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Special Collections: Guide to the Gardner Family Papers

Arranged and described by Brenda Howitson Steeves
Raymond H. Fogler Library Special Collections Department
July 2005

Introduction and Summary Information

Collection Title: Gardner Family Papers.
Dates of the Collection: 1830-1939 (inclusive); 1880-1930 (bulk).
Provenance: Gift of John Gardner, Mystic, Connecticut, in 1994.
Collection Number: MS 784.
Size and Arrangement: The collection consists of one document box of records and 13 map drawers of plans, maps and surveys (ca. 675 items).
Conservation Note: The collection has been re-housed in acid-free folders. Documents have been flattened and surface cleaned as needed.
Preferred Citation: Gardner Family Papers, Special Collections, Raymond H. Fogler Library, University of Maine.
Restrictions on Access and Use: There are no restrictions or limitations on the collection.


The collection contains maps and plans of John Gardner, Benjamin Gardner, and Benjamin E. Gardner, surveyors in Calais, Maine, from about 1830 until 1939. Also included are surveys by Richard V. Hayden of Robbinston, Maine.

John Gardner, born in 1801, was the principal surveyor in Calais from about 1830 until his death in 1888. He did original layouts for many towns and roads in eastern Washington County. He was also a schoolteacher and served several terms as county commissioner after the Civil War. After his death, his son, Benjamin Gardner, took over the business for a short time until his son, Benjamin E. Gardner, returned to Calais in the late 1890’s. Benjamin E. Gardner was a civil engineer and land surveyor. As city engineer he laid out the sewers in Calais, and in 1904 laid out the town of Woodland. He also made preliminary surveys at Grand Falls for the Great Northern Paper Company. Much of his work was with local attorneys doing land title research. Benjamin E. Gardner died in 1939.

Richard Vose Hayden, born in 1795, came to Robbinston as a schoolmaster in the 1820’s and then began surveying land in eastern Washington County. He and John Gardner frequently worked together and when Hayden died, Gardner acquired some of his plans and papers. He also took Hayden’s place as the principal land surveyor in the area.

The researcher should note that the Special Collections Department of Fogler Library also holds a collection of papers of Richard V. Hayden (MS 233), primarily daily diaries from 1821 to 1867.

Scope and Content Note

The collection contains records, maps and surveys of members of the Gardner family as well as maps by Richard V. Hayden. The collection is arranged in two series: I. General files and II. Maps and plans.

Series I, General Files, contains a few scattered county and municipal records for communities in Washington County, Maine. It also includes surveying notes and notebooks of both John Gardner and Richard V. Hayden.

Series II, Maps and plans, contains approximately 675 items and makes up most of the collection. It includes maps, plans, and surveys done by the Gardners and Richard V. Hayden. A few printed or published maps collected by the surveyors as well as copies of works of surveyors such as Rufus Putnam are also included. This finding aid incorporates a detailed inventory prepared at an earlier point by Library staff members. The maps are arranged alphabetically by individual community, followed by maps of Washington County and the state of Maine as a whole. A few maps of locations in Canada, primarily in New Brunswick, are also found in the collection. Each entry includes the title of the map, its date and surveyor if known, and the material (paper, vellum, etc.) upon which it was drawn.

The materials are almost entirely for communities in Washington County, with Calais being the most heavily represented. A letter from the donor of the collection indicates that many of the maps of Calais relate directly to the layout of the streets and house lots in Calais and Milltown. Also well represented in the collection are the communities of Robbinston and Baileyville as well as some of Maine’s unincorporated townships. Many of the maps were done for individual landowners and show property outlines and details of streets, roads, buildings, etc.

Box 1

Series I: General files


1                      Assessors’ returns (?): Calais, Eastport, Lubec, Machias, Machiasses, undated

2                      Commissioners’ report re road in Robbinston, 1834

3                      County roads in the city of Calais, Maine: notes taken July 1867

4                      Deeds and deed information

5                      Surveying notebook, 1832-1837 (John Gardner?)

6                      Surveying notes, miscellaneous

7                      Printed pamphlet: 200-year reference calendars, 1776-1976

8                      R.V. Hayden notebook, 1833

9                      Surveying notebooks, 1837, 1839-1840 (R.V. Hayden?)

10                    Letter to John Gardner, Mystic, Conn., undated

Series II: Maps and plans

Map folder

1     Alexander

1-1       [Alexander and Cooper], undated, vellum

1-2       Copy of proprietors plan of Alexander, copied by R.V.H., Sept. 16, 1843; copied by B.E.G., May 31, 1901;             blueprint

1-3       Plan showing lines respotted and run by the subscriber in the town of Alexander, Maine, 1926; B.E. Gardner,             kraft paper

2     Baileyville

2-1       A plan of a piece of land situated in Baileyville commencing on the Princeton line ... 1885?; Benj. Gardner, paper

2-2       A plan of a lot of land in Baileyville as surveyed from the proprietors of Baileyville, 1844; John Gardner, paper

2-3       [Baileyville], undated, vellum

2-4       [Squirrel Point lot], undated, paper

2-5       A plan of a piece of land in Baileyville as surveyed by the subscribers, 1871; John Gardner, paper

2-6       [Baileyville], undated, paper, half of map missing

2-7-8    [Baileyville], undated, paper on board

3     Baileyville

3-1       [Baileyville], undated, paper on cloth

3-2       A plan of a piece of land in Baileyville, 1869; J. Gardner, paper mounted on kraft paper

3-3       A plan of a piece of land in the town of Baileyville as surveyed by the subscriber from Samuel Kelley Esq.
            to Charles Waite and company, 1872; John Gardner, paper

3-4       A plan of cottage lots surveyed for Danl. J. Robb, 1922; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

3-5       A plan of a piece of land in the town of Baileyville, 1871; John Gardner, paper

3-6       A plan of a line run by me in Baileyville in October 1846; John Gardner, paper

3-7-8    [Baileyville], undated, paper, paper on cloth

3-9       Plans and profiles of proposed extension of sewers ... Woodland Village in the town of Baileyville, 1922;
            B.E. Gardner, vellum

3-10     Timber and lot plan of Baileyville, Maine, undated, paper on linen, vellum [2 maps]

3-11     Land in Baileyville, Me., 1931; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

4     Baileyville

4-1       A survey made by the subscriber in town of Baileyville, 1878; John Gardner, paper

4-2       [Baileyville], undated, paper

4-3       Kelley & Wadsworth’s lands: a plan of a piece of land in the town of Baileyville ... from Samuel Kelley to
            Charles Waits and Co., 1872; John Gardner, vellum

4-4       Elevations for excavating for log sluice, Grand Falls, Baileyville, 1923; kraft paper

4-5       Kelley & Wadsworth & Higgins plan, undated, paper

4-6       Number not used

4-7       [Baileyville], undated, paper on cloth

4-8       The west part of the Dawson lot in Baileyville, undated, paper

4-9       A plan of a piece of land in the town of Baileyville, 1870; John Gardner; on verso: Gates & Wentworth,
            Todd & Pollis, paper

4-10     [Baileyville], 1883; H.M. Balkam(?), vellum

4-11     A plan of the John Farrar lot in Baileyville, 1874; John Gardner, paper

4-12     A plan of a piece of land in Baileyville, 1849; paper

4-13     Plan of Jas. Robbins lot (from verso), undated, paper

4-14     Town lands in Baileyville (from verso), undated, paper

4-15     A plan of a piece of land in Baileyville, Maine, 1875; John Gardner, paper

5     Baileyville

5-1       [Baileyville], undated, kraft paper

5-2       A plan shewing garage lot in Woodland Village, Baileyville, Maine, 1924; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

5-3       [Baileyville], 1939? [Engineer’s certificate on verso signed by Benjamin Gardner, civil engineer and
            surveyor], paper

5-4       On verso: Land in Baileyville, undated, vellum

5-5-6    Lot plan of Woodland Junction; plan of section of town of Baileyville, 1924, labelled Exhibit C and Exhibit D,
           blue-line prints

5-7       A plan of a piece of land in Baileyville, Nov. 16, 1868; John Gardner, paper

5-8      Plan of wild land, Baileyville Me., undated, paper on linen [oversized; stored in Library Annex]

5-9      [Squirrel Point, Baileyville], undated, paper

6     Baring

6-1       A plan showing the John Huntley farm in Baring, 1933; B.E. Gardner, paper

6-2       Kelley’s land in Baring, undated, paper

6-3       [Baring], undated, paper on kraft paper

6-4       A plan of a piece of land in the town of Baring, 1864; John Gardner, paper

6-5       [Baring], undated, paper mounted on board

6-6       Baring village copied from Colby’s atlas, 1881; vellum

6-7       Sketch showing measurements made Dec. 1934 ... Meddybemps Road, paper

6-8       A plan of a part of Carles Island in the town of Baring known as the Hiram Mill priviledge [sic], 1877;
           John Gardner, paper

6-9       A plan of Baring or ? part of Meddybemps, undated, paper on kraft paper

6-10     A plan of Baring Street over the Hitchings farm so called, 1926; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

6A     Baring

6A-1    St. Croix River and mills at Baring, Me., surveyed Nov. 1908 by C.F. Pray, blueprint

6A-2    St. Croix River and mills at Baring, Me., surveyed Nov. 1908 by C.F. Pray; retraced and corrected as to changes
           in buildings, 1930, C.F.P., blueprint

6A-3    St. Croix River and mills at Baring, Me., surveyed Nov. 1908 by C.F. Pray; copied from plan in possession of
           Henry B. Eaton, Calais, Me., B.E. Gardner, del., Dec. 11, 22; vellum

6A-4    Burned area in the town of Baring, copy made by W.R. Allan(?), 1909; on verso: Eaton & Hanson vs. Me. Cent.
           R.R. fire case, vellum

6A-5    Plan of Baring village and vicinity from actual survey, 1839, Richd. V. Hayden; copied Sept. 21, 1923, B.E.
           Gardner, vellum

6A-6    Plan of Baring, undated, blueprint

7     Calais

7-1       J. Murray Hill farm, Nov., 1895; B.E. Gardner, paper

7-2       Plan of park at Calais, Maine; Heber Bishop Clewley, landscape architects, Boston, Mass., paper on linen

7-3       [Survey], undated, paper

7-4       [Lot plan: draft], undated, kraft paper

7-5       Plan showing Foundry lot and Elliot right of way, 1922; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

7-6       Main St. from south side of Union St. to Ferry Point Bridge, 1925; B.E. Gardner, vellum

8     Calais

8-1       [Untitled sketch], undated, vellum

8-2       A plan showing concrete buildings on land owned by N. A. Olsson and the Eastern Pulpwood Company,
           Calais, Maine, 1927; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

8-3       Plan showing location of Associated Gas and Electric Companies pole line extending from St. Croix River
           to County Road, 1931; kraft paper

8-4       A plan showing the northerly part of lot no. 19 front range as shown on B.R. Jones plan of Calais, Maine, 1927;
           B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

8-5       [Untitled street survey], undated, kraft paper

8-6       [Untitled]; on verso: Plan, Corliss vs. Pines et als.; kraft paper

8-7       [Untitled lot/street survey], 1876, by John Gardner; copied 1933 by B.E. Gardner, vellum

8-8       [Untitled lot survey], 1807?, vellum

8-9       [Untitled street/lot survey], undated, kraft paper

9     Calais

9-1       Red Beach cemetary [sic] addition, 1924; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

9-2       [Untitled road survey], undated, paper

9-3       [Untitled lot survey], undated, paper

9-4       A plan, Pool’s corner so-called; undated, paper

9-5       Plan showing the Annie M. Hall house lot, Calais, 1925; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

9-6       Property of Lower Wharf, Maine, 1933; kraft paper

9-7       Copy of a plan made by John Gardner, July 1843, Point, Salem and Austin Sts.; paper

9-8       [Untitled sketch (streets)], undated, paper

9-9       Union formerly Depot St., undated, kraft paper

9-10     A plan of a piece of land situated in Calais, Maine, Benj. Gardner, 1889; this plan is G.R.G.’s property,            1913; vellum

9-11     [Untitled sketch]; on verso: Point-River Sts., Toll Ho. prop., 1887-1894

9-12     [Untitled sketch/lot survey], 1868; John Gardner, vellum

9-13     Plan showing location of proposed branch railroad track to mill of St. Croix Paper Company at Sprague’s Falls,            Maine; Theo L. Dunn, Chief Eng., Washington Co. Ry. Co., 1905; printed blueprint

9-14     A plan of land in Red Beach Village, Calais, Maine, 1925; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

9-15     [Untitled lot/street survey], undated, paper

9-16     [Untitled lot/street survey], undated, kraft paper

9-17     [Untitled], undated, kraft paper

9-18     Plan showing the boundaries of the Morrison homestead, 1926/1928; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

10     Calais

10-1     [Untitled street survey], 1925; B.E.G., paper on linen

10-2     [Untitled lot/street survey], 1886?; paper

10-3     [Untitled preliminary sketch], paper

10-4     Plan of the McAllister building and land, 1929; B.E.G., kraft paper

10-5     [Untitled lot/street sketch], undated, kraft paper

10-6     [Untitled lot/street sketch], undated, paper

10-7     [Untitled lot/street sketch], 1887?; paper

10-8     [Untitled street/lot survey], undated; from verso: Corner Union and Point Sts., John Gardner?, paper

10-9     [Untitled lot survey], undated, paper

10-10   [Untitled street survey], undated, R.V. Hayden?, kraft paper

10-11   A plan of piece of land ... in Calais, Maine, 1886; Benj. Gardner, paper

10-12   Campsite, Mrs. C.W. Reed and Miss Emma S. Wilson, grantors; Ethel C. Trimble, grantee, 1914;
           B.E. Gardner, paper

10-13   [Untitled street/lot survey], 1889; kraft paper

10-14   [Untitled property survey], 1939; Benj. E. Gardner, vellum

10-15   Plan showing land in Calais, Maine owned by the B.I. Co., 1936;
           B.E. Gardner, paper

11     Calais

11-1     [Untitled street/lot sketch], 1925; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

11-2     [Untitled], undated; from verso: Tyler Street, paper

11-3     Plan showing the frontage of two lots of land bordering on Boyden’s Lake, Perry, Maine, also the dam and
           gates at the outlet of the lake, 1923; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

11-4     [Untitled street/lot survey, 1824/1832?; on verso: Milltown Calais near toll bridge, paper

11-5     [Untitled sketches], 1875; paper mounted on kraft paper

11-6     [Untitled street/lot survey, surveyed for Wm. Murchie?], 1900, paper

11-7     Survey of property known as 111, 113, 115, 117 & 119 Main St. and 6 Lowell St., Calais, Me., 1931; New York:
           National Survey Service, Inc., printed blue line print

11-8     [Untitled lot sketches], 1902?; kraft paper

11-9     Plan showing proposed school house location, 1935; B.E. Gardner, kraft pape

11-10   Fragment of sketch, undated, paper

11-11   [Untitled land survey], undated, B.E. Gardner, paper

11-12   Plan of survey made by order of the court of land in Plantation No. 14, 1923; B.E. Gardner, blueprint

11-13   [Untitled street survey], 1895; B.E.G. & S. Pines, kraft paper

11-14   [Untitled street and property sketch], 1923; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

11-15   Plan showing house lots of Harrison Street (Milltown), 1934; B.E. Gardner, paper

11-16   A plan of a parcel of land situated in the city of Calais, 1910; B.E. Gardner, paper

11-17   [Untitled lot survey], undated, vellum

11-18   [Untitled lot sketches], 1899; B.E. Gardner, paper

11-19   Plan showing the William Bullock lot, 1932; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

12     Calais and Milltown

12-1     [Untitled], undated; on verso: Milltown, School St.; vellum

12-2     [Untitled preliminary sketch: bridge, dam, street], undated, paper

12-3     Small lots near free bridge, Milltown, Calais, 1836 (copy); paper

12-4     [Untitled street/lot survey], undated, paper

12-5     [Untitled plan of Milltown small lots], undated, kraft paper

12-6     A plan of a piece of land situated in Calais, 1886; Benj. Gardner, vellum

12-7     [No title], 1901; on verso: Townsend, Milltown; H.M.B., vellum

12-8     [No title], 1836; on verso: Milltown, Calais small lots (copy), paper

13     Calais

13-1     [Untitled street/lot survey], undated, paper on linen

13-2     A sketch showing the S. Yates and W.G. Mixter house lots in the village of Grand Lake Stream ... 1910;
           B.E. Gardner, vellum

13-3     [Untitled lot survey], undated, J. Gardner?, paper on kraft paper

13-4     Sketch showing distance measured on the County Road, 1924; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

13-5     Calais, Maine, 1906; B.E. Gardner, vellum

13-6     [Untitled property sketch], undated, kraft paper

13-7     [Untitled lot sketch], undated, paper

13-8     [Untitled lot sketches], 1869; paper on kraft paper

13-9     [Untitled street/lot sketches], undated, kraft paper

13-10   [Untitled lot survey, Calais and vicinity], undated, vellum

14     Calais

14-1     [Untitled lot survey], undated, vellum

14-2     Plan of lot and building, Main Street, 1931; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

14-3     Plan of building lots, 1887 (lot survey); Benj. Gardner, vellum

14-4     [Lot survey near St. Croix River], 1843; vellum

14-5     Plan of survey of land in plantation no. 14, 1923; vellum (see also 16-12)

14-6     A plan of a piece of land belonging to the late Abner Sawyer estate ... 1858; John Gardner, paper

14-7     [No title], 1845?; on verso: Chase land, vellum

14-8     Plan of the site of Union Mills in Calais, 1829; Benj. R. Jones, vellum

14-9     [Untitled sketches of lots], undated, kraft paper

14-10   Mills at Milltown, Calais, upper dam, 1846; C.D. Hill, paper

15     Calais

15-1     [Untitled property survey, house lot], undated, kraft paper

15-2     A plan of lots #15, 16, 17, and 18 surveyed by Benj. Gardner. June 1891 and conveyed to Joseph E. Eaton,
           Nov. 14, 1892; Charles R. Pike, vellum

15-3     [Untitled preliminary sketch], undated, paper

15-4     [Untitled lot survey], 1911; on verso: Garfield St., paper

15-5     [Untitled preliminary sketch], undated, paper

15-6     Plan showing location of brass pins set for reference marks as required by articles 33 & 34 of Cooth & Goss Inc.
           specifications for inspection station, Calais; Benjamin E. Gardner, vellum

15-7     [Untitled preliminary lot sketches], undated, kraft paper

15-8     [Untitled lot survey], 1929?; kraft paper

15-9     [Untitled property survey], undated, kraft paper

15-10   A plan of a piece of land as surveyed ... for the Hon. D.K. Chase, 1872; John Gardner, vellum

15-11   Plan of survey for the Calais Street Railway Co., 1894; Benj. Gardner, paper

15-12   [Untitled], 1891; on verso: Lincoln Street, Grosvenor to O’Hara’s line; Benj. Gardner, kraft paper

15-13   [Untitled], 1889; on verso: Lincoln Street, Freedom to Lafayette; Benj.Gardner, kraft paper

15-14   [Untitled property survey], 1908; vellum

15-15   A piece of land surveyed ... for Moses Lewis [Jewit?], 1864; John Gardner, paper

15-16   Plan showing N. 8 1, Rang. 2, Calais, with interior lines dividing the block as agreed upon by the heirs of
           Wm. Howard and the heirs of H.F. Eaton, 1925; B.E. Gardner, vellum

15-17   Calais, Me., New England Telephone and Telegraph Co., June, 1916; printed blue line print

15-18   [Untitled property sketches], 1922; kraft paper

15-19   Survey at Indian Pt., Calais, 1898; B.E. Gardner; on verso: A plan of land in Calais surveyed for the Standard Oil
           Company of New York, 1925; B.E. Gardner, paper

15-20   O'Donnel lot, 1895; on verso: Salem and Depot Streets, paper

16     Calais

16-1     Lot survey/ street survey, undated, kraft paper

16-2     Preliminary land survey, 1925; kraft paper

16-3     Plan of land in Calais, Maine surveyed for the Standard Oil Company of New York, 1934;
           Benjamin E. Gardner, engr., kraft paper

16-4     A plan of a piece of land situated in Calais, Maine as surveyed by Benj. Gardner, 1889; vellum.
           On accompanying envelope: Dyer field, Calais

16-5     [Untitled lot/street survey], 1931; B.E. Gardner, blueprint

16-6     [Sketch], 1871; on verso: Lowell & William Knight’s plan, 1871; paper

16-7     [Untitled property/lot survey], undated, kraft paper

16-8     [Untitled preliminary sketch], 1886; paper

16-9     Lot/street survey, undated, paper

16-10   [Plan and profile], undated, paper

16-11   A plan of a part of Todd & Boardman's wharf in Calais, 1870; John Gardner, vellum

16-12   [Untitled lot sketches], undated, kraft paper

16-13   Dyer Pond lots, Milltown, Maine, 1883/1884; paper on kraft paper

16-14   [Untitled preliminary sketch], 1930; kraft paper

16-15   [Untitled measurement of river's width], undated, paper

16-16   [Untitled road/lot survey], undated; on verso: Sawyer’s lot, paper

16-17   [Untitled property lots/road sketches], undated; on verso: Calais trotting park, paper

16-18   [Untitled lot sketches], undated, paper

16-19   A plan for a contemplated street from county road to Greenlaw's, 1895; Benj. Gardner, paper

16-20   [Untitled: Elizabeth Barnard property survey], 1924; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

16-21   [Untitled property sketches], 1896; paper

16-22   [Untitled lot survey], undated, paper

17     Calais

17-1     Calais, Maine, 1934; Benjamin E. Gardner, blueprint

17-2     A plan of a piece of land in the city of Calais, 1872; John Gardner, paper

17-3     [Untitled land survey], undated, paper

17-4     [Untitled lot survey], undated, kraft paper

17-5     [Untitled lot survey], 1898; paper

17-6     Calais, Maine, 1896; B.E. Gardner, paper on linen

17-7     [Untitled sketch], undated; on verso: Milltown, Peabody, paper

17-8     [Untitled preliminary sketch], undated, kraft paper

17-9     A plan of a piece of land in the city of Calais surveyed for Gilman O. King, John Gardner, 1857;
           a true copy by Benj. Gardner, paper

17-10   N.A. Olsson survey, 1931; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

17-11   [Untitled sketch], 1869/1871; paper

17-12   A plan of the Adams Box Mill lot surveyed for the Standard Oil Co. of New York by B.E. Gardner, 1925;
           kraft paper

17-13   [Untitled lot sketches], undated, paper

17-14   [Untitled lot survey], 1889; kraft paper

17-15   [Untitled lot survey], 1883; kraft paper

17-16   Two plans on one sheet: A plan of a piece of land situated in the city of Calais, 1879; A plan of a store
           and house lot, paper

17-17   [Untitled land survey], vellum

18     Calais

18-1     [Untitled lot survey including Maine Central railroad], undated, vellum

18-2     A plan of Union Terrace, 1896; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

18-3     Plan of land in Calais, Maine, 1929; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

18-4     [Untitled lot survey], undated, vellum

18-5     [Untitled lot survey], undated, vellum

18-6     Dooley lot, Calais, Me., 1922; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

18-7     [Untitled preliminary sketch], undated, kraft paper

18-8     [Untitled preliminary sketch], undated, kraft paper

18-9     A plan of the laying of some roads, as surveyed ... by direction of the street commissioners, 1870;
           John Gardner, paper

18-10   [Untitled lot/street survey], undated, vellum

18-11   [Untitled lot survey], 1922; vellum

18-12   Two plans on one sheet: Plan showing lot of land in Calais, Maine, 1930; B.E. Gardner; South ½ lot A, R 4,
           Foxcroft, Piscataquis County, Maine, John F. Martin estate, 1930; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

18-13   [Untitled street sketch], undated, kraft paper

18-14   [Untitled building survey], undated, kraft paper

18-15   [Untitled sketch], undated, vellum

18-16   Plan of Cooper late township no. 14, east division; tracing made from original with a few corrections to date,
           Feb., 1906; B.E.G., vellum

18-17   [Untitled lot survey], undated, vellum

18-18   Plan of small lots in Milltown in Calais, undated, vellum on kraft paper

18-19   [Untitled preliminary sketch], 1835; paper

19     Calais

19-1     [Untitled lot survey], undated, kraft paper

19-2     [Untitled lot survey], undated, vellum

19-3     [Untitled large lot survey (Julia Gilmour lot)], undated, kraft paper

19-4     [Untitled sketch], undated, paper and kraft paper

19-5     [Preliminary lot survey, Milltown], 1932; kraft paper

19-6     [Untitled lot survey], undated, vellum

19-7     A plan of the W. L. Eaton campsite situated in the town of Codyville, 1910; B.E. Gardner, paper on linen

19-8     A plan showing the F. H. Lowell house lot, Calais, Maine, 1897 and 1922; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

19-9     Calais, Maine, 1937; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

19-10   [Untitled sketch], undated, kraft paper

19-11   Plan of relocation of Todd St., 1937; kraft paper

19-12   [Untitled preliminary sketch], 1931/1932; kraft paper

19-13   [Untitled preliminary sketch], 1926; kraft paper

19-14   [Untitled preliminary sketch], undated, kraft paper

19-15   [Untitled preliminary sketch], undated, kraft paper

20     Calais

20-1     [Untitled sketch], undated, vellum

20-2     [Untitled lot sketch], undated, vellum

20-3     [Untitled lot sketch], undated, B.E.G., vellum

20-4     [Untitled lot sketches], 1837?; John Gardner, vellum

20-5     [Small sketches and notes], 1852?; paper

20-6     On verso: Salem and Depot Streets and vicinity abt. 1857; paper

20-7     [Untitled St. Croix river survey], 1889; Benj. Gardner, paper

20-8     International Power Co., Calais, Me. Plan showing land required for flowage at Woodland and adjacent
           vicinity, 1910; printed blueprint

20-9     Plan of land in Calais, Maine surveyed for Harry E. Whitney of Lincoln, Maine, showing location of American Oil
           Co. tanks, 1936; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

20-10   Plan showing the Lelia Pike property, Church St., Calais, 1936; B.E. Gardner, paper

20-11   [Untitled sketch], undated, paper

20-12   [Untitled sketch], 1878; paper on cloth

20-13   A copy of a plan of the Union Mills, Calais, 1829/1847; vellum

20-14   Plan showing Dead River lot on the St. Croix River east of Barker St., Calais, Me., 1938; B.E. Gardner,
           kraft paper

20-15   [Untitled preliminary sketch], undated, kraft paper

20-16   [Untitled preliminary sketch], 1906; Benjamin Gardner, paper

20-17   [Untitled lot survey], kraft paper

20-18   Sketch with written description of a survey in the city of Calais, 1936; paper

20A  Calais

20A-1  Plan of the town of Calais, late Township no. 5, east division, Washington County, as divided between the original
          proprietors, 1807?; paper on linen

20B  Calais

20B-1  [Map of Calais] commencing at a point fifteen rods northwesterly on the river side of the county road leading to
           Robbinston ... Oct. 18, 1876; John Gardner, surveyor; paper

20B-2  [Church St., Calais], Aug. 28, 1852, John Gardner (map plus surveyor’s notes); John Gardner, Lendal Tyler, paper

20B-3  A plan of a piece of land in the city of Calais, undated;, from sticker on verso: J. Gardner, paper

20B-4  A plan of n.e. part of Long lot no. 47 in the city of Calais ..., date indeterminable; John Gardner, paper

20B-5  [Untitled map of Calais], 1843; John Gardner, paper

20B-6  A plan of the late ... farm ... in Calais, 1846; J. Gardner, paper mounted on cardboard

20B-7  A plan of the Union Mills, Calais; undated; on verso: J. Gardner, paper on linen

20B-8  A plan of Knights Point so call’d, Nov. 14, 1835; on verso: J. Gardner, paper

20B-9  A plan of a piece of land in the city of Calais belonging to the heirs to the Abner Sawyer estate,
           Sept. 27, 1876; John Gardner, paper

20B-10  The ground plan of a street... as laid out by the select men of Calais, M arch 26th, 1838; paper

20B-11  Several unidentified maps of Calais + map fragments

20B-12  [Untitled]; from verso: Plan of Ewd. Frost’s and Isaac Ward’s land, surveyed July 9, 1832; R.V. Hayden, paper

20C  Calais

20C-1  Calais, Maine, May 12, 1934; Benjamin E. Gardner, printed map, blueprint

20C-2  Plan of survey made by order of court in the case of Granger vs. J. Muchie at Milltown Dyer Mills so-called
           in the city of Calais, John Gardner, April 10th, 1876; vellum (2 copies)

20C-3  Plan of land in Calais and Robbinston, Maine, surveyed October 22nd, 1922; B.E. Gardner, vellum

20C-4  A plan of the John Good corner, July 11, 1864; paper

20C-5  [Untitled]; from verso: Long lots, Milltown; undated, paper

20C-6  Distances and compass courses for the original layout of the old county road in Calais starting at the Robbinston
           town line and continuing 9-10 miles to Baring, drawn by Benjamin E. Gardner, undated, vellum

20C-7  Line between B. Gardner, J. Spearin, B.E.G. & Dr. Black, Aug. 1895, B.E.G., paper [oversized; stored in
           Library Annex]

20C-8  [Untitled lot survey], undated, paper [oversized; stored in Library Annex]

20C-9  [Untitled lot survey], undated, paper on linen

20C-10  [Franklin St., G.H. Eaton lots, 1895, B.E. Gardner [information from verso], kraft paper

20C-11  Plan of house lots on Main St., Calais, Maine, 1931, B.E. Gardner, paper. Stamped on map: George R.
            Gardner, lawyer, Calais, Maine, Estate of Addie L. Fowler

20C-12  Plan of survey made by order of court in the case Monroe vs. E.C. Gates at Milltown upper dam in Calais,
            1854, Rich. V. Hayden, paper

20D  Calais

20D-1  [Untitled map], 1924, vellum. Note on map: This plan is a copy of yard plan and should be kept with case
           plans of cemetery in city clerk’s records

20D-2  A plan of central glade surveyed for P.M. Pirington and George R. Gardner, 1897; B.E. Gardner, vellum

20D-3  Plan shewing [sic] saw mills at Milltown, H.M. Balkam, date indeterminable, blueprint

20D-4  [Untitled lot plan; includes North St. and Murchie Pond], undated, paper [oversized; stored in Library Annex]

20E  Calais

20E-1  Plans for U.S. Inspection Station, Calais, Maine [7 blueprints], 1937

21  Charlotte

21-1  Plan of Charlotte copied from plan in possession of E.R. Higgins, 1921; blueprint

21-2  From verso: Sketch of 41 ac. 64R. land sold by D.D. Crocker to ?, 1841?; R.V.H.?, paper

21-3  Town of Charlotte, Maine; undated, vellum

21-4  [Charlotte, preliminary sketch?], undated, paper

21-5  [Charlotte?], undated, kraft paper

21-6  Charlotte, Me., 1929; paper

21-7-8  [Charlotte], undated, vellum

21-9  Plan of land in controversy in the town of Charlotte between David Fisher & Joshua L. Damon ... January 27, 1843;         Richard V. Hayden, surveyor, paper

21-10  Plan of the s.e. part of Charlotte taken from a plan of D.D. Crocker in Dec. 1841; paper

21-11  Page survey, Charlotte; notation in ink by B.E. Gardner, undated

22  Codyville

22-1  A plan of a lot of land containing 10 acres in the town of Codyville, 1911, 1921; B.E. Gardner, vellum, paper
        [2 maps]

22-2  A plan of the W.L. Eaton campsite ... in the town of Codyville, 1910; B.E. Gardner, vellum

22-3  A plan of the W.L. Eaton campsite, 1910, 1921; B.E. Gardner, vellum

23  Cooper

23-1     [Cooper], undated, vellum

23-2     Plan showing a tract of land known as Hog’s Neck in the town of Cooper and Plantation no. 14, 1930 (2 copies);
           B.E. Gardner, blueprint

23-3     Plan of Cooper ... as laid out by the proprietors for settlement, 18--? plan projected and copied by Ben. Gardner?,
           paper on cloth

23-4     A plan showing Palmeter and Hitchings land in Cooper, 1906; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

23-5     Copy of plan of farm in Cooper, undated, vellum

23-6     [Cooper], undated, kraft paper

24  Cooper

24-1     Number not used

24-2     [Cooper], undated, blueprint, half of map missing

24-3     [Cooper-preliminary sketch?], undated, kraft paper

24-4     Plan of Cooper, undated, paper on linen

24-5     [Cooper-preliminary sketch?], undated, kraft paper

24-6     [Cooper-partial preliminary sketch], undated, paper

25  Crawford

25-1     [Crawford], 1849?; R.V. Hayden, paper

25-2     Plan of Crawford, 1840; Richard V. Hayden

25-3     [Preliminary sketch], undated, kraft paper

25-4     Plan of road as laid out by the County Commissioners, June 15th, 1838, surveyed and drawn by R.V.
           Hayden; paper

25-5     Plan of Crawford, 1840 (partial plan); vellum

26  Danforth

26-1     Plan of Danforth made by W.J. Fowler, 1893; paper

27  Deer Island

27-1     Plan of Hoopen lot on Deer Island, 1866; R.V.H., paper

28  Dennysville

28-1     Lincoln Pulp Wood Company, Forestry Dept. Dennysville lands of Dead River Timberland Co., 1919; printed with
           ms. additions; part of map only

28-2     Lincoln Pulp Wood Company, Forestry Dept. Dennysville, 1923; printed blueprint

28-3     [Untitled sketch], kraft paper

29  Eastport

29-1     Plan of beach & weir in controversy between John Brewster, plaintiff & Israel T. Harris, defendant ... survey made
           by order of court, Ap’l. 20th, 1855; Richard V. Hayden, paper

29-2     Plan of land in Eastport, Maine surveyed for Standard Oil Co. of New York, 1922, B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

29-3     Property of Eastport Land Co., undated, printed blueprint

29-4     Plan of Water Street in the town of Eastport, 1839, Rich. V. Hayden, vellum

29-5     Plan of survey made in Eastport, Maine, September 1936 for R.E. Drummond showing a part of the Stevens
           property on the southerly side of Deep Cove Road, 1936; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

29-6     Minutes of survey of a town road in Eastport, Aug. 17, 1854; Rich. V. Hayden, paper

30  Eastport

30-1     [Untitled Water Street survey], undated, paper

30-2     Plan of Water Street in the town of Eastport, 1839 (see also 29-4), papertab-count:1'

30-3     [Untitled printed fragment with ms. additions], undated

30-4     Plan of the greater part of central wharf in Eastport ... , 1839;R.V. Hayden, paper

30-5     Survey of Bucknam property, Eastport, 1906; B.E.G., paper

30-6     Plan of Union Wharf in the town of Eastport, 1839; Rich’d V. Hayden, paper

30-7     Eastport (preliminary sketch), 1928; kraft paper

30-8     Plan of land lying in the town of Eastport heretofore owned in common by Worster Tuttle of ... Eastport & William
           Chase of Lubec, 1839; Rich’d V. Hayden, paper

30-9     Plan of Geo. Morang’s land in Eastport, 1869; R.V. Hayden, paper

30-10     Plan of the steam mill, shipyard, wharves & buildings in Eastport recently occupied by Bass & Houston,
             1855; Rich’d V. Hayden, paper

30-11     Passamaquoddy Power Development map showing proposed layout, Dexter P. Cooper Inc., dwg. No. 1099,
             1927; blueprint

30-12     Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Development, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, undated, paper

31  Grand Lake Stream

31-1     [Untitled sketch, Grand Lake Stream Road and lots], undated, kraft paper

31-2     [Untitled lot survey], undated, paper

31-3     Sketch showing the Calligan homestead, 1937; kraft paper

31-4     A plan of Camp Babcock, 1928; paper (image reversed on map)

31-5     Grand Lake Stream village, undated, J.W. Edgerly, sur., vellum

31-6     [Untitled sketch of lot lines], undated, kraft paper

31A  Grand Lake Stream [oversized folder]

31A-1     [Untitled], undated, map on both sides, kraft paper

31A-2     A plan of Camp Babcock, Grand Lake Stream Plantation, Washington County, Maine, Nov., 1928; Benjamin E.
             Gardner, J.W. Edgerly, printed blue line print

31A-3     Grand Lake Stream Plantation in the vicinity of Lakenwild, Maine, undated, kraft paper, Exhibit B in crayon
              in upper left corner

32  Indian Township

32-1     A plan of Lewy Farm on the Indian Township, 1868; John Gardner, paper

32-2     [Untitled sketch], undated, paper on cardboard

32-3     [Untitled lot survey], undated, paper

32-4     [Untitled sketch], undated, paper

32-5     [Untitled lot survey], undated, paper

32-6     Ely & Forester(?) plan, undated, vellum

33  Jonesborough

33-1     [Untitled lot survey], undated, paper on linen

33-2     [Untitled lot survey], 1806? (modern sketch of 33-1), paper

33-3     A plan of the northeast part of Jonesborough, 1836; R.V. Hayden, paper

33-4     A plan showing location of the line between Leonard T. White and Nettie D. White, June 4-5, 1923; B.E.
           Gardner, kraft paper

34  Lambert Lake

34-1     [Untitled sketch], undated, paper

34-2     Plan showing landing, Lambert Lake Village, 1927; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper; untitled plan on verso

35  Lubec

35-1     Plan of part of Mowry estate, Lubec, Me., surveyed & drawn by G.W. Ross, 1918; vellum

35-2     [Untitled lot survey], undated, vellum

35-3     Sketch showing proposed land purchase, Lubec, Maine, 1929; printed blueprint

35-4     Plan of land in Lubec ... surveyed for the Standard Oil Co. of New York, 1929; B.E. Gardner, printed blueprint

35-5     Land in Lubec ... surveyed for the Standard Oil Co. of New York, 1929; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

35-6     Plan of an alteration in the Lubec Road by G. Court, Sept. 12, 1838; Rich. V. Hayden, surveyor, paper

35-7     A plan of the homestead farms of Samuel A. Lawrence, James M. Bangs, John G.W. Avery and others on
           Sewards Neck in the town of Lubec, Dec. 11, 1858; Rich. V. Hayden, surveyor, paper

35-8     Plan of land in controversy between Samuel Mowry, plaintiff, and Jotham G. Reynolds, defendant ... in the town
           of Lubec, Dec. 24th, 1852; Richard V. Hayden, surveyor, paper

36  Machias

36-1     Part of Machias, undated, paper

36-2     [Untitled sketch (lot)], undated, paper

36-3     Sketch of Middle Falls Village, 1835; R.V. Hayden, paper

37  Marion

37-1     [Untitled sketch], undated, paper

37-2     [Untitled lot survey], undated, vellum

38  Meddybemps

38-1     [Untitled lot survey], 1831?; B.R. Jones, vellum

38-2     Land in Meddybemps, Maine surveyed for Chas. W. Lombard, July 10, 1928; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

38-3     [Untitled: surveyed lots on Bear Cove-Meddybemps Lake], undated, kraft paper

38-4     [Untitled property lots on Meddybemps Lake], undated, printed blueprint

38-5     Proposed Beard cottage, Meddybemps Lake, 1936; sheet 1, printed blueprint

38-6     Beard Cottage foundation plan, 1936; printed blueprint

38-7     A plan showing a subdivision of the eastern part of no. 16, B.R. Jones plan of Meddybemps, Maine, 1922; B.E.
           Gardner, kraft paper

38-8     [Untitled sketch], 1896; B.E.G., paper

38-9     [Untitled lot plan], undated, paper

38-10     [Untitled], 1892; Benj. Gardner; on verso: #7 land near Senate Pl. on Meddybemps Rd., vellum

38-11     [Untitled preliminary sketch], 1937; kraft paper

38-12     Plan showing Beard cottage, 1936; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

39  Milbridge

39-1     A plan of land in the town of Milbridge ... surveyed for the Standard Oil Company of New York, 1929; B.E.
           Gardner, paper

40  Pembroke

40-1     [Untitled survey], undated; “Pembroke Standard Oil” on attached slip of paper, kraft paper

40-2     Plan of lot no. 41 on Cushings Neck so-called in Pembroke, 1855; Rich’d V. Hayden, paper

40-3     [Preliminary sketch (measurements and calculations)], undated, paper

40-4     Plan showing boat landing on the east bank of Pennamaquan River, Pembroke, Maine, 1930; B.E. Gardner,
           kraft paper

40-5     Plan of land in Pembroke, Maine surveyed for Standard Oil Co. of New York, Aug. 28, 1922; B.E. Gardner, vellum

41  Perry

41-1     Plan of Amos & Otis Boyden's land, 1844; R.V. Hayden, paper

41-2     [Untitled lot plan], undated, vellum

41-3     Sketch of survey for J.D. Gibson in Perry of land he is about to sell to Richey & to Frank, 1863; R.V. Hayden,

41-4     [Untitled fragment], 1910; paper

41-5     Land in Perry, Maine surveyed ... for E.G. Goulding, 1937; B.E. Gardner, paper

41-6     [Untitled preliminary sketch], undated, kraft paper

42  Perry

42-1     A plan showing location of buildings on land formerly owned by Joshua C. Gove, 1924;B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

42-2     Survey of route for road-Pigeon Hill, 1866; Richard V. Hayden, paper

42-3     Plan of the homestead farm of Solomon and James Lincoln at Birch Point, 1861; Richard V. Hayden, paper

42-4     Plan showing Boyden Lake flowage on block no. l, R. 1, 1930, B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

42-5     Plan of a lot in Perry surveyed and drawn by G.W. Ross, 1927; paper

42-6     [Untitled lot plan]; from verso: Perry, Pembroke and Dennysville surveyed in 1804 by Benjamin R. Jones; copied
           and enlarged Jan. 1897; B.E. Gardner, paper

42-7     [Untitled sketch], undated, kraft paper

43  Princeton

43-1     A plan of Lewys Island in Princeton, undated, John Gardner, vellum

43-2     A plan of the Waite lot in Princeton Village, 1861; John Gardner, paper

43-3     A plan of Lewyes Island, 1855; John Gardner, paper on linen

43-4     Plan of dam at Princeton, [1894?]; paper

44  Princeton

44-1     [Untitled sketch], 1877; paper

44-2     [Monson lot plan near Lewyes Lake], 1852?; paper

44-3     [Untitled lot sketch including railroad line], undated, paper

44-4     [Untitled plan], 1840; John Gardner, paper

44-5     A plan of the s.w. part of Princeton, 1871?; vellum

45  Princeton

45-1     [Untitled preliminary sketch], 1909; paper

45-2     Princeton, Me., 1904; B.E. Gardner, paper

45-3     [Untitled lot plan], undated, vellum

45-4     [Untitled lot sketches], 1880?; kraft paper

45-5     Plan of Princeton Township no. 17 East Division, 1832; copy from Benjamin R. Joneses plan, paper on cardboard

45-6     Maine Central Railroad Company. Proposed tracks for Princeton Terminal Company, 1920; printed blueprint

45-7     Princeton Village, Maine, undated, paper mounted on kraft paper

45-8     [Untitled], undated, printed blueprint

45-9     Plan of Princeton made by W.J. Fowler, March 10th, 1893

46  Robbinston

46-1     Plan and elevation showing County Road, 1930; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

46-2     [Untitled lot plan], undated, paper

46-3     Sketch of big island, 1856; Rich’d V. Hayden, paper

46-4     Plan showing the Charles L. Corthell farm, 1934; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

46-5     A plan of Mill Cove, Robbinston, 1899; B.E. Gardner, vellum

46-6     A plan showing the south line of the Johnson lot in Robbinston from the county road to low water mark,
           1889; paper

46-7     Robbinston/Perry town line, 1931; paper

46-8     [Untitled sketch], 1938?; paper

46-9     [Untitled sketch], undated, paper

46-10   [Untitled sketch, preliminary?], 1896; paper

46-11   Line between Robbinston & lot no. 3 (lot survey), undated, paper

46-12   [Untitled lot survey], 1832?; paper

46-13   [Untitled lot survey], 1842?; paper

46-14   [Untitled preliminary sketch], undated, paper

46-15   [Untitled lot survey], undated, paper

46-16   [Untitled lot survey], undated, paper

46-17   [Untitled lot survey], undated, vellum

46-18   [Untitled lot survey], undated, paper

46-19   Plan, Foster Fisher's estate, 1856 (from verso), kraft paper

46-20   Plan of land in controversy between Winslow Bates & others and Abel Stevens ... with the land adjacent in the
           town of Eastport ... June 25th, 1839; Rich. V. Hayden, surveyor, paper

47  Robbinston

47-1     Plan of steam mill land so called ... copied from the original plan dated Sept. 15, 1826 and recorded in Machias
           June 20, 1837 ... Robbinston, March 18, 1870; Richard V. Hayden, surveyor, vellum

47-2     [Untitled lot and property plan], 1922/1938; kraft paper

47-3     Township no. 4 from surveys of Sol Cushing & Sam’l Jones, Jr., 1809; Benj. R. Jones, paper

47-4     [Sketch], undated, on verso: Tom Cleland farm-Robbinston, kraft paper

47-5     [Sketch (lots)], 1928?; compiled from R.V. Hayden’s plan, paper

47-6     A plan of the F. W. Hodgson farm in Robbinston, undated, paper

47-7     A plan of Hannah Brewer's estate as divided among her heirs, 1861; paper

47-8     [Untitled sketch], 1895; B.E. G., paper

47-9     [Untitled lot sketches], undated, vellum

47-10   [Untitled lot plans], 1930; paper

47-11   [Untitled lot sketches], 1875, Benj. Gardner, pape

47-12   Plan of cottage lots as laid out on the James Lamb farm, 1924; B.E. Gardner; on verso: untitled lot plan,
           pre-1820?; kraft paper

47-13   [Untitled sketch], undated, kraft paper

47-14   A plan showing line between the farms of John Lyons and Miss Waterman in Robbinston, 1902; B.E. Gardner,
           kraft paper

47-15   Plan of Kellogs, Cullens, Gerrys and Felts, 1831, and Mrs. Felt’sdower set off May 9th, 1860; R.V.H., paper

47-16   [Untitled], from verso: School house lot and burying [ground], 1835; R.V. Hayden, paper; [Untitled], sketch of
           old brick schoolhouse lot in Robbinston, Apr. 7, 1856; R.V. Hayden, paper

47-17   This plan represents a tract of land lying ... north ... Robbinston ..., undated, paper on cloth

47-18   Plan of Jacob Boydon’s estate as divided among the heirs ... Jan. 25, 1834; R.V. Hayden, paper mounted
           on kraft paper

47-19   Plan of 43 acs. of land sold by W.P. Low to Dan’l G. Low, 1842; R.V. Hayden, paper

48  Sprague Falls

48-1     A plan of land at and in the immediate vicinity of Sprague Falls on the St. Croix River (preliminary sketch),
           undated, kraft paper

48-2     Map of property of St. Croix Paper Co. on Maine side of St. Croix River at Sprague Falls, Me., undated,
           printed blueprint

49  Talmadge

49-1     A plan of the H. B Eaton campsite in Talmadge, 1910; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

49-2     The above is a copy of the block lines by John Dudley’s survey in October 1832 ... [and] ... the line designated
            by the commissioners in October 1849 of the Talmage Township no. 3, 2d range, north part, Henry F. Eaton &
            Joseph E. Eaton, paper

50  Topsfield

50-1     A plan of land in Topsfield, Maine, 1924; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

50-2     Sketch (Zebulon Bradbury, plan of Topsfield), 1909; B.E.G., vellum

50-3     A plan of the Geo. Briggs campsite in Topsfield, 1910; B.E. Gardner, paper on linen

50-4     A plan of the F. L. Merrill campsite in Topsfield, 1910; B.E.G., paper on linen

51  Townships

51-1     A plan of the J. F. Cook campsite situated in township no. 4 in Penobscot County, 1910; B.E. Gardner,
           paper on linen

51-2     Township no. 23, East Division ... attest Rufus Putnam (modern copy of 1786 plan); on vellum; stamp of
           George R. Gardner, lawyer, Calais on verso

51-3     Plan of the Hinckley Township & Gore, undated, paper

51-4     A plan showing the northwest and west lines of lot # 5, Trescott, Maine, 1923/1924; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

51-5     A plan of section 7, Burwash, Wesley, Washington County, Me., showing half-acre blocks subdivided into
           lots, undated, kraft paper

51-6     Plan of the southerly & westerly part of the town of Edmunds, particularly the land in dispute between Aaron
           and Benjamin Hobart, 1849; Rich’d. V. Hayden, paper

51-7     [Untitled sketch], undated, vellum

51-8     [Untitled lot survey], undated, vellum

51-9     Plan of townships nos. 21 & 27, E.D., east half no. 43, M.D., no. 6 & N. half no. 5 with the two mile strips north
           N.D. situated in the county of Washington, state of Maine, from actual surveys of R.V. Hayden & John Gardner,
           undated, printed map mounted on kraft paper

51-10   [Untitled sketch], undated; from verso: S. half, N. 1, R. 3, paper on linen

51-11   Plan of township no. 9 in the 4th range of townships west from the east line of the state, surveyed 1839 by
           Noah Barker, surveyor, vellum

51-12   [Untitled sketch], undated; from verso: Township no. 10, vellum

51-13   A plan of four ranges of townships north of the Bingham lottery lands and between the Penobscot and Schoodic            Rivers, copied in 1874 from an 1822 plan in State Land Office in Bangor, vellum

51-14   A plan of land in Hinckley Township, Washington County, 1906; B.E. Gardner, paper

51-15   [Untitled sketch of land near Cathance Lake], undated, kraft paper

51-16   A plan of the L. W. Puffer camp site situated in township no. 5, Penobscot County, 1910; B.E. Gardner, paper

51-17   Part no. 10 R 3, 1892; surveyed for C.H. Eaton; Benj. Gardner, paper

51-18   [Untitled sketch], undated [from attached slip of paper: Township no. 18], paper

51-19   [Untitled lot sketches], undated, paper on linen

51-20   Plan of the Dr. F. Eaton campsite situated in township no. 6, Range 1, Washington County, Maine, 1910;
           B.E. Gardner, paper

51-21   [Untitled lot survey], undated, vellum

51-22   Plan of lands set off to settlers on the St. John River in Township Letter L & M, R 2nd, WELS, undated, vellum

51A   Townships

51A-1   A plan of four ranges of townships north of Bingham’s lottery lands and between Penobscot River and the
            Schoodic River and Lakes ... 1822 (1873 copy of part of original plan), vellum

51A-2   [Untitled], from verso: Tship 24, paper

51A-3   A plan of the Dyer Township called no. 1, July 9, 1846; from verso: J. Gardner, paper

51A-4   Township no. 7, east division, [1841?]; paper on cloth

51A-5   [Untitled], from verso: Tship 12, paper on cloth

51A-6   A plan of the south half No. 5, north division ... County of Washington, undated, paper

51A-7   [Untitled], from verso: Tship 15, paper

51A-8   A plan of the burnt district in Township no. 10, range 3, Nov. 1870; John Gardner, sur., paper

51A-9   [Untitled], written on verso: Township no. 5, north half, paper

51A-10   Township no. 38, middle division, attest Rufus Putnam, written on verso: Chart of proprietors’ names, etc., paper

51A-11   Copy of a plan of Township no. 6, E. Divis. & part of Township o. 7, E. Divis. in the county of Washington,
             undated, paper on vellum

51A-12   Township no. 25, East Division [copy], attest Rufus Putnam, undated, paper

51A-13   Plan of Township no. 27 as laid out ... in Dec. 1844; on verso: No. 27, Little River

51A-14   This plan is from an actual survey by the subscriber of Township no. 1, first range, known as the Fowler and
             Ely Township, 1835; Richard V. Hayden, paper

51A-15   [Untitled], undated, from verso: Elijah Rand’s plan, Fowler & Ely, paper

51B   Townships

51B-1   Township no. 23, middle division, attest Rufus Putnam (copy); Township no. 31, middle division; Township
            no. 26 + list of proprietors, undated, paper

51B-2   Township no. 27, middle division, attest Rufus Putnam (copy); Township no. 28, middle division + list of lots
            drawn in townships, undated, paper

51B-3   A plan of Waite Township containing 24985 acres, no. 2, range 2, S. Titcom’s survey in 1794, paper on linen

51B-4   Township C, range 2, from verso: Tship 21, undated, vellum

51B-5   A plan as surveyed for the Commonwealth in the autumn of 1811, true copy, 1874; vellum

51B-6   [Townships near crossing of Penobscot and Mattawamkeag Rivers], undated, paper

51B-7   [A true copy of a plan of lottery lands in Maine], Land Office, Boston, 1872; paper

51B-8   A plan of a village in the Hinckley Township on the western Grand Lake Stream in the county of Washington,
           State of Maine, August, 1871; John Gardner, paper

51B-9   Plan of townships no. 4 north of the BPP & Nos. 4, 5, 6, Hinkley Indian 43, 27, 21 and Princeton in the
           counties of Penobscot and Washington, undated, paper

51B-10   A plan of the west corner of the Plymouth Township [from verso], undated, paper

51B-11   Township G, Range 2nd, undated, paper

52   Vanceboro

52-1     A plan of settlers lots and roads as surveyed ... 1879 ... in Vanceboro, County of Washington ... John
           Gardner, paper

52-2     [Section of a lot plan made from the field notes of the surveys made by John Gardner in 1879 and 1882 of part
           of Vanceboro], Benj. Gardner, 1888; paper

52-3     Two maps on one sheet: A plan of a part of Vanceboro Village, 1873; John Gardner; A plan of the Harthorn
            purchase in Vanceboro, surveyed 1873; John Gardner, paper

52-4     [Untitled lot plan], undated, paper

52-5     A plan of Vanceboro Village, 1871; John Gardner, vellum, paper [2 maps]

52-6     Vanceboro, undated, paper

52-7     [Untitled lot plan], undated, vellum

53     Woodland

53-1     [Untitled survey], undated; on verso: Woodland, kraft paper

53-2     [Untitled survey], undated, paper

54     Waite

54-1     Plan of the town of Waite, undated, vellum

54-2     [Untitled lot plan], 1874; on verso: Waite Township, John Gardner, paper

54-3     [Untitled lot plan], 18--; paper

55     Washington County

55-1     [Untitled sketch (survey)], undated, paper

55-2     [Untitled lot plan], undated, paper

55-3     [Untitled survey], undated, paper

55-4     [Untitled lot plan], 1891; Benj. Gardner, paper

55-5     [Untitled lot plan], 1891; Benj. Gardner, paper

55-6     [Untitled survey], undated, paper

55-7     Lot plan copied from a chalk ... in possession of J.E. Eaton, undated

55-8     Same as 55-7

55-9     A plan of a pice [sic] of land now in the town of Eaton surveyed by the subscriber for Horatio N. Hill, undated,
           John Gardner, paper

55-10     [Untitled map showing lots in Princeton, Talmadge, Waite, Codyville, Dyer, etc.], undated, vellum [oversized;
             stored in Library Annex]

55-11     [Untitled map, Calais, Robbinston, etc.], undated, paper [oversized; stored in Library Annex]

55-12     Map of St. Croix River basin showing holdings of St. Croix Paper Co. of Woodland, Me., 1913; E. Lisherness,
             engineer, blueprint

56     Washington County

56-1     A plan of the Hood or Boynton camp site situated in township no. 5, Washington County, 1910; B.E. Gardner, paper

56-2     [Untitled survey], 1920; paper

56-3     [Untitled map of Passamaquoddy Bay and surrounding area], undated, vellum

56-4     Map showing proposed airport location in the town of Baring and city of Calais, 1935; B.E. Gardner, kraft paper

56-5     U.S. Geological Survey. Calais quadrangle, 1929; Robbinston quadrangle, 1931

56-6     Map of St. Croix waters, Washington County, Maine, compiled by William Todd, Richmond, Va.; engraved by
           Shaylor Eng. Co., 1900; paper on linen

56-7     Survey of Baskahegan Lake, undated, vellum

56-8     A plan showing the Eaton lands in the Saint Croix valley in the counties of Washington, Penobscot and Hancock,
           state of Maine, and Charlotte and York Counties, N.B., 1911; B.E.G., blueprint

57-62     Maps of unknown locations, unidentified preliminary sketches, map fragments, etc.

63     Canada

63-1     [Untitled lot sketches], undated

63-2     Plan showing copy of grant lot no. 43 in New Brunswick, 1931; vellum

63-3     [Untitled property sketches], undated, paper

63-4     [Detailed lot survey], undated, paper

63-5     [Untitled lot plans], undated, vellum

63-6     Plan shewing position of mills & etc. on the upper dam at Milltown, N.B. from actual survey, 1880; survey by D.E.
           Maxwell, vellum

63-7     Plan of part of Tobique River, New Brunswick, Canada, undated, vellum

63-8     The plan of a piece of land in St. Stephens being for Horatio N. Hill, Nov. 8, 1849; paper

63-9     The plan of a piece of land ... for Horatio N. Hill, resurveyed 1852; paper

63-10     Plan shewing granted and surveyed lots in the parishes of Dufferin, St. James, St. Stephen, St. David, Charlotte
             County, N.B., Crown Land Office, 1922; blueprint

63-11     Map of Charlotte County from surveys by Hurd Peters, published by H. McAlpine, St. John, N.B., undated,

64     Maine

64-1     A plan of a piece of land in the town of Houlton, county of Aroostook, undated, paper

64-2     Map of northern Maine specially adapted to the uses of lumbermen and sportsmen, compiled and published by
            Lucius L. Hubbard, Cambridge, Mass., 1899; paper on linen

Finding Aids for selected manuscript collections in the Special Collections Department at Fogler Library are accessible online in URSUS, in a browsable Guide to Manuscript Collections. Please contact Special Collections at or (207) 581-1686 for further information.

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