects and other invertebrates, land use, and forest protection and conservation. This database is updated monthly and indexes over 750 journals.

FORMIS Ant Bibliography. 1650-2000
A searchable database of approximately 32,000 references on the worldwide ant literature.  Center for Medical, Agricultural, and Veterinary Entomology, Agricultural Research Service, USDA.  

HOSTS – A database of the hostplants of the world’s Lepidoptera. Developed and maintained by G.S. Robinson, P.R. Ackery, I.J. Kitching, G.W. Beccaloni, and L.M. Hernandez Department of Entomology, The Natural History Museum, London.
Derived from 1600 published and manuscript sources.

Ingenta indexes the table of contents pages of over 26,000 journals from late 1988 to present. Updates occur daily. Most of the major English language entomology journals are indexed. You can search by significant word(s) in the title of the article or the title of the journal as well as by author and can limit by journal title and/or year of publication.

Insect Pheromone Papers
Online database of over 11,000 papers concerning insect pheromone.  Citations and brief subject indexing only.  Search by first author or keyword.  Created and maintained by John Byers, USDA, Western Cotton Research Laboratory.  Note: no indication on how citations were selected.

A searchable database of full-text scholarly journals including several major ecology journals such as: Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics (1970-1998), Conservation Biology (1987-2000), Ecological Monographs (1931-1999), and Ecology (1920-1999). 

Medline indexes over 3,600 journals.  Subject coverage includes insect vectors, insect control, and insect viruses.  See the Research Guide to Medline for search help.

National Agricultural Pest Information System (NAPIS)
NAPIS includes pest tracking, state activities, biological control, CFR quarantine updates, pest alerts and APHIS press releases.  

National Museum of Natural History invertebrate zoology collections search
Search by family, scientific and common name, and a variety of other parameters.

Northeastern IPM Center - Resources Database
Database of documents from land grant universities and government agencies.  Limit search by resource type and subject category.

The pherobase
A searchable database of insect pheromone and semiochemicals literature. Developed and maintained by Dr. Ashraf El-Sayed.

Review of Agricultural Entomology - 1973 to present
Sci Index SB818.R48 - 1988-2002. Continues The Review of applied entomology. Series A: Agricultural 
Sci Index SB818 .R48 - 1913-1989
Index to agricultural entomology literature including information on beneficial insects as well as insect pests. Covers forest trees, stored products, and cultivated plants.  Indexes over 1,500 journals, as well as books, reports, and conference proceedings.    

Review of medical and veterinary entomology - 1973 to present
Sci Index SB 818 R49 - 1990-2002. Continues Review of applied entomology. Series B, Medical and veterinary.
Sci Index SB818 .R49 - 1913-1989
Indexes the literature of insects and other arthropods that are disease transmitters, or cause other injuries, to both humans and non-humans. Includes information on taxonomy, anatomy, reproduction, physiology, ecology, genetics, distribution, economics, and techniques and apparatus.  Indexes over 1,300 journals, as well as books, reports, and conference proceedings. 

Web of Science. 1900-present
Science Citation Index
Sci Index Q1.A1S36
Web of Science includes Science Citation Index from 1900-present.  Search by word in the title, keyword, and abstract.  Perform cited reference searches from 1900 to present. Limit by author affiliation and document type.  See the master journal list.

Wildlife and Ecology Studies Worldwide. 1935-present
Includes over 345,000 citation to the literature on mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects found in journals, conference proceedings, monographs, theses and dissertation, and government reports.  Searching is by keyword, subject, and author as well as by taxonomic and geographic identifiers. Abstracts are available for publications added to the database since September 1996. 8,000 records added annually. Updated quarterly.

Zoological Record. 1864-present online
Sci Index QL1.Z58 1864-2003.
This index is published annually. Each annual edition is divided into 20 sections, with 18 of these sections representing various animal groups. The remaining 2 sections cover the general zoological literature and the new generic and sub-generic names indexed. Coverage is the worldwide zoological literature, indexing over 4,600 journals (see Zoological Record Journal List). Each section has 5 indexes: author, subject, geographic, palaeontological, and systematic. 


Key entomology journals held by Fogler Library:

Agricultural and Forest Entomology
Online 1999-present
Instructions for authors

American Journal of Potato Research
v.3 (1926) - present (note: v.3-v.74, American Potato Journal). Online 1997-present

Instructions for authors

Annals of the Entomological Society of America 
v. 1 (1908) - present. Online 1908-present
Instruction for authors

Aquatic Insects
v. 9 (1987) - v. 31 (2009). Online 1997-present
Instruction for authors

Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny
Online v. 61 (2003) - present
Instruction for authors

Bulletin of Entomological Research
v. 1 (1910) - present. Online 1999-present
Instruction for authors

Canadian Entomologist
Online v. 1 (1868) - present
Instruction for authors

Ecological Entomology
v. 1 (1976) - (2008). Online 1997-present
Instruction for authors

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata
v. 1 (1958) - v. 105 (2002). Online 1997-present
Instructions for authors

Environmental Entomology 
v. 1 (1972) - 2004.  Online 1972-present

Instruction for authors

The Florida Entomologist
Online 1917-present

Instruction for authors

Journal of Agricultural and Urban Entomology - previous title=
Journal of Agricultural Entomology
v. 1 (1984) - present. Online 1999-present
Instruction for authors

Journal of Economic Entomology 
v. 1 (1908) - 2004. Online 1908-present
Instruction for authors

Journal of Insect Behavior 
v. 3 (1990) - 2009. Online 1997-present
Instruction for authors

Journal of Insect Science
Online v. 1 (2001) - present
Instruction for authors

Pest Management Science
Online 2000-present
Instruction for authors

Physiological Entomology 
v. 1 (1976) - 2002. Online 1997-present
Instruction for authors

Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 

v. 1 (1884) - present. Online 1884-2003, 2008-present
Instructions for authors

Systematic Entomology 
v. 1 (1976) - 2008. Online 1997 to one year ago
Instruction for authors

Transactions of the American Entomological Society
v. 1 (1867) - (2010). Online 1867-1877, 1890-present
Instruction for authors

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Capinera, J.L. (ed.) 2008. Encyclopedia of entomology. 2nd ed. Dordrecht: Springer. 4 vols. 4346p.
Sci Ref QL462.3.E47 2008

Dhooria, M.S. 2009. Ane's encyclopedic dictionary of general & applied entomology. Dordrecht: Springer.

Evenhuis, N.L. 2010. Abbreviations for insect and spider collections of the world. Bishop Museum.

Glossary of entomological terms. San Diego Natural History Museum.

Glossary of entomological terms. Entomology & Nematology, University of Florida.

Gorth, G. and Headrick, D.H. 2001. A dictionary of entomology. Wallingford, U.K.: CABI Publishing. 1032p.
Sci Ref QL462.3 .G67 2001

Greiff, M. 1985. Spanish-English-Spanish lexicon of entomological and related terms: with indexes of Spanish common names of arthropods and their Latin and English equivalents. Slough, U.K.: Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux. various paging.
Sci Ref QL462.3 .G73 1985

Heckman, C.W. 2008. Encyclopedia of South American aquatic insects. Dordrecht: Springer.

Leftwich, A. W. 1976. A dictionary of entomology. London: Constable, 360p.
Sci Ref QL462.3 .L43

Resh, V.H. and Carde, R.T. (eds.) 2009. Encyclopedia of insects. 2nd ed. Amsterdam: Academic Press. 1132p.
Sci Ref QL462.3.E485 2009

Torre-Bueno, J. R. de la. 1989. The Torre-Bueno glossary of entomology. Rev. Ed. New York: New York Entomological Society in cooperation with the American Museum of Natural History, 840p.
Sci Ref QL462.3 .T67 1989 

Weiss, C. Glossary of insect morphology terms.

Wrobel, M. 2001. Elsevier's dictionary of entomology. Amsterdam: Elsevier. 374p.
Sci Ref QL462.3 .E46

Handbooks, Manuals, and Directories

Alford, D.V. 2012. Pests of ornamental trees, shrubs and flowers: A color handbook. 2nd ed. Boston: Elsevier. 480p.
Sci Ref SB608.O7A44 2012

Alyokhin, A., Vincent, C., and Giordanengo, P. 2013. Insect pests of potato: Global perspectives on biology and management. Amsterdam: Academic Press. 598p.

Animal Diversity Web: Class Insecta. University of Michigan, Museum of Zoology

Arnett, R.H. 1993. The insect and spider collections of the world. 2nd ed. Gainesville, FL: Sandhill Crane Press, 310p.
Sci Ref QL468.2 .A76 1993   

Arnett, R.H. 2000. American insects[:] A handbook of the insects of America north of Mexico. 2nd ed. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1003p.
Sci Ref QL474 .A76 2000

Arnett, R.H. and Thomas, M.C. 2001. American beetles[:] Archostemata, Myxophaga, Adephaga, Polyphaga: Staphyliniformia. Vol. 1. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press. 443.
Sci Ref QL 581.A43 2001 v. 1

Beacham's guide to the endangered species of North America. Vol. 3 - Arachnids and crustaceans, insect, lichens, fern allies, true ferns, conifers, dicots. 2001. Detroit: Gale Group.
Sci Ref QH77.N56 B43 2001 v.3 

Bellinger, P.F., Christiansen, K.A., and Janssens, F. 1996-2009. Checklist of the Collembola of the World. updated 6/30/2013.

Blackman, R.L. and Eastop, V.F. 2006. Aphids on the world's herbaceous plants and shrubs [:] Vol 1 [:] Host lists and keys; Vol 2 [:] The aphids. Chichester, UK: John Wiley. 1429p.
Sci Ref SB945.P64B52 2006 v 1&2

Bousquet, Y. 2010. Illustrated identification guide to adults and larvae of Northeastern North America ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae). Sofia, Bulgaria: Pensoft Publishers. 562p. Sci Ref QL596.C2B68 2010

Bug bites - sound library. USDA, Agricultural Research Service.

Bugwoodwiki. The University of Georgia, Warnell School of Forest Resources and College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Department of Entomology.
Includes insect photographs and descriptions for forest pests and invasive species + much more.

Butterflies of Canada. Canadian Biodiversity Information Facility.

Capinera, J.L. 2001. Handbook of vegetable pests. San Diego: Academic Press. 729p.Sci Ref SB608.V4C243 2001

Capinera, J.L., Scott, R.D., Walker, T.J. 2004. Field guide to grasshoppers, katydids, and crickets of the United States. Ithica, NY: Comstock, Cornell. 249p.
Sci Ref QL508.A2C25 2004

Caterpillars of eastern forests
- Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, USGS

Cech, R. and Tudor, G. 2005. Butterflies of the east coast[:] An observer's guide. Princeton: Princeton University Press. 345p.
Sci Ref QL551.A7C43 2005

Checklist of North American butterflies occurring north of Mexico. North American Butterfly Association.

Colleges and Universities - entomology or related degrees. Entomological Society of America

Common names of insects & related organisms.  Entomological Society of America.

Common names database. Entomological Society of Canada.

Cranshaw, W. 2004. Garden insects of North America: The ultimate guide to backyard bugs. Princeton: Princeton University Press.
Sci Ref SB605.N7C73 2004

The Diptera site. updated 6/5/2006. F.C. Thompson, USDA

Dragonflies and damselflies (Odonata) of the United States. Coordinated by B.C. Kondratieff, Colorado State University. Hosted by USGS, Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center. (Maine)

EDWIP - ecological database of the world's insect pathogens. Center for Economic Entomology, Illinois Natural History Center, Champaign, IL

Entomological organizations by continent. Entomological Society of America

Entomology and wildlife ecology insect database. College of Agriculture & Natural Resources, University of Delaware.

Entomology illustration archives. Department of Entomology, National Museum of Natural History.

Forest and tree health publications. Pest alerts. Northeastern Region. USDA, Forest Service

Fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) taxonomic pages. Content by Allen Norrbom (USDA).  Systematic Entomology Laboratory, ARS, USDA and Department of Entomology, National Museum of Natural History.

Garrison, R.W., von Ellenrieder, N., and Louton, J.A. 2006. Dragonfly genera of the New World - an illustrated and annotated key to the Anisoptera. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press. 368p.
SciRef QL520.2.A1G37 2006

Gilbert, P. 2007. A source book for biographical literature on entomologists. Leiden: Backhuys Publishers, 694p.
Sci Ref QL463.G55 2007.

Gold, R.E. and Jones, S.C. 2000. Handbook of household and structural insect pests. Lanham, MD: Entomological Society of America. 154p.
Sci Ref SB931.H32 2000

Image galleries, by Taxonomic Groups. Iowa State Entomology Index of Internet Resources

Insect and disease fact sheets. Forest Health & Monitoring Division, Maine Forest Service, Maine Department of Conservation.

Insect collections, zoos, museums, and butterfly gardens in North America. Entomological Society of America.

Insect images. University of Georgia and USDA Forest Service
Browse my image categories.  Images are freely available for use by non-profit, educational purposes.

Insect orders. Bumblebee.org

Insects and related arthropods of North America. USGS, coordinated by Paul A. Opler.
"...insects at parks, refuges, and management units within North America."

Iowa State Entomology Index: Directories by taxonomic group. Maintained by John VanDyk, Department of Entomology, Iowa State University.

Iowa State Entomology Index: Professional societies. Maintained by John VanDyk, Department of Entomology, Iowa State University.

Maine butterfly survey. Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife + others.

Maine damselfly and dragonfly survey. Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. 

Mayflies of the United States. Coordinated by B.C. Kondratieff, Colorado State University. Hosted by USGS, Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center. (Maine)

Mayfly Central. Purdue University.
Includes species lists of the mayflies of North and Central America based on published lists that are updated on this website.

McCafferty, W.P. 1998. Aquatic entomology: The fishermen's and ecologists' illustrated guide to insects and their relatives. Rev. ed. Boston: Jones and Bartlett. 448p.
Sci Ref QL473 .M35 1998 

Merritt, R.W. and Cummins, K.W. (eds.) 1996. An introduction to the aquatic insects of North America. 3rd ed. Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co. 862p.
Sci Ref QL473.I57 1996

Morse, J.C. 2011. Trichoptera world checklist. Clemson University. Searchable database

Mosquito literature resources. Walter Reed Biosystematics Unit

NC State AgNIC Systematic entomology: A guide to online insect systematic resources. North Carolina State University Libraries and North Carolina State Department of Entomology.

Nomina insecta Nearctica: a check list of the insects of North America. 1996. Rockville, MD: Entomological Information Services, 4 vols.
Sci Ref QL473 .N65 1996  

OdonataCentral. Includes checklists, field guides, and maps. University of Texas at Austin. Example of information available at this site: Penobscot County species list.

On-line Directory of Acarologists

Oosterbroek, P. Catalogue of the craneflies of the world. Zoological Museum of Amsterdam.
Searchable by family, genus, subgenus, species epithet, subspecies epithet, country, region, and author.

Orthoptera species file online
Synonymic and taxonomic information. Developed and maintained by Daniel Otte, Academy of Natural Sciences and Piotr Naskrecki, Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University.  

PestTracker. National Agricultural Pest Information System.
Links to information on insects, pathogens, weeds, biocontrols.

Pimentel, D. (ed.) 2002, 2007. Encyclopedia of pest management. 2 vols. New York: Dekker; Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press. Vol 1, 929p.; Vol 2, 728p.
Sci Ref SB950.7.E63 2002; SB950.7.E631 2007

Platnick, N.I. 2000-2011. The world spider catalog, version 14.5. The American Museum of Natural History.

On-line systematic catalog of plant bugs (Insecta: Heteroptera: Miridae)
A database from the American Museum of Natural History that gives basic taxonomic and host information.  

Samways, M.J. 2010. Insect conservation: A handbook of approaches and methods. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 441p.
Oro Stks QL496.4.S26 2010

A searchable database of approximately 23,000 references.  Search by a variety of methods.

Shelton, A. Biological control: A guide to natural enemies in North America. Cornell University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Department of Entomology.

Solomon, J. D. 1995. Guide to insect borers in North American broadleaf trees and shrubs. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, 205p.
ORO GovDoc: Fiche A 1.76:706 

State entomological societies. Entomological Society of America.

Stoneflies of the United States. Coordinated by B.C. Kondratieff, Colorado State University and R.W. Baumann, Brigham Young University.  Hosted by USGS, Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center. (Maine)

Trees, Insects and diseases of Canada's Forests. Natural Resources Canada.

UC IPM Online. Pests of homes, structures, people, and pets: Pest notes and more. University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources, statewide integrated pest management program.

University of Florida book of insect records. Gainesville: Department of entomology & nematology, University of Florida.

Wagner, D.L. 2005. Caterpillars of Eastern North America. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. 512p.
Sci Ref QL548.W34 2005

Walker, T.J. and Moore, T.E. Singing insects of North America
Includes a wealth of information on crickets, katydids, and cicadas including photos, song samples, detailed descriptions, and literature cited. 

Webster, R.P. and DeMaynadier, P.G. 2005. A baseline atlas and conservation assessment of the butterflies of Maine. Augusta: Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Weeden, C.R., Shelton, A.M., Li, Y., and Hoffmann, M.P. (eds.) Biological Control: A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America. Cornell University
Includes detailed information on parasitoids, predators, pathogens, and weed feeders.

World Taxonomist Database. ETI BioInformatics, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Hagstrum, D.W., Klejdysz, T., Subramanyam, B., and Nawrot, J. 2013. Atlas of stored-product insects and mites. St. Paul, MN: AACC International. 599p.
Sci Ref SB937.A85 2013

Yeates, D.K., Hastings, A., Hamilton, J.R., Collese, D.H., Lambkin, C.L., Bickel, D., McAlpine, D.K., Schneider, M.A., Daniels, G., and Cranston, P. Anatomical atlas of flies. CSIRO Entomology.

Associations and Societies

Acadian Entomological Society

American Entomological Society

Council of Entomology Department Administrators

Entomological Societies by Continent. Entomological Society of America

Entomological Society of America

Entomological Society of Canada

Maine Entomological Society

Vermont Entomological Society

Cooperative Extension Publications

The following sites contain full-text publications related to entomology that have been gathered together under the subjects entomology or insects.  For a complete list of agricultural experiment stations publication by state visit Fogler Library Agricultural Experiment Station Publications.

Alabama Cooperative Extension

Clemson University

Colorado State University

Iowa State University

Kansas State University

Mississippi State University

North Carolina State University (Dept. Entomology)

North Dakota State University

Ohio State University 

Oklahoma State University

Penn State University

Purdue University

South Dakota State University (search insects)

Texas A&M University

University of Arizona
from the Department of Entomology, University of Arizona

University of Georgia

University of Kentucky

University of Missouri

University of Nebraska (search insects)

University of Tennessee

University of Vermont
search entomology and search insects


Bombus[:] Bumblebees of the world. Natural History Museum, London.
Search for bumblebees by biogeographic region, species, and color pattern.  There is also an alphabetical list by scientific name. Information includes taxonomic status, morphology, and distribution.

Global Lepidoptera names index (LepIndex). Natural History Museum

Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS) Bee checklist.
Search by common and scientific name and by TSN (taxonomic serial number)

MCZ (Museum of Comparative Zoology) type database @ Harvard Entomology.

Pitkin, B. and Jenkins, P. 2004. Butterflies & moths of the world: Generic names & their type-species. Department of Natural History, Natural History Museum., London. 
Search for genus, type-species, image, and reference.  

Systematic entomology laboratory. USDA, Agricultural Research Service

University of Maine Publications and Information

Maine Agricultural & Forest Experiment Station Publications

University of Maine Cooperative Extension Publications Store

University of Maine. Maine Agricultural Center


Alyokhin, A. Colorado Potato Beetle bibliography. Citations only. Search by broad subject categories from a pull-down menu.

Drake, A. and Reynolds, D. 2010. The radar entomology online bibliography.

Virtual Libraries

AgNIC - Agriculture network information center
Maintained by the National Agricultural Library, land grant institutions, and other institutions.

Insects and much more

Entomology Index of Internet Resources: A directory and search engine of insect-related resources on the Internet. Compiled by J.K. VanDyk (Iowa State University) and L.B. Bjostad (Colorado State University)

Insecta - Tree of Life Web Project


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