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Special Collections: Guide to the Roscoe C. Emery Papers

Arranged and described by Brenda Howitson Steeves

Raymond H. Fogler Library Special Collections Department

February 2005

Introduction and Summary Information

Collection Title: Roscoe C. Emery Papers.
Dates of the Collection: 1830-1969 (inclusive); 1930-1968 (bulk).
Provenance: Gift of Joyce Emery Kinney in August, 1989.
Collection Number: MS 166.
Box Numbers: 1-28 (formerly Boxes 516-539f).
Size and Arrangement: The collection consists of 26 archival record cartons and two document boxes of material (27 cubic feet) + two linear feet of ledgers.
Conservation Note: The collection has been re-housed in acid-free folders and boxes. Documents have been surface cleaned as needed and metal fasteners removed. Photographs have been housed in polypropylene sleeves and remain with the relevant documents.
Preferred Citation: Roscoe C. Emery Papers, Special Collections, Raymond H. Fogler Library, University of Maine.
Restrictions on Access and Use: Kept at Fogler Library's offsite storage facility. One week's notice required for retrieval.


The collection contains the personal papers and business records of Roscoe C. Emery, a politician, newspaper editor, and real estate and insurance agent from Eastport, Maine. Emery was also an active promoter of the Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Development Project.

Roscoe Emery was born on a farm in Eastport in 1886, the youngest of eleven children of Oliver and Josephine Holmes Emery. He was involved in the sardine and papermaking industries as a day worker while still in school. He graduated from Boynton High School in Eastport in 1903 and from Colby College in 1907. While at Colby he participated in numerous student activities and was elected to membership in Phi Beta Kappa. After college he taught at Lubec High School and later was principal of the high school in Waterville, Maine. He returned to Eastport in 1911, forming Emery Brothers, a partnership with his brothers William and Robert. The brothers sold fish of all kinds, especially herring, as well as grain, groceries, tobacco, candy and gasoline. Roscoe Emery also owned a weir in Eastport.

In 1914, Emery purchased the Eastport Sentinel, a newspaper first published in 1818. He was the editor until he sold the paper in 1946. It ceased publication in 1953. He also owned the Sentinel Agency, a real estate and insurance business in Eastport. He sold the insurance business in 1964 but continued to sell real estate until his death in 1969.

Emery was active in Republican politics in Maine, serving as a member of the Maine Senate from 1920 to 1924, and as mayor of Eastport from 1928 to 1932 and from 1934 to 1936. In both 1940 and 1951 he unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for Representative to Congress from the Third Maine District.

A great booster of Eastport and Washington County, he helped found the Washington County Chamber of Commerce in 1938. Through the years, he served as publicity chairman, corresponding secretary, executive secretary, and president before resigning from office in 1969. He was a member of the Knights of Pythias for over 50 years, serving as Grand Chancellor in 1933. He was also a member of the Elks and Knights Templar.

In the 1930’s, he became very active in the drive which brought about the approval and start of the Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Development Project, designed to use the high range of tides in the vicinity of Passamaquoddy Bay to generate electric power. Both Passamaquoddy Bay, located partly in Canada, and Cobscook Bay, located totally within the boundaries of the United States, were to be included in the project, giving it an international tenor. A series of dams, filling gates and a navigation lock plus a power plant were planned. In 1935 the U.S. government appropriated $7,000,000 for the project out of an estimated cost of between $37,000,000 to $38,000,000. Quoddy Village, built in 1935-1936, was to provide housing for workers on the project; it and two small dams were the only structures actually built. Emery and other residents of Washington County continued to push for completion of the project at every opportunity, seeking to revive it as an international project on a larger scale than originally planned. The project was finally abandoned in the 1970’s.

Roscoe Emery and his wife, Vera Leonard Emery, had two children, Walter L. Emery and Joyce Emery Kinney, an Eastport historian and author.

Roscoe Emery died on December 14, 1969.

Scope and Content Note

The collection is divided into two series:

I. Personal papers and
II. Business records.

Series I is further divided into seven sub-series:

1. General civic correspondence;
2. Civic subject files;
3. Knights of Pythias;
4. Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Development Project;
5. Political papers;
6. Records of Washington County Chamber of Commerce; and
7. Family papers.

Series II includes records of the Eastport Sentinel and records of the Sentinel Agency.

The papers had been re-foldered sometime after their arrival at the Library. Folder headings used here are those assigned during that project but the order was imposed by the processing archivist.

General civic correspondence and civic subject files primarily document Roscoe Emery’s activities in promoting economic development in Eastport and Washington County. Included also are some materials from his service as the mayor of Eastport.

Correspondence from his membership in the Knights of Pythias, a fraternal organization founded in 1864 “to promote friendship among men and to relieve suffering,” outlines activities of the group, its past chancellors, and its relief fund.

The materials documenting Emery’s involvement with the Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Development Project range from 1924 to the 1960’s. The correspondence, arranged chronologically, includes that with many political figures, outlining Emery’s attempts to move this project forward. The subject files maintained by Emery are arranged by topic and include several scrapbooks of clippings he kept through his many years of work on the project.

Roscoe Emery corresponded throughout his career with many political figures in Maine and nation-wide. This correspondence is arranged alphabetically in Sub-series 5 and includes letters from various Maine governors and members of Congress. One of the most frequent correspondents was Ralph Owen Brewster, a Maine governor, member of Congress and U.S. Senator. Other correspondents included William Hathaway, Edmund Muskie, and Margaret Chase Smith. This sub-series also contains some material about Emery’s own political campaigns and a scrapbook of clippings about his unsuccessful campaign for Congress in 1940.

Records of the Washington County Chamber of Commerce include correspondence from the 1930’s to 1969, as well as membership information and files and press releases on activities of the group.

Family papers include essays and memorabilia from Emery’s studies at Colby College, family correspondence, and a collection of photographs of Emery and other family members. Included here are correspondence and business records from the 1830’s through the 1890’s from residents of Dennysville, Maine, and other Washington County communities. The family names Kilby and Lincoln are prominent in these papers. Their relation to Roscoe Emery is unclear.

Series II, Business records, contains a small amount of financial information about Emery Brothers from 1912-1914, as well as information about the Emery weir. A second part of the series concerns the Eastport Sentinel and contains correspondence and financial information as well as the last issue of the paper published during Emery’s time as owner and the last issue of the paper ever published.

The records of the insurance business conducted by the Sentinel Agency include correspondence, copies of insurance policies, and reports of business conducted with various insurance companies. The records documenting the real estate business of the agency contain primarily individual client files with descriptions and photographs of properties for sale, mainly in Washington County, as well as correspondence with sellers and potential buyers.

Series I: Personal Papers

Sub-series 1: General civic correspondence

Box 1


1-6                   Correspondence, 1900-1930’s

7                      Correspondence, Judge Saunders and Lubec, 1930’s

8                      Correspondence, W.P.A., E.R.A., 1930’s

8a                     Correspondence, Emery-Eleanor Roosevelt, Aug. 1935  

9                      Correspondence, Bangor Hydro case, 1937

10                    Correspondence, Fred Owens, Eastport, 1937-1938

11                    Correspondence, Customs, immigration, Sen. Brewster & Smith, 1938-1962

12                    Correspondence, Kalamazoo Stove Co., 1939

13                    Correspondence, Stillman E. Woodman, highways, 1939-1941

14                    Correspondence, 1930’s-1940’s

15                    Correspondence, Lee Larrabee, 1940-1941

16                    Correspondence, war prices, Office of Price Administration, 1942

17                    Correspondence, James Jollotta, letters from England and France, 1942-1945

18                    Correspondence, 1940’s-1950’s

19                    Correspondence, Sears Roebuck, 1940’s-1960’s

20                    Correspondence, miscellaneous, 1950

21                    Correspondence, Jay Hinson, local newspapers, news clippings, etc., 1950’s

22                    Correspondence, doctors contacted for possible practice in Eastport, 1950’s-1960’s

23                    Correspondence, Old-timers reunion, Eastport, 1950’s-1960’s

24                    Correspondence, Sons of the American Revolution, 1950’s-1960’s

25                    Correspondence, Neil Bishop, 1950-1962

26                    Correspondence, Agnew Foundation, 1953 (re creation of Washington County Recreation Authority)

27                    Correspondence, search for dentist, 1955

28                    Correspondence, business survey, Washington County, 1955

29-30               Correspondence, 1960’s

31                    Correspondence, flooding of Allagash, 1960’s

32                    Correspondence, Corps of Engineers, 1960

33                    Correspondence, 1965

Box 2


1                      Correspondence, landscaping, church in Eastport, 1965

2                      Correspondence, Charles J. Kroupa, 1965-1969

3                      Correspondence, boats, registration, taxation, 1967

4                      Correspondence, Boston Globe write-up, 1968

5                      Correspondence, Canadian, proposed ferry, 1966

6                      Correspondence, East-West highway, economic development, 1960’s

7                      Correspondence, Maine Dept. of Economic Development, 1960’s

8                      Correspondence, etc., undated

9                      Letters to editors, 1930-1960’s

Sub-series 2: Civic subject files

10                    Allagash, 1965

11                    Atlantic salmon, 1954

12                    Development, population, 1951

13                    Development: correspondence of Sumner Sewall, population changes, 1951

14                    Development, 1950’s-1970’s

15                    Down East Route 1 Assoc., 1950’s

16                    Eastport: pamphlets, reports, etc.

17                    Portrait of a declining town: Eastport, 1969

Scrapbook            News clippings, 1946, re Eastport

18                    Eastport: search for city manager

19                    Eastport: Emergency Relief Administration, 1930’s

20                    Re-financing Eastport

21-23               Eastport: U.S. Engineer Office, bids and acceptances, 1935-1937

24                    Eastport: correspondence with Public Utilities Commission, 1936

25                    Eastport Planning Board

26                    Eastport School Dept.

27                    Eastport: Bylaws of civic swimming pool assoc.

28                    Eastport USO

29                    Eastport: Accounts of Dr. Hugh Bigg, 1953

30                    Elks account

31                    Lincoln Club of Washington County

32                    Machiasport: proposal by Gov. Curtis, 1968

33                    Maine: brochures

Box 3


1                      Maine: pamphlets, reports, etc.

2                      Maine State Highway Commission: outline of construction, 1965-1967

3                      Maine state legislature: resolves

4                      Maine State Planning Board

5                      Marineland of Maine, prospectus, 1965

6                      Methodist Church accounts, 1929-1944

7                      Miscellaneous articles, clippings, etc.

8                      Natural resource conference: outline of speech by Gov. Muskie, 1957

9                      New England-New York Inter-Agency Committee: minutes, 1951-1952

10                    New England-New York Inter-Agency Committee: Report of testimony and statements, public hearing,
                        Montpelier, VT, Mar. 19, 1952

11                    New England-New York Inter-Agency Committee: Report of testimony and statements, public hearing,
                        Augusta, ME, June 12, 1952

12                    News releases, 1956-1964, Roscoe Emery

13                    Publicity, 1960

14                    Newsletter, Rural Electric Co-op News, 1964

15-16               Pamphlets, miscellaneous

17                    Sales and use tax, 1966

18                    Sardines

19                    Shead High School drawing

20                    Town meetings: clippings

21                    Townsend Clubs, 1940

22                    U.S. Senate diagram, 74th Congress

23                    Washington County: correspondence, etc., 1930’s

24-25               Washington County: brochures, pamphlets

26                    Washington County Extension Assoc., 1960’s

27                    Washington County: A challenge to education, 1954

Sub-series 3: Knights of Pythias

28-29               Correspondence, 1930’s

Box 4

1                      Correspondence re Knights’ building, 1920, 1930-1937

2-12                 Correspondence, 1930’s-1960’s

13                    Correspondence, prize speaking contest, 1967

14-15               Correspondence, Anchor Lodge #41

16                    Correspondence, Past Chancellors, 1950’s-1960’s

17                    Correspondence, Pythian relief fund, 1950’s-1960’s

18                    Correspondence, operations on Clarence Townsend, 1933-1934

Box 5


1                      Pythian relief fund auditor’s reports, 1961-1967

2                      Receipts

3-4                   Proceedings, Grand Lodge of Maine, 1932, 1933

5                      Knights of Pythias: booklets, 1947-1969

6                      Knights of Pythias: advance reports, 1955, 1956, 1966

Sub-series 4: Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Development Project

7                      Correspondence re international projects, 1924-1937

8                      Correspondence, 1920’s-1930’s

9                      Magnetism of the moon (article) + correspondence, 1930’s

10                    Correspondence from Senators and Congressmen, 1930-1950’s

10a                    Letter from Sen. John F. Kennedy, June 5, 1953

11                    Correspondence, Philip Fleming, etc., 1934-1940

12                    Correspondence, miscellaneous, 1934

13                    Boston Herald correspondence, 1935

14                    Correspondence, Sen. Wallace White, 1935-1943

15-16               Correspondence, 1940’s

17                    Correspondence, naval base for Eastport, 1940-1941

18                    Correspondence, May Craig, 1940-1964

19                    Correspondence, 1941-1942

20                    Letter from Emery to Eleanor Roosevelt re Quoddy Village, 1947

21                    Correspondence, Owen Brewster, 1947-1953

22                    Correspondence, Quoddy revival attempt, 1948-1962

23                    Correspondence, publicity, 1948-1965

24-26               Correspondence, 1950’s

27                    Correspondence, Rep. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., 1950

28                    Copy of letter from White House to Sen. Brewster, 1952

29                    Correspondence re International Joint Commission, 1956

30                    Correspondence from Congress, 1956-1957

31                    Correspondence, Canada and Quoddy, 1956-1958

32                    Correspondence, Margaret Chase Smith, 1958-1960

Box 6

1                      Correspondence, 1958-1961

2                      Letters from Clifford McIntyre, 1959, and Stanley Tupper, 1963

3                      Correspondence, dinner, Quoddy-Rankin Rapids project, 1959

4-8                   Correspondence, 1960’s

9                      Correspondence, Muskie on Rankin Rapids, 1961

10                    Correspondence, John Reed on Rankin Rapids, 1961

11                    Correspondence, Stewart Udall, 1961-1963

Box 6 cont.


12                    Quoddy projects, 1960’s

13                    Quoddy and Dickey Dam projects, 1963-1965

14                    Passamaquoddy project comparisons, 1936

15                    Cross Creek as opposed to Quoddy, 1965-1968

16                    Electric co-ops, 1960’s

17                    Emery press releases re Quoddy, etc.

18                    Excerpt from “Secret diary of Walter Ickes,” (re Quoddy)

19                    Federal Power Commission memorandum, 1949

20-21               Miscellaneous articles

22                    Newspaper clippings

23                    Notes re Quoddy

24                    Pattangall, William R.: verbal war with Emery

25                    Plea for funds for Quoddy

26                    Ports and harbors

Scrapbooks      Scrapbooks of clippings re Quoddy, 1933-1936, 1941-1942, 1948-1951, 1962-1963 (7 vols.)

27                    Speeches from Congressional Record, etc., power, public utilities, 1943-1944

28-29               Miscellaneous articles re power projects

30                    Quick freeze installation in Quoddy Village, 1944

31                    Quoddy authority

32                    Quoddy photos

Box 7

1-2                   Quoddy-Rankin power project, 1959, 1960’s

3                      Quoddy reports and briefs, 1957-1960

4-5                   Quoddy Village, 1940’s

6                      Quoddy revival, 1938-1939

7                      Rankin, John: Congressional Record re waterpower & electricity, 1934-1940

8                      Report to International Commission, 1956

9                      Sale of Passamaquoddy Village, 1949-1950

10                    Margaret Chase Smith on Quoddy, 1958?

11                    Speech by Emery on Quoddy, 1960

12                    Tidal power project, 1963

13                    Tour of Passamaquoddy site, 1961

14-15               T.V.A.

16                    Wilkinson, J.F.: marine power invention

Sub-series 5: Political papers

Box 7 cont.


17-25               Correspondence re politics, 1926-1960’s

26                    Correspondence: Politics, power blackout, 1963-1964

27                    Christmas cards from Maine governors

28                    Barrows, Lewis: correspondence, 1930’s

29                    Baxter, Percival: correspondence, 1931-1934, 1951

30                    Brann, Louis J.: correspondence, 1930’s

31                    Brewster proposal, twilight customs zone: correspondence, 1926-1939

32                    Brewster, Owen: correspondence, 1928-1934

Box 8

1-8                   Brewster, Owen: correspondence, 1935-1958

8a                   Letter from Pres. Franklin Roosevelt to Brewster, Nov. 10, 1937

9                      Telegrams, Brewster and Emery, undated

10                    Condolence telegram to Mrs. Owen Brewster, 1961

11                    Bridges, Thomas: correspondence, 1942

12                    Cross, Burton M.: correspondence, 1950’s

13                    Curtis, Gov. Kenneth: correspondence, 1967-1969

14                    Fellows, Frank: correspondence, 1940’s

15                    Gardner, Tudor: correspondence, 1929

16                    Hale, Frederick: correspondence, 1930’s

17                    Hathaway, William D. and Hildreth, Horace: correspondence, 1939-1948, 1966

18                    McIntyre, Clifford: correspondence, etc., 1950’s-1960’s

19                    Milliken, Carl E.: correspondence, 1918, undated

20                    Muskie, Edmund: correspondence, 1955-1960’s

21                    Oliver, James: correspondence, 1960’s

22                    Payne, Frederick: correspondence, 1950’s

23                    Reed, John H.: correspondence, 1960’s

24                    Roosevelt, Eleanor: correspondence, 1944

25                    Roosevelt, James: correspondence, 1936

26                    Sewall, Sumner: correspondence, 1940’s

27-30               Smith, Margaret Chase: correspondence, 1940’s-1960’s

31                    Utterback, John: correspondence, 1934

32                    Wardell, Michael: correspondence, 1959-1960

33                    Correspondence with White House, 1930’s

34                    Emery political campaigns

Scrapbook        Scrapbook, 1940, re Emery’s Congressional campaign

35                    Miscellaneous political booklets, reports, etc.

Box 8 cont.

Sub-series 6: Records of Washington County Chamber of Commerce


36-38               Correspondence, 1930’s-1940’s

Box 9

1-26                 Correspondence, 1940’s-1969

Box 10

1                      Atlantic salmon, Washington County, 1963, 1967

2                      Attack on Washington Co.; answered by Emery

3                      Chamber of Commerce bylaws, etc.

4                      Civil defense directors, 1968

5                      Current business, 1961

6                      Engineers’ dinner, 1952-1956

7                      Hay fever survey, Washington County

8                      Information

9                      Lincoln defeat, 1965

10                    Maine State Chamber of Commerce

11                    Minutes of Executive Committee, WCCC, 1969

12                    Outdoor advertising laws, 1950

13                    Press releases, etc.

14-19               Receipt books, membership dues, etc., 1950’s

20                    Verbal attack and reply, 1966

21                    WCCC record, Cohen, Milton, 1950’s

Sub-series 7: Family papers

22                    Birthday cards, 79th birthday

23                    Certificates of membership; wallet

24                    Christmas lists, personal

25                    Church papers

26                    Colby College cartoons

27                    Colby College class day program, 1907

28                    Colby Oracle, 1907

Box 11


1                      College notes, scattered

2                      College notes, American history

3                      College notes, economics

4                      College notes, English history

5                      College essays

6                      Zeta Psi fraternity

7                      Colby College, campus

8                      Emery family correspondence, including letters as Colby student

9-13                 Correspondence, personal

14                    Diary, 1930

15                    Family history

16                    Legal documents

17                    Masonic document, 1910

18-19               Papers written in high school

20                    Personal invitations

21                    Poem [written by Emery]

22                    Salutatory address and photograph of Boynton High School class of 1903

23                    Scrapbooks

Scrapbook        Scrapbook, 1946, re Eastport events

24                    Soliloquy [poem by Emery read by Margaret Chase Smith at his death]; condolences, 1969

25                    Sonotone

26                    Stars and stripes: victory, 1945

27                    Waterville High School records, 1908

Box 12

1                      Waterville High School

2-3                   Miscellaneous printed material


4                      Emery family: early photographs

5                      Family of Oliver and Josephine Emery, 1900-1903? [Located in Box 28]

6                      “Our island” schoolhouse, 1891 [Located in Box 28]

7                      Sardine factory, Eastport

8                      Colby College residence

9                      Colby College graduating class, 1907 [Located in Box 28]

10                    Waterville High School football team

11                    Emery weir

12                    Second Maine Regiment, William Emery [Located in Box 28]

Box 12 cont.


13                    Studio photographs of Roscoe Emery

14                    Photographs of Roscoe Emery

15                    Roscoe Emery and family

Miscellaneous material

16                    Dennysville correspondence and business records, 1830’s-1890’s

17                    Kilby family papers, 1830’s-1870’s

18                    Washington County diaries, memo books, etc., 1867-1895

19-20               Miscellaneous correspondence, business records, Washington County, 1830’s-1860’s

21                    Diary of Thomas C. Batson, 1904

Series II: Business records

Sub-series 1: General

22                    Emery Bros.: customer memo book, 1912?

Ledger             Journal, Emery Bros., 1913-1914

Ledger             Ledger, Emery Bros.?, undated

23-24               Emery weir: correspondence, etc., 1930’s-1940’s

Sub-series 2: Records of Eastport Sentinel

Box 13

1                      Correspondence, 1930’s-1960’s

2                      Correspondence, May Bros. newspaper brokers, 1945-1946

3-4                   Sentinel editorials, 1914-1945; typescripts of editorials, 1916-1945 (located in Box 29)

5                      Monthly reports, 1929-1935

Ledger             Job books, 1917-1932 (2 vols.)

6                      Bills for printing done by Sentinel, 1936-1937

Ledger             Cashbooks, 1914-1924, 1931-1940, 1948-1953 (6 vols.)

Ledger             Journals, 1914-1946 (6 vols.)

Ledger             Account book, 1952

7                      Accounts payable and receivable, 1940

8-9                   Bills and receipts

10-12               Cancelled checks, 1916-1940’s

13-16               Check registers, 1914-1933

Box 14


1                      Check register, 1933-1934; deposit record, 1944-1945

2                      Last issue of Sentinel under Roscoe Emery [Apr. 24, 1946]

3                      Sentinel’s last issue, July 23, 1953

Sub-series 3: Records of Sentinel Agency (insurance)

4-19                 Correspondence, 1940-1965

Box 15

1                      Bids, quotes, etc.

2                      Blue Cross

3                      Cashbook, 1923-1941

4-5                   Check registers, 1923-1930

6-7                   Claims, 1940-1950

8                      Contract for association in business, 1955

9                      Journal, 1959-1962

10                    Miscellaneous forms, etc., 1950’s

11                    Moran, E.C. Co., bulletins

12                    New agencies, 1940’s

13                    Reports, 1940’s-1950’s

14-19               Insurance policies, 1940’s-1958

Box 16

1-6                   Insurance policies, 1959-1960’s

7                      Agricultural Insurance Co., 1940’s

8-11                 Albany Insurance Co.: policies, etc., 1940’s-1950’s

12-14               Firemen’s Insurance Co.: policies, etc., 1957-1959

Box 17

1-6                   Hartford Accident and Indemnity Co.: correspondence, etc., 1950’s

7                      Hartford: daily reports, 1957

8-14                 Hartford: policies, etc., 1957-1959

15                    London Assurance Co., Loyalty Group: reports, 1940’s-1950’s

16                    Phoenix Insurance Co.: policies, etc., 1959

Box 18


1-3                   United Firemen’s Insurance Co.: policies, etc., 1940-1958

4-6                   United Mutual Insurance Co.: policies, reports, etc., 1955-1959

7                      Washington National Insurance: policies, etc., 1950’s

Sub-series 4: Records of Sentinel Agency (real estate)

8-14                 Correspondence, 1930’s-1960’s

15-16               Photographs of properties

Box 19

1-3                   Photographs of properties

Scrapbook        Advertising copy

4                      Advertising copy

5                      Appraisal

6                      Coastal Courier, 1967-1968

7                      Current rates

8                      Deeds, miscellaneous correspondence

9                      Federal Housing Administration

10                    Homeowners’ Loan Corp.

11                    Housing, rent control, 1940’s

12                    Listings, 1930-1940’s

13-14               Listings

15-16               Washington County, 1952-1958

Files for individual clients

17-22               A

23-31               B

Box 20

1-20                 B

21-48               C

Box 21

1-16                 C

17-37               D

38-41               E

42-49               F

Box 22


1-2                   F

3-22                 G

23-52               H

Box 23

1-4                   I

5-18                 J

19-36               K

37-65               L

66                    M

Box 24

1-50                 M

Box 25

1-4                   M

5-10                 N

11-16               O

17-38               P

39                    Q

40-51               R

Box 26

1-7                   R

8-48                 S

49-64               T

Box 27

1-2                   U

3-12                 V

13-23               W

Box 28

Oversized photographs

Box 29

Typescripts of editorials, 1916-1945 (received from Joyce Emery Kinney in 2007)


Finding Aids for selected manuscript collections in the Special Collections Department at Fogler Library are accessible online in URSUS, in a browsable Guide to Manuscript Collections. Please contact Special Collections at or (207) 581-1686 for further information.

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