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Special Collections: Guide to the Central Maine Power Company Collection

Arranged and described by Brenda Howitson Steeves

Raymond H. Fogler Library Special Collections Department

March 2005

Introduction and Summary Information

Collection Title: Central Maine Power Company Collection.

Dates of the Collection: 1883-1965 (inclusive); 1902-1928 (bulk).

Provenance: Acquired in 1978.

Collection Number: MS 1008.

Size and Arrangement: The collection consists of 79.5 linear feet of ledgers + seven archival record cartons of material (7.25 cubic feet).

Conservation Note: Part of the collection has been re-housed in acid-free folders and boxes.

Preferred Citation: Central Maine Power Company Collection, Special Collections, Raymond H. Fogler Library, University of Maine.

Restrictions on Access and Use: Kept at Fogler Library's offsite storage facility. One week's notice required for retrieval.


The collection contains records from 40 small electric companies established in Maine in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The companies subsequently were acquired by Central Maine Power Company between 1910 and 1965.

These records reflect the nature of the early electric power business in Maine. Maine’s rivers, with their changes in altitude between their source and sea level, led to the early development of hydroelectric power in the state. By the 1890’s, many communities had a small gas or electric company, often begun to furnish power for a few hours a day for street lighting. The companies were mostly locally owned, and each served only a few communities at best. Power transmission was limited to short distances by the use of direct-current technology. In a rural state like Maine, residential accounts were the last sought by these electric companies; they concentrated on street lighting, electric trolleys, and businesses until about 1910.

Central Maine Power Company (CMP) was founded in 1899 when Harvey D. Eaton, an attorney from Waterville, Maine, and Walter S. Wyman, an engineer, bought the Oakland Electric Company. This company, organized in 1887, owned a hydroelectric generator which provided street lighting and electricity to the community of Oakland, Maine.

Eaton and Wyman recognized early on the potential for generating electricity that Maine’s rivers provided. Around 1901 they offered a contract to the city of Waterville for street lighting using the name Messalonskee Electric Company; the company was chartered by the Maine legislature in 1905. During this time the partners issued bonds and stocks to raise capital to purchase other small companies and to build new power plants. The company’s name was changed to Central Maine Power Company in 1910, and in 1912 its main office moved from Waterville to Augusta. The company continued to acquire small hydroelectric companies and to develop new sites to supply hydropower. Between 1910 and 1917, CMP bought electric companies in Bingham, Dexter, Skowhegan, Vassalboro, Clinton, Corinna, Richmond and Waterville. Power plants were operating at Dennistown, Fairfield, Oakland, Belfast and Limerick. By 1919 CMP was serving over 21,000 customers.

In an effort to gain new financing, CMP in the 1920’s sold its stock to Samuel Insull’s Middle West Utilities holding company. Harvey Eaton also resigned as CMP president in January, 1924. By August, 1925, CMP’s board of directors included three Insull appointees, with Wyman and other CMP members in the remaining seats. CMP became part of the holding-company structure and was owned by New England Public Service Company. In return, the Insull company gave cash for CMP stock which could be used for further growth. With this money CMP was able to build two hydroelectric plants: the Gulf Island plant in Lewiston and the William S. Wyman station in Bingham and Moscow, plus a storage reservoir on the Moose River.

The Insull holding company collapsed in the early 1930’s and Wyman was forced to buy CMP stock from the Insull creditors, returning CMP control to local hands. Throughout these financial difficulties and those of the Great Depression, construction continued, with the hydroelectric plant at Solon, Maine, beginning operations in 1939, and construction beginning in 1940 on Mason Station, a steam plant in Wiscasset.

Walter Wyman died on November 15, 1942. CMP vice-president William B. Skelton succeeded him as president. A merger with the Cumberland County Power and Light Company late in 1942 made CMP the largest electric utility operating in northern New England.

The 1950’s through the 1990’s saw many changes in CMP operations. The company entered the nuclear power industry in 1954 when it joined with 11 other utility companies to form Yankee Atomic Electric Company, which built a nuclear plant in Rowe, Massachusetts. It also contributed to the cost of plants in Connecticut and Vermont and in the Maine Yankee Plant in Wiscasset, Maine. Financial problems, controversy and lack of public support for nuclear facilities eventually led CMP to withdraw from nuclear power projects, and in 1997 the decision was made to close Maine Yankee and begin its decommissioning process.

The 1990’s also brought about a re-structuring of the electric power industry. In 1997 the Maine legislature passed “An Act to Restructure the State’s Electric Industry,” whereby customers would be able to choose their electricity suppliers as of March 1, 2000. Utilities would no longer supply energy and were required to sell their non-nuclear generating assets. They were responsible only for operating, maintaining and repairing sub-stations and power lines.

The CMP Group holding company was created in 1998. In 1999 Florida-based FPL Energy bought 31 hydroelectric plants, three oil-fired plants, and one wood-fired plant from CMP. CMP thus left the electricity generation business and became responsible only for operating and maintaining the transmission and distribution system. In August, 2000 CMP Group merged with New York-based Energy East Corporation. In over 100 years of operation the company had grown tremendously, now delivering over 9 billion kilowatt hours of electricity to 570,000 customers in an 11,000 square mile area in central and southern Maine.

The researcher interested in the history of CMP may also want to consult the book, The Light from the River: Central Maine Power’s First Century of Service, published to mark the company’s centennial in 1999.

Scope and Content Note

The records of 40 small electric power companies later acquired by Central Maine Power Company make up this collection

Each company forms its own record group within the collection, and companies are listed in the order in which they were acquired by CMP. Records of only a few companies date after their acquisition by Central Maine Power. The earliest acquisition, of the Sebasticook Water Power Company, took place in 1911; the latest, of the Casco Bay Light & Power Company, took place in 1965.

Most companies have only a few volumes of records, reflecting their short existence before being acquired by CMP. The Kennebec Light and Heat Company, Androscoggin Electric Company, Cumberland County Power & Light Company, and Rumford Light Company have more extensive holdings.

Records for each company are primarily financial and include cashbooks, daybooks, voucher registers, journals, and ledgers. Payroll records, purchasing records, and operating journals are included for a few companies. Some companies have ledgers and balance sheets that reflect their finances and activities at the time of their mergers with CMP.

Information for each company, including a brief history and list of contents, follows. Each company also has a separate record in URSUS, the Library’s on-line catalog; therefore its assigned manuscript number is included in its description. In addition, the ledger number used as a location identifier has been added to each description.

List of Record Groups

Record Group:

1. Sebasticook Water Power Company (MS 457; Ledgers Se21)

The company was acquired by CMP in 1911.

Ledger             Cashbook, Dec., 1902-Sept., 1911

Ledger             Journal, Feb., 1905-Oct., 1911

Ledger             Ledgers, 1905-1911 (2 vols.)

2. Kennebec Light and Heat Company (MS 272; Ledgers K37)

Located in Augusta, the company was incorporated in 1887 by Chapter 29 of the Private Laws of Maine. Its purpose was to manufacture gas and electricity for supplying light, heat and power to the city of Hallowell, Maine. George F. West, Daniel A. Cony and W.E. Maxcy were the original corporators. The act also authorized the newly-formed company to purchase the franchise, property, etc., of the Augusta Gas Light Company and the Gardiner Gas Light Company and to supply the communities of Augusta, Gardiner, Farmingdale, and Pittston. The company was acquired by CMP in 1911.

Ledger             Letter books, 1899-1906, of outgoing correspondence of W.H. Williams, superintendent (5 vols.)

Ledger             Cashbooks, 1887-1911 (17 vols.)

Ledger             Trial balances, 1911

Ledger             Journals, 1888-1905 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Ledgers, 1887-1911 (8 vols.)

Ledger             Purchase records, 1910-1911

Ledger             New services laid, 1910

3. Halifax Power Company (Ledger B513)

CMP founders Eaton and Wyman bought land along the Sebasticook River in Winslow, Maine, and in 1907 built the Fort Halifax power plant there. In 1908 it began providing power to the Waterville, Augusta, and Lewiston interurban railway.

Ledger             Combined cashbook and journal: accounts payable and receivable, 1909-1911

4. Bingham Electric Company (MS 53; Ledger B513)

This company was incorporated as the Bingham Electrical Company in 1907 by Chapter 105 of the Laws of Maine. It was authorized to make, sell, and supply electricity to the communities of Bingham, Moscow, and Concord and Pleasant Ridge Plantation. The company was acquired by CMP in 1911.

Ledger             Cashbook, 1909-1911

5. Skowhegan Electric Light Company (MS 467; Ledgers Sk59)

The first incandescent lighting in Skowhegan was made possible by installing a generator in a local pulp mill in 1886. The Skowhegan Electric Light Company purchased this generator in 1887 and increased capacity. In 1889 it took over the operation of its competitor, the Union Electric and Power Company. In 1897 the company bought a water privilege and moved its generators to that site. The company was acquired by CMP in 1911; CMP continued to acquire water rights and completed construction of a dam and power station, Weston Station, in 1920.

Ledger             Cashbooks, 1888-1911 (8 vols.)

Ledger             Journals, 1888-1911 (11 vols.)

Ledger             Ledgers, 1888-1911 (8 vols.)

Ledger             Invoices to company, 1887-1888 (1 vol.)

6. Fairfield Junction Mills and Water Power Company (MS 172; Ledgers F161)

The company was incorporated in 1854 by Chapter 340 of the Acts of Maine, approved on April 14, 1854. The corporators were William Connor, Ezra Totman, Nahum Totman, Oliver Bragdon, Samuel Taylor, Jr., Henry C. Newhall, Samuel Judkins, and John Bradbury. Its purpose was to keep in repair and rebuild the dams at Kendall’s Mills on the Kennebec River in the town of Fairfield. It was also to regulate the water from the river used for manufacturing. The company’s office was in Waterville and it was acquired by CMP in 1911.

Ledger             Combined journal and cashbook, 1899-1904

Ledger             Journal, 1901-1951

Ledger             Ledger, 1901-1951

7. Penobscot Bay Electric Company (MS 397; Ledgers P386a)

This company was incorporated in 1907 by Chapter 156 of the Acts of Maine. Albert H. Shaw of Bath, William M. Shaw of Greenville, and Melville H. Blackwell of Brunswick were the original corporators. Based in Orland, the company was authorized to supply electricity to Bucksport, Orland, Penobscot, Castine, Blue Hill, Winterport, Frankfort, Prospect, Stockton Springs, and Verona. In 1909, Penobscot purchased Belfast Light & Power Company, which had begun generating electricity in 1888. The company was absorbed by CMP in 1920.

Ledger             Cashbooks, 1909-1921 (3 vols.)

Ledger             Journals, 1916-1920 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Ledgers, 1907-1920 (4 vols.)

Ledger             Voucher record-journal, 1908-1916

8. Dover and Foxcroft Light and Heat Company (MS 145; Ledgers D751)

The company was incorporated by Chapter 25 of the Private and Special Laws of 1887. E.A. Thompson, J.B. Mayo, Willis E. Parsons, John F. Arnold, E.S. Favor, Joseph B. Peaks, J.A. Lander, H.M. Heath, Weston Lewis and J.S. Maxcy were the original corporators. The company was authorized to supply electricity to the towns of Dover and Foxcroft and those towns were authorized to enter into a contract with the company to supply street lighting. The company became part of Greenville Light & Power Company in 1914. Greenville became part of Penobscot Bay Electric Co. in 1915; Penobscot became part of CMP in 1920.

Ledger             Ledgers, 1895-1916 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Invoice books, 1895-1916 (8 vols.)

9. Bath Gas & Electric Company (MS 40; Ledgers B321)

The Bath Electric Light and Power Company was organized in 1887 and entered into a contract with the city of Bath shortly thereafter to supply lighting for a number of street lights. F.A. Sawyer was president of the company and Fritz H. Twitchell was treasurer. In 1890 it acquired the property of the Bath Gas Light Company and was reorganized as Bath Gas & Electric Company. Bath Gas & Electric became part of Sagadahoc Light & Power Company in 1900. This company became part of Bath & Brunswick Light & Power Company in 1910. Bath & Brunswick became part of CMP in 1920.

Ledger             Cash receipts, Bath Gas properties, 1894-1898

Ledger             Journal, 1890-1898

10. Hartland Electric Light and Power Company (MS 227; Ledgers H255)

The company was acquired by CMP in 1920.

Ledger             Journal, maintenance account, 1911-1915

Ledger             Journals, 1916-1920 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Ledger, 1916-1920

Ledger             Journal and voucher register (CMP), 1920

11. Newport Light & Power Company (MS 363; Ledgers N472)

Organized sometime before 1903 and located in Newport, Maine, the company was authorized to sell gas and electricity in the towns of Newport, Plymouth, Detroit, and Palmyra. This company was acquired by CMP in 1920.

Ledger             Cashbook, Oct., 1916-Jan., 1921

Ledger             Journal, Oct., 1916-Dec., 1920

Ledger             Ledger, 1916-1920

Ledger             Sub-ledger, July, 1917-Dec., 1920; voucher register, July, 1917-Dec., 1919; operating journal, 1920

Ledger             Purchase ledger, 1912-1923

12. Union Electric Power Company (MS 594; Ledgers Un3)

The company, located in Lewiston, Maine, was acquired by CMP in 1920.

Records of Union Electric Company

Ledger             Cashbook, 1910-1925

Ledger             Journal, 1910-1924

Ledger             Ledger, 1910-1924

Records of Union Light & Power Company

Ledger             Cash – A (Cashbook), Mar., 1916-Jan., 1921

Ledger             Journal, Nov., 1915-Dec., 1920

Ledger             Ledger, Nov., 1915-Dec., 1920

Ledger             Journal and voucher register, 1920 (CMP)

13. Waldoboro Water and Electric Light and Power Company (MS 610; Ledgers W147)

This company was incorporated by Chapter 590 of the 1893 Private and Special Laws of Maine. George Bliss, Edwin O. Clark, Lincoln L. Kennedy, Hiram Bliss, Levitt Storer, George W. Young, Theodore S. Brown, A.R.G. Smith, A.R. Nickerson, and T.F. Turner were the original corporators. The company was authorized to furnish both water and electric light to the village of Waldoboro. After acquiring a former flour mill and its privilege, the company put in a new turbine water wheel and starting supplying electricity for lights in the village in 1902 The company was acquired by CMP in 1920.

Ledger             Cash-B [Cashbook], 1916-1920

Ledger             Journals, 1893-1906; Nov., 1915-Dec., 1920 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Ledgers, 1901-1906; Nov., 1915-Dec., 1920 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Journal and voucher register, 1920

14. Wiscasset Light and Power Company (MS 635; Ledgers W752)

The company was incorporated by Chapter 175 of the Acts of 1911, approved March 22, 1911. The original corporators were E. Fred Albee, H.W. Hawes, Charles L. Macurda, Enoch Leathers, C.E. Emerson, E.S. Perkins, A.W. Kierstead, W.G. Hubbard and A.H. Dodge. The company was authorized to supply electricity to the town of Wiscasset and also to buy electricity from the Portland Power and Development Company, located in Damariscotta Mills. Wiscasset Light and Power Company was acquired by CMP in 1920.

Ledger             Cashbook, Apr., 1912-1916 [for Wiscasset Electric Company]

Ledger             Cashbook, 1916-1920

Ledger             Journal, 1916-1920

Ledger             Ledger,1916-1920

Ledger             Operating journal, 1920

15. Knox County Electric Company (MS 282; Ledgers K77)

This company was chartered by Chapter 193 of the Acts of 1891 as the Rockland, Thomaston and Camden Street Railway. Its name was changed to the Knox County Electric Company sometime around 1919. The company was acquired by CMP in 1921.

Ledger             Journal and voucher register, 1920-1921

Ledger             Sub-ledger, 1920-1921

Ledger             Payroll, 1920

16. Readfield Light & Power Company (MS 427; Ledgers R221)

The company, located in Readfield, Maine, was authorized by Chapter 173 of the Acts of 1911 to supply gas and electricity to the communities of Readfield, Mount Vernon and Vienna, and to supply water to Readfield and Mount Vernon. The company was acquired by CMP in 1921.

Ledger             Cashbooks, 1910-1915; Dec., 1919-1921 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Trial balances, 1915-1918

Ledger             Journal, 1919-1920

Ledger             Ledgers, 1910-1915; 1915-1921 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Operating journal, July, 1915-Dec., 1918

17. Winthrop & Wayne Light & Power Company (MS 634; Ledgers W737)

The company was acquired by CMP in 1921.

Ledger             Cash receipts, Dec. 1917-1919; 1919-1920 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Cash disbursements, 1916-1920

Ledger             Cashbook, July, 1920-Aug., 1921

Ledger             Voucher register, June, 1915-June, 1920

Ledger             Journal, Dec., 1915-Dec., 1920

Ledger             Ledger, June, 1915-Aug., 1921

Ledger             Operating journal, 1921

18. Oxford Electric Company (MS 380; Ledgers Ox2)

Originally formed as the Norway and Paris Street Railway, the company also purchased property and rights to supply electric power to the towns of Norway, Paris, and Mechanic Falls. The company had two divisions, the Mechanic Falls Division and the Norway & Paris Division. It stopped service on its street railway in 1918 and was absorbed by CMP in 1921.

Ledger             Cashbooks & cash disbursed, 1915-1919 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Cash receipts, Norway, 1916-1919

Ledger             Cashbook, 1920-1921

Ledger             Trial balances, 1915-1920

Ledger             Accounts payable register, 1916-1919

Ledger             Distribution ledgers, 1916-1921 (5 vols.)

Ledger             Voucher register, 1920

Ledger             Ledgers, 1915-1921 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Operating journal (CMP), 1920-1921

19. Mechanic Falls Electric Light Company (MS 337; Ledgers M464)

This company, originally called Mechanic Falls Water & Electric Light & Power Company, was incorporated by Chapter 511 of the Acts of 1889. The original corporators were Josiah A. Bucknam, E. Adron Gammon, J. Judson Bucknam, William H. Whitcomb, Henry M. Beane and F.O. Purington. Located in Minot, it was to furnish water and electricity to the towns of Minot and Poland. Chapter 88 of the Acts of 1899 changed the place of business of the company to Mechanic Falls and its business was extended to the towns of Minot, Poland, and Mechanic Falls. It later became Mechanic Falls Electric Light Company and became a division of Oxford Electric Company in 1916. Oxford was acquired by CMP in 1921.

Ledger             Cashbook, Nov., 1905-Jan., 1915

Ledger             Trial balances, 1907-1915

Ledger             Ledgers, May, 1898-June, 1916 (3 vols.)

20. Yarmouth Electric Company (MS 641; Ledgers Ya2)

The company was acquired by CMP in 1921.

Ledger             Cashbook, Apr.-Aug., 1921

Ledger             Ledger, Apr.-July, 1921

Ledger             Operating journal, Mar.-July, 1921

21. Maine Power Corporation (MS 319; Ledgers M284p)

The company was formed sometime before 1920 to do business in the town of Lisbon. It was acquired by CMP in 1921.

Ledger             Cashbook, July, 1920-July, 1921

Ledger             Journal, Apr.-Dec., 1920

Ledger             Ledger, Apr., 1920-July, 1921

Ledger             Operating journal, July, 1920-July, 1921

22. Robinson Land Company (MS 438; Ledgers R561L)

This company was formed by Harvey Eaton and William Wyman to acquire property in Bingham and Moscow for future hydroelectric development. The company was acquired by CMP in 1921.

Ledger             Cashbook and journal, May, 1910-Dec., 1917

Ledger             Ledger, May, 1910-Dec., 1917

Ledger             Cashbook, 1918-1921

Ledger             Journal, 1918-1921

Ledger             Ledger, 1918-1921

23. Western Maine Power Company (MS 623; Ledgers W524)

Western Maine Power Company, called the Limerick Water and Electric Company until 1916, became part of CMP in 1927.

Ledger             Stock certificate ledger, 1925-1926

Ledger             Temporary receipts, bond, 1919

Ledger             Bills payable, 1924-1926 [information re notes of company]

Ledger             Statement record, 1924-1926 [profit and loss statements]

Ledger             Distribution record, 1023-1927

Ledger             Plant ledger, 1917-1926

Ledger             Sub-ledger, 1926

Ledger             General ledger transfer cards, 1917-1922; 1923-June, 1926 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Cash trans. cards, vo. register trans. cards, Dec., 1925-June, 1926

Ledger             Cashbook, July, 1926-Dec., 1927

Ledger             Journal, July, 1925-June, 1926

23. Western Maine Power Company cont.

Ledger             Ledger A, June, 1926-Dec., 1927

Ledger             Limerick Water & Electric Co., Western Maine Power Co.: Payroll distribution, Mar., 1916-May, 1921

Ledger             Payroll, 1923-1926

Ledger             Operating journal and voucher register (CMP), 1926-1927 Bridgton office

Ledger             General records: cash, vouchers, journal, payroll, 1932-1926

Ledger             General ledger, 1923-1926

24. Limerick Water and Electric Company (MS 297; Ledgers L629)

The company was incorporated by Chapter 159 of the Acts of 1907, approved March 6, 1907. Original corporators were John F. Moore, Charles G. Moulton, Charles H. Adams, Ira H. Moore, Ralph Clark and J. Merrill Lord. The company was authorized to furnish water and electricity or gas in the towns of Limerick, Newfield and Waterboro. The company constructed a dam and hydroelectric power station at a point known as Ledgemere on the Little Ossipee River between Limerick and Waterboro. The company became the Western Maine Power Company in 1916; this company was absorbed by CMP in 1927.

Ledger             Stock ledger, 1917-1926

Ledger             Cashbook, 1907-1917

Ledger             Trial balance book, 1909-1916

Ledger             Journal, 1907-1925

Ledger             Ledger, 1907-1915

Ledger             Construction journal, 1907-1914

Ledger             Operating journal, 1909-1914

Ledger             Distribution ledger, 1915

Ledger             Voucher record, general ledger, 1915-1917

Ledger             Bills payable, 1908-1917 (Limerick Water & Electric Co.); 1917-1924 (Western Maine Power Co.)

Ledger             Check and deposit register, 1907-1910

25. Hiram Water, Light and Power Company (MS 247; Ledgers H614)

The company, located in Limerick, Maine, was incorporated by Chapter 184 of the Acts of 1909, approved March 16, 1909. The original corporators were E.W. Bosworth, Charles E. Wilson, Albert F. Berry, L.E. Kendall, and J. Merrill Lord. Its purpose was to furnish water and make, generate, and supply gas or electricity or both in the towns of Hiram and Baldwin. It was consolidated with the Western Maine Power Company in 1917. Western Maine Power became part of CMP in 1927.

Ledger             Journal and voucher record, 1915-1917

Ledger             Ledger, 1915-1917

26. Bridgton Water & Electric Company (MS 71; Ledgers 764)

The Bridgton Water Company was incorporated by Chapter 318 of the Acts of 1901. Winford M. Staples, Albion H. Burnham, Fred C. Knight, C.E. Gleason, and W.L. Haskell of Bridgton, and E.E. Goodwin, Willis E. Sanborn and Charles A. Bodwell of Sanford were the original corporators. The company was authorized to supply water to the residents of Bridgton. The charter of the company was amended by Chapter 2 of the Acts of 1902 to authorize the company to acquire the property of the Bridgton & Harrison Electric Company and to change its name to the Bridgton Water and Electric Company. The company was sold to the Western Maine Power Company in 1923; Western Maine became part of CMP in 1927.

Ledger             Ledgers, 1901-1923 (2 vols.)

27. Fryeburg Electric Light Company (MS 193; Ledgers F897)

The organization of this company was ratified and confirmed by Chapter 177 of the Acts of 1903, approved March 17, 1903. This act gave the company permission to sell gas and electricity within the town of Fryeburg provided it purchased the already existing electrical plant operating within the town. The company was acquired by CMP in 1927.

Ledger             Cashbooks, 1914-1927 (5 vols.)

Ledger             Voucher register, 1914-1927

Ledger             Journal, 1914-1926

Ledger             Ledgers, 1903-1927 (4 vols.)

Ledger             Revenue reports, 1927

Ledger             Operating journal, 1926-1927; sub-ledger, 1926

28. Black Stream Electric Company (MS 56; Ledgers B5615)

The company was authorized by the Maine General Laws to generate and distribute electricity and gas and to distribute water in the towns of Carmel, Hermon, Etna and Levant. It was absorbed by CMP in 1927.

Ledger             Cashbook, 1922-1927

Ledger             Journal, 1920-1926

Ledger             Ledger, 1922-1927

Ledger             Operating journal, 1926-1927; sub-ledger, 1926; trial balances, 1926

29. Androscoggin Electric Company (MS 644; Ledgers An29)

The company was incorporated by Chapter 177 of the Acts of 1913, approved March 25, 1913. Original corporators were Winfield S. Libbey, Henry M. Dingley, Harold S. Libbey and J.E. Parkhurst of Lewiston, and John A. Morrill of Auburn. With its principal office in Lewiston, the company was authorized to manufacture and sell electricity in Androscoggin County and also was authorized to acquire the Mechanic Falls Electric Light Company and the Portland, Gray and Lewiston Railroad Company. This electric trolley line operated between Lewiston and Portland from 1914 until 1933 when CMP left the inter-urban trolley business. In 1914 the company also acquired the Lewiston & Auburn Electric Light Co. and in 1935 acquired Livermore Falls Light & Power Co. and Turner Light & Power Co. CMP purchased Androscoggin Electric in 1920.

Ledger             Stock journal, stock ledger, 1914-1920 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Cash received book no. 2-6, 1915-1925 (5 vols.)

Ledger             Cash received railway book no. 10-11, 1919-1925 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Cashbook A & B, 1921-1935 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Cashbook, Androscoggin Electric Corp., 1920-1935

Ledger             Cash receipts, Androscoggin Electric Corp., 1935 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Voucher register, cash disbursements, etc., 1913-1921 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Cash disbursements, Androscoggin Electric Corp., 1935 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Voucher register, 1915-1920

Ledger             Journal and voucher register, Androscoggin Electric Corp., 1935

Ledger             Journal and ledger, Androscoggin Electric Corp., 1920-1935 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Operating accounts sub-ledger, 1918-1919 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Fixed capital sub-ledger, 1915-1919

Ledger             Transfer revenue and expense sub-ledger, 1935

Ledger             Operating expense ledger, 1916-1920 (2 vols.)

Ledger             General ledger, 1915-1935 (6 vols.)

Ledger             Accts. rec., suspense & sundry billing recap., 1935

Ledger             Bank deposits & withdrawals, 1915-1921

30. Lewiston and Auburn Electric Light Company (MS 295; Ledgers L585)

The company was located in Auburn, Maine. In the 1880’s, its president was George C. Wing and its treasurer was N.I. Jordan. It became part of Androscoggin Electric Company in 1914. Androscoggin was acquired by CMP in 1935.

Ledger             Dividend book, 1884-1896

Ledger             Cashbooks, 1899-1913 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Cashbook, jobbing stock, 1907-1913

Ledger             Ledgers, 1901-1915 (3 vols.)

Ledger             Cash disbursements, Jan.-June, 1915; journal, May, 1915

31. Livermore Falls Light & Power Company (MS 302; Ledgers L751)

The company was incorporated by Chapter 472 of the Acts of 1897, approved March 20, 1897. John H. Maxwell, William A. Stuart, John L. Cummings, Daniel J. Bogan and Edmund Eaton were the original corporators. Chapter 101 of 1899 extended the company’s charter for two more years. Located in East Livermore, the company was authorized to supply electricity to East Livermore, Livermore and Jay. In 1899 Edwin Riley was president, John H. Maxwell, secretary and treasurer, and Waldo Pettingill was auditor. The company became part of Androscoggin Electric Company in 1935; Androscoggin Electric was acquired by CMP in 1935.

Ledger             Cashbooks, 1910, 1911, 1935 (3 vols.)

Ledger             Ledger, 1916-1923

Ledger             Ledger, 1929

Ledger             Ledger, 1929-1930

Ledger             Cash disbursements, voucher register, 1931

Ledger             Voucher register-journal, invoice register-journal (CMP), 1932-1934

32. Dennistown Power Company (MS 137; Ledgers D425)

The company, located in Jackman, Maine, was acquired by CMP in 1935.

Ledger             Construction ledger, 1913

Ledger             Cashbooks, 1913; 1931-1932 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Journals, 1913-1935 (7 vols.)

Ledger             Ledgers, 1915-1922 (7 vols.)

Ledger             General ledger transfer sheets, 1923-1929 (incomplete)

Ledger             General ledgers, 1929-1935 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Voucher register and journal, 1935 (2 vols.)

33. Waterford Light and Power Company (MS 617; Ledgers W291)

The company merged with CMP as of July 31, 1935.

Ledger             Journal, Dec., 1931-Dec., 1934

Ledger             Ledgers, 1931-1935 (2 vols.)

34. Mount Vernon Light & Power Company (MS 355; Ledgers M863)

The company, located in Mount Vernon, Maine, served customers in the communities of Mount Vernon, Rome and Vienna. Its distribution plant was acquired by CMP in 1940.

Ledger             Cash receipts and disbursements, 1928-1931

Ledger             Voucher register, 1928-1931

Ledger             General journal, 1928-1931

Ledger             Ledger, 1928-1931

Ledger             General ledger, cashbook, voucher register, journal, 1932-1940

Ledger             Property valuation, distribution inventory (CMP), 1939

35. Cumberland County Power & Light Company (MS 120; Ledgers C91)

Located in Portland, Maine, the company was incorporated by Chapter 256 of the Acts of 1907, approved March 14, 1907. Newell T. Fogg, Thomas Leigh, George A. Goodwin, C.E. Mitchell, and Scott Wilson were the original corporators. The company was authorized to sell electricity in York County except in the town of Sanford and in Cumberland County except in the town of Bridgton. The company was acquired by CMP in 1942, adding 37 communities to CMP’s service area. Also included were gas customers in Biddeford and Saco, and the buses operating in Portland, Westbrook, and South Portland.

Ledger             Invoices and accounts payable register, 1939-1942 (13 vols.)

Ledger             Voucher registers, 1912-1930 (9 vols.)

Ledger             Journal and ledger, 1907 (2 vols.)

Ledger             Journals, 1936-1942 (8 vols.)

Ledger             General ledgers, 1912-1942 (6 vols.)

Ledger             Plant ledger no. 2, 1912-1942

Ledger             Liabilities, income, transfer ledger, 1915-1926

Ledger             Work order estimates no. 403 to 657, 1916-1922; Westbrook Electric Co. estimates no. 1 to 8, 1916-1920

36. Consolidated Electric Light Company of Maine (MS 103; Ledger C766)

This company began supplying electricity to the Portland, Maine, area in 1883, using three steam-driven generators. It became part of the Portland Electric Company in 1912. This company became part of Cumberland County Power & Light Company in 1912. Cumberland became part of CMP in 1942.

Ledger Letter book, 1908-1909 (copies of outgoing correspondence of P.H. Burrowes, Assistant Treasurer)

37. Ossippee Valley Power Company (MS 378; Ledger Os28)

The company was incorporated by Chapter 258 of the Private and Special Laws of 1907, approved February 15, 1907. Corporators were Charles A. Bodwell, Will J. Bodwell and Stillman A. Bodwell. The company was authorized to develop waterpower on the Little Ossipee River and its tributaries in York County and to sell electricity to the towns of Shapleigh, Newfield, Limington, Waterboro and Alfred. The company became part of the Cumberland County Power & Light Company in 1913; Cumberland was acquired by CMP in 1942.

Ledger             General ledger, July, 1911-Aug., 1913

38. Rumford Light Company (MS 443; Ledgers R865)

In 1892 Hugh Chisholm, the founder of International Paper Company, and his associates established the Rumford Falls Light and Water Company in Rumford, Maine. Its organization was ratified by Chapter 365 of the Acts of 1893 and it was authorized to do business in the towns of Rumford, Mexico and Peru. Its name was changed to the Rumford Light Company in 1947. It was purchased by CMP in 1958; CMP brought an electric transmission line into Rumford, thus connecting it with CMP’s integrated system in southern Maine.

Ledger             Accounts payable, 1913-1958 (22 vols.)

Ledger             Cashbooks, 1896-1959 (23 vols.)

Ledger             Monthly statements, 1893-1957 (18 vols.)

Ledger             Journals, 1892-1941 (11 vols.)

Ledger             Ledgers, 1892-1917, 1934-1958 (3 vols.)

39. Cornish & Kezar Falls Light & Power Company (MS 115; Ledgers C816)

The company was acquired by CMP in 1965.

Ledger             Daybooks, 1902-1920 (3 vols.)

Ledger             Journals, 1924-1943 (4 vols.)

Ledger             Ledger, Electric Supply Company, Kezar Falls, Maine, 1903-1906

Ledger             Ledgers, 1903-1923 (6 vols.)

Ledger             General ledger #1-3, 1924-1965 (3 vols.)

Ledger             Cash ledger #1-5, 1915-1965 (6 vols.)

40. Casco Bay Light & Power Company (MS 87; Ledgers C266)

Formed as the Peaks Island Corporation, this company provided electric power and water on Peaks Island, Maine, from 1922 to 1927. In 1927 it became the Casco Bay Light & Water Company, and in 1941 its name changed to the Casco Bay Light & Power Company. It was acquired by CMP in 1965.

Ledger             General records, 1922-1929 (Peaks Island Corp.)

Ledger             General records, 1930-1963 (5 vols.)

Ledger             General records, 1964-1965; voucher record, 1961-1964

41. Miscellaneous ledgers

Central Maine Power Company (MS 41; Ledgers B3215)

Ledger             Pole records in Bath, Maine, 1938-1947

Central Construction Corporation (MS 89; Ledgers C333)

The company was organized in 1921 as a general contracting, engineering and construction business. Harold D. Jennings was president and Walter Wyman was treasurer; Harold Jennings, Walter Wyman and Everett H. Maxcy were the directors. In a 1921 memo from Maxcy to John Everett, auditor at CMP, Maxcy indicates that Central Construction would join CMP’s new mortgage and as it acquired valuable properties would convey them to the Trustee.

Ledger             Journal, 1921-1922

Ledger             Ledger, 1921

Ledger             Work order estimate and cost, 1926-1927

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