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Special Collections: Guide to the George F. Dow Research Records

Summary Information

Collection title: George F. Dow Research Records
Collection number: MS 146
Dates of collection: 1854-1979
Size of collection: 3 boxes
Restrictions on access and use: Kept at Fogler Library's offsite storage building. One week's notice required for retrieval


Mr. Dow was a resident of Nobleboro interested in the history and genealogy of the area. He collected these materials

Scope and Content Note

Records (photocopies) compiled and used by Dow in his research on the history and families of Nobleboro, Me. Original records in the possession of various persons and agencies in the Nobleboro area

Contents of Boxes

Box 94

Eugley, George House in North Nobleboro.

Additional Revolutionary War veterans from Nobleboro.

Alewives festival at Damariscotta Mills, May, 1955.

Alewives, harvesting and processing.

Alewives, Nobleboro's original welfare program.

Alewives. Story of dipping alewives at Damariscotta Mills, 1900.

Algonquin Indian nation. Six typewritten pages. Photocopy.

Alna meeting house.

American Sunday-school union. Annual sketch, 1854-1855.

Applefest, October 14, 1978.

Austin, Georgia. Statue in Lincoln cemetery, Newcastle.

Austin genealogy.

Back meadow road, Nobleboro.

Baptist Church, Damariscotta Mills.

Barstow, George. History of family and residence In Nobleboro.

Barstow, Oliver, Clark house. History of families living in this residence in Nobleboro.

Barstow genealogy.

Bartlett genealogy.

Bartlett house in Damariscotta Mills.

Baseball teams of earlier years.

Benner, Henry. Photocopy of his will.

Benner, Mathias. Homestead in eastern Nobleboro.

Benner, Mathias. Picture and story of his burial plot.

Benner, Robert. Home in Waldoboro.

Benner genealogy.

Beston, Henry E.. Biographical information.

Bisbee-Chaput sawmill at head of Pemaquid Pond.

Borland genealogy.

Borland vs. Free meeting house. Copy of Wiscasset court records.

Bowser, John. News article with photographs about his ponies. Photocopy.

Boynton house at Damariscotta Mills.

Bragg, Roland L. History of house and families who owned it.

A brief history together with pictures of the Knox and Lincoln railroad.

Bryant, Cushing House in DamariscottaMills.

Bryant, Nathaniel. Genealogy.

Bryant, Nathaniel II. History of house at Damariscotta Mills.

Buchan, Nancy H.. State apple queen from Nobleboro.

The Bunker Hill battle flag.

Burns-Wellman genealogy.

Bryant family. Photograph with notes. Photocopy.

Canadian monument to Col. Arthur Noble.

The case against woman suffrage, Sept. 10, 1917. Photocopy.

Castner, Harold. Newspaper articles of historical notes. Photocopy.

Castner, Herman M.. Home on Island at Damariscotta Mills.

Catalogue of the officers and students of Lincoln Academy, Newcastle, Maine. 1867, 1897-98. Photocopy.

Center school, Nobleboro. Souvenir programs, 1898, 1901-02. Photocopy.

Centre school Nobleboro. 1912.

Chapman, Anthony. House in Nobleboro.

Chapman, Cotton, Bartlett house.

Chapman, Jacob. House in Nobleboro - Damariscotta.

Chaput, Alfred. Genealogy.

Chaput, Alfred. House at Harrington Corner.

Chaput, Alfred. Sawmill at Nuscongus Bay.

Civil War army life. Photocopy of a booklet.

Clarke genealogy.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane.

Codd, Nicholas. Genealogy.

Congregational Church in Newcastle Village.

Congregational Church of Alna, Maine, 1796-1923.

Construction crew for leatherboard factory, 1906. Photograph. Photocopy.

Coombs, Harold. House near Great Salt Bay.

Coombs, W.N. Receipt for goods, 1879. Photocopy.

Coombs genealogy.

Cotton, Henry P. Clockmaker in Nobleboro.

Cotton, Henry Pike. Genealogy.

Cotton, Rollins, Farris home in Damariscotta Mills.

Cunningham genealogy.

Curtis, Plummer, Cunningham house at Damariscotta Mills.

Damariscotta Baptist Church, 1819-1919.

Damariscotta-Bristol stage.

Damariscotta centennial, 1848-1948.

Damariscotta. Historic postcards. Photocopy.

The Damariscotta House -- and visitor James K. Polk.

Damariscotta Mills. Photocopies of historical notes and photographs.

Damariscotta Mills. Weather conditions as reported in diary of Effie McCurda, 1884-1886.

Day, Maurice "Jake". Biographical information on Damariscotta artist.

Dinsmore, Asa. House in North Nobleboro.

Dinsmore. Photocopy of an article from the Miami Herald, Florida, March 31, 1977.

Diptheria cases in Nobleboro, 1887-1915.

Disaster, disgrace at Castine. Photocopy of book review, the Penobscot expedition, by John E. Cayford.

Document concerning road across Oyster Creek, 1855. Photocopy.

Documents assigning pews in the north meeting house to James and John Genthner. Photocopy.

Documents. Testimonials to Llewellyn J. Genthner and Evander S. Trask. Photocopies.

The Donkersley musical group.

Dow, George Farrington. Nobleboro historian.

Dow, George Farrington. Our spiritual heritage, a talk given May 16, 1976.

Drawing presented to George Dow by his first class in Nobleboro history, 1976. Photocopy.

Dunbar, David Col. Home on Belvedere Rd.

Dunbar, Edward Everett. Story of his discovery of the secret of Johnny Orr rock treasure.

Dunbar, Jesse. History of house on East Neck Road.

Dunbar, Sally. Nobleboro artist.

Dunbar genealogy.

Dwyer, Marian. Sculpture.

Early conflicts between Vaughan and Noble over land and water rights.

Early settlers in Nobleboro.

Earthquake shakes Nobleboro, April 17 1979.

East Neck "Homes" School, 1909.

80th year of telephone service.

Electric power developments.

The Elm Inn, Damariscotta Mills.

Embree - Francke family genealogy.

Emerson School, North Nobleboro.

Entrance way to Casner's bridge.

Eugley cemetery, North Nobleboro.

First Baptist Church of Damariscotta celebrates centennial, Nov. 20, 1919.

First Baptist Church of Damariscotta. Rededication on July 22, 1891.

First Baptist Church of Nobleboro and parsonage.

First Baptist Church of Nobleboro. May 1900 church calendar. Photocopy.

First Baptist Church of Nobleboro, 1793-1971.

First Baptist Church of Nobleboro. Sunday School class in 1905.

Flagg homestead built by Rev. Samuel Allen Flagg.

Flagg genealogy.

Flye genealogy.

Fort William Henry at Pemaquid.

Fossett, David. Home on Lower Cross Road.

Free meeting house, Damariscotta Mills. Dedication program. Photocopy.

French, William, and family.

Garaudy House. Knowlton - Glidden - Trask - Garaudy House East Neck Road.

Genthner, Andrew, Sr. genealogy.

Genthner, David. Winslow homesteads.

Genthner, Gustavus E.. Civil War lieutenant from Nobleboro.

Genthner, Llewellyn J. of Nobleboro.

Genthner Corner School.

Genthner genealogy.

Genthner. Photocopy of family pictures.

Glendon railroad station.

Glendon School. Photographs and souvenirs. Photocopy.

Glidden, Anson N.. Railroad man formerly of Nobleboro.

Glidden, Deacon William genealogy.

Glidden genealogy. Dow, (George Farrington) Collection. Glidden, Nathaniel genealogy.

Glidden, Zebulon genealogy.

Goss genealogy.

Grand Turk, ship built at Damariscotta Mills.

Group programs at Camp-meeting Grounds. Nobleboro, August 1906.

Haines, Joseph. House in Damariscotta Mills.

Haines, Joseph. Notes on his cashbooks, 1847-1856.

Haines genealogy.

Hall, Amasa B.. Civil War exploits.

Hall, Catharine Vinal. Story of hand woven blankets made by her.

Hall, Chester D.. Store in Nobleboro Center.

Hall, Ephram. House in Damariscotta Mills.

Hall, Ephram. House on East Neck Road.

Hall family letter written by Alpheus Hall of Red Wing, Minnesota to his brother Alden Hall of West Nobleboro Road, Nobleboro.

Hall, Gardiner. Farm in Nobleboro, later called the Puffer home.

Hall, George L.. History of house built in Nobleboro, 1874-75 by George Hall.

Hall, George L.. Store in Nobleboro Center.

Hall, Horace. Homestead built in 1854.

Hall, Horace Alvin. Letter to the deacons of the First Baptist Church Nobleboro, June 4, 1913. Photocopy.

Hall, Horace Alvin. Nobleboro postmaster.

Hall, James. Genealogy.

Hall, James. Historic notes.

Hall, James Sr.. Home on East Neck Road.

Hall, Jennie Trask. Boston Post gold headed cane recipient.

Hall, Jerome. Home built about 1897.

Hall, Seth. Genealogy.

Hall, Wendall E.. Home in Nobleboro Center.

Hall homes on the Old County Road, Nobleboro.

Hall. Old time Hall house, West Neck Rd.

Hall, Wilson and William. Receipts for goods purchased, 1870 and 1874. Photocopy.

Box 94a

Hammond genealogy.

Hancock, Nelson C. Sawmill near Damariscotta Mills.

The handy encyclopedia of everyday wants, 1893. Notes on this volume by G. Dow.

Hand forged wrought nails versus cut nails.

Harrington, William P. House at Harrington Corner.

Hart, Halver Jr.. Morgan horse breeder from North Nobleboro.

Hart, Halver Jr.. Two photographs of his morgan horses. Photocopy.

Hatch, Joseph and James. Graves.

Hatch genealogy.

Hawthorne School. Photograph and notes. Photocopy.

Highland Cemetery.

Hildebrandt, Henry.

Hildebrandt, Henry. Lake View Inn overlooking Pemaquid Pond.

Historical Center Open House with the Jones and Lincoln Family descendants.

Hodgkins, David. Genealogy.

Hodgkins, David. History of family and home on West Neck Road.

Homes at Eugley's Corner, North Nobleboro.

Jones, Eliphalet. Damage done to his sawmill, April 1825.

Jones, George F. Home at Damariscotta Mills.

Jones, John.

Jones, Jonathan. Genealogy.

Jones, Joseph. Genealogy.

Jones, Susie W.. Notes on her scrapbook, 1897-1910.

Jones family of North Nobleboro.

Jones genealogy.

The Kavanagh apple.

Kavanagh genealogy.

Kinsel family, early settlers in Nobleboro.

KnowIton, Andrew - Andrew Knowlton of East Neck Road.

The Knowlton Family and the U. S. Ship, Constitution.

Knowlton genealogy.

Knowlton home on West Neck Road.

Knowlton, Jeremiah - Jeremiah Knowlton and His Town Cemetery.

Knowlton, John - John Knowlton Farm on West Neck.

Knowlton, Joseph - Joseph Knowlton of East Neck Road.

Knowlton, William A. - Four Star General, U. S. A.

Knox, Lincoln and Sagadahoc Sunday School Assoc. souvenir programs, 1889, 1890. Photocopy.

Knox-Lincoln railroad.

Korean and Vietnam War veterans born in or subsequently lived in Nobleboro.

The labor issue in Maine. Photocopy of an article from Lewiston Daily Journal, Feb. 1886.

A last stronghold of democracy. Photocopy of article appearing in the Washington Post, April 6, 1975.

The laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from Nov. 28, 1780 - Feb. 28, 1807. 3v. Photocopy.

Lease of Nathaniel Bryant's grist mill to Thomas O. Hayes, 1882. Photocopy.

Ledger. 1869 daily pay ledger from sawmill. 2p. Photocopy.

Ledger. Page from tax ledger for 1851. Photocopy.

Ledger. 1767, James Hall.

Legal documents. Photocopies.

Letter. London, Sept. 13, 1856 to my dear sister... Photocopy.

Lincoln Academy. Hand written records of trustee meetings. Three copies. Photocopy.

Lincoln Academy. Historical notes.

Lincoln Agricultural and Horticultural Society. Premium list and by-laws, 1898.Photocopy.

Lincoln-Austin cemetery in Newcastle.

Lincoln County News. Photocopies of news articles, 1974- .

Lincoln genealogy.

The Lincoln Intelligencer.

Linscott, John. Home on West Neck Road.

Linscott, Gowen, Chapman genealogy.

List of Nobleboro men in the War of 1812 buried in local cemeteries.

List of vessels built in Newcastle, Nobleboro, Damariscotta and Bristol.

Longfellow School, Damariscotta Mills, Photographs. Photocopy.

Longfellow School. 1905 graduation program. Photocopy.

Longley, Diane G.. Where have all the wagons gone?

McCurda genealogy.

Maddox, Caleb. Genealogy.

Maddox, Caleb. House on Lower Cross Rd.

Maine hotel and the Day block.

Maine Old Cemetery Assoc. Revolutionary veterans graves.

Maine 1860 legal guide. Notes on the possession of a copy of this book.

Marsh, a bicentennial family.

Massachusetts muster rolls, v.36, p.91, 1779. Photocopy.

Match factory at Damariscotta Mills.

Men of Nobleboro who served in the Civil War and bounty payments.

Mendelssohn club, Damariscotta Mills. Concert program, March 17, 1916. Photocopy.

Merrill, Enoch. House on oak hill.

Merrill, John. House at the head of great salt bay.

Merrill genealogy.


Methodist camp meeting at Glendon Station, Nobleboro.

Methodist Church, Damariscotta Mills.

Miller, William, 1782-1849. Notes on his leadership in Second Adventists in America movement.

Millerism, the end of the world in 1844.

Miscellaneous news clippings and notes. Photocopies.

Moody, Albert. Story about Civil War exploits.

Moody, Joshua B.. Photocopy of family picture taken in North Nobleboro, 1895-1900.

Moody, Richard Sr.. Genealogy.

Moody genealogy.

Moody. Homes owned by various family members.

Moodys, Gliddens, Chapmans, Genthers.

Morang, William. House at Pemaquid Point.

Morang, Willlam Fred. Nobleboro's millionaire.

Morang genealogy.

Mulligan, Edward. Sawmill on Duck Puddle Pond.

Mulligan, James. Resolution in memory of, 1920.

Mulligan, James Sr.. Home in Damariscotta Mills.

Mulligan, James E.. What has become of Nobleboro's fish money.

Mulligan, Maurice. Notes on an interview concerning Damariscotta Mills history.

Mulligan brothers store and post office in Damariscotta Mills.

Mulligan family clamming on Hog Island.

Nash genealogy.

The Nash telephone company.

The New England Weekly Journal, April 8, 1728. Photocopy.

Newcastle fire of March 17, 1908.

Newcastle, Maine. 200th anniversary June, 1953. Program. Photocopy.

Noble-Barstow home.

Noble genealogy.

Nobleboro, a last stronghold of democracy. Photocopy of Washington Post article April 6, 1975.

Nobleboro-Bristol. Original town line between Nobleboro and Bristol and subsequent changes.

Nobleboro. Bus and auto crash, Aug. 10, 1955.

Nobleboro camp meeting admission ticket, 1879. Photocopy.

Nobleboro cemeteries or burial grounds.

The Nobleboro Courier.

Nobleboro Center School. 1911 photograph. Photocopy.

Nobleboro Central School. Dedication program March I, 1957. Photocopy.

Nobleboro-Damariscotta boundary line.

Nobleboro Extension visits Nobleboro Historical Center.

Nobleboro families. Photocopies of birth and death records.

Nobleboro field day, July 7, 1979.

Nobleboro Grange. History 1901-1908.

Nobleboro Historical Society.

Nobleboro Historical Society Building (photograph).

Nobleboro Historical Society office - fireproof vault.

Nobleboro. Granite marker at northeast corner of town.

Nobleboro, Maine. Annual report, 1975-1977. Photocopy of various pages.

Nobleboro, Maine. Auditor's annual report, 1884-1885. Photocopy.

Nobleboro, Maine. 1810 census of families.

Nobleboro, Maine. Incorporation of the town by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1788.

Nobleboro, Maine. Property owners listed on 1813 map.

Nobleboro, Maine. 1790 census.

Nobleboro, Maine. Town clerks records, 1843-1870. Photocopy.

Nobleboro monument to its war veterans.

Nobleboro names. Poem from a scrapbook dated 1890.

Nobleboro-Newcastle fishery.

Nobleboro railroad station, East Neck Road.

Nobleboro selectmen elected March 25, 1977.

Nobleboro town minutes concerning land titles and Noble-Vaughan controversy, 1811-1813.

Nobleboro-Waldoboro town line.

Nobleboro youth group, 1889.

Nobleboro's first school.

Nobleboro's half-way house tavern on mail route.

Nobleborough-Jefferson town line, 1834.

Nobleborough-Waldoborough town line, 1833.

North Nobleboro school district, 1885-1893.

North Nobleboro school house.

Northey, Daniel H.. Damariscotta carriage manufacturer.

Notes from six letters to L.J. Winslow.

Box 94b

Notes on an 1810 map that accompanied the petition and memorial of towns Bristol,
Nobleboro, Newcastle, Edgecomb and Boothbay to the General Court, 1810.

Brig, Havana Packet. Deposition given in 1825 by the first mate concerning the loss of the ship.

Lincoln Block, Damariscotta Mills. History.

Monuments marking town line between Nobleboro and Waldoboro.

Myrick, Josiah. Home in Newcastle.

Myrick genealogy.

Nancy Lincoln Jones house. Construction and early ownership.

Nobleboro fire, July 28, 1949.

Old Alna meeting house.

Old burying ground in North Nobleboro at Morang's cove.

Old horse stalls next to the town hall on Back Meadow Road.

Old Indian Deeds for Oyster Creek Area, and Sea-going Barston Descendants.

Old school house clock.

Old school registers for Nobleboro.

Old tavern, Nobleboro. Photocopy of a photograph.

The old Upper West Neck school house.

Oliver, Irving. Story of his use of oxen at planting time.

Oliver, James. House on Rt. 1, later owned by Harold Coombs.

Oliver, John. Nobleboro's collector of gasoline engines.

Oliver, Jonathan. Photocopy of a painting of his house.

Oliver, Jonathan Jr.. History of family and their home on East Neck Road.

Oliver, Jonathan. Story of a tablecloth woven from flax grown on his farm.

Oliver, Otis G.. History of farm in Nobleboro-Damariscotta area.

Oliver, William. House at Harrington Corner.

Oliver genealogy.

Open house at the Historic Center with Hopkins descendants.

Order of the Redmen.

Oyster aquaculture in the Damariscotta River.

Oyster heaps in Damariscotta.

Painting of sawmill on Lower Cross Road.

Palmer, Elnathan. Genealogy.

Palmer, Robert. Photocopy of obituary notice.

Palmer's store in Nobleboro Center.

Pastorius, George. Biographical notes.

Peck, Florence. Biographical notes.

The Penobscot expedition against Maj. Bagaduce. Photocopy of article in Newsweek May 17, 1976.

The Penobscot expedition. Photocopy of article about relics at the Maine State Museum.

Perkins, Moses. House on West Neck Road.

The Petersburg mine, pg. 250-265 of the Virginia campaign of 1864-65 by A.A. Humphreys. Photocopy.

Photograph, not identified. Photocopy.

Photographs. Photocopy of four area photographs.

Photographs. Photocopy of two photographs, Roy Sidelinger 1895 and George and Ruth Dow 1906.

Picinich, Valentine J.. Photocopy of news article with biographical material.

Pillsbury genealogy.

Pinkham, Fred Hayes. Home at Damariscotta Mills.

Placement of flags on veterans' graves in Nobleboro.

Plummer. Home on Bayview Road, Damariscotta Mills.

Post card of souvenir greetings from Nobleboro. Photocopy.

Post office building at Nobleboro Center.

Post offices serving Nobleboro Center.

Post office in North Nobleboro.

Pupils in the Nobleboro Center school about 1923.

Railroad accidents.

Railway service In Nobleboro.

Receipt book pages. Photocopy.

Receipt. Singer Manufacturing Co., Boston, Mass. 187-. Photocopy.

Reed genealogy.

Revolutionary War veterans from Nobleboro buried in known graves.

Rice genealogy.

Rice house at Damariscotta Mills.

Ricker, Bertram. Home on Pemaquid Pond.

Ricker genealogy.

Risky sailing to South American ports, 1843-45.

The River Belle, steamboat in service between Muscongus Bay railroad station and Jefferson.

Rock dam for old mill in North Nobleboro.

Rollings, Samuel. Geographical notes.

Rollins, Frank. House on Back Meadow Road.

Rollins, James. House on Back Meadow Road.

Rollins, Robert. Home on Back Meadow Road.

The Rollins and Merrill shipyards.

Rollins genealogy.

Rollins writes 1821 history of Nobleboro.

Rubber City Campers. History and photographs. Photocopy.

Rural free delivery postal service.

Russell genealogy.

Sailing to California for gold.

Saint Andrew's Church, Newcastle.

Saint Patrick's Church, Damariscotta Mills.

Samuel Waldo's inducements to early settlers.

School Blackboard and Records - Hawthorne Schoolhouse.

School district no.4, Center School, Nobleboro.

School instruction in temperance and hygiene.

Severance, Asa F. Experience of A.F. Severance with the town of Nobleboro.

Severance, Asa F. Organ maker from Nobleboro.

The sheepscot echo.

Shipbuilding in Nobleboro.

Sidelinger, Alvarado. House in Nobleboro.

Sidelinger, Asa. Genealogy.

Sidelinger, George. House near Pemaquid Pond, and family genealogy.

Sidelinger, Martin. Genealogy.

Sidelinger, William A.. House and blacksmith shop on Back Meadow Road.

Sidelinger escapades.

Smith families, early pioneers in east central Nobleboro.

Smith genealogy.

Smithwick, Edward. Teamster of oxen.

Snow, Nicholas. Notes on his will.

Spanish-American War veterans of Nobleboro who are buried in Nobleboro cemeteries.

Spear, Herbert. Outstanding farmer award, 1963.

Spear, Herbert. Photocopy of the dedication page of the 1974-75 Nobleboro town report.

Stage coach road at Damariscotta Mills.

Stone foundation at old camp meeting grounds.

Studley, John and Grace. Morgan horses.

Summer of 1816 ranks as Maine's most unusual.

Teacher's certificate, Effie H. McKenney, 1881.Photocopy.

Tennison School, North Nobleboro.

Third Baptist Society, North Nobleboro. Membership list 1822. Photocopy.

Three Winslow Hill schoolmarms. Photograph, 1897. Photocopy.

Tobin, Richard. Genealogy.

Train-auto crash at Damariscotta Mills, Aug. 9, 1949.

Transfers of ownership of water power rights-prior to sale by Lincoln Power Co.
to Central Maine Power Co.

Trask, Enos. Genealogy.

Trask, Evander Sullivan. Biographical notes.

Trask, James Sullivan. Genealogy.

Trask mineral spring.

Tukey, R. Kellum. Notes on his career with the Maine Central Railroad.

The Tukeys come to Lincoln County.

The Umberhind burial ground.

Umberhind, Charles. House in North Nobleboro.

Umberhind genealogy.

Umberhind, Isaac genealogy.

U.S. flag. Notes on the 38 star flag.

Vannah, Charles Sr.. House on Butter and Egg Road.

Vannah, Elmore K. and Winslow, Angie T. Marriage certificate. Photocopy.

Vannah, George. Home on Duck Puddle Road.

Vannah, Joseph and Hall, Mary. Notes on their marriage certificate, Aug. 19, 1865.

Vannah, Kelder A.. Nobleboro meat peddler.

Vannah, Michael. Home on Duck Puddle Road.

Vannah, Oscar. House on Butter and Egg Road.

Vannah, William. Ship master for the Queen of the Lake.

Vannah, Zina. Photocopy of a photograph of his grave stone on the Hudson Vannah farm.

Vannah genealogy.

Vannah home on Camp Road, Nobleboro.

Varnah (Vannah) home on Duck Puddle Road.

Vaughan - Noble land claims controversy.

W.C.T.U. Institute, Nobleboro.

Waltz, Albert S.. Home in area of Pemaquid Pond.

Waltz, Benjamin. Historical notes on his family.

Waltz, Charles H.. Photograph with his niece, Belle C. Waltz. Photocopy.

Waltz, Gardiner. Home on Borland Hill.

Waltz, Gardiner. Testimonial for Civil War service.

Waltz, Jacob. Genealogy.

Waltz, Jacob. House on Duck Puddle Road.

Waltz, Lydia A.. Envelope from Civil War era, one cent book and bill for funeral costs. Photocopy.

Waltz, Samuel. Genealogy.

Wedding certificates, three. Photocopies.

Weeks, Susan Jans. Photocopy of an old photograph with notes.

White, Bradford. Photograph of Mrs. White with a sleigh full of children. Photocopy.

Winslow, Isaac. Home at Harrington Corner.

Winslow, Joel. Home on Winslow Hill, at junction of Rt. 1 and Duck Puddle Road.

Winslow, John. Home on Duck Puddle Road.

Winslow, Joseph. Genealogy.

Winslow, Joseph. Home in Nobleboro.

Winslow, Llewellyn Joel.

Winslow - Mulligan House at Damariscotta Mills.

Winslow, Nathaniel. History of home with family genealogy.

Winslow genealogy.

Winslow Hill school marms.

Winter racing on Pemaquid Pond.

Winter storm floods coastal area, Jan. 9, 1978.

Woman's magazine club of Damariscotta Mills.

World War I veterans of Nobleboro.

World War II veterans born in or subsequently lived in Nobleboro.

York, Austin W. and Howard, Dora B. Marriage certificate, 1888. Photocopy.

York, Benjamin Randall. Genealogy.

York, R.T. Photograph of his store. Photocopy.

York, Thomas Jefferson. Genealogy.

Young, Arthur. Early mast harvest was forerunner to Maine logging boom.

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