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Special Collections: Guide to the Randall J. Condon Papers

Summary Information:

Collection Title: Randall J. Condon Papers
Date of Collection: 1835-1945
Box Numbers: Boxes 21-39, folio
Quantity: 20 boxes

Administrative Information:

Provenance: Gift of Dr. Frank Foster in 1964 and 1969
Access Restrictions: None
Preferred Citation: Randall J. Condon Papers, Special Collections, Raymond H. Fogler Library, University of Maine
For Additional Information:
     Special Collections 
     University of Maine
     5729 Fogler Library
     Orono, Maine 04469-5729
     (207) 581-1686       


Randall J. Condon was an educator born in Friendship, Maine in 1867. He graduated from Colby College; was a principal at Richmond, Me., 1886-89, and was in the Maine House of Representatives, 1886-1888. He also served as Superintendent of Schools in Everett, Mass.; Helena, Montana; Providence, Rhode Island, and Cincinnati, Ohio; was Vice President of the National PTA, 1926-31; and a Trustee of Colby College, 1925.

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, printed matter, and reports pertaining mainly to Condon's major interests in the kindergarten, vocational education, home economics, and moral education movements. Collection also contains materials from the World Peace Foundation and a letter from Helen Keller.

Content List:

Box 21

Box 21 f1 American Book Co., publishers.
Box 21 f2 Audubon, John James and his wife: Photographs.
Box 21 f3 Bailey, Henry Turner: I heard America singing.
Box 21 f4 Cleanup committee, Cincinnati, 1914.
Box 21 f5 Condon, Randall J. : Expense record at Colby, 1882-86.
Box 21 f6 Congratulatory letters on going to Cincinnati.
Box 21 f7 CORRESPONDENCE : A-E. : Includes copy of " The Influence of the Community Chest Upon Politics " by Henry Bentley.
Box 21 f8 Courses of study.
Box 21 f9 Fresh air schools.
Box 21 f10 Harriet Beecher Stowe School, Cincinnati.
Box 21 f11 Helena, Montana.
Box 21 f12 Johnson Publishing Co.: Metcalf, Richard A.
Box 21 f13 Kindergarten: Materials, methods, and plans of work.
Box 21 f14 Letters of appreciation.
Box 21 f15 Little, Brown & Co.: Letters.
Box 21 f16 Military training for boys, 1916.
Box 21 f17 Mother's Training Center Association.
Box 21 f18 The new education fellowship plus programs.
Box 21 f19 Ohio State Teachers Educational Council. : With code of ethics and information on handicapped children.
Box 21 f20 PTA: Resolutions, 1928.
Box 21 f21 PTA: Resolutions, 1929.
Box 21 f22 Photograph of R. J. Condon.
Box 21 f23 Recommendations for professional service with telegram announcing Superintendencey of Cincinnati.
Box 21 f24 Testimonials: 2 folders.
Box 21 f25 Textbook adoptions: report and policy.
Box 21 f26 University of Cincinnati, 1912. : Report.
Box 21 f27 Vesper services.
Box 21 f28 Vocational guidance.

Box 22

Box 22 f3 CORRESPONDENCE : Q-Z.:Takenberg, Charles W. Bound for the devil. (play) Includes material on Near East relief.
Box 22 f4 Elsinore Conference, 1929. Elsinore, Denmark.
Box 22 f5 Family letters: 5 folders: 1839-97
Box 22 f6 Houghton Mifflin Co., publishers: Language books. (Letters only)
Box 22 f7 LANG, ANTON: Oberammergau, passion play, 1929.
Box 22 f8 LANG, ANTON: Prints (2) and a picture. Contains signature.
Box 22 f9 Memberships: NEA.
Box 22 f10 Safety education.

Box 23

Box 23 f1 Address requested.
Box 23 f2 American School Citizenship League.
Box 23 f3 The American School of the Air, radio. : Teacher's manual. : Instructors' manual for music appreciation. Walter Damrasch. 
Box 23 f4 Bailey, Henry Turner.: I Heard America Singing.
Box 23 f5 Board of education, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Box 23 f6 Cases of Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. Peabody, Mrs. Washington.
Box 23 f7 Character education.
Box 23 f8 The Cincinnati Schoolmasters Club.
Box 23 f9 Cincinnati Schools.: Policies, reports, board of education, administration.
Box 23 f10 Colby College, class of 1886: Class reunion (45th).
Box 23 f11 Crabtree, J.W.: NEA
Box 23 f12 Crippled children. Cincinnati.
Box 23 f13 Crozier, N.R., supt. of schools, Dallas, Texas.: Letters re NFA meeting.
Box 23 f14 Delta Upsilion.
Box 23 f15 Ensov, Beatrice. : New education fellowship.
Box 23 f16 Gosling, T.W. : Secondary education objectives.
Box 23 f17 Gwinn, J.W.: NEA and superintendent of schools, San Francisco, Calif.
Box 23 f18 Kindergarten council: History and creed.
Box 23 f19 McGuffey, William H. McGuffy reader.
Box 23 f20 Memberships- committees.
Box 23 f21 Moral Training: Pamphlets and propaganda.
Box 23 f22 Music in education and assembly song book. 
Box 23 f23 NEA: Dallas 1927. program, Feb. 27, Mar. 4.
Box 23 f24 NEA: general.
Box 23 f25 NEW: National council.
Box 23 f26 NEW: Reports of committees.
Box 23 f27 National Committee For the Study of Social Values in Motion Pictures, 1931.
Box 23 f28 Near East Relief and international golden rule.
Box 23 f29 PTA: Committee on resolutions, 1929.
Box 23 f30 PTA: National council- miscellaneous.
Box 23 f31 PTA and church.
Box 23 f32 Patriotism, citizenship: Material and addresses.

Box 24

Box 24 f1 Arbor day, 1914, bulletin.
Box 24 f2 Baptist church appeal. Recommendations.
Box 24 f3 Budget, 1918.
Box 24 f4 Cincinnati community council. : Report and constitution, 1919.
Box 24 f5 Citizens and occupational councils of the social unit organization. : Report on the study for evidence of Bolshevistic of Socialistic propaganda.
Box 24 f6 CONDON RANDALL J. : The Kindergartener' creed.
Box 24 f7 CONDON RANDALL J. : Notes from magazines.
Box 24 f8 Congratulatory letter re Cincinnati and others, mostly carbon copy thank-you notes.
Box 24 f9 Cosmopolitan type of high school. (general)
Box 24 f10 Everett, Mass. : Schools...letters, Teachers' club, etc.
Box 24 f11 German references: textbook reports.
Box 24 f12 Helena, Montana : Letters.
Box 24 f13 Illiteracy.
Box 24 f14 Kindergarten council, Helena, Montana. 1903-1911. : Programs.
Box 24 f15 NEA: Dallas, 1927. : Departmental programs.
Box 24 f16 NEA: Dallas, 1927. : Invitations to speakers for sectional meetings.
Box 24 f17 NEA: Dallas, 1927. : Music.
Box 24 f18 NEA: department of lip reading, 1927.
Box 24 f19 NEA: Exhibits. : Includes material on school buildings.
Box 24 f20 NEA: The Journal : Letters.
Box 24 f21 The Payne Fund.
Box 24 f22 Plymouth address, 1928.
Box 24 f23 PROVIDENCE, R.I.: Letters.
Box 24 f24 PROVIDENCE, R.I.: Reports on schools, etc., 1912.
Box 24 f25 RADIO
Box 24 f26 RADIO: Letters.
Box 24 f27 RADIO: National radio assembly for schools and information on the Payne Study and Experiment Fund, 1929.
 Box 24 f28 Recommendations (letters0 on R.J. Condon.
Box 24 f29 Retirement- Cincinnati.
Box 24 f30 Richmond, Maine. : Centennial address.
Box 24 f31 Russell Sage Foundation and Ohio first.
Box 24 f32 Salesmanship and store management.
Box 24 f33 The school and social agencies.
Box 24 f34 School dedications.
Box 24 f35 School for umpires, Cincinnati.
Box 24 f36 Schools and labor movement.
Box 24 f37 Schools as social centers.
Box 24 f38 Superintendent in Cincinnati: election and certification.
Box 24 f39 Trounstine Foundation with information on Cincinnati Family Welfare study.
Box 24 f40 Vocational education: Commercial and industrial.
Box 24 f41 Young citizen's league, 1905. : Civic service and Arbor Day.

Box 25

Box 25 f1 Atlantic Readers: mss and pt. II. of High and Far
Box 25 f2 CONDON, RANDALL J.: What most educates?: Notes for address, 1910.
Box 25 f3 CONDON, RANDALL J.:What's the matter with the schools?: Notes only.
Box 25 f4 School legislation.
Box 25 f5 School receipts and expenditures: Comparison of cities, 1910.
Box 25 f6 School spirit. An article from " Nugget" , 1907.
Box 25 f7 Social science.
Box 25 f8 Street car rates for school children, Cincinnati, 1920: Report.
Box 25 f9 Textbook adoptions.
Box 25 f10 Vocational education.
Box 25 f11 Vocational education legislation.
Box 25 f12 What's the matter with the young folks? 1904, 1924. : Includes questionnaire sent to 400 person listed and some replies.  many well known persons included, e.g. Mencken, Henry L., Anthony, Susan B., Garrison, William L.
Box 25 f13 Woodward Case: Pliny A. Johnston vs. Condon, 1916.
Box 25 f14 Wright, M.B.: Life and character of the late Professor John Loke. Address, 1857.

Box 26

Box 26 f1 Address material: Notes, etc.
Box 26 f2 Americanization Committee.
Box 26 f3 Arnold, Sarah Louise: Letters.
Box 26 f4 Articles to write.
Box 26 f5 Backus, E.S.: Letters, 1928.
Box 26 f6 Bailey, Henry T.: Social ideal in education: Outline.
Box 26 f7 Cabin.
Box 26 f8 Cincinnati: Comments on learning.
Box 26 f9 Cincinnati High School: History notes and commencement: Harry Brooks.
Box 26 f10 College papers and Phi Beta Kappa.
Box 26 f11 CONDON, RANDALL J.: For the sake of the childeren. Address, 1909.
Box 26 f12 CONDON, RANDALL J.: Ohio State University, Mother's Training Center: Address delivered at Templeton, Mass.
Box 26 f13 Curtis, John W.: The training of the deaf for positions in industry.
Box 26 f14 Dead Letter Office, Post Office Department.
Box 26 f15 Dewey, John.: Letter.
Box 26 f16 The Flag.
Box 26 f17 German teaching, Cincinnati.
Box 26 f18 Hall- Quest, Alfred L.: Letter to R.J. Condon and material referring to Paolo S. Abbate, sculptor.
Box 26 f19 HELENA, MONTANA: Early days: a composition.
Box 26 f20 HELENA, MONTANA: Schools.
Box 26 f21 Industrial education: Chicago, 1908.
Box 26 f22 Ingersoll, Robert G.: The volunteer soldiers.
Box 26 f23 Language manual standards.
Box 26 f24 League of nations: Kuhn, Mrs. Simon: Letters.
Box 26 f25 Letters.
Box 26 f26 Lincoln Memorial University: trustee.
Box 26 f27 Mayflower compact: Signers.
Box 26 f28 Measurements: school children.
Box 26 f29 Miles, R.E.: Handicapped children.
Box 26 f30 Mother's training center.
Box 26 f31 NEA: Curriculum Commission: Definition and function of the Junior High School. 
Box 26 f32 NEA: High School principals.
Box 26 f33 NEA: Legislative committee.
Box 26 f34 Ohio council.
Box 26 f35 Open-air schools, Providence, R.I.
Box 26 f36 Physical education, Cincinnati. : To whom it may concern, 1836. : Louis Graeser receipts. 1865.
Box 26 f37 Pilgrims: faith of the founders.
Box 26 f38 Prohibition, 1928.
Box 26 f39 Providence R.I.: Final address.
Box 26 f40 Resolutions and training for ex-servicemen.
Box 26 f41 RIIS, JACOB: Last chance gulch, 1907.
Box 26 f42 RIIS, JACOB: Letter, 1909.
Box 26 f43 Salary study comments: Cincinnati, 1926.
Box 26 f44 School lunches.
Box 26 f45 School progress statistics.
Box 26 f46 Smith, George Woodward.: Letter to Frank Burgoyne, 1924.
Box 26 f47 Smith, Jeanette B. (Hughes Alumna)
Box 26 f48 Stories and humorous incidents.
Box 26 f49 Thanksgiving.
Box 26 f50 Tributes to R.J. Condon.
Box 26 f51 Virgil: 1000th anniversary. : Address.
Box 26 f52 World Federation of Education Association.

Box 27

Box 27 f1 Blair, Frances G. : NEA Pres., 1926.
Box 27 f2 Broome, Dr. Edwin C.: NEA, 1927.
Box 27 f3 Budget request in Providence, R.I.
Box 27 f4 Cincinnati, Ohio: Graduation programs. 
Box 27 f5 Citizenship and American history.
Box 27 f6 Citizenship pamphlets and propaganda.
Box 27 f7 Civic and Vocational League, Cincinnati.
Box 27 f8 Committee on materials and instruction, 1926.
Box 27 f9 Congratulations on going to Cincinnati.
Box 27 f10 Eddy, William H. : Music impressions, 1912.
Box 27 f11 The Equitable Life Assurance Society, 1931.
Box 27 f12 Finance policies and programs.
Box 27 f13 Health.
Box 27 f14 Helena, Montana: Courses of study, 1910.
Box 27 f15 Illiteracy addresses.
Box 27 f16 Industrial arts: Montana.
Box 27 f17 Instructor's certificate: Montana, 1905.
Box 27 f18 International Kindergarten Union.
Box 27 f19 Invitations to give addresses: Refused.
Box 27 f20 Moral training: Report of teachers, Helena, Montana, 1907.
Box 27 f21 NEA: Bills, 1928.
Box 27 f22 NEA: DALLAS 1927.
Box 27 f23 NEA: DALLAS 1927: Committees.
Box 27 f24 NEA: DALLAS 1927: Letters P-S.
Box 27 f25 NEA: Department of Superintendents.
Box 27 f26 NEA: Elementary school principals, 1926.
Box 27 f27 NEA: International Relations Committee, 1930.
Box 27 f28 National Advisory Committee On Illiteracy, 1930's.
Box 27 f29 Peace publications, 1913.
Box 27 f30 Physical education: Grades 1-3, Helena, Montana.
Box 27 f31 Play and playgrounds, 1917.
Box 27 f32 PROVIDENCE, R.I.: Home economics.
Box 27 f33 PROVIDENCE, R.I.: Includes "Life Illustrated" 1859.
Box 27 f34 Reading: Report, 1898, Everett, Mass.
Box 27 f35 Reading lists.
Box 27 f36 Salute to the flag.

Box 28

Box 28 f1 ATLANTIC READERS:  Letters, etc.
Box 28 f2 ATLANTIC READERS: Testimonials.
Box 28 f3 Civic club: Helena, Montana.
Box 28 f4 Code of professional ethics.
Box 28 f5 Committee on financing educational research, 1930.
Box 28 f6 CONDON, RANDALL J.: Excerpts from speeches.
Box 28 f7 CONDON, RANDALL J.: Practical efficiency as an incentive.: Address to Brown Univ. Teachers Assoc., 1912.
Box 28 f8 CONDON, RANDALL J.: What shall we teach?
Box 28 f9 Courses of study: Helena Montana, 1904,1906.
Box 28 f10 Dorsey, Susan M.
Box 28 f11 Faunce, Frances A.: Atlantic Monthly Press.
Box 28 f12 Ginn & Co.: Music books.
Box 28 f13 Hannay, M.K.
Box 28 f14 Helena Montana: Home study.
Box 28 f15 Hyde Park Community Church, Cincinnati, Ohio.: Dedication, 1927.
Box 28 f16 Legislative measures, Montana.
Box 28 f17 Moral education.
Box 28 f18 Music.
Box 28 f19 BEA: dept. of superintendents.
Box 28 f20 Ohio State Teachers' Association.
Box 28 f21 Providence, R.I.: A guide.
Box 28 f22 Reynolds, F.E.: NEA.
Box 28 f23 School lunches.: Report on penny lunch experiment in Boston, 1910.
Box 28 f24 School revenue: Includes "An act revising tax laws": by Hon. Robert Taft.
Box 28 f25 Shankland, S.D.
Box 28 f26 State examinations.
Box 28 f27 State fair premiums: Montana, 1907, 1909.
Box 28 f28 Sunday school music.
Box 28 f29 Teacher efficiency: A plan for rating.
Box 28 f30 Tenure for teachers.
Box 28 f31 Testimonial dinner, 1929.
Box 28 f32 Thanksgiving Day Address, 1926.
Box 28 f33 U.S. dept. of Education, 1926. : Letters from congressmen.
Box 28 f34 Williams, Charl.: NEA: Legislative division.: includes typed letter from H. Hoover and "Can nation afford to educate its children?"
Box 28 f35 Wilson, Woodrow: Tribute.
Box 28 f36 York, Alvin C. : Letter on Agriculture Institute.

Box 29

Box 29 f1 Account book (1880-1895) and bankbook (1931)
Box 29 f2 Americanization, 1920's.
Box 29 f3 Apprenticeship school, 1st grad.
Box 29 f4 Arbor Day: planting, 1905.
Box 29 f5 ATLANTIC READERS: Accounts.
Box 29 f6 ATLANTIC READERS: Personal cooperation on-.
Box 29 f7 ATLANTIC READERS: Testimonials, etc. 
Box 29 f8 Chase's estate.
Box 29 f9 Condon, Eliza (Mrs. R.J. Condon): DAR and letters from governors, 1907, 1910.
Box 29 f10 Condon, R.J. : Death- 3 folders. Resolutions.
Box 29 f11 Correspondence.
Box 29 f12 Delta Upsilon.
Box 29 f13 Education by radio, 1931.
Box 29 f14 Emery, Mabel.
Box 29 f15 Everett, Mass. 1892,1895.
Box 29 f16 Kindergarten: Basel, 1895. Leipsig, 1884. In German.: Includes letter, 1905, in English, from Rothenberger.
Box 29 f17 Montana, 1909.
Box 29 f18 Montana, programs, 1909.
Box 29 f19 NEA: Dallas: Reserve speakers.
Box 29 f20 NEA: DALLAS, 1927: The gist of the convention.
Box 29 f21 NEA: DALLAS, 1927:  Letters of appreciation.
Box 29 f22 NEA: DALLAS, 1927: : Programs and speakers.
Box 29 f23 NEA: Dept of Superintendents; Research fund.
Box 29 f24 Providence, R.I. 1907.
Box 29 f25 Reading.
Box 29 f26 Texas independence Day.
Box 29 f27 Textbook adoptions: Montana, 1908.
Box 29 f28 Woodward High School Dedication, 1926.
Box 29 f29 Woolley, Helen T. : Notes on

Box 30

Box 30 f1 Arithmetic: Providence, 1911
Box 30 f2 Articles to be written.
Box 30 f3 Biddle, Andrew P. : Detroit, 1919.
Box 30 f4 Budget, 1925. Cincinnati.
Box 30 f5 Cincinnati: Educational System.
Box 30 f6 Civic and Vocational League: Cincinnati.
Box 30 f7 Colby Campus.
Box 30 f8 Condon, Randall J. : Death, sympathy.
Box 30 f9 DeBorde, Emma. (or Erma)
Box 30 f10 Delta Upsilion, 1905.
Box 30 f11 England and America, 1918.
Box 30 f12 English teaching.
Box 30 f13 Estate and stocks.
Box 30 f14 Geography: Report of 1902.
Box 30 f15 Geometry study: Address.
Box 30 f16 German in schools, 1916.
Box 30 f17 Greetings at time of illness.
Box 30 f18 Harriet Beecher Stowe School.
Box 30 f19 Helena, Montana: Helena High School history.
Box 30 f20 Manual training and character development.
Box 30 f21 NEA: Committee on Committees, 1926.
Box 30 f22 PTA: Des Moines, 1929.
Box 30 f23 Principal's letter.
Box 30 f24 Printers samples.
Box 30 f25 PROVIDENCE, R.I.: Forms and statistics.
Box 30 f26 PROVIDENCE, R.I.: High school.
Box 30 f27 Public education in Ohio.: Address, 1920.
Box 30 f28 Religious education.
Box 30 f29 Riis, Jacob: Last chance gulch today from "The Outlook". Feb. 2, 1907.
Box 30 f30 School bond issue, 1924.
Box 30 f31 School for umpires.
Box 30 f32 School government: Address, 1892.
Box 30 f33 Spelling, 1916: Includes Ohio official spelling list.
Box 30 f34 Taxation committee: Ohio, 1924.
Box 30 f35 Teachers on strike, 1920.
Box 30 f36 Textbooks.
Box 30 f37 Tributes to R.J. Condon, 1931.
Box 30 f38 WARD readers, 1897.
Box 30 f39 Women teacher salaries.
Box 30 f40 Woodward High School.

Box 31

Box 31 f1 The Academy Belle, Vol. 3 No. 9: Richmond High School, Richmond, Maine. May, 1888.
Box 31 f2 Agreement between Brown University and City of Providence, 1900.
Box 31 f3 Art.
Box 31 f4 At the Cove: Friendship, Maine.
Box 31 f5 Barnard's Lincoln Statue, 1917.
Box 31 f6 The Classics as a course of study.
Box 31 f7 Colonial dames.
Box 31 f8 Community centers: East High.
Box 31 f9 Cooperative industrial course.
Box 31 f10 Declaration of Independence, 1916.
Box 31 f11 English: Dallas Lore Sharp.
Box 31 f12 Everett, Mass.
Box 31 f13 Harriet Beecher Stowe School.
Box 31 f14 Helena, Montana: Institute address.
Box 31 f15 High school courses.
Box 31 f16 High school plans.
Box 31 f17 The home school.
Box 31 f18 Leonard, Blanche Schweizer.
Box 31 f19 McSkimmon, Mary: NEA Pres. 1926.
Box 31 f20 McVea, Amilie.
Box 31 f21 Maddy, Joseph E.: Music supervisor, Ann Arbor, 1926.
Box 31 f22 Metcalf, Richard.
Box 31 f23 NEA: Committee on reorganization, 1926.
Box 31 f24 NEA: Dallas plans, 1927.
Box 31 f25 NEA: Department of lip reading.
Box 31 f26 NEA: General.
Box 31 f27 NEA: Membership in the south, 1926.
Box 31 f28 PTA: Committee on school education.
Box 31 f29 PTA: Directors of education.
Box 31 f30 PTA: Endowment and headquarters funds.
Box 31 f31 PTA: Home education.
Box 31 f32 PTA: Kindergarten.
Box 31 f33 PTA: Loans and scholarships.
Box 31 f34 PTA: Music and art.
Box 31 f35 PTA: National council correspondence.
Box 31 f36 PTA: Parent education.
Box 31 f37 PTA: 3 folders. #1,2,3.
Box 31 f38 PTA: Washington.
Box 31 f39 Peace, 1915.
Box 31 f40 Photographs.

Box 32

Box 32 f1 Bailey, Henry Turner: The man who put his arm around me.
Box 32 f2 Condon, Randall J: What next? : Address to School Masters Club.
Box 32 f3 Damrosch, Walter: Letter.
Box 32 f4 Letters: B-Z. 7 Folders.
Box 32 f5 Notebooks(23).
Box 32 f6 Oram, Robert: Letter to William Hale Oram on board the schooner Perue Waldoboro, Georgetown, D.C. Oct. 17, 1835.
Box 32 f7 Rights and obligations of a citizen in a democracy.
Box 32 f8 Speech ideas.
Box 32 f9 Stowe, Charles E. : Letter.
Box 32 f10 Teachers' council.
Box 32 f11 Teachers letters.
Box 32 f12 Teachers organization.
Box 32 f13 Teachers salaries.
Box 32 f14 Telegraph messengers.
Box 32 f15 Town Crier: Providence.
Box 32 f16 Trowbridge, W.R. : Report on high schools. Providence, R.I.

Box 33

Box 33 f1 Annual report presented by the school committee of the town of Templeton for the school year 1889-90. Gardner, Mass., Gardener News, 1890.
Box 33 f2 Biographic material for Cincinnati Post. 1922.
Box 33 f3 The boy who came to school.
Box 33 f4 Checkbook, 1932.
Box 33 f5 A Christmas message, 1928.
Box 33 f6 Cincinnati Kindergarten Alumnae Association, 1936.
Box 33 f7 The Colby Alumnus.
Box 33 f8 Colby College: Miscellaneous material.
Box 33 f9 Colby College Centennial.
Box 33 f10 Colby College trustee.
Box 33 f11 The Colby Oracle, 1886. (2copies)
Box 33 f12 Coolidge, Calvin.: Letter to International Golden Rule Committee. May 15, 1926. Signed.
Box 33 f13 Courses of study, suggestions.
Box 33 f14 Delta Upsilion Fraternity.
Box 33 f15 East High School, Erie, Pa.
Box 33 f16 Elsinore Conference: Address delivered, 1929.
Box 33 f17 European travels.
Box 33 f18 Foster, Frank C.: Randall J. Condon and the Condon Medal. Waterville, Maine. Colby College, 1970.: Includes list of winners. Published to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Condon Medal.
Box 33 f19 Harriet Beecher Stowe School and Douglas School, 1924.
Box 33 f20 PTA: National council.
Box 33 f21 PTA: #4
Box 33 f22 PTA: State resolutions. 2 folders, #1,2.

Box 34

Box 34 f1 California's missions: A history.
Box 34 f2 Family scrapbook.
Box 34 f3 FOSTER, FRANK C.: Manual on foreign relief and rehabilitation.
Box 34 f4 FOSTER, FRANK C.: 2nd zone conference, 1945.
Box 34 f5 FOSTER, FRANK C.: Veteran's Rehabilitation: Bibliography. 1945.
Box 34 f6 German education. 2 folders, #1,2
Box 34 f7 Germany: Travels 1929. 2 folders: Includes photos.
Box 34 f8 Glen House, White Mountains.: Bill of fare, 1872.
Box 34 f9 Grenfell Association.
Box 34 f10 Human welfare group: New Haven, Conn.
Box 34 f11 Illiteracy.
Box 34 f12 Kappa Delta Pi.
Box 34 f13 Keller, Helen.: Letter to R.J. Condon. Dec. 31, 1924.
Box 34 f14 Kindergarten and soul culture.
Box 34 f15 Letters: Miscellaneous. 2 folders.
Box 34 f16 Letters: Replies to welcome and house offers, Cincinnati.
Box 34 f17 Little Mother's League.
Box 34 f18 Miscellaneous material.
Box 34 f19 Morgan, Elmer Joy.: NEA.
Box 34 f20 NEA: Dallas, 1927. Atlantic City. 1930. : Department of superintendents and National high school orchestra.
Box 34 f21 Notebooks: Miscellaneous.
Box 34 f22 PTA: List of books for study groups.
Box 34 f23 PTA handbook, 1929.
Box 34 f24 Photographs: Includes some from Oberammergau, 1929.
Box 34 f25 Pulsifer, Woodbury.: Who won the war?
Box 34 f26 Sunday school boys' problems.
Box 34 f27 Steiner, F.A.: Letter to Condon re Americanization, Europe.
Box 34 f28 University society: Home reading plan.
Box 34 f29 War work council. 1917-1918.
Box 34 f30 Wyler, Fred.: Corn-from grain to ear, 1921.

Box 35

Box 35 f1 Antioch College: Bulletin. 
Box 35 f2 Automobile official blue book, 1911. New England.
Box 35 f3 Bedenkblatter: Das franenklofter St. Klara in Staus.

Box 35 f4

Bradford, Alexander W.: American antiquities and researches into the origin and history of the red race. 1841.
Box 35 f5 Cincinnati Musical Festival Association and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra: A complimentary concert for Superintendence Section. N.E.A, Music Halls, Cincinnati, Feb. 25, 1915.
Box 35 f6 CINCINNATI PUBLIC SCHOOLS:  Annual reports.
Box 35 f8 The Colby alumnus: First quarter, 1921-1922.
Box 35 f9 Congratulatory letters. (see box 24)
Box 35 f10 DAR: Lineage Book, 1910: Darwin, Gertrude B: Johnston, Sarah H. 
Box 35 f11 Gregory, William M. and Guitteau, William B.: History and geography of Ohio, 1922.
Box 35 f12 Jefferson's university: Glimpses of the past and present of the University of Virginia. Edited by John S. Patton (and others) 1915.
Box 35 f13 Journal of education: Scattered issues, 1922-1931. 
Box 35 f14 Mitchell, S. Augustus: Mitchell's ancient geography. 1871.
Box 35 f15 NEA: Exhibits : Includes material on school buildings.
Box 35 f16 NEA: National council.
Box 35 f18 NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, DEPARTMENT OF SUPERINTENDENTS: Official report. Washington, D.C., Dept. of Superintendents, 1927.
Box 35 f19 Pacifist literature, 1920's.
Box 35 f20 NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, DEPARTMENT OF SUPERINTENDENTS: Official Program. Washington, D.C., National Education Assoc., 1928.
Box 35 f21 Pan- Pacific Union: pan- pacific Educational Conference. 1st, Honolulu, August 11-24, 1921.: Program and proceedings.
Box 35 f22 Reports and miscellaneous items from the Cincinnati Board of Education.
Box 35 f23 School reports: Various sources, 1920's.
Box 35 f24 Thornton, George H.: The modern stenographer, 1882.
Box 35 f25 WILKINSON, WILLIAM CLEAVER.:  College Greek course in English, 1884.
Box 35 f26 WILKINSON, WILLIAM CLEAVER.: Preparatory Greek course in English, 1884.
Box 35 f27 Wright, G. Frederick: See Ohio first: A guide to the best routes to the most interesting scenes in the Buckeye State. Oberlin, Ohio, Bibliotheca Sacra Co., 1915.

Box 36

Box 36 f1 Athern books: Miscellaneous material on books edited by Walter S. Athern.
Box 36 f3 ATLANTIC MONTHLY PRESS: Economy of human life: Quotations, notes.
Box 36 f4 ATLANTIC MONTHLY PRESS: Signed questionnaires of prominent people on books remembered best.
Box 36 f5 ATLANTIC READERS: Illustrations.
Box 36 f6 ATLANTIC READERS: Introduction.
Box 36 f7 ATLANTIC READERS: Lists of prominent people for reference use.
Box 36 f8 ATLANTIC READERS: Miscellaneous material.
Box 36 f9 Books for children, including a catalog of books published by Thomas Bird Mosher. Portland, Maine
Box 36 f10 Children's morality code by William J. Hutchins and character education notes and clippings.
Box 36 f11 Citations used by various colleges in conferring honorary degrees.
Box 36 f12 Clippings on Condon family, Colby college, etc.
Box 36 f13 Collier's magazine: Clippings on education.
Box 36 f14 Condon's leave from Cincinnati: Miscellaneous material.
Box 36 f15 Condon's notes, letters, clippings, etc.
Box 36 f16 Educational pamphlets.
Box 36 f17 Home reading plans with outlines for review.
Box 36 f18 Inscriptions done by Dr. Charles W. Eliot.
Box 36 f19 Inscriptions on civic and public buildings, including letters, etc.
Box 36 f20 Pamphlets: Topics vary.
Box 36 f21 Photographs of vocational and technical training classes, mostly at Woodward High School.
Box 36 f22 Pin Mountain Settlement School, Pine Mt,. Kentucky and letters from Constance MacCorkle.
Box 36 f23 Teachers' institutes: Miscellaneous pamphlets, clippings, etc.
Box 36 f24 Tributes and evaluations of R.J. Condon.
Box 36 f25 University of Virginia material.
Box 36 f26 Woodrow Wilson: Miscellaneous material including two letters, signed, to Mr. Condon. Nov. 4, 1916. June 10, 1918.

Box 37

Box 37 f1 Abbate, Paolo S.: Alfred Lawrence Hall-Quest: Letters included.
Box 37 f2 ATLANTIC MONTHLY PRESS: Biography material.
Box 37 f3 ATLANTIC MONTHLY PRESS: Miscellaneous material relating to Atlantic readers. Topics vary.
Box 37 f5 ATLANTIC READERS : Material.
Box 37 f6 ATLANTIC READERS : Materials to be examined.
Box 37 f7 ATLANTIC READERS : Quotations. 2 folders.
Box 37 f8 ATLANTIC READERS : Reductions.
Box 37 f9 Clippings on educational topics.
Box 37 f10 Constitution of the United States: Facsimile printed by The North American Philadelphia. September 15, 1887.
Box 37 f11 The First David Brooks Anglo-American prize essay: Written by Oliver Burgess Meredith, with a forward by Paul van Dyke.
Box 37 f12 Loud family genealogy, including the Oram family.
Box 37 f13 Material on Thomas Jefferson and other prominent Americans.
Box 37 f14 Notes on dedications.
Box 37 f15 Notes on Georgia.
Box 37 f19 Notes on inscriptions.
Box 37 f17 Poems selected for readers.
Box 37 f18 Prominent people to whom Dr. Condon wrote about influential books read.

Box 38

Box 38 f1 Clippings on various subjects.
Box 38 f2 Great Americans: Clippings, notes, etc. on Lincoln, Washington, Wilson, Jefferson, etc.
Box 38 f3 NEA: meeting in Boston, 1928.
Box 38 f4 NEA meeting in Dallas. 1927.
Box 38 f5 NEA meeting in Washington, D.C. 1926: Miscellaneous pamphlets, etc.
Box 38 f6 NEA: Miscellaneous bulletins, pamphlets, etc.
Box 38 f7 Pamphlets and programs: Subjects vary.
Box 38 f8 Woodrow Wilson: Clippings, including League of Nations, peace, etc.

Box 39

Box 39 f1 Character education.
Box 39 f2 Cincinnati newspapers, clippings only, 1921.
Box 39 f3 Cincinnati schools: reports, etc.
Box 39 f4 Condon material: Clippings and will.
Box 39 f5 Examinations.
Box 39 f6 Fellner, Ulois.: Der Kindergarten. Wien, Gerlag von U. Pichlers Witwe. 1901.
Box 39 f7 The flag: correspondence with Boy Scouts.
Box 39 f8 Journals: Various titles, relation to education.
Box 39 f9 Letters.
Box 39 f10 Notes: Handwritten, on various topics.
Box 39 f11 Papers, essays, articles, speeches. Authors vary.
Box 39 f12 Rochester social centers and civic clubs: Story of the first two years. League of Civic Clubs, 1909.
Box 39 f13 The School index: Scattered issues.
Box 39 f14 7-30 Notes: Newspaper sheet, published by M'Laughlin Brothers, Phila., containing facts and figures and including patriotic songs.
Box 39 f15 Un-catalogued items.
Box 39 f16 World War I: Education in junior Red Cross.


Folio f1 World War I: Education, photographs only.
Folio f2 Scrapbooks: Helena, Montana. 1900-1910.
Folio f3 Diplomas and citations.
Folio f4 Sketch of Randall Condon, 1914 (?) by Bushnell


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