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The following is a brief, selected guide to oceanography information resources available in Fogler Library, through the Fogler Library homepage, and the World Wide Web.

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Animation of Monthly Average Sea Surface Temperatures.  National Oceanographic Data Center

URSUS, the online library catalogue of the University of Maine System, contains a wealth of information on aquatic resources. Searching is by author, title, subject, keyword, and call number. Through URSUS, you can find books, proceedings volumes, state, federal, Canadian, and other international documents, University of Maine theses and dissertations, and other resources. Most material is catalogued by Library of Congress Subject Headings. The following subject headings will get you started in your search:  

chemical oceanography, estuarine oceanography, fishery oceanography, ocean circulation, ocean currents, ocean energy resources, ocean engineering, offshore structures, optical oceanography, sea ice, sea ice drift

A searchable list of subject headings can be found hereURSUS also contains many "see" and "see also" references to lead you to other subject headings.

Indexes and Databases

Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts1978-present online. If you are connecting to this database off the University of Maine campus but within the State of Maine, please connect through Maine's Science, Technology & Business Library.
This abstract is updated quarterly and covers the total aquatic environment (freshwater, brackish, and marine). Information is included on living resources as well as technology, policy, and non-living resources. Over 4,500 journals are indexed as well as conference proceedings, books, and government and technical reports. Abstracts are included for most citations. 

BIOSIS Previews  1926-present online
BIOSIS Previews, worldwide in scope, indexes the literature of the biological and biomedical sciences. The premier database in the biological sciences, subject coverage includes agriculture, biochemistry, bioengineering, botany, ecology, genetics, microbiology, pharmacology, and zoology. Approximately 5,500 serial publications (see Biosis Previews serials list) as well as books, proceedings and meeting abstracts, technical reports, review papers, and patents are indexed. There are 58 separate data fields that can be searched including author, title, publication source, organism, concepts, super taxa, publication type, author affiliation, and abstract keyword. Searches can be limited to review articles. 

Compendex (Engineering Index)
Indexes over 5,000 journals, conferences, monographs, and reports from 1969 to present.  Search by author, title, subject, and abstract keyword.   Coverage of ocean engineering and related fields.  Check the box All to search both Compendex and INSPEC (see below) simultaneously.

GeoRef - 1785-present online. If you are connecting to this database off the University of Maine campus but within the State of Maine, please connect through Maine's Science, Technology & Business Library.
Established and maintained by the American Geological Institute, this database is the online equivalent of the print Bibliography and Index of Geology (Sci Index QE1.G2145, 1969-present).   Searching is by author, title, subject, and abstract keyword.  Over 3,000 serial titles are scanned for inclusion.

GeoRef preview database
Also made available through the American Geological Institute, this database allows users to preview records before they are input into the GeoRef database.  It is updated weekly with records in various forms of completeness.  Completed records are added to the GeoRef database. 

Covers the fields of physics, electrical engineering, and computers.  Over 25,000 records with the word "oceanography" in the title, subject, and/or abstract field.  Indexes over 3,500 journals and 1,500 conference proceedings from 1969 to present.  Check the box All to search both Compendex and INSPEC (see below) simultaneously.

National Sea Grant Depository Database
Contains over 30,000 searchable records of Sea Grant funded research.  Updated monthly. 

Oceanic abstracts. 1981-present online
Sci Index GC1.O251 1964-1980
Oceanic Abstracts is published monthly. Material covered includes ecology, environmental protection, and marine pollution. Over 700 journals and other resources including conference proceedings and technical reports are indexed. Each issue contains author, subject, and geographic indexes which cumulated annually.

SciFinder Scholar (Chemical Abstracts)
Indexes the chemical and related literature from 1970 to present.  

SciTech Connect
Formerly two separate databases: Energy Citations Database and DOE Information Bridge. Coverage is 1948 - Present. Contains bibliographic records and many full texts for energy and energy-related scientific and technical reports and papers sponsored by the Department of Energy (DOE) and its predecessor agencies. It provides coverage of traditional and alternative forms of energy production and conservation. Many aspects of electrical engineering and applied physics are covered including fission and fusion.

Water Resources Abstracts 1967-present
Water Resources Abstracts indexes over 1,300 journals, books, and reports. All aspects of water resources are covered including conservation, management, use, and supply. Updates are quarterly. Most records include abstracts. 

Web of Science. 1899-present
Science Citation Index
Sci Index Q1.A1S36
Web of Science includes Science Citation Index from 1900-present.  Search by word in the title, keyword, and abstract.  Perform cited reference searches from 1900 to present. Limit by author affiliation and document type.  See the master journal list.

Zoological Record. 1864-present online
Sci Index QL1.Z58 1864-2003. If you are connecting to this database off the University of Maine campus but within the State of Maine, please connect through Maine's Science, Technology & Business Library.
This index is published annually. Each annual edition is divided into 20 sections, with 18 of these sections representing various animal groups. The remaining 2 sections cover the general zoological literature and the new generic and sub-generic names indexed. Coverage is the worldwide zoological literature, indexing over 5,000 journals (see Zoological Record Journal List). Each section has 5 indexes: author, subject, geographic, palaeontological, and systematic. 


UN atlas of the oceans

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Glossaries

Acronym search (ocean science). Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory.

Baretta-Bekker, J.G., Duursma, E.K., Kuipers, B.R. 1998. Encyclopedia of marine sciences. 2nd ed. corr. and enlarged. Berlin; New York: Springer-Verlag. 357p. Sci Ref GC9.E56 1998

Baum, S.K. 2001. Glossary of physical oceanography and related disciplines. Department of Oceanography, Texas A&M University

Elsevier's dictionary of marine pollution: English-French. 1998. Amsterdam; New York: Elsevier. 697p. Sci Ref  GC1085 .E52 1998

Geodetic glossary. 1986. Rockville, MD: NOAA, National Ocean Service, Charting and Geodetic Services. 274p.
ORO Gov Doc C55.402:G29/14

Hicks, S.D. 1984. Tide and current glossary. Rockville, MD: NOAA, National Ocean Service. 28p.
ORO Gov Doc fiche C55.402:T43/2/984

Linder, C.A. Sea ice glossary. Hosted by WHOI.

North, J.P. 1981. Annotated acronyms and abbreviations of marine science related activities. Washington, DC: NOAA, Environmental Data and Information Service, National Oceanographic Data Center. 349p.
ORO Gov Doc fiche C55.292:Ac7/981

Oceanography glossary. Marine Conservation Society (UK) SouthEast

Steele, J.H., Thorpe, S.A., Turekian, K.K. 2001. Encyclopedia of ocean sciences. 6 vols. San Diego: Academic Press.

Stonehouse, B. (ed.) 2002. Encyclopedia of Antarctic and the southern oceans. Chichester, Eng.: John Wiley. 391p.


Fabry, C.M. 1995. Education and training programs in oceanography and related fields. Washington, D.C.: Marine Technology Society. Sci Ref GC31.6.E28 1995  

Marine Labs and Institutions. From Marine Biology Web - An Educational Resource. Links to U.S. and other marine laboratories. 

Research Ship Schedules & Information. Information on deep-water scientific research vessels - University of Delaware 

Biographical information

Biographical etymology of marine organism names (BEMON). Hans G. Hansson
Contains an extensive list of other science biographical resources.

Oceanography journals - author instructions pages

American Geophysical Union Journals


Bulletin of Marine Science

Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology
Climate Dynamics

Continental Shelf Research

Deep Sea Research Part 1: Oceanographic Research Papers

Deep Sea Research Part 2: Tropical Studies in Oceanography
Ecological Modelling

Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science

European Journal of Phycology

Fisheries Oceanography
Geophysical Research Letters
Global Biogeochemical Cycles
Harmful Algae

ICES Journal of Marine Science

Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology
Journal of Coastal Research
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans
Journal of Marine Systems

Journal of Oceanography

Journal of Phycology

Journal of Plankton Research

Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom

Limnology and Oceanography

Limnology and Oceanography: Methods

Marine Chemistry

Marine Ecology Progress Series

Marine Technology Society Journal
Ocean Dynamics
Ocean Modelling
Optics Express
Progress in Oceanography

Oceanographic data

Alvin underwater photo database. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Coastal Water Temperature Guide. Coastal Ocean Laboratory, National Oceanographic Data Center

National Data Buoy Center. Includes buoy-measured environmental data from NOAA

NERACOOS - Northeastern Regional Association of Coastal and Ocean Observing Systems

Oceanographic data at NODC (National Oceanographic Data Center)

Oceanographic utilities. From Matthias Tomczak's oceanography web site. Flinders University.

Worldwide ocean optics database. Office of Naval Research. Created and maintained by Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory.

Handbooks and Manuals

History of oceanography & earth sciences. Scripps Institution of Oceanography library.

Ocean drilling program. Texas A&M University
Full text of all reports issued.

OceanInstruments - How they work, what they do, and why they do it. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Seas at the millennium: An environmental evaluation. 2000. Amsterdam: Pergamon. 3 volumes.
Sci Ref QH541.5.S3S35 2000


Carpine-Lancre, J. Cumulative bibliography on the history of oceanography, 1987-[1997].

Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment by ACAP Saint John and updated by Environment Canada. 2005, 2007. Climate change bibliography for the Gulf of Maine.

Ocean color bibliography. NASA.

World Ocean Circulation Experiment bibliography.
1994-2002. Searchable

Earth Science Converters

Degrees, minutes, seconds and decimal degrees - latitude/longitude conversions. Federal Communications Commission, Audio Division.

Tides and Currents

2014 Tidal and Current PredictionsNOAA.

WWW Tide and Current Predictor. Dean Pentcheff, Biological Sciences, University of South Carolina

Virtual Libraries

History of Oceanography & Earth Sciences. Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library

Ocean Data Portal. UNESCO

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