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Special Collections: Guide to the EMGH/EMMC School of Nursing Collection

Summary Information

Collection Title: EMGH/EMMC School Of Nursing Collection
Date of Collection: 1892-
Box Numbers: 1954-1964 , Folios
Quantity: 20 boxes

Administrative Information

Provenance: Gift of the EMGH/EMMC Nurses Alumni Association, gathered by its members - Nov, 1992.
Processor: Jennifer Goode
Access Restrictions: Kept at Fogler Library's offsite storage facility. One week's notice required for retrieval
Preferred Citation: EMGH/EMMC School Of Nursing Collection, Special Collections, Raymond H. Fogler Library, University of Maine
Copyright: Contact department for copyright information

For Additional Information:

Special Collections Department
University of Maine
5729 Fogler Library
Orono, Maine 04469-5729

Biographical Information

Bangor General Hospital was founded in 1892 along with the School of Nursing. The first nurses graduated in 1894. In 1896, the name was changed to Eastern Maine General Hospital. In 1910, the Alumni Association was started. 1915 saw the registration of nurses, and the school was approved by the state. In 1969, the name was changed to Eastern Maine Medical Center.


This collection reflects the history of the School of Nursing at Eastern Maine General Hospital/Eastern Maine Medical Center from its beginning. Included are photographs, yearbooks, scrapbooks, correspondence, curriculum, artifacts, etc. concerning the School of Nursing and its alumni. Included are rules, curriculum, and how the School operated, and the students progressed.

Organization of Collection

Arranged in three series. By genre, chronologically

Box 1954


1          REPORTS: Eastern Maine General Hospital Annual Report (1892/93) [photocopy]

1a       *REPORTS: Eastern Maine General Hospital Annual Reports (1893-1901)

2          REPORTS: Eastern Maine General Hospital Annual Reports (1933/34-1936/37)

3          REPORTS: Eastern Maine General Hospital Annual Reports (1937/38-1940/41)

4          REPORTS: Eastern Maine General Hospital Annual Reports (1941/42-1942/43)

5          REPORTS: Eastern Maine General Hospital Annual Reports (1943/44, 1945/46, 1946/47)

6          REPORTS: Eastern Maine General Hospital Annual Reports (1949/50-1950/51)

7          REPORTS: Eastern Maine General Hospital Annual Reports (1951/52, 1954/55, 1958/59)

8          REPORTS: Eastern Maine General Hospital Annual Reports (1959/60, 1964/65, 1965/66)

9          REPORTS: Eastern Maine General Hospital Annual Reports (1966/67-1967/68)

10          REPORTS: Eastern Maine General Hospital Annual Reports (1967/68-1968/69)

11          REPORTS: Eastern Maine General Hospital Annual Reports (1968/69)

12          REPORTS: Eastern Maine General Hospital Annual Reports (1969/70-1971/72)

13          REPORTS: Eastern Maine General Hospital Annual Reports (1972/73-1974/75)

14          REPORTS: Eastern Maine General Hospital Annual Reports (1975/76-1977/78)

15          REPORTS: Eastern Maine General Hospital Annual Reports (1979/80-1981/82)

16          REPORTS: Eastern Maine General Hospital Annual Reports (1987, 1988, 1990-93)

17          REPORTS: EMGH Annual Reports - Reports of Training School for Nurses (1894/95-1909/10) [photocopy]

18          REPORTS: EMGH Annual Reports - Reports of Training School for Nurses (1910/11-1919/20) [photocopy]

19          REPORTS: EMGH Annual Reports - Reports of Training School for Nurses (1920/21-1929/30) [photocopy]

20          REPORTS: EMGH Annual Reports - Reports of the School of Nursing (1930/31-1939/40) [photocopy]

21          REPORTS: EMGH Annual Reports - Reports of the School of Nursing (1940/41-1949/50) [photocopy]

22          REPORTS: EMGH Annual Reports - Reports of the School of Nursing (1950/51-1959/60) [photocopy]

23          REPORTS: EMGH Annual Reports - Reports of the School of Nursing (1964/65-1967/68) [photocopy]

24          REPORTS: Annual Reports of the School of Nursing to Frank Curran, Administrator (1952/53, 1956/57)

25          REPORTS: School of Nursing Annual Reports by Irene Shannon, RN/Director (1968/69-1979/80) [photocopy]

Box 1955


1          REPORTS: Results of survey to determine variation in allotment of time for nursing care (1944)

2          REPORTS: Report of the Governor's appointed task force on nursing needs and resources in Maine (1951)

3          REPORTS: NY State Board of Education Examiners' survey report of EMGH School of Nursing (1937)

4          REPORTS: Evaluation of EMGH nursing program by Board of Review for diploma and associate
            degree programs, New York, NY (1957)

5          REPORTS: Maine State Board of Nursing annual report (1964/65)

6          REPORTS: Reports of on site visits by Maine State Board of Nursing for continued accreditation of EMMC
            Nursing School (Oct 1978 & Oct 1982)

7          REPORTS: Report of visit for accreditation by National League for Nursing (March 1976); Implementation
            of Board's recommendations (1976)

8          REPORTS: EMMC School of Nursing self-evaluation (1978)

9          REPORTS: EMMC School of Nursing self-evaluation to Maine State Board of Nursing (Sept1982)

10          REPORTS: EMMC School of Nursing closing report to National League for Nursing (1982)

11          REPORTS: EMGH Nurses' Alumnae Relief Fund Committee (1962)

12          REPORTS: Auditor's Report for Nurses' Alumni Assoc (May 1989)

13          MINUTES: EMGH/EMMC Alumnae Assoc. Executive Board/Registry Board (1951-1963)

14          MINUTES: EMGH/EMMC Alumnae Assoc. Executive Board/Registry Board (1963-1976)

15          MINUTES: Alumni Assoc Secretary (1936-1961)

16          MINUTES: Alumni Assoc Secretary (1961-1983, 1986-1990)

Box 1956


1          ACCOUNT BOOKS: Treasurer of student government (1956-1984)Treasurer (1919-1965, 1965-1978)

2          ACCOUNT BOOKS/REPORTS: Alumni Assoc.

3          ACCOUNT BOOKS/REPORTS: Alumni Assoc. Treasurer (1966-1983)

4          BYLAWS: Eastern District of the Maine State Nurses' Assoc (1933); Maine State Nurses' Assoc. (1968)

5          BYLAWS: Amendments to Maine State Nurses' Assoc. 1954 bylaws (1958) [donated by Helen E. Hunt, Class of 1933]

6          BYLAWS: EMGH Nurses' Alumni Assoc. bylaws (1932, 1945, 1951)

7          CONSTITUTION/BYLAWS: EMGH/EMMC Nurses' Alumni Assoc. (1923, 1973, 1976, & 1980)

8          CONSTITUTION/BYLAWS: EMGH Nurses' Alumni Assoc. (1932, 1951, 1966, & 1980)
            [donated by Helen E Hunt, Class of 1933]

9          CONSTITUTION/BYLAWS: Nursing Service Organization of the Eastern Maine General Hospital (1959)

10          PROSPECTUS: EMGH Training School for Nursing (undated)

11          STUDENT HANDBOOKS: EMGH School of Nursing (1943, 1944, 1954/55, 1957/58, 1960/61)

12          STUDENT HANDBOOKS: EMGH School of Nursing (1962/63-1966/69)

13          STUDENT HANDBOOKS: EMGH School of Nursing (1968/70); EMMC School of Nursing (1970/72)

14          STUDENT HANDBOOKS: EMMC School of Nursing (1972/73-1976/77)

15          STUDENT HANDBOOKS: EMMC School of Nursing (1978/80, 1981/82, 1982/83, 1984/85)

16          STUDENT HANDBOOKS: A Handbook for Student Nurses Including Charting by Alice LPrice (1955)

16a          HANDBOOKS: EMMC Employee Handbook (1978)

17          MEMBERSHIP CARDS: Nurses' Alumni Assoc. membership (1926-1971/72)

18          MEMBERSHIP CARDS: McDonald, Vivian, R.N.- membership to American Nurses' Assoc. (1934);
              Blank membership card for Alumnae Assocof EMGH (undated)

Box 1956a

1          ADDRESS BOOKS: Addresses of nursing alumnae (undated)

2          LISTS: Nurses' residence floor plan - room assignments (1940, 1943, 1946, undated)

3          LISTS: Nurses registered in Maine (1944 & 1945)

3a          LISTS: Nursing students (c.1946)

4          LISTS: Graduates from EMGH/EMMC School of Nursing (1953, 1973, 1974, 1976)

5          LISTS: Graduate lists from EMGH/EMMC School of Nursing (1964 & 1980) [donated by Helen E. Hunt, Class of 1933]

6          LISTS: Nursing award winners (1960)

7          LISTS: EMGH Nurses' Alumnae Assoc. officers (1935 & 1936) [donated by Helen E. Hunt, Class of 1933]

8          LISTS: EMGH Alumnae Assoc. members (1973)

9          LISTS: Members of Nurses' Alumni Assoc. in attendance at quarterly meeting (Jan. 1990)

10          LISTS: EMMC Benefactors (1975)

11          LISTS: Officers of EMMC, faculty of the nursing school, and faculty for nursing program at the University of Maine (undated)


13          PERIODICALS: Davis' Nursing Survey (July 1943)

14          PERIODICALS: Journal of Nursing History (Nov. 1985)

15          PERIODICALS: Maine Nurse (July 1973)

16          PERIODICALS: R.N. (Oct. 1946 - Sept. 1948)

17          PERIODICALS: What's New (June 1951) [article on M.A.S.H. units in Korea] [folder on side of box]

18          PERIODICALS: Workshop (Dec. 1956)

19          PERIODICALS: World Health (April 1973)

20          ARTICLES: "Workplace Briefs - Gilmore Named New Director," The American Nurse (July/August 1994)
             [Anne Gilmore, Class of 1975]

21          NEWSPAPERS: Segment of Community Observer on National Hospital Week (May 1972)

22          NEWSPAPERS: The Eagle/EMMC (1970 - 1988)

23          NEWSPAPERS: The Eagle/EMMC (1990 - 1994)

24          NEWSPAPERS: Focal Point/EMMC (May 1986 & July 1987)

25          NEWSPAPERS: The Lantern (Jan. 1964)

26          NEWSPAPERS: The Maine Nurse (Winter/Spring 1993)

27          NEWSPAPERS/ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENTS: Bangor District Nursing Assoc., Inc. "Celebrating 80 Years
             of Trusted Quality Home Health Care" (1992)

28          CLIPPINGS: Zwicker, Alice, Class of 1937/P.O.W. in W.W.II (1945, 1970)

29          CLIPPINGS: TB Sanatorium (1951); TB testing at Brewer High School (1960); TB x-ray project (undated);
              misc. hospital issues (1960)

30          CLIPPINGS: Obituaries of Nursing School Alumni and EMGH/EMMC staff (1966 - 1994)

31          CLIPPINGS: Wedding/engagement announcements of nursing students and alumni (1969 - 1993)

32          CLIPPINGS: Class of 1982 - Exchange to Jamaica & commencement (1982)

33          CLIPPINGS: Misc. (1982, 1991, undated)

34          CLIPPINGS: Brilliant, Barbara, CLass of 1966 [clippings - Nun returning to Liberia] (c.1991)

35          CLIPPINGS: St. Joseph's expansion - Sister Mary Norberta holding photo of Ellen Paine (c.1994)

36          CLIPPINGS: Helen Horner Genco appointed director of EMMC School of Nursing (undated); Elizabeth Burns
              named Dean of Nursing and Health Professionals at Husson (undated)

37          NEWSLETTERS: Nursing News and Notes/EMMC School of Nursing (1982 - 1984)

38          NEWSLETTERS: EMMC Currents (1991 - 1994)

39          BULLETINS: The Bulletin /EMMC (1986 - 1987)

40          BULLETINS: EMMC School of Nursing (undated)

41          BROCHURES: "Eastern Maine People Build their Medical Center..." - Development Publicity (c.1971)

42          BROCHURES: Riverside Inn [former Nurses' residence] (undated)

43          BROCHURES: EMMC Open House Commemorative - Edward E. Rosen Cancer Treatment Center (undated)

44          *PAMPHLETS: "Dollars or Lives?" /published by EMGH (c.1903)

45          PAMPHLETS: "The Definition of Nursing" by Annie Goodrich (undated); "The Nurse's First Year" by
              Edna L. Foley (1929); "Home Nursing and Newspapers" by Marion D. Kirkcaldy (1931)

46          PAMPHLETS: "Consider the Career of Nursing," EMGH School of Nursing (c.1941); "Five-Year Curriculum
              in Liberal Arts and Nursing," University of Maine (c.1940's)

46a        PAMPHLETS: "Faculty Positions in Schools of Nursing and How to Prepare for Them" (1946)

47          PAMPHLETS: "EMGH Information for Patients" (c.1957)

48          PAMPHLETS: "Volunteer Service: EMGH" by the Women's Auxiliary (undated)

49          PAMPHLETS: "The Nightingale Pledge" (undated)

50          PAMPHLETS: "School of Attendant Nursing" - Household Nursing Assoc. (undated)

51          PUBLISHED PAPERS: Opportunities in the Field of Nursing by Isabel Maitland Stewart (1927)

52          MANUSCRIPTS: The Williams H. Simmons, M.D., Physicians Emeriti Society Remarks Delivered by
              John F. Adams, Jr., M.D. (1991)

53          MANUSCRIPTS/MEMORANDUMS: "Walk Through History" Timeline prepared for EMMC centennial (1992);
              Memorandum concerning centennial celebration events (1992)

54          MANUSCRIPTS: "A Short History of the School of Nursing at EMMC 1892 - 1902" by Ena Shanklin - course
              paper for NU-577 at USM (undated)

55          BILLS: EMGH/EMMC hospital bills (1904, 1907, 1925, 1933, 1948, 1961, 1965, 1972)

56          BILLS: Renovations done for Alumnae Room in Graystone building (1965)

57          RECEIPTS: Alumnae Assoc. donation to St. Joseph Hospital Equipment Procurement Program in memory of Dorothy Vitum (1976)

58          RECEIPTS: Receipts for items donated to the Irene D. Shannon Archives and the EMGH/EMMC/Husson Nurses' Alumni Archives (1981-1995)

59          RECEIPTS: Acknowledgement of items donated by the EMGH/EMMC/Husson Nurses' Alumni Archives to Dr. Aloupis and Dr. Bruehl (1993)

60          CONTRACTS: Incorporation contract for establishment of the Training School for Nurses, photocopy of original contract (1894)

61          CONTRACTS: EMGH/EMMC/Husson Nursing Alumni Assoc. loan forms for lending out of historical materials (1992 - 1994)

62          HISTORY: History of the American Nurses' Association - 50th Anniv. (1946)

63          HISTORY/CHRONOLOGY: Brief history/chronology of the nursing school and chronology of the buildings at EMGH/EMMC, 1861-1969 (c.1982)

64          HISTORY: Our Cherished Memories: Auxiliary of Eastern Maine Medical Center, 1893 - 1994 (1994)

65          HISTORY/PRINTS: Famous individuals identified with nursing and medicine (undated)

66          CURRICULUM: Nursing-Arts Guide by Ruth Rhodes Joseph, R.N., B.S. (1951)

67          CURRICULUM: History of nursing course - outline, syllabus, and exams (1962, 1978 - 1980)

68          CURRICULUM: EMGH proposed curriculum sent to NY State Board of Education Education Examiners (undated)

69          CURRICULUM: Courses from the Swedish Covenant Hospital School of Nursing for transfer student Glenice Espling (undated)

70          CURRICULUM: Suggested curriculum for NY state schools of nursing participating in U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps (1946); Curriculum subject matter survey (undated)

71          GRADING SCALES: Grading scale from unknown source (undated)

72          RULES AND REGULATIONS: Rules and Regs. of the Alumnae Assoc. official registry (1931 & 1962); Alumnae Assoc. pay rate for private duty nursing (1937)

73          RULES AND REGULATIONS: Official registry of EMGH Alumnae Assoc. (1962) [donated by Helen E. Hunt, Class of 1933]

74          RULES AND REGULATIONS: Conduct of hospital (undated)

75          STATISTICS: Nursing department personnel duty statistics (Oct. 27, 1943); Cost of supplies to wards based on patient day basis (undated)

76          BALLOTS: Election of officers for Alumnae Assoc. (1934 & 1984)

77          APPLICATIONS: Application form for EMGH Nurses' Alumnae Assoc. (undated)

78          PRAYERS: A Prayer for Nurses (undated)

79          SONGS: Training School song (undated); Songs written by nursing students (undated, 1940, 1980)

80          PLEDGES: Florence Nightingale Pledge (undated) [donated by Helen E. Hunt, Class of 1933)

81          PLEDGES: Florence Nightingale Pledge (undated)

82          OBJECTIVES: Objectives of the Nursing Service Administration of EMGH (1960)

83          AGENDAS: Committees appointed by president of Alumnae Assoc. (undated)

84          INVITATIONS: EMGH Commencement (1933); EMMC Employees Service Recognition Dinner (1971); EMMC
             Open House (1985) [donated by Helen E. Hunt, Class of 1933]

85          INVITATIONS: EMGH Commencement (1962)

86          INVITATIONS: EMGH & EMMC Nurses' Alumnae Assoc. Annual Buffet Dinner and Dance (1973-1975)

87          GUIDELINES: Preparation directions for NLN Progress Report (1982); Standards for educational programs in nursing,
              Maine State Board of Nursing (1971)

88          MANUALS: Maine Board of Registration of Nurses Approving Committee - manual for nursing school and requirements
              for licensure of professional nurses (undated) [3 copies]

89          MANUALS: Student procedure book used by Pauline Scott (1941)

89a        MANUALS: Intravenous procedure manual (1965)

90          CATALOGS: Swedish Covenant Hospital School of Nursing, Chicago (1951/52)

91          CATALOGS: EMMC School of Nursing publicity catalog (undated)

Box 1957


1          GRADUATE PINS: Description & explanation of pins given to nursing graduates of EMGH/EMMC/Husson; Letter
            authorizing donation of Husson pin to archives (1985, 1992, undated)

2          PROGRAMS: Commencement programs (1915-1985)

3          PROGRAMS: Maine State Nurses' Assoc. 50th Anniv. celebration (1964); the 50th Anniv. of Eastern District Maine
            State Nurses' Assoc. (1968)

4          PROGRAMS: School of Nursing EMMC commencement (1980 & 1985) [donated by Helen E. Hunt, Class of 1933]

5          CORRESPONDENCE: New York State Board of Education Examiners to/from EMGH (1931-1936)

6          CORRESPONDENCE: New York State Board of Education Examiners to/from EMGH (1940-1946)

7          CORRESPONDENCE: Concerning citizenship requirements for registering in nursing school (1934-1937)

8          CORRESPONDENCE: Craig, Dr. Allan/Medical Director of EMGH to Dr. Thomas G. Parran/U.S. Surgeon
            General (1943); Lucile Petry/Division of Nurse Education, U.S. Public Health Service to Dr. Craig (1943)

9          CORRESPONDENCE: National Committee for Improvement of Nursing Services to the director of EMGH School
            of Nursing (1949)

10         CORRESPONDENCE: Director of Education at EMGH to Togus Training Facilities - list of books that would be
            required for a nurse trainee (1953)

11          CORRESPONDENCE: EMGH Women's Auxiliary to Irene Shannon (1963)

12          CORRESPONDENCE: To/From the Nurses' Alumnae Assoc. (1973-1976)

13          CORRESPONDENCE: EMMC to/from Maine State Board of Nursing (1975-1985)

14          CORRESPONDENCE: National League for Nursing to/from EMMC (1976-1983)

15          CORRESPONDENCE: Loretta Swit to Mary L. Bennett, Dean (1983); Mary L. Bennett to Alan Alda (1983)

16          CORRESPONDENCE: WLBZ-TV/Deborah Smith to World's Largest Garage Sale participants (1992)

17          CORRESPONDENCE/LISTS: Esther Cox to Wilma L. Vaught, Retired USAF Brigadier General & president of
              Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation, Inc. - list of EMGH nursing graduates who served in
              the military, WWII to present (1995)

18          LETTERS: Misc. to EMGH/EMMC Nurses' Alumni Assoc. (1978, 1986-1990)

19          MEMORANDUM: Announcing 50th Anniv. Convention for Maine State Nurses' Assoc. (1964); Memo informing
              EMGH nurses of award from Eastern District of MSNA (1958)

20          MEMORANDUM: EMGH notice to employees about cafeteria expenses (1967)

21          MEMORANDUM: Helen Genco to faculty, RE: Report of Council Diploma Program meeting (1983); John Wiesendanger,
              Admin. Assist. of EMMC to Irene Shannon, RE: NLN recommendations (1976)

22          ANNOUNCEMENTS: Nurses' Alumni Assoc.'s annual banquet and election of officers (1975 & 1990); Alumni Assoc.'s
              Fall and Spring quarterly meetings (Oct. 30,1989 & April 30, 1990)

23          ANNOUNCEMENTS: Husson/EMMC Nurses' Alumni Assoc. annual field day (July 1989)

24          GUEST BOOKS: Open house for closing of nursing school at EMMC (May 1985)

25          CALENDARS: The Women's Memorial 1995 Special Edition Calendar

26          LAWS: Public Law 88-581, 88th Congress, H.R. 11241 [nurse training] (1964)

27          LAWS: Chapter 303, PL 1959 as amended (1969 & 1977) [donated by Helen E. Hunt, Class of 1933]

28          LAWS: Chapter 303, PL 1959, amended version 1975 "Law regulating the practice of nursing" (1975)

29          POLICY STATEMENTS: National League of Nursing Education Policy Statement for Accreditation (1939)

30          ANNIVERSARY BANQUETS: Nursing Alumnae Association's 50th Anniversary - includes clippings, photograph,
              invitation, and program (1964)

31          CARDS: Procedure sign-off cards used in nursing instruction [donated by B. Higgins] (c.1970)

32          Materials pertaining to nurses in military service - includes photos, bulletins, history, clippings, official correspondence,
              lists, etc. (WWI - 1994)

33          CERTIFICATES: EMGH Alumne Registry Office attained 100% membership of registered professional nurses in the
              Maine State Nurses' Assoc. (1958)

34          CERTIFICATES: Maine State Board of Nursing Certificate of Accreditation (1970)

35          CERTIFICATES: Maine State Board of Nursing Certificate of Accreditation (1982)

Box 1957a


CERTIFICATES: EMMC School of Nursing certificate of membership to the American Hospital Association (1976)

CERTIFICATES: Nettie Coral Schillinger's diploma from the Bangor Training School for Nurses (1908)

CERTIFICATES: Josephine C. DeWitt's Certificate of Registration from the State of Maine Board of Examination and Registration of Nurses (1916)

CERTIFICATES: Annie Hassen's diploma from Bangor High School (1905)

CERTIFICATES: Annie Hassen's diploma from EMGH Training School for Nurses (1910)

CERTIFICATES: Annie Hassen Coulter's Certificate of Registration from the State of Maine Board of Examination and Registration of Nurses (1916)

CERTIFICATES: Sarah Achorn's Certificate of Registration from the State of Maine Board of Examination and Registration of Nurses (1922)

CERTIFICATES: Sarah Achorn's diploma from EMGH Training School for Nurses (1922)

CERTIFICATES: Janet Rattran's diploma from Bangor Training School for Nurses (1903)

CERTIFICATES: Blanche Arnold's Certificate of Registration from the Maine Board of Examination and Registration of
Nurses (1916); reprinted sketch of EMGH done by Tom Kane (1955)

Box 1957b


1          PERSONAL PAPERS/ARTIFACTS: Nellie Elden Benner, Class of 1897 [incl. cap & apron, photographs, notebook,
            textbook, clippings, etc.]

2          PERSONAL PAPERS: Ellen F. Paine,/1st superintendent of EMGH and founder of the Paine private hospital
            [now St. Joseph's Hospital] (early 1900's - 1920)

3          PERSONAL PAPERS: Annie Buck Cunningham, Class of 1904 [incl. plaque & poem book]

4          PERSONAL PAPERS: Annie Mabel Hassen, Class of 1910 [photo & biography] (1910)

5          PERSONAL PAPERS: Lola(?) Feeley (Bartlett), [Boston Lying-in Hospital laundry list, railway ticket,
            hat check stub] (1935)

6          PERSONAL PAPERS: Irene Shannon, Class of 1937/superintendent from 1961-1981 [letters, course listings &
            history of school] (1973, 1983, c.1986)

7          PERSONAL PAPERS: Class of 1937 [certificate of registration, letter about 50th anniversary] (1940, 1943, 1987)

8          PERSONAL PAPERS: Doris Greene, Class of 1940 [EMGH commencement program 1940 - photocopy, Boston
            University Nursing Archive catalog, letter, material from 50th class reunion] (1940, 1976, 1990)

9          PERSONAL PAPERS: Kathleen F. Young/superintendent 1940-1942 [correspondence] (1940 & 1941)

10          PERSONAL PAPERS: Class of 1943 [class prophecy, clippings, commencement program] (1943)

11          PERSONAL PAPERS: Mabel Booth/superintendent 1944-1960 [letter & photo] (undated)

12          PERSONAL PAPERS: Class of 1945 - capping & commencement [photo, invitations, programs, awards] (1943 & 1945)

13          PERSONAL PAPERS: Class of 1948 - reunion [newsletter, addresses, negatives] (undated)

14          PERSONAL PAPERS: Class of 1949 [clipping & materials concerning Doris Cunningham Stantial] (1947 & 1991)

15          PERSONAL PAPERS: Catherine M. Leavitt (Birt), Class of 1949 [diploma and scores from State Board Test] (1949)

16          PERSONAL PAPERS: Class of 1956 - commencement [clippings, programs, invitations] (1956)

17          PERSONAL PAPERS: Dorothy Kitchen Clark, Class of 1951/instructor in early 1980's [clippings & schedule for
             class of 1984] (1948, 1949 & 1984)

18          PERSONAL PAPERS: Avis Maddocks [lecture notes] (1917); Virgie Perry Bert, Class of 1940 [regulations for student                        nurses]; Marie Williams Hendrickson, Class of 1949; Dolly Humphrey (1960's - 1982)

Box 1958


1          PERSONAL PAPERS: Vivian Dwyer, Class of 1930

2          POSTCARDS: EMGH, from Ruby to Belle Tibbetts (undated)

3          NEGATIVES: Photos taken of old pictures - nurses in uniform (undated)

4          SLIDES: Career Day, hospital duties, student life, old photos (c.1910, 1982-1983)

5          PHOTOGRAPH IDENTIFICATIONS: Class of 1939

6          PHOTOGRAPH IDENTIFICATIONS: Class of 1946

7          PHOTOGRAPHS: EMGH buildings (1900)

8          PHOTOGRAPHS: Admitting Office in Greystone building (undated)

9          PHOTOGRAPHS: Nurses (1900-1910)

10        PHOTOGRAPHS: Misc. including doctors, nurses, and patients (1900-1920's)

11        PHOTOGRAPHS: EMGH buildings (1905)

12        PHOTOGRAPHS: Rose Searie's photo album, Class of 1908

13        PHOTOGRAPHS: Nurses (1911-1922); Operating Room (pre-1925); EMGH buildings (1935)

14        PHOTOGRAPHS: Photo album of classes (1914-1949)

15        PHOTOGRAPHS: Washburn, Ida/superintendent 1907-1919 (1917)

16        PHOTOGRAPHS: Misc. photos of nursing students' life (1930's)

17        PHOTOGRAPHS: Bernice Getchell, R.N. (undated)

18        PHOTOGRAPHS: Bernice Getchell, R.N. - "Head" nurse for 25 years on pediatrics (undated)

19        PHOTOGRAPHS: Misc. photos of nursing students' life (1940's)

Box 1958a

            PHOTOGRAPHS: Nursing students (1902-1940's)

            PHOTOGRAPHS: Attendees at ANA Conference for chairmen of state private duty and general duty nurses sections,
            Chicago (1949)

Box 1958b


1          PHOTOGRAPHS: Photo album of nursing classes (1950-1960's)

2          PHOTOGRAPHS: Misc. photos of nursing student life (1950's-1960's)

3          PHOTOGRAPHS: Misc. photos of nursing student life (1970's)

4          PHOTOGRAPHS: Photo album of nursing classes (1970-1992)

4a        PHOTOGRAPHS: Pediatrics (c.1970's)

5          PHOTOGRAPHS: Misc. photos of nursing student life (1977-1983)

6          PHOTOGRAPHS: Vivian Dwyer's photo albums [incl. photos of alumni meetings] (1976-1992)

7          PHOTOGRAPHS: Misc. photos of nursing student life (1980's); photos of EMGH/EMMC Nursing School Reunion (July 1993)

8          SCRAPBOOKS: 1930's

9          SCRAPBOOKS: 1940's & 1950's

10        SCRAPBOOKS: 1960's & 1970's

11        SCRAPBOOKS: 1980's

12        SCRAPBOOKS: 1990's

Box 1959


1          TABLE OF CONTENTS: Molly Stinchfield scrapbooks (undated, 1950's-1970's) [scrapbook #3 in Box 1959a]

            SCRAPBOOKS: Stinchfield scrapbook #1 (undated)

            SCRAPBOOKS: Stinchfield scrapbook #2 (1959-1973)

            SCRAPBOOKS: Stinchfield scrapbook #4 (1930's & 1940's)

            SCRAPBOOKS: Brown scrapbook (mostly 1940's)

            SCRAPBOOKS: Green scrapbook (1930's-1980)

            SCRAPBOOKS: Helen Babcock's scrapbook, class of 1940 [white]

            SCRAPBOOKS: Mormon scrapbook [maroon] (1940's-1990's)

Box 1959a


1          CLIPPINGS: Alice Zwicker, School of Nursing Alumni, P.O.W. in World War II (1945)

            SCRAPBOOKS: Stinchfield scrapbook #3 (1950's-1970's)

            SCRAPBOOKS: Blue scrapbook (1971-1982)

Box 1959b


1          TABLE OF CONTENTS: Waterfall scrapbook (1937-1949)

            SCRAPBOOKS: Waterfall scrapbook (1937-1949)

            SCRAPBOOKS: Waterfall scrapbook (1957-1972)

Box 1959c


1          TABLE OF CONTENTS: Waterfall scrapbooks (1950-56, Part I & II)

            SCRAPBOOKS: Waterfall scrapbook, Part I (1950-56)

            SCRAPBOOKS: Waterfall scrapbook, Part II (1950-56)

Box 1960


1          YEARBOOKS: The Lamp (1953-1963)

2          YEARBOOKS: The Lamp (1964-1974)

Box 1960a


1          YEARBOOKS: The Lamp (1975-1985)

2          VIDEOTAPES/AUDIOCASSETTES: Taped interviews, Field Day, PBS program "History of Nursing" (1983, 1991-1994)

Box 1961

            ARTIFACTS: Ceramic Tea Set (undated)

Box 1961a

            ARTIFACTS: Scultetus Binder (undated)

            ARTIFACTS: Plate picturing EMGH (undated)

            ARTIFACTS: Needle and medication kit (undated)

            ARTIFACTS: Graduation/registration pins (1914, 1938, 1969-1985)

Box 1961b

            ARTIFACTS: Bib and letter of Janet Rattray, Class of 1903

            ARTIFACTS: Blue and white checkered nursing uniform used in 1920's, 1940's-1960's

            ARTIFACTS: Blue and white striped nursing uniform (dress) with white apron used in 1930's

            ARTIFACTS: Blue and white pantsuit used in 1970

Box 1962


1          ARTIFACTS: Nursing cap (undated)

2          ARTIFACTS: Nursing cap (undated)

3          ARTIFACTS: Nursing cap donated by Avis McFarland, Class of 1927

4          ARTIFACTS: Penicillin ampule from 1945 donated by Marion S. Collins, Class of 1946

5          ARTIFACTS: Tile depicting the Mace Residence in 1892 (undated)

Box 1962a

            ARTIFACTS: Commemorative quilt depicting the history of the EMGH/EMMC Nursing Diploma program from 1892-1985
            (see Box 1964, folders 82 & 83 for more information)

Box 1963

            MONOGRAPHS: Thorek, Philip. Illustrated Preoperative and Postoperative Care (1958)

            MONOGRAPHS: Richardson, M.D., Dennett L. Infectious Diseases and Aseptic Nursing Technique (1927)

            MONOGRAPHS: Webster, M.D., David H. et al. Nursing in Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat (1942)

            MONOGRAPHS: Bolduan, M.D., Charles F. Applied Bacteriology for Nurses (1921)

            MONOGRAPHS: Gray, R.N., Carolyn E. and Mary A. Baker, R.N. A Nurse's Handbook of Obstetrics (1915)

            MONOGRAPHS: Joslin, M.D., Elliot P. Diabetic Manual for the Doctor and Patient (1953)

            MONOGRAPHS: Roberts, R.N., Mary M. American Nursing: History and Interpretation (1954)

            MONOGRAPHS: Davis, M.D., David M. and George H. Strong, M.D. Urological Nursing (1953)

            MONOGRAPHS: St. Mary's Hospital. The Operating Room: Instructions for Nurses and Assistants (1924)

            MONOGRAPHS: Bullough, R.N., Bonnie and Vern L. Bullough, Ph.D. The Emergence of Modern Nursing (1964)

            MONOGRAPHS: Cowan, M. Cordelia, ed. The Yearbook of Modern Nursing, 1957-58 (1958)

Box 1963

            MONOGRAPHS: Parker, R.N., Linette A. Materia Medica and Therapeutics: A Text-Book for Nurses (1921)

            MONOGRAPHS: Massengill, M.D., Samuel Evans. A Sketch of Medicine and Pharmacy (1943)

            MONOGRAPHS: Holt, M.D., L. Emmett and John Howland, M.D. The Diseases of Infancy and Childhood (1916)

Box 1963a

            MONOGRAPHS: Jensen, R.N., Kathryn L. Fundamentals in Massage for Students of Nursing (1932)

            MONOGRAPHS: Kimber, Diana C. and Carolyn E. Gray, R.N. Text-Book of Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses (1919)

            MONOGRAPHS: Hopkins, M.D., William B. The Roller Bandage (1912)

            MONOGRAPHS: Weeks-Shaw, Clara S. A Text-Book of Nursing (1899)

            MONOGRAPHS: Dock, R.N., Lavinia L. and Isabel M. Stewart, R.N. A Short History of Nursing From the Earliest
            Times to the Present Day (1938)

            MONOGRAPHS: Dock, R.N., Lavinia L. Hygiene and Morality: A Manual for Nurses and Others, Giving an Outline
            of the Medical, Social, and Legal Aspects of the Venereal Diseases (1910)

            MONOGRAPHS: The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy (1950)

            MONOGRAPHS: Martin, M.D., H. Newell and George Wells Fitz, M.D. The Human Body: A Text-Book of Anatomy,
            Physiology and Hygiene (1900)

            MONOGRAPHS: Lippincott's Quick Reference Book for Nurses (1933)

            MONOGRAPHS: Wilson, M.D., J.C. Fever-Nursing (1915)

            MONOGRAPHS: Flikke, Colonel Julia O. Nurses in Action: The Story of the Army Nurse Corps (1943)

            MONOGRAPHS: Brady, M.D., Leo and Ethna Louise Kurtz, R.N. Essentials of Gynecology (1941)

            MONOGRAPHS: Munson, R.N., Helen W. The Story of the National League of Nursing Education (1934)

            MONOGRAPHS: Joslin, M.D., Elliot P. A Diabetic Manual (1944)

            MONOGRAPHS: State Board Questions and Answers for Nurses (1945)

            MONOGRAPHS: Dietz, R.N., Lena Dixon. Professional Adjustments II (1946)

            MONOGRAPHS: Fox, Emma A. Parliamentary Usage for Women's Clubs (1916)

            MONOGRAPHS: Taber, Clarence W., ed. Taber's Medical Dictionary for Nurses (1905)

Box 1964



1          REPORTS: Consultation report on EMGH (1953)

2          NEWSLETTERS: Bingham Associates Program News (1952-1954)

3          NEWSLETTERS: Bingham Associates Program News (1955-1959)

4          PAMPHLETS: The Bingham Associates Program Consultation Services (1952); The Bingham Associates Fund and
            Bingham Program (1959)


5          REPORTS: Report on the meeting of the visitation committee member, Ms. Melda Page, to the EMMC Nursing
            School Library (1981)

6          REPORTS: Visit from Richard Riley, Educational Microcomputer Consultant for the Maine Department of Educational
            and Cultural Services (1981)

7          REPORTS: Report by Catherine L. Smith to the Nurse Education Committee (1982)

8          REPORTS: Curriculum committee on Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) (1982)

9          REPORTS: Learning Lab Task Force (1982)

10        REPORTS: Reports concerning meetings between Dr. Mary Bennett and Library Committee (1982)

11        REPORTS: Library A-V support for the School of Nursing (1982)

12        REPORTS: Husson College/EMMC Learning Resource Center [incl. floor plan, equipment, projected costs] (1982)

13        REPORTS: Annual report of the Baccalaureate Nursing Program Library Committee (1982-1983)

14        REPORTS: Reports on site visits (1984, 1988)

15        REPORTS: Husson/Eastern Maine Medical Center Nurses' Alumni Assoc. annual report (1990)

16        REPORTS: Husson College annual report (1993)

17        REPORTS: Report on the Learning Resource Center (undated)

18        MEMORANDUM: To/from Dr. Mary Bennett, Assistant Administrator/Administrator of the School of Nursing (1981-1983)

19        MEMORANDUM: To/from Catherine L. Smith, School of Nursing Librarian (1981-1983)

20        MEMORANDUM: To committee chairpersons concerning guidelines for committee minutes and policies (1982)

21        MEMORANDUM: To Baccalaureate Nursing Program committees from Kathleen Long, Assistant to the Dean for
            Program Development (1983)

22        MEMORANDUM: Ann to academic faculty, RE: Faculty organization meeting (1987)

23        MEMORANDUM: Membership Committee to members of nurses' alumni concerning merger with Husson
            Alumni Assoc. (1989)

24        MINUTES: EMMC/Husson Library Committee (1981-1983, undated)

25        MINUTES: Nurse Education Committee (Jan. 6, 1981)

26        MINUTES: First meeting of EMMC/Husson library personnel (Dec. 1981)

27        MINUTES: Learning Lab Task Force (1982)

28        MINUTES: Maine State Board of Nursing visitors with nursing faculty (1984)

29        PROGRAMS: New England Regional Council on Library Resources for Nursing - Annual Conference (1982)

30        PROGRAMS: Husson College COmmencement/Pinning Ceremony programs [incl. invitations, correspondence,
            [awards] (1986-1994)

31        AGENDAS: EMMC/Husson library committee meetings (1981-1982, undated)

32        BUDGETS: Nursing school library proposed budget expenditures (1981/82)

33        BY-LAWS: By-laws for the library committee (undated); suggested by-law changes (1983); suggested function for
            library committee (undated)

34        CORRESPONDENCE: Husson College/EMMC to/from Maine State Board of Nursing (1984-1988)

35        CURRICULUM: Program of study for Baccalaureate degree program in nursing (undated)

36        FLOOR PLANS: Designs for room layouts (1982)

37        LEGISLATIVE RECORDS: Act authorizing Husson College to confer a degree of Bachelor of Science in nursing,
            includes legislative debate (1982)

38        LISTS: Faculty committees for the Husson/EMMC Nursing Program (1982-1983)

39        SCHEDULES: Suggested schedules for Board of Nursing site visit (1984, 1988)

40        NEWSPAPERS/PERIODICALS: The Ledger/Husson College (1991-1994)

41        CLIPPINGS: Various clippings from Bangor Daily News dicussing the Nursing School's move from EMMC to
            Husson College (1982)

42        PAMPHLETS: Concerning computer information workshop (1982)

Box 1964 cont.



43        ARTICLES: "Nursing School Celebrates 100th Anniversary," The Weekly, p. 10 (August 20, 1994)

44        CHRONOLOGIES: One Hundred Years of Caring : A Chronology (1992)

45        CLIPPINGS: 100th Anniversary Open House (1994)

46        CLIPPINGS: "'One Hundred Years of Caring,' Chronology Gives History of EMMC," Bangor Daily News? (undated);
           "Century of Nursing Recalled," Bangor Daily News (undated); Full page add, Bangor Daily News (Sept. 17-18, 1994)
           [folder on side of box]

47        FLOOR PLANS: Layout for exhibit tables (1994)

48        HISTORIES: Legacy of the Lamp: 1892-1985, 93 Years of Excellence (1985)

49        INVITATIONS: Open house held at Mason Auditorium at EMMC (1994)

50        LETTERS: Letter to student (Janet Rattray) from her father, typed copy (1903)

51        LISTS: Graduates from the EMGH/EMMC School of Nursing, 1894-1985 (1986)

52        LISTS: Sources for historical information (1994)

53        LISTS: Volunteers (1994)

54        MINUTES: Anniversary Committee meetings (1994)

55        NEWSLETTERS: EMMC Currents (August 29,1994)

56        NOTES: For 100th Anniversary program (undated)

57        OUTLINES: Planning outline for 100th Anniversary celebration/exhibit (1994)

58        PHOTOGRAPHS: Photographs of displays and workers at the 100th Anniversary celebration/exhibit (1994)

59        PRESS RELEASES: "Public Invited to Nursing School Anniversary Party" (August 9, 1994)

60        PROGRAMS: One Hundred Years of Caring: School of Nursing, 1894-1994 (1994)


61        AGENDAS: Nursing History Committee Meetings (1983-1986)

62        ARTICLES: "Writing and Rewriting Nursing History: A Review Essay" Bull. Hist. Med., vol. 58, pp 568-584 (1984)

63        ARTICLES: "A New History of Nursing" Nursing Times (Sept. 19, 1984)

64        ARTICLES: "Eight Dploma Schools Celebrate a Century of Caring," Nursing and Health Care (May 1985)

65        ARTICLES: "The Role of Historical Scholarship in Nursing's Future," Briefly Noted (undated)

66        BULLETINS: Maine State Board of Nursing Bulletin (Summer 1985)

67        CLIPPINGS: "Can't Rest on her Laurels" Worcester Telegram (Oct. 24, 1988)

68        CLIPPINGS: Letters to the editor concerning search for alumni who had been in military service (1991)

69        CONSTITUTIONS/RESOLUTIONS: Nursing History Resolution (1981); Nursing History Committee Constitution (undated, 1984)

70        CORRESPONDENCE: Miscellaneous to/from History Commitee (1983-1992)

71        CORRESPONDENCE: To/from the Alumni History Committee (1991-1994)

72        CORRESPONDENCE: Maine State Archives to Esther Cox/History Committee (1993); Society of Maine Archivists to
           Esther Cox/History Committee (1991-1994)

73        EXHIBITS: Nursing History Exhibits in the early 1980's

74        EXHIBITS: Materials and pictures of the Nursing Archive display on Nurse Recognition Day (May 6, 1992)

75        EXHIBITS: Materials and pictures from the 100th Anniversary of EMGH/EMMC exhibit at the Bangor Civic Center (1992)

76        FUNDRAISERS: Cakeless Cake Sale (1984)

77        GUEST BOOKS: 100th Anniversary Celebration, 1894-1994 (1994)

78        GUEST BOOKS: 100th Anniversary Celebration, 1894-1994 (1994)

79        HISTORIES: History of the use of stereographs and stereoscopic photographs in medicine (undated)

80        INFORMATIONAL MATERIALS: Maine Historical Preservation Commission's information concerning the National
           Register of Historic Places (undated)

81        INVENTORIES: Artifacts and materials in Nursing Archives (undated); Bangor Historic Resources Inventory (1986)

82        LISTS: Pictures needed for Quilt squares (undated)

83        MEMORANDUM: Sub-committee regarding the Commemorative Quilt (1984)

84        MEMORANDUM/REPORTS: Concerning historical preservation of the Greystone/Mace building and possible application
           to the National Register of Historic Places (1984 & 1985)

85        MEMORANDUM: Concerning the housing of the Irene D. Shannon Nursing Archives in the Greystone/Mace building (1985)

86        MEMORANDUM: Note to record information request from Linda Young Weeks, Class of 1967 (1994)

87        MINUTES: Archives Committee (Feb. 11, 1981); Library Committee (Aug. 25, 1982)

88        MINUTES: Minutes from the Nursing History Committee (1983-1986)

89        NEWSLETTERS: Society of Maine Archivists (Winter 1994-Summer 1994)

90        NEWSLETTERS: Dean's Notes (March 1984)

91        NEWSLETTERS: The Political Nurse (August 1985)

92        NOTEBOOKS: Prepared by the History Committee, includes project proposal, History Committee objectives, minutes,
           correspondence, memorandum, agenda, addresses, reports, Boston Nursing Archive catalog, pamphlets, graduate
           list (1980-1981)

93        PAMPHLETS: "Maine Historical Records Advisory Board Regrant Program for Historical Records Repositories" (1994-95);
           "The Cultural Resources Information Center" (undated)

94        REGISTRATION FORMS: Society of Maine Archivists' Spring workshop at the University of Maine at Fort Kent (1994)

95        REPORTS: Financial report on fund raising efforts (1984)

96        REPORTS: Nursing History Committee Annual Report (1984-1985)

97        WORK RECORDS: Summary of labor done in the Nursing Archives (1991-1994)


           CERTIFICATES: Annie Mabel Hassen's diploma from Bangor High School (1905)

           PHOTOGRAPHS: Framed photo of nursing class (1919)

           CHARTS: Obstetrical Chart (undated)

           CHARTS: Eye Chart (undated)

           EMGH/EMMC School Of Nursing Collection

Box 2228

           Doll 1        Robes of nurse at court of Henry VII

           Doll 2        A sister of St. Vincent de Paul in 1655

           Doll 3        Revolutionary war nurse, 1775

           Doll 4        Uniform worn by nurses ca, 1775

           Doll 5        Clara Barton

           Doll 6        Civil war nurse, 1863

           Doll 7        Uniform worn by nurses ca. 1863

           Doll 8        Uniform worn by nurses ca. 1880

           Doll 9        Uniform worn by Red Cross Nurses, early 1900s

           Doll 10        American Nurse in field duty ca. 1900

           Doll 11        Uniform worn by nurses ca. 1925

           Doll 12        Uniform worn by nurses ca. 1963

           Dolls 13-15        Modern day nurses, 1966

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