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Special Collections: Guide to the Floyd Gibbons Papers

Summary Information

Collection Title: Floyd Gibbons Papers
Collection Number: MS 200
Dates of collection: 1900-1940
Size of collection: 96 boxes

Administrative Information

Provenance: Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Byrnes
Access Restrictions: Kept at Fogler Library's offsite storage facility. One week's notice required for retrieval
Preferred Citation: Special Collections, Raymond H. Fogler Library, University of Maine
Copyright: Contact department for copyright information

For Additional Information

Special Collections Department
University of Maine
5729 Fogler Library
Orono, Maine 04469-5729
(207) 581 1686


Floyd Gibbons was an author, journalist, and radio personality. He was born in Washington, D.C. in 1887 and died in 1939. He was educated at Gonzaga College and Georgetown University. He was on the staff of the Chicago Tribune starting in 1912 and was a war correspondent during World War I.

Scope and Content Note

Papers contain correspondence, columns, comic strips, manuscripts of his writings, radio scripts, recordings, newsclips, photographs, and Gibbons family memorabilia.

Box List

Box 99a

Portraits, two (2) raised metal relief portraits.

Sahara Trip, photographs.

Look Magazine: Oct. 12, 1937 (two copies); May 10, 1938 (two copies); Nov. 23, 1937 (four copies).

Red Napoleon, Manuscript.

True Adventure, broadcast copy, April 8, 1937.

Sahara Crossing, parts I & II.

Rosemary Drachman, Female War Correspondent", broadcast copy of; 1932.

Headline Hunter #4, Sept. 15, 1933.

Headline Hunter #28, Jan. 15, 1930.

Headline Hunter #26, Jan. 1, 1930.

(5) metal photos on wooden blocks.

Headline Hunter #9, Sept. 2, 1929.

Palestine, explanation of strike in Palestine etc., 1926.

Headline Hunter #12, Sept. 23, 1929.

Headline Hunter #13, Sept. 30, 1929.

Headline Hunter #7, Aug. 9, 1929.

Photograph Albums, two (2) albums.

American Mercury, January 1933.

American Mercury, June 1942. "The Ace Reporter of the Air," one (1) copy of article from American Mercury, January 1933.

Omnibook, coverless copy.

Le Pantheon de la Guerre, 1919.

Box 99b

American Legion Magazine, Oct. 1931.

Pancho Villa, Floyd Gibbons story.

North Pole Flight, preparations and photographs.

World War I, stories, notes, copy and clips.

British National Registration Form for Males, 1915.

Woodrow Wilson, speech; (incomplete)

Edgar Randolph, 1918.

Wounded, notes and story.

Pershing, John J., correspondence.

Alsace-Lorraine & Switzerland, posters, correspondence, etc.

Holland America Line, passenger list, May 4, 1917.

Menus, 1919.

Correspondence, 1917-1921, personal.

Box 101

Better Vision Institute, Eyes--Right! Review of reviews, Oct.1930.

Better Vision Institute, Scenario for production No.2, The Marvel of Vision, Nov. 5, 1934.

Better Vision Institute, Why We See Like Human Beings, 1934.

Gibbons, E.T., mining venture, 1905.

Goodrich (B.F.) Rubber Co., correspondence and miscellaneous material, 1930-1932.

Insurance papers.

International Nickel Inc., books and materials on nickel, buying guide, and journal articles written by Floyd Gibbons.

International Nickel, Inc., Nickel's Worth.

Junior Birdmen Rally. Radio City Music Hall, Dec. 12, 1936. NBC broadcast, coast to coast.

Laconia Story. Page 1 missing.

Box 102

Literary Digest Programs, broadcast on NBC-WJZ, 6:45 - 7:00

Monday, Feb. 24, 1930 - Monday, June 9, 1930. Scripts for programs #1 - 84. Program #33 is missing.

Literary Digest Program #1, Monday, Feb. 24, 1930, NBC-WJZ.

Literary Digest Program #2, Tuesday, Feb. 25, 1930, NBC-WJZ.

Literary Digest Program #3, Wed., Feb. 26, 1930, NBC-WJZ.

Prohibition News.

Literary Digest Program #4, Thursday, Feb. 27, 1930, NBC-WJZ. (incomplete script)

Literary Digest Program #5, Friday, Feb. 25, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Spain.

Literary Digest Program #6, Saturday, March 1, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Spain.

Literary Digest Program #7, Monday, March 3, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Babe Ruth.

Literary Digest Program #8, Tuesday, March 4, 1930, NBC-WJZ.

Literary Digest Program #9, Wednesday, March 5, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Communists.

Literary Digest Program #10, Thursday, March 6, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Riot - New York - Communists.

Literary Digest Program #11, Friday March 7, 1930, NBC-WJZ.

Literary Digest Program #12, Saturday, March 8, 1930, NBC-WJZ.

Literary Digest Program #13, Monday, March 10, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Funeral for Taft.

Literary Digest Program #14, Tuesday, March 11, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Funeral for Taft.

Literary Digest Program #15, Wed., March 12, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Report on the first figures on Prohibition poll.

Literary Digest Program #16, Thursday March 13, 1930, NBC-WJZ.

Literary Digest Program #17, Friday, March 14, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Prohibition poll.

Literary Digest Program #18, Sat., March 15, 1930, NBC-WJZ.

Literary Digest Program #19, Mon., March 17, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Prohibition poll.

Literary Digest Program #20, Tues., March 18, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Prohibition poll.

Literary Digest Program #21, Wed., March 19, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Prohibition poll.

Literary Digest Program #22, Thurs., March 20, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Prohibition poll.

Literary Digest Program #23, Friday, March 21, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Prohibition poll.

Literary Digest Program #24, Sat., March 22, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Prohibition poll.

Literary Digest Program #25, Monday March 24, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Prohibition poll.

Literary Digest Program #26, Tues., March 25, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Prohibition poll.

Literary Digest Program #27, Wed., March 26, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Prohibition poll.

Literary Digest Program #28, Thurs., March 27, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Prohibition poll.

Literary Digest Program #29, Fri., March 28, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Prohibition poll.

Literary Digest Program #30, Sat., March 29, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Prohibition poll.

Literary Digest Program #31, Monday, March 31, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Prohibition poll.

Literary Digest Program #32, Tues., April 1, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Prohibition poll.

Literary Digest Program #33, Wed., April 2, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Prohibition poll.

Literary Digest Program #34, Thurs., April 3, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Prohibition poll.

Literary Digest Program #35, Friday, April 4, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Prohibition poll.

Literary Digest Program #36, Sat., April 5, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Prohibition poll.

Literary Digest Program #37, Wed., April 9, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Prohibition poll.

Literary Digest Program #38, Friday, April 11, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #39, Sat., April 12, 1930, NBC-WJZ.

Literary Digest Program #40, Mon., April 14, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #41, Tues., April 15, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #42, Wed., April 16, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #43, Thurs., April 17, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #44, Friday, April 18, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #45, Sat., April 19, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #46, Wed., April 23, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #47, Thurs., April 24, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #48, Friday, April 25, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #49, Sat., April 26, 1930, NBC-WJZ.News.

Literary Digest Program #50, Monday, April 28, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #51, Tues., April 29, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #52, Wed., April 30, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #53, Thurs., May 1, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #54, Friday, May 2, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Manuscript missing from collection at Acquisitions at U.M.O., 1968.

Literary Digest Program #55, Sat., May 3, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #56, Monday, May 5, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #57, Tues., May 6, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #58, Wed., May 7, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #59, Thurs., May 8, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #60, Friday, May 9, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #61, Sat., May 10, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #62, Monday May 12, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #63, Tues., May 13, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #64, Wed., May 14, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #65, Thurs., May 15, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #66, Friday, May 16, 1930, NBC-WJZ. Manuscript missing : receipt of Burton Roscoe, 6/30/30.

Literary Digest Program #67, Saturday, May 17, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #68, Monday, May 19, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #69, Tuesday, May 20, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #70, Wednesday, May 21, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #71, Thursday, May 22, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #72, Friday, May 23, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #73, Saturday, May 24, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #74, Wednesday, May 28, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #75, Thursday, May 29, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #76, Friday, May 30, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #77, Saturday, May 31, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #78, Monday, June 2, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #79, Tuesday, June 3, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #80, Wednesday, June 4, 1930, NBC-WJZ.

Literary Digest Program #81, Thursday, June 5, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #82, Friday, June 6, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #83, Saturday, June 7, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Literary Digest Program #84, Monday, June 9, 1930, NBC-WJZ. News.

Box 103

American Expeditionary Force in France, reports, 1917.

Agrarian Reform, two (2) pamphlets.

Barton, F.O.; Masaryk, T.G., chox de pensees…avec une lettre luminaire de M.F. Coquet…et une introdection de I.A. Blaha. Praque, Editions Orbis, 1923. 79p.

Bills from stay in Rome and Paris, 1923-1924

Cables, papers, 1917-1918

Cech, Emerich, Railways of the Czechoslovak state. Prague, Ministry of the Railways (1920?).

Cincinnati Flood, 1937, broadcast Jan. 28, 1937.

Czechoslovak Republic, general information.

Education in the Czechoslovak Republic, two (2) pamphlets.

Chicago Tribune cables received.

Herben, (Dr.) Jean; Masaryk, T.G., Le Premier president de la Republique Tchecoslovaque, T. G. Masaryk, Praque, 1919 14p. notes.

Industries, four (4) pamphlets.

Literary Digest Programs, broadcast on NBC-WJZ, 6:45-7:00 P.M., June 10, 1930. Scripts for Programs #85-93.

Log of the Liberty Cruise, 1929.

Masaryk, Thomas Garrique, Les Prolemes de la democratic. Paris, Marcel Riviere, 1924. XIX, 137p.

Masaryk, Thomas Garrique, Les Slaves après la Guerre. Praque, Editions Orbis, 1923. 69p.

Minority Groups in Czechoslovakia.

Mixed Claims Commission, Report on imposter of Floyd Gibbons, 1928.

Narodnilisty vecernik-Narod, Newspaper Sobota 6, brezna 1926. (Sat. March 6, 1926).

Masaryk, Thomas G.; photographs: Floyd Gibbons photographed With T.G. Masaryk.

Political Information on Czechoslovakia, including two (2) copies of the Czech Constitution.

Prague, one (1) pamphlet.

Religion pamphlets.

Spas and resorts in Czechoslovakia, includes three (3) pamphlets.

Stenographer’s Notebook, March 1934.

Box 104

Journals, 1929-1939.

Box 105

World War I, miscellaneous papers.

Vouchers of expenses, three (3) folders.

Richthofen, M.A., typescripts of ten (10) installments on Richtofen adventures.

True Adventure Radio Program, letters etc.

True Adventure Club.

Chicago Tribune, The Trib - 1926 : devoted to shop talk. Published by the Chicago Tribune.

Russian Famine.

Richthofen, M.A., Richthofen’s victories (1-63) in World War I, including letters to Floyd Gibbons and photographs.

Passports, of Floyd Gibbons including some personal history.

League of Nations, reconstruction of Austria, Notebook #3, Including loose sheet notes, photos, League of Nations Resolutions, 1925, and financial reconstruction of Austria.

Lecture Tour, 1918

Lawsuit, Locke vs. Gibbons. Two (2) folders.

Expense book, 1928.

Expense account, 1924.

Croix de Guerre.

Box 106

International Press, vol. 6, No. 37 and No. 38, special edition on Vienna.

Wilkie, E. I., present political situation in Austria, 1926. Includes miscellaneous information on Austria.

Union Trust Co.


Russian file.

Richtofen, M. A., Richtofen’s death, April 21, 1918.

Richtofen, M. A., story of his life with original notes.

Richtofen, M. A., his victories, Includes letters.

The Red Napoleon, p. l - 82, p. l - 152.

Poland, includes information on Joseph Pilsudski.

Mutual Life Insurance Co.

Morgan, Harjes & Co., Paris.

Medal of Honor, winners.

Liberty Yarns, letters, ideas, etc.

Libbey-Owens-Ford, radio programs, 1930 - 1932. Programs #2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, & 15. Titles vary.

Legion of Honor.

Income Tax, 1918 - 1922.

Granichstaedten, Bruno, Fur dich mein schatz. Music by Bruno Granichstaedten. Text by Ernst Marischka and Bruno Granichstaedten. Berlin, Bristol A. G. Wien, 1925. 5p.

Byrd, Richard Evelyn, includes letter about Richard Byrd turning over plane to Liberty.

Bankers Trust Co.

Balkan Peninsula, 1926 : notes.

Air Commerce Act of 1926.

Aeroplane industry and trade, all America aircraft display, 1927.


Box 107

Libbey-Owens-Ford #13, Nov. 30, 1930. July 18, 1918 - Turn of the Tide.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #15, Dec. 14, 1930. Airplane trip to Riga and war flight over the Morocco front.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #17, Dec. 28, 1930. Sinking of the Laconia.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #18, Jan. 4, 1931. Marshall Joffre.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #19, Jan. 11, 1931. Baron Richtofen #1.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #20, Jan. 18, 1931. Baron Richtofen #2.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #21, Jan. 25, 1931. Baron Richtofen #3.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #22, Feb. 1, 1931. Baron Richtofen 4.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #23, Feb. 7. 1931. Peggy Hull.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #24, Feb. 15, 1931. Chinese Theatre.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #25, Feb. 22, 1931. America Spy.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #26, March l, 1931. Canadian Contingent.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #28, March 15, 1931. Pere Foucauld.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #29, March 22, 1931. Ouled Nail.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #30, March 29, 1931. Oberamergau.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #31, April 5, 1931. Rip van Winkle of Mexico.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #32, April 12, 1931. Parral Flight.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #33, April 19, 1931. King Cobra - Frank Buck.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #34, April 26, 1931. First American shot fired in World War. Includes newspaper clipping.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #35, May 3, 1931. Sergeant O’Neill.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #36, May 10, 1931. Sinking of the Trimount.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #37, May 17, 1931. Pete Wilson

Libbey-Owens-Ford #38, May 25, 1931. Bombardment of New York City.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #39, May 31, 1931. Burning of Smyrna.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #40, June 7, 1931. Boeckle’s death.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #41, June 14, 1931. Kapp Putsch.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #42, June 21, 1931. Frankfort Invasion.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #43, June 28, 1931. Air yachting in the Caribbean.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #44, July 5, 1931. Escape from the Bolsheviki.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #45, July 12, 1931. Mexico-Horse story.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #46, July 18, 1931. Trotsky.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #47, July 26, 1931. First escape from Mount Joy Prison - Robert Barton.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #48, Aug. 2, 1931. Mickey McGuire.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #49, Aug. 9, 1931. Battle of Alhucemas Bay.

Libbey-Owens-Ford #50, Aug. 16, 1931. Woodrow Wilson.

Elections, U.S., includes 1920 election returns flashed to Europe.

Miscellaneous material, includes clipping re Sultan of Morocco conferring 18 wives on Floyd Gibbons, 1925.

Stenographer’s notebooks, 1920’s.

Headline Hunter, Introductory strips, 1933. Includes Cuban strip, finished copy, and Hurricane strip.

European War, 1914-1918, includes Army and Tribune correspondence, clippings, bills, etc.

Box 108

European War, 1914-1918 - Gt. Britain, Official Names of the Battles…fought by the military forces of the British Empire…1914-1919.

Bills, 1924-1925.

Book Title Suggestions.

Croix de Guerre, includes cartoons and typed copies of letters from F. Foch and Petain.

Divorce Decree, 1924, and correspondence.

Journals, 1931, 1932, two (2) folders.

International News Service, 1932, 1933-1934.

Armistice Day Broadcast, November 11, 1938.

Bonus March on Washington, 1932, clippings and correspondence. Includes B.E.F. News, Vol. 12, No. 12, Sat., Sept. 10, 1932.

Western Hemisphere Trail, expedition to survey proposed highway between North and South America.

Tribune Correspondence, 1920-1922, two (2) folders.

Richthofen, M.A., Richthofen victories.

U.S. Generals in France, 1917, reports, 1917, with lists of American generals in France and their ages. Includes interview with General Pershing, Nov. 1917.

European War, 1914-1918, Propaganda, reports, 1917, correspondence and communiqués on blind in Italy, German propaganda machine, and shortages of transportation.

The Radio Rebellion, 1932.

Pathe News : Publicity, 1931, clippings only.

Amerika. Paneuropa. Wien-Leipzig, 1926. 79. p. with maps. In English and German.

Obituaries, includes photograph of his mother’s funeral in Paris, 1926.

Flights Around the World, non stop flight around the world, 1928, News clippings.

Lindberg Kidnapping, clipping from New York Times, Sept. 30, 1934.

Libbey-Owens-Ford, requests for books.

Censorship - Russia, letters, 1922, re censorship in Russia.

Headline Hunter Radio Program, poems.

Italian War Cross, 1936, with letter from Consul general in Italy.

Headline Hunter Radio Program, includes suggestions for movie titles.

Headline Hunter Radio Program, Aug. 25, 1933 - Nov. 17, 1933. Includes title suggestions and requests for book.

Headline Hunter Radio Program, includes contract for book (Larry Rue and Floyd Gibbons).

Personal Expenses, 1921-1922.

German Industrial Poster.

Hearst Family, the Hearst Family Correspondence.

Correspondence, Business, 1922, includes article on King Emmanuel III of Italy.

Correspondence, Personal, 1917, 1921-1927. Two (2) folders.

Condolence Telegrams, on death of Floyd Gibbons’ father, 1934.

Cobb, Irwin S., letter to I.S. Cobb.

Century of Progress, 1933, other correspondence included.

International News Service, 1932-1934. Includes information on the Franklin D. Roosevelt inaugural parade, March 1933.

Democratic National Convention, 1932, NBC Broadcasts at Democratic National Convention, June 25 - June 28, 1932. Three (3) folders.

Box 109

Gibbons Family, miscellaneous material on Edward and Floyd Gibbons, on their mother’s death. Includes two (2) maps of France.

Bills, 1921, including some relating to Africa.

Bills, 1924-1925, relating to Peking, Russia and Italy.

Correspondence, personal, 1917.

Correspondence, business, 1917.

Correspondence, Edward Gibbons, 1940.

European War, 1914-1918, Star Shells : Headline highlights of Americans at war. Chapter 1-14, set #1, #2.

Edward Gibbons, certification of his status at Chicago Tribune, 1930.

Richtofen, M.A., Richtofen’s victims and people involved in his death.

Lindbergh kidnapping, Lindbergh series yarn : Lindbergh kidnapping, Chapters 1-25, set #2, #3.

Lindbergh kidnapping, broadcast, Sept. 26, 1934.

The Red Knight of Germany, Correspondence on Greek and German translations.

Libbey-Owens-Ford, safety glass campaign, 1930-1931.

Edward Gibbons, address before the Democratic League of the District of Columbia, Oct. 17, 1936.

International News Service, 25th anniversary, 1934. Broadcast and film material.

Richtofen M.A., research material on Manfred and Lothar von Richtofen.

Klieger-King, 1926 (German aviation magazine).

Box 110

Radio broadcasting - auditions, The Headlines Speak : an audition., Sunday, January 3, 1937. Program recorded but to never be aired.

Publicity, personal publicity clips, in scrapbook, May 12, 1930 - August 30, 1930.

Adventurer’s Club, 1933.

Correspondence, 1932 - 1937.

Correspondence, 1930.

Fan Mail, 1930.

Correspondence, 1929, some relating to creation of a buttonless shirt.

Correspondence, 1920 - 27, includes letter from Blanche, Nov. 7, 1927.

Gibbons, Edward, letters, 1930 - 1932.

Correspondence, 1917 - 1919, includes letters to Ring Lardner and Capt. William Reed.

Flood Disaster, 1936, Universal service and Hearst. Notebook included.

Richtofen, M. A., notes on combat reports, 64 - 80.

Richtofen, M. A., notes on 8th installment, 52 - 57.

Reid, Louis, Louis Reid and the New York American, 1933 - 34.

Winchell, Walter; pinchhitting for Walter Winchell.

International News Service Syndicate.

Lindbergh kidnapping.

Headline Hunter; leads written by Larry Rue and incorporated in finished stories for the Headline Hunter series.

King Features Syndicate, 1932 - 1935.

Investment News, June 7, 1930.

Headline Hunter Yarn #1, the sinking of the Laconia. July 8, 1929.

Headline Hunter Yarn #2, The Manchurian - Siberian Frontier. July 22, 1929. WEAF.

Headline Hunter Yarn #16, Mexican revolution. Oct. 21, 1929. WEAF.

Headline Hunter Yarn #17, Mexican Revolution. Oct. 28, 1929. WEAF.

Headline Hunter Yarn #19, Laughs, & Groans in the hospital. Nov. 11, 1929. WEAF.

Headline Hunter Yarn #20, Mexico. Nov.18, 1929. WEAF.

Headline Hunter Yarn #21, Waterloo of Pancho Villa. Nov. 25, 1929. WEAF.

Headline Hunter Yarn #22, the Manchurian Front. Dec. 25, 1929. WEAF.

Headline Hunter Yarn #23, Haiti, Dec. ll, 1929. WEAF.

Headline Hunter Yarn #24, Haiti, Dec. 18, 1929. WEAF.

Headline Hunter Yarn #27, Pershing’s arrival in Europe. Jan. 8, 1930. WEAF.

Headline Hunter Yarn #32, Frontward Ho. Feb. 12, 1930. WEAF.

Headline Hunter Yarn #31, Canadian Expeditionary. Feb. 5, 1930. WEAF.

Headline Hunter Yarn #30, Making the men who man the guns. Jan. 29, 1930. WEAF.

Headline Hunter Yarn #29, Through the school of war. Jan. 22, 1931. WEAF.

Box 111

Scrapbooks, containing radio reviews and announcements, 1930 - 1931. Four (4) scrapbooks.

Scrapbook, containing publicity on Floyd Gibbons, 1930. back cover missing. One (1) scrapbook.

Literary Digest, publicity, August 17, 1930 to Oct. 23, 1930.

Pershing, John Joseph, Frank H. Simond’s analysis of Gen. Pershing’s War Book: Scrapbook, Reviews on Herald Tribune and New York Times, May 3, 1931.

General Electric Co., clipping book, Nov. 1929 - May, 1930.

Box 112

Scrapbooks, Nash Lafayette speed show program, 1936 - 1937. Clippings. Three (3) scrapbooks.

True Adventure Program prize winners, 1937. Book #1, #2. Two (2) scrapbooks.

Flood, 1937, broadcast, Thursday, Jan. 28, 1937. One (1) scrapbook.

Box 113

Veteran’s March, summer, 1932.

Serbia, Sixty minutes that shook the world, Serbia, June 28, 1914.

Russian Famine, material for program broadcast November 17, 1933.

Byrd, Richard Evelyn, film material.

Republican Convention, June 1932.

Radio Rebellion.

WTNT broadcasts; fictionalized broadcasts eventually published in Liberty magazine.

WTNT : 13 broadcasts.

Hoover, Herbert, Pres., Hoover’s eviction of veterans from Washington, 1932 : justification.

Massie case, 1932.

Lindbergh case, containing crank note Delia Evans.

Hoover, Herbert, Pres., justification story : copies of telegrams, 1932.

Couzens, James, letter to F. Gibbons, June 13, 1932.

Hearst articles.

Japan, 1932, murder of premier and takeover by militarism.

Clergy - U.S., Father Coughlin, Rabbi Schulman, Rev. Smith.

Depression and election, 1932.

Democratic Convention, 1932, Roosevelt’s arrival.

Hawaii, broadcasts, 1932.

Geneva, New York, broadcast, June 19, 1932.

American Legion, 1932.

Hoover, Herbert, Pres., open letter to Pres. Hoover, Nov. 9, 1932.

NBC Sustaining Headline Hunter Series #2, Fri. Sept. l, 1933. Red Knight of Germany movie broadcast.

NBC Sustaining Headline Hunter Series #3, Fri. Sept. 8, 1933. War flight over Morocco.

NBC Sustaining Headline Hunter Series #6, Fri. Sept. 29, 1933. July 18, 1918 : The Turn of the Tide.

NBC Sustaining Headline Hunter Series #7, Oct. 6, 1933, Groans and Laughs - Big Boy.

NBC Sustaining Headline Hunter Series #8. Oct. 13, 1933. Groans and Laughs - Pete Wilson.

NBC Sustaining Headline Hunter Series #9. Fri. Oct. 20, 1933. Frankfort Invasion.

NBC Sustaining Headline Hunter Series #10. Fri. Oct. 27, 1933. Airplane Trip to Riga.

NBC Sustaining Headline Hunter Series #11 Nov. 3, 1933. The Escape from the Bolshevik.

NBC Sustaining Headline Hunter Series #12, Nov. 10, 1933. My Trip to Soviet Russia.

NBC Sustaining Headline Hunter Series #13, Nov. 17, 1933. The Russian Famine.

Box 114

Universal News Service, 1932 - 1934, includes broadcast on Franklin Delano Roosevelt, March, 1933.

Why Marry : an interview with F. Gibbons.

Richtofen, M.A., Standard Oil Co. of Ohio broadcast, Tuesday Dec. 4, 1934 on death of Richtofen.

The Turn of the Tide script, includes material on Gen. James G. Harbord.

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, Pres., news articles and clippings, 1932 - 1937.

Rockefeller, John D., address at dedication of Chapel at University of Chicago, Oct. 28, 1928, Includes clippings on family.

Red Napoleon, resume to Mr. Annenberg from Mr. Palmer, Feb. 4, 1929.

Red Napoleon, historical summary. 26 p. Includes advertising material for Liberty magazine.

Red Napoleon, full-length novel from the New York Evening Graphic, Jan. 16, 1932.

Party Conventions, 1932, mostly clippings, includes letters.

New York Evening Journal, 1933-34, letters, etc.

Miscellaneous material, 1931 - 1932. Includes contract, 1931 and copies of Newsdom.

MacManus, Inc., 1930.

Liberty : vox pop. Letters from the readers on the Red Napoleon and Floyd Gibbons.

Correspondence, letters from Gen. Summerall, Patrick Hurley, Admiral Moffett, George S. Simonds.

King Features, 1934 - 1935, includes letters and World War I pictures.

Johnson, Douglas, the assault on the Supreme Court, New York. National Committee to uphold constitutional government, 1937. 70 p.

Jewish World, clippings and letters on The Red Napoleon.

International News Service & International Photo Service.

Headline Hunter material, 1930.

Moving Pictures, The Great Decision : Wilson scripts, old and new for motion picture, 1931.

Grace and Holiday, advertising counsel, letters and telegrams.

Expense Accounts, to Shanghai, China, and return trip. King Features, 1930 - 1931.

Dirigible story, crusade for shatter proof glass.

European War, 1914-1918, Canadian contingent, 1917.

Broadcast, WMAQ, Chicago, April 9, 1936, includes copy of Horner for Governor.

Richtofen, M. A., Red Napoleon, comments on book.

Richtofen, M. A., Red Napoleon, unanswered letters, character synopsis, press comments.

Red Knight, Greek translation., letters.

Red Knight, contract with William Morris Agency, 1933.

Radio suggestions, 1933 - 1938.

Broadcast for SOHIO, Tuesday, Dec. 4, 1934.

Broadcast for SOHIO, 1936, on guaranteed winter program, Nov. and Dec. 1936. Includes letters and advertising material.

Roosevelt, Eleanor, articles on E. Roosevelt from the New York World Telegram. Complete set, Monday, June 7, 1937 - June 12, 1937.

Box 115

Fan Mail, 1929 - 1930.

Lindbergh, Charles, The Lindbergh circle : broadcast Sept. 30, 1929 over WEAF on Lindbergh’s search for Maya ruins. Includes news clippings.

New York Convention, letters, clippings, etc. Includes Visitors Bureau.

Out of the Silence, broadcast for Sonotone. A review of Reviews. Includes letters and pamphlets.

Coolidge, Calvin, Pres., Pres. Coolidge broadcast, Jan. 6, 1926. Includes description of Calvin Coolidge.

Sahara films : index.

Smyrna disaster material, includes radio suggestions.

Spewack, Bella and Samuel, Clearing all wires starring Thomas Mitchell : programs and clippings, 1932.

Byrd, Richard E., suggestions to Commander Byrd, October 5, 1929.

Millard, Thomas F., on Far East Situation.

Courtney, Thomas J., radio talk on Thomas Courtney, Oct. 27, 1936.

Shanghai, the Shanghai incident of January, 1932. Includes copy of Manchurian newspaper, January 23, 1932.

Harmon Clifford B., Aerial League for Peace : International United Air Force for peace and defense. Paris (1937), 41 p., map & photos.

Expense account, China, Japan, U.S.A. and return trip, 1932.

Spanish Civil War, De Rivera and Spanish Civil War. Broadcast suggestions. New York Times, 1936.

Curley, James M., speech in Boston, Sept. 12, 1932.

Radio Speech, Citizens of Illinois, Wed. April 8, 1936. 17p.

Cities Service broadcast, May 13, 1932 entitled 60 wall tower.

Associated Gas and Electric Co. : Prize Dinner, June 9, 1932.

Artists Service Bureau : NBC Broadcast, Aug. 16, 1932.

Armour and Company, correspondence, clippings and notes, 1934.

Arch, Alex, clippings and letter about Arch’s claim to have fired the first shell in World War I.

American Legion Convention, Portland Oregon, 1932.

American Gas Association, includes history, statistics, etc.

Adventurers Club, notes.

Adventure stories prepared for magazines, unpublished.

Box 116

Hoover, Herbert, Pres., a visit to H. Hoover’s camp, 1930.

Safety Glass Campaign.

Radio suggestions, 1930’s.

Radio suggestions.

The Punitive Expedition, 1916, includes letters, etc., of Col. William Carey Brown; maps; Sgt. Farrier’s story; recommendations on cavalry and equipment. March 20, 1916 - April 20, 1916.

Petain, Henri Philippe, letter to Floyd Gibbons, August 2, 1918.

Algeria, Mystery of the East in Algeria broadcast, Nov. 30, 1930.

Laconia, cabin plans.

Horner, Henry, correspondence, broadcast on Horner for President. Includes public health information, especially on venereal diseases.

Sino - Japanese War, Honolulu broadcasts on Sino - Japanese War, 1932.

Democratic National Convention, Chicago, 1932.

Chrysler Corporation, 1932, includes advertisements, letters, etc.

Christmas Club story, Nov. 1930.

Japanese - Chinese notes, with letter written in Japanese, 1932.

Chicago Press Club reception for F. Gibbons, April 16, 1932.

Buck, Gene, Catholic Actors Guild : tribute to Gene Buck.

Carnegie : Hero Fund, 1930.

Caribbean Adventures, 1935.

Brown, (Col) William Carey, pamphlets written on military affairs. Abstract of military records, the diary of a captain.

Armistice Day broadcast, 1930, 1931, includes material on General Ferdinand Foch.

Armistice Day broadcast, 1933, 1936, clippings and broadcast copy.

Speech to Annapolis Military Academy, letters on address given May 15, 1932.

American Road Builders Association, lecture notes, Jan. 14, 1931. Includes excerpts from A Ride with Pancho Villa.

American Red Cross, broadcast notes, Nov. 19, 1933.

American Legion Convention, Detroit, Michigan, Sept. 21 - 24, 1931 Broadcasts.

American Legion Convention, 1931. Speeches, letters, etc.

Box 117

Typhoon Voyage on the Empress of Russia, 1931.

Standard Oil of Ohio broadcasts, notes, clips etc.

Standard Oil of New Jersey audition program, 1933.

Sohio, McCann - Erickson Co., & F. Gibbons, conference, 1931.

Rhode, Bob, Letters, etc. 1930-37.

Red Knight of Germany, miscellaneous material including contract between F. Gibbons and Universal Pictures.

Houlihan, Francis, broadcast, 1932, on trip to France in 1919 to secure his son’s body.

Headline Hunter Series, includes Christmas Around the World and How the Armistice was signed.

Headline Hunter, Liberty Magazine series, chapter I - XIII. Broadcast copies, letters, clippings, etc.

Wilson, Woodrow, Pres., The Great Decision, a film on Wilson with broadcast material.

Brazil trip, 1930.

Boys History of the World War.

Bonus Army, 1932, includes material on Medals will tarnish.

Armistice Day, Detroit Town Hall, Nov. 11, 1936.

American Red Cross, 1934 - 1935. Broadcast material including information from Admiral Carey T. Grayson.

American Negro in France, radio suggestions.

Adventures in Science, General Electric program outline for broadcasts, Nov. 2, 1929 to Oct. 10, 1931. Over NBC - WEAF, 9:30 - 10:30 PM.

Box 118

American Legion Convention, Portland, Oregon, 1932.

Auto and Train Streamlining, clippings.

Auto Industry and Chrysler Corp., includes information on Cosmopolitan story, 1933-34.

Dennewitz, Carl, mobilization of the unemployed in U.S.A. especially youth between 17 and 21.

Wine and wine making, Wine Goes Native, from Cosmopolitan, 1934. Clippings included.

Brewing industry, What’s Brewing in America? From Cosmopolitan, 1933. Includes correspondence with Anheuser - Busch, Inc. and Schlitz.

Van Buren Corp., Supreme thrills, 1931.

Van Buren Corp., moving picture applications.

Van Buren Corp., includes information for picture on Prohibition; material on Frank Buck and Bring 'em Back Alive.

Van Buren Case, 1933 - 1934. Includes information on Harold Goldblatt.

Turning in with Floyd Gibbons, 1930.

Time tables and road maps.

Roosevelt, Theodore, (son of Pres. T. Roosevelt) letter to Floyd Gibbons, Oct. 22, 1932.

Texas historical parallel, from International Encyclopedia.

Sutton, Vida Ravenscroft, Magic of Speech. Review and summary.

Stribling - Schmelling fight, broadcast, July 3, 1931.

Radio Suggestion, The Spice of Life, 1936.

Salvation Army, 1931.

Red Napoleon, in Russia : retranslation and sale in Russia. Includes telegrams to Trotsky and reply, 1928-1929.

Red Knight of Germany, royalties on book, 1930, and other correspondence.

Radio suggestions, passion play in Oberammergau.

Radio suggestions, New Year’s, 1929.

Pennsylvania railroad, letters, etc., concerning F. Gibbons ride, 1930.

Paramount movie, 1930, includes Charles Furthman letters.

Palestine, clippings from the New York Journal.

Navy, 1931-1932, includes letter from Capt. N. H. Goss, 1932. Clippings included.

MacArthur, Douglas, letter to F. Gibbons, Jan. 25, 1933.

Inter-American Expedition, 1934, maps, letters, outline.

Chicago World’s Fair, 1933.

Box 119

Air Yachting in the Caribbean.

American veterans, American veterans of the Independent Committee of Pennsylvania. NBC broadcast, Nov. 3, 1932, Phila., Penn.

Byrd, Richard E., material on Paramount film, publicity and contract.

Capone, Alphonse, America’s ten real rackets as told to Carl von Dennewitz.

Cease firing - 1929.

Church and State.

Knight, Clayton, artist and Pilot’s luck.

Danger to National Defense, NBC program, June 1, 1932.

European War, 1914 - 1918, Eleven - Eleven - Eleven.

The Fifth Horseman, Cosmopolitan magazine article on human negligence.

Food and drug laws, NRA, includes information on Tugwell Bill, 1944.

Graf Zeppelin, passenger list and landing circle.

Hoover, Herbert, Pres., interview for Cosmopolitan magazine.

How it Feels to be Fired, Cosmopolitan magazine article.

Let’s Drive Down to South America, Cosmopolitan magazine article, 1934.

Los Angeles Examiner, news broadcast, Sept. 8, 1932.

New Year’s Day 1934, symposium on WINS (radio station).

Now the Best Time to Live, from Cosmopolitan magazine, 1932.

Nurses, Army and Navy, 1930, includes letter from Julia C. Stimson, Major, Army Nurse Corps, her radio talk show, Jan. 8, 1930; earliest American casualties in World War I, Red Cross Nurses.

Payne, John Howard, Home Sweet Home.

Pershing’s Conduct of the War, clippings.

Pilsudski, Polish dictator.

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, Pres., Pres. Roosevelt’s birthday ball, 1935, for Infantile Paralysis Fund.

U.S. Navy, Problem 14, Cosmopolitan magazine article, 1933, on Navy Pacific maneuvers.

Radio announcing, program announcer’s broadcast, NBC, Aug. 3, 1932.

Publicity for Radio Programs, posters for Radio Patrol and Seein’ Stars.

Pulitzer Prize, awards on WOR (radio station), May 12, 1935. Manuscript and letters with criticisms of award.

Radio Suggestions, on General Pershing.

Red Russia’s War Machine, from New York Post, 1929.

Republican Convention, 1932.

Safety Crusaders, NBC Radio program, March 28, 1934.

Secret Agent X-9 Club, posters and newspapers.

Hemphill, John M., speech for campaigning for governor.

Swift & Co., Chicago, 1933, includes material on meat packing and marketing.

Japan history, testimonial dinner at the Waldorf Astoria, May 25, 1932, on the return of Floyd Gibbons from the Sino-Japanese War. Letters, lists, budget, etc.

Turn of the Tide, short film about Gen. James G. Harbord, 1931.

Twilight of the political conventions, from Cosmopolitan magazine.

U.S. Revolution, Yorktown, Virginia : broadcast Oct. 18, 1931. Includes sketch of Revolutionary War.

Box 120

Radio Suggestions, 1933., includes Pete Wilson story (1931), President’s birthday party (1936) and copy of the Birthday Ball magazine vol. L, No. l, Jan, 1935.

Radio - Keith - Orpheum, (RKO), motion picture firm. Programs and scripts.

RKO, Palace Theater, includes programs, 1929-30.

Physical Culture Hotel, 1934, hunting headlines on healthlines, part 1 and 2. Poems, two (2) by Dinty Doyle and B. MacBride.

Poems by Dinty Doyle and B. MacBride.

RKO, Palace Theater, includes the Empire State Story (1931), Elk’s night (1931), Elk’s- Antler (Jan. 1927).

Pabst Corporation, 1933-1934.

Century of Progress, Oil Men of the West, comments.

National Broadcasting Company, (NBC), correspondence, 1934.

MacArthur, Douglas, letter to Floyd Gibbons, June 2, 1932.

Liberty Magazine, correspondence, 1929 - 1936.

Libbey - Owens - Ford, glass, 1934.

La Guardia, Fiorello, letter to Floyd Gibbons, Aug. 1, 1932.

RKO film : The Great Decision, 1931.

Cosmopolitan magazine material, 1930-1934, correspondence.

Pancho Villa, letter from Col. Francisco J. Aquilar to Floyd Gibbons, Oct. 13, 1930 relating to Mexico and Pancho Villa.

Ford Hour, 1929 - 1936, letter, clippings.

RKO broadcast, Cimarron, premiere starring Richard Dix and Irene Dunn.

Century of Progress, 1933, Chicago, letters, etc.

Castle Heights Military Academy, 1937.

Canning Industry, 1933, includes the canning of foods and some tested recipes by Henry M. Loomis, 1925.

Drackman, Rosemary, contract, 1932.

Correspondence, includes material on California wine.

Hayes, Jim, interviews, 1933.

Lord, Thomas and Logan Advertising, correspondence, 1930.

Grossett & Dunlap, Letter, 1933.

Greenberg Publisher, 1930 - 1934.

Doubleday, Doran 7 Co., correspondence, 1930-1934.

William Morris Agency, Inc., correspondence, 1932-1934.

General Electric Corporation, excerpts from Horizons by Norman Bel Geddes.

Plummer, L.A., manager of the London Sunday Express. Interviews, 1933.

Furey, William Morris, lecture at the Amen Cornor, 1933, to honor William Morris Furey, Pittsburgh, Pa.

World’s Fair Material, 1933, includes information on Wiley Post, Pres.Hoover and the phantom voice.

Lectures, publicity, 1931.

Miscellaneous material, mostly letters, 1932-1938.

Laconia, sinking of the Laconia, 29 p., copy only.

Russia, includes articles by Alice Hughes.

McCall’s magazine material, 1930-1934.

Box 121

Sesquicentennial, (1781 - 1931), Yorktown, Virginia.

Strobel, Oscar, $2,000,000 Fell in his lap, reprint from Radio Mirror, Feb. 1938, about Oscar Strobel.

Simon & Schuster, (firm) 1930 - 1934.

Parthenia, (yacht).

Correspondence, 1932 - 1934.

Colgate - Palmolive program on CBS, program #2 - 13, 1937. Twelve (12) typed copies.

Box 122

Hoover, Herbert, Pres., Floyd Gibbons answers Pres. Hoover’s justification For evicting vets from the Capital, in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, Sept. 8, 1933.

Johns Manville Corp., audition material, 1933.

Johns Manville Corp., broadcasts on news and war against depression, # 1 - 10, 1933. Ten (10) folders.

Johns Manville Corp., broadcasts to publicize the NRA, #1 - 6, 1934. Includes Eleanor Roosevelt’s first commercial broadcast. Six (6) folders.

Johns Manville Corp., materials not used in broadcasts, 1934.

Johns Manville Corp., miscellaneous news stories, #1 - 3, September, 1934.

Johns Manville Corp., records on audition material, Aug. 19, 1933.

Sahara trip of Floyd Gibbons.

Box 123

Baruch, Bernard M., letter to Floyd Gibbons, March 26, 1931.

Baruch, Bernard M., Taking the Profit Out of War; a memo submitted to Joint Congressional and Cabinet Commission, 71st Congress.

Correspondence, B - E, three (3) folders.

Fan Mail, 1933. Two (2) folders.

Floyd Gibbons School of Broadcast, correspondence, 1931-1934.

Floyd Gibbons School of Broadcast, script and other material.

Japanese letters.

Kiley, Jed, letters : 1934 - 1935.

Lecture Letters.

Letters, 1931.

Letters, 1931 - 1938.

Letters, 1932 - 1934.

Letters and telegrams, 1931 - 1936.

Lang, Huey P., letter to Floyd Gibbons, December 8, 1932.

Miscellaneous material, including trans - Asia auto expedition (1931).

Pershing, John Joseph, Pershing’s farewell to France and his return home. Includes correspondence.

Prohibition, includes chain letter to Herbert Hoover on prohibition laws, signed by Raul Walsh and Paul Williams, 1932.

Rickenbacker, Eddie, nine (9) letters, signed.

Smith, Alfred, letter to Floyd Gibbons, 1932.

Box 124

Concrete, ads, pamphlets, etc. Includes Concrete in architecture, Chicago, Portland Cement Assoc., 1927.

Correspondence, business, 1930.

Alber Bureau and Emerson Bureau, letters and arranged engagements, 1929 - 1930.

Goette, John, cables from Shanghai, February, 1932.

World’s Fair, Italian building at the World’s Fair, dedication June 3, 1933.

Japan, 1932. Letters of introduction and copy of Japanese Ultimatum of February 18, 1932.

Japan, earthquake and fire. Includes official report by Capt. S. Robinson, Commander of the Pacific S. S. Empress of Australia.

Klein, Julias, radio addresses.

Letters, all from cranks, 1930’s.

Chicago Art Museum, letter from Potter Palmer concerning Art Museum, Chicago, 1933.

Letters, miscellaneous, 1933 - 1938.

Lindberg, C.A., story material on kidnapping and “After Lindberg - its business new” (re: trans ocean flights).

Manchuria, 1931 - 1932. Notes, telegrams, maps, appeals, guides to battlefields, etc.

Maxwell House radio program, on WEAF, April 2, 1936.

Mexico stories, radio suggestions. Also comments on Pancho Villa and the Punitive expedition.

Miami Beach Broadcast, 1938.

Microphobia show, radio program on NBC, Nov. 17, 1930.

Manchuria, Mukden and Manchuria broadcasts 1932.

Get Off the Air, Nesbit letters concerning comment heard on broadcast, 1933.

Northern Pacific Railway, ten suggestions for trips to America’s greatest scenic wonders.

Pacific coast trip, mostly time tables and guides.

Palmer House magazine, June, 1933.

Portland Cement Association, letters, etc.

Sullivan, Edward D., Who Killed Jake Lingle?, reprint from True Detective Mysteries.

U. S. Department of.. . . , letters mostly National Park Service, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps., 1930’s.

Box 125

Panama Canal, assignment cancelled, 1936.

Notebook from school.

Massie Case, clippings, 1932.

Letters, three (3) folders. Includes letter from Gen. John Pershing, Oct. l, 1924.

Hawaii broadcast, 1932.

French in Africa, French military operations in Morocco, 1924.

Expense Accounts, vouchers, etc. 1923 - 1924.

Continental Hotel, Paris, notebook.

Clippings, 1918, includes map of the trenches.

Bills, etc., 1923.


Spanish Civil War, interview with Bill Chapin on return from Spain and war, 1936.

Algerian trip, 1923.

Adventures in Science, set #2.

Yellowstone National Park, includes map.

Roosevelt, Franklin D., inauguration, 1933. Plans, broadcasts, bank holiday.

Box 126

Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild, banquet, Aug. 22, 1932., Detroit.

Farm and Home Hour, broadcast, June 7, 1933.

Stratosphere, broadcast stories on the stratosphere.

Broadcast material, 1932-1935.

General Electric Co., Behind the scenes in a talkie movie produced for General Electric, 1931. Correspondence, pamphlets.

Adventures in Science, fifteen (15) chapters, typed copy.

General Motors, family party, 1930.

Gillette Razor Company, advertising copy, 1936.

Hawaii, story for Cosmopolitan magazine and others.

Japan, map and clippings.

Letus Club, banquet, Oct. 10, 1930.

Map of Rome.

Massie Case, 1932.

Miscellaneous material, 1934 - 1938.

Nash Motor Co., Nash Motor account, 1936.

Radio advertising, 1930, articles for General Electric.

Radio Suggestions, on varied topics. Included : Hindenburg, Haiti, Henry Ford, first shot in WWI.

Sino-Japanese situation, 1932.

Lipton, (Sir) Thomas, broadcast 1930.

Vouchers, clippings, bank statements, 1918 - 1924.

Box 127

Correspondence, J. Walter Thompson Company and Nash Motors Company.

Johns Manville broadcasts, 1935. Numbers 1 - 13, one unnumbered. Seven (7) folders. Titles vary.

Magic Key radio Program, R.C.A., 1936.

Bank Statements, 1937 - 1938. Two (2) folders.


Box 128a

Adventurer’s Club, New York Evening Journal series, #1-15, June 11, 1934 - Dec. 29, 1934. Fifteen (15) folders.

Box 128b

Adventurer’s Club, New York Evening Journal series #16-29, June 11, 1934 - Dec. 29, 1934. Fourteen (14) folders.

Box 129

Adventurer’s Club, New York Evening Journal, series #1-24, January 7, 1935 - June 22, 1935. Thirty (30) folders.

Box 130

Adventurer’s Club, New York Evening Journal, series #10 - 46, July 27, 1936 - Nov. 21, 1936.

Adventurer’s Club, New York Evening Journal, series #25 - 30, June, 1935 - January 5, 1936.

Box 131

Adventurer’s Club, New York Evening Journal, series #1 - 17, January 4, 1937 - May 1, 1937.

Adventurer’s Club, New York Evening Journal, series #47 - 52, November 23, 1936 - Jan. 2, 1937.

Box 132

Adventurer's Club, New York Evening Journal, series #1-18, Jan. 6, 1936 - May 9, 1936. Twenty-nine (29) folders.

Adventurer’s Club, New York Evening Journal, series #18 - 21, May 3, 1937 - May 29, 1937.

Box 133

Adventurer’s Club, New York Evening Journal, series #19 - 29, May 11, 1936 - July 25, 1936.

Adventurer’s Club, New York Evening Journal, series #30 - 44, July 29, 1935 - Nov. 9, 1935.

Box 134

Adventurer’s Club, New York Evening Journal, series #45-52, Nov. 11, 1935 - Jan. 4, 1936.

General Electric Co., scrapbook of clippings, 1930-1931.

Knickerbocker, H. R., Fighting the Red Trade Menace. New York Evening Post, 1931. Scrapbook of clippings.

Lectures of F. Gibbons, scrapbook, 1931-1933.

Publicity, personal publicity on Floyd Gibbons, April, 1931. Scrapbook of clippings.

Publicity, personal publicity on F. Gibbons, November, 1931. Scrapbook of clippings.

Rue, Larry, Newton D. Baker, Daily News story, 1931. Scrapbook of clippings.

Box 135

Bank statements, four (4) folders.

Box 136

Lectures, Alber and NBC. Scrapbook of clippings, 1929.

Armour & Co., scrapbook of clippings, 1934.

Publicity, publicity about articles by F. Gibbons in Cosmopolitan. Scrapbook, 1933 - 1934.

Elgin National Watch program, Oct. 14, 1932 - December 23, 1929. Scrapbook of news clips.

Headline Hunter, 1933. Scrapbook of clippings.

Johns Manville, Spring and Fall program, 1934. Scrapbook.

Literary Digest, reviews, 1930. Scrapbook of news clips.

National Safety Council, program from Washington, D.C., Mar. 28, 1934.

Newspaper & radio announcements, scrapbook of clippings, 1929.

World’s Fair, Palmer House broadcast, 1933. Scrapbook of news clips.

Red Knight of Germany, scrapbook of news clippings.

Box 137

Colgate radio programs, on WABC, #1 - 7, Jan. 7, 1937 - Feb. 18, 1937.

Radio reviews and announcements, Nov. 1931 - Dec. 1933. Scrapbook of news clips.

Johns Manville, scrapbook of news clippings, 1933.

Box 138

Colgate radio programs, on WABC, #8 - 13, Feb. 25, 1937 - April 1, 1937.

Literary Digest, programs, Feb. 24, 1930 - Sept. 27, 1930. Includes correspondence.

Literary Digest, programs, #94 118, June 20, 1930 - July 21, 1930.

Prohibition, poll in Literary Digest.

Box 139

Literary Digest, programs, #119 - 177, July 22, 1930 - Sept. 27, 1930.

War clippings, clippings on the war in Morocco, the Philippines, and in Cuba.

Dispatches, from Far East, 1925.

Box 140

Clippings, 1918.

Colgate, list of prizes, 1937.

Colgate radio programs, on WABC, 3rd series #1 - 11, July 8, 1937 - Sept. 16, 1937.

Box 141

Bank statements, Oct. 8, 1937 - Dec. 31, 1937.

Scrapbook, 1936 - 1937.

Advertising booklets by F. Gibbons, includes an original Red Knight of Germany book cover.

Clippings, 1932 - 1934.

Letters and cables, 1917.

Nash broadcast, on Spanish money.

Fan Mail, includes Christmas cards.

Maps, North Africa and the Philippines.

Dispatches, from the Reff (sp?) War, 1925.

Box 142

Nash Lafayette programs, #1 - 10, Jan. 2, 1937 - March 13, 1937.

Nash Lafayette programs, #1 - 13, Oct. 3, 1936 - Dec. 26, 1936.

Box 143

Clippings, on various subjects.

Box 144

Account books.

African dispatches and letters.

Belleau Wood memorial.

Sahara trip, letter on Sahara pictures, 1925.

Box 145

Helmet, worn by F. Gibbons in WWI and a single bullet.

Box 146

Clippings, newspaper clippings.

Box 147

Locke, C.O., suit regarding Colgate broadcast. Scrapbook.

Clippings, newspaper clippings.

Box 148

Armour & Co. broadcasts, #1 - 5, and August 24, 1934 broadcast.

Bank statements, five (5) folders.

Colgate, broadcasts, 1934.

Miscellaneous, including letters and misc. material and map of Pennsylvania property.


Scrapbook, of daily syndicate column.

Box 149

Fan Mail, eight (8) folders.

Headline Hunter, #8, 10 - 25.

Libbey-Owens-Ford broadcasts, #14, 16, & 27.

True Adventure, 2nd. series, #6, #12.

True Adventure, 3rd. series of 13, #2.

Box 150

Client Projects.

Czechoslovakia, clippings.

Literary rejects.

Miscellaneous, letters, articles.

Notes on Floyd Gibbons.

European War, 1914 - 1918, complete set of press notices.

Box 151

Daily news column, 1930 - 1931.

Fan Mail, 1930, two (2) folders.

True Adventure, program on WABC, July 8, 1937 - Sept. 30, 1937. No. 1 - 8, 12, 13. Letters included.

True Adventure, program, 2nd series, April, 1937. No. 3-5, 7-8.

Box 152

Correspondence, 1930.

Correspondence, of Ed Gibbons and U. S. Maritime Commission, 1941 - 43.

Daily news column, 1931. Two (2) folders.

Fan Mail, 1930’s. Eight (8) folders.

Mobilization, March 15, 1917.

Box 153

Daily news column, 1931.

Correspondence, seven (7) folders.

Financial records, 1938.

Gibbons, Edward T., releases written, with letters, etc.

Bank statements, includes insurance policies.

Daily news column, 1931.

True Adventure, schedule of dates for second series.

True Adventure, WABC, Nov. 14, 1937. Audition for American Tobacco Co.

Box 154

Miscellaneous, pictures, photographs, postcards, clippings.

Box 155


Box 156

Clippings, World War I to 1936.

True Adventure, 2nd series, #1,2 9 - 13. Seven (7) folders.

Box 157

Film reels, selected prints made by Univ. of Maine Audio-Visual Dept. from films in Box 157. (1971). Two reels of film destroyed by UM Fire Dept. They were badly deteriorated and beyond salvage. Three other reels from this box sent to Dr. Andrew Abbott of the Instructional Systems Ctr., Shibels Hall for storage.

Box 158

Adventures in American History broadcasts, broadcasts #1-16. Four (4) folders.

Clippings, 1924.

Clippings, 1931 - 1934.

Clippings, 1937.

Elgin Watch Co. broadcasts, 1932, No. 1-9. Two (2) folders.

Elgin Watch Co. broadcasts, correspondence, 1932.

Hoover, J. Edgar, letter to F. Gibbons, Aug. 5, 1936 re: Gibbon’s fingerprints.

Clippings, Red Napoleon and Magic Key broadcasts. 1929 - 1937.

Box 159

Clippings, 1932.

Clippings, 1920’s - 1930’s. Includes series from the Daily New Yorker.

Red Napoleon, publicity and clippings, 1929 - 1930.

Box 160

Adventurer’s Club, original copy #1, 1937 - 1938.

Hawaii, publicity, including Massie case.

International News Service, publicity, 1931 - 1932. Clippings.

Knickerbocker, H.R.., Red Trade Menace, clippings, 1930.

Lengel, William C., Literary Association Material on Gibbons and True Adventure series.

Literary Digest, clippings, 1930.

Clippings, 1920 - 1930.

Republican and Democratic National Conventions, Chicago, June, 1932.

Box 161

Miscellaneous, articles, cables, etc. 1918 - 1921.

Adventurer’s Club, #3, December, 1939.

Adventurer’s Club, #2, publicity.

Adventurers in Science, chapt. l - 15, 1929. Broadcasts.

Caribbean Steamship, folders, 1927 - 1928.

Caribbean trip; 1928.

Correspondence, mostly foreign, 1918 - 1922. Includes articles on Ibunechig London (Belfast), Chicatrib Berlin Press.

Correspondence, relating to severance from Chicago Tribune, 1926.

Expense Accounts, and bills, 1919 - 1922.

Headline Hunter, program #5, Sept. 22, 1933, about Sam Dreben, the Fighting Jew.

Johnny Get Your Gun, M day story, 1937.

Letter, from “wife”, August 11, Chicago, Ill. [circa 1925].

Miscellaneous, letters, accounts, telegrams, 1926 - 1929.

Miscellaneous, stories, correspondence, 1930’s. Includes publisher’s file on Red Napoleon.

Miscellaneous, papers, telegrams, 1915.

Prague, articles.

Red Napoleon, and short stories. Includes some material on Floyd Gibbon’s biography by Edward Gibbons.

Red Napoleon, Maple leaves, and miscellaneous broadcast material.

Telegrams, and clippings.

Box 162

Adventurer’s Club, 1935. Scattered numbers.

Caribbean Air Cruise, 1929. Includes letters, photographs, maps.

Correspondence, 1918.

Correspondence, 1929.

Correspondence, 1930. Four (4) folders.

Irish Uprising, 1922.

Isabel’s Diary, 1917.

Mexican War, 1915. Letters and souvenirs.

Miscellaneous, telegrams, papers, press card, etc. 1915 - 1923. Material on Gambia, 1923.

North Africa, articles, clippings, 1924 - 1925.

Red Knight of Germany, clippings only, 1927.

European War, 1914 - 1918, European correspondence and Tribune stories.

Box 163

Adventurer’s Club, 1935. Scattered no., Jan., May., November.

Australia, dispatches, 1928 - 1929. Includes misc. material, 1916.

Broadcasts, 1931. Scattered dates, Jan, Feb, April.

Broadcasts, February - March, 1931.

Colgate broadcasts, Floyd Gibbons speaking, 1931.

Clippings, and letters, 1916 - 1919.

Better Business Bureau, letters and information on Better Business Bureau programs, etc.

Lectures, arranged by NBC, 1930. Includes appearance requests, 1929 - 1930.

True Adventure, broadcasts for Lucky Strike, November, 1937.

True Adventure, programs, Sept. 9 and 16, 1937.

Box 164

Century of Progress, two (2) folders.

Century of Progress, publicity. Four (4) folders.

Colgate list of prize winners, July 8 - Sept. 30, 1937.

Lectures, Floyd Gibbons speaking, 1931.

Lectures, Floyd Gibbons speaking : Jan. - March, 1931.

Miscellaneous, theater programs, identification, check-book stubs, maps, clippings.

True Adventures, Sept. 2, 1932.

Box 165

Miscellaneous, 1915 - 1918. Includes Christmas card from Gen. Pershing, 1916.

Letters, 1918, 1922.

Adventurer’s Club, programs, 1935 - 1936. Scattered weeks : May, Nov., Dec., 1935. Jan., 1936.

Gibbons, Edward, personal letters and other papers.

Fan Mail, 1927 - 1928.

Headline Hunter, program : January 7, 1937.

Miscellaneous, pre - 1933.

Red Knight of Germany, clippings, 1927.


Warner Brothers Pictures, 2nd series, #1 - 13, four (4) folders. Includes photographs.

World’s Fair, broadcast, #1 & 2, 1933. Includes material on “Transplant Man.”

Box 166

African trip, photographs only.

Box 167

Adventures in Science, broadcasts on NBC, #1 - 103, 1929 - 1931. #71, 72 missing.

Box 168

American Adventure Series, programs, #1 - 12, 1931. Includes schedule for series.

Dulin, D.D., Drawing of Gibbons, back view, at telephone. Written comments in French.

General Electric Program, notes and fan mail, 1930.

Pershing, John J., three (3) letters to F. Gibbons, 1924, 1926.

Liberty (air ship), log of trip to Caribbean, 1929.

Maps of Europe, Spain, France.

Notebooks, three (3), 1916, 1926, one undated.

Portraits, three (3) copper plates.


Press cards.

Said the Little Rooster…

Yellowstone and Grand Canyon

National Parks.

Box 169

Red Napoleon, galley proofs. three (3) folders.

Red Napoleon, notes, 1928.

Red Napoleon, tentative first draft. Two (2) folders.

Trotsky correspondence, 1929. Copies only.

Box 170

Headline Hunter series, programs, #1, 2.

Letters, 1933.

Red Napoleon, three (3) folders.

Red Napoleon, chapters I - XIV. Five (5) folders.

Red Napoleon, first draft. Two (2) folders.

Box 171

American Adventure series, programs, 1931, #13 16.

Palmer House Broadcasts, #6 - 39, 1933. Nine (9) folders.

Sahara Desert, trip material and maps.

Warner Bros., 2nd series, 1938. #6, 7, 11.

Box 172

Advertising material.

Clippings, 1932, 1934. Two (2) folders.

Headline Hunter series, five (5) folders.

In memoriam of Floyd Gibbons.

Radio City of the South, dedication, 1925.

Box 173

Warner Brothers, programs, 1st series, No. 1 - 13. (No. 4 missing). Twelve (12) folders.

Warner Brothers, programs, 2nd series, No. 1, 1938.

Box 174

Copper plate cuts.

Fan Mail, mostly postcards. Seven (7) folders.

Box 175

Art Institute of Chicago.

Century of Progress, 1933. Promotional material and notes.

Clippings, 1932 - 1934.

Correspondence, 1933.

Notebooks, two (2) of clippings.

Papers, subjects vary.

European War, 1914 - 1918, clippings, two (2) folders.

Box 176

Clippings, three (3) folders.

Correspondence, between F. Gibbons and Ed Gibbons, 1922.

Photographs, pictures, portraits, some autographed and identified. Pictures of the Richthofen series included.

Box 177

Aerial League for Peace, International League of Aviators (1920?) 41p. illus. map.

Bennet, James O’Donnell, Chicago Gangland : The True Story of Chicago crime. Chicago Tribune, n.d. 87p. illus. photo (No. 35).

The Call of the Mountains, : vacations in Glacier National Park, Waterton Lakes National Park. 48p. illus. maps.

Century of Progress, catalogue of A Century of Progress exhibition of paintings and sculpture, June 1, to November 1, 1933. Chicago, Art Institute, 1933. XVI, 120p. illus.

Century of Progress, official guidebook of the fair, 1933. 194p. illus. map. Two (2) copies.

Findlay, Anna Howell Kennedy, The Rochester House, Built in 1789. In Peace and War. Hagerstown, Hagerstown Bookbinding and Printing. 24p. illus. Autographed.

Hungerford, Edward, Wings of Century, The Romance of Transportation. 1933? A pageant.

International Pacific Highways System, Los Angeles, Auto Club of So. Calif., 1931. 118p. illus. maps.

Hackett, James K., Hackett’s London production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, 1920, at Aldwych theater. Souvenir program autographed.

La Petite Entente de la Presse. (P.E.P.), Bucarest, 1925. 118p. illus.

Long Island Railroad, information bulletin, June, July, Aug., Sept., 1930. 60 p. illus. Two (2) copies.

Photographs, of Henry Ford and Isadora Duncan. Signed.

Photographs, pictures, portraits, some autographed and identified. Two (2) folders.

Talks, a quarterly digest of addresses of diversified interest broadcast over the Columbia network. N.Y., CBC, 1936. Three (3) copies.

Warner Brothers, programs, a list of shows, 1st & 2nd series.

Warner Brothers, programs, 2nd series, No. 2 - 4, 8 - 10, 12 - 13, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13. Eight (8) folders.

Libel and slander, What American editors said about the ten million dollar libel suit … Chicago against the Chicago Tribune, 1921. 154p.

Yellowstone National Park, folders, guides, etc. Includes Jack Chaney’s Foolish Questions about Yellowstone National Park.

Box 178

General Motors Corp., An Automotive Contribution to Railroad Progress, 1937.

Oregon, Beauty Spots of Oregon. unpaged, illus.

Bohemia, (periodical), scattered copies.

Brockhausen, Carl, Austria, A short account of its geography, topography, history, constitution and economics. Wien, Berlag der Wiener Literarichen Unfalt., 1923. 47p. Map.

Business survey, prepared by the Chicago Tribune.

Collier’s (periodical), Dec. 12, 1936.

Danneberg, Robert, Vienna under socialist rule. London, Labour Party, n. d. 43p.

Dramatic Mirror, (periodical), Sept. 17, 1918.

Editor & Publisher, (periodical), 1918 - 1934. Scattered copies.

Film Daily, (periodical), 1931, 1938.

George H. Doren Co., Books of the Year, 48p. Advertising pamphlet.

Gettysburg, stories of the battle, including one by W.C. Storrick, superintendent of guides.

Holmes, Oliver Wendell, My Hunt After the Captain and Other Papers, Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1883. 93p. (Riverside Lit. Series, No. 31. )

Leigh, Dell, England and Scotland. England, London and North Eastern Railway, 1935. 63p. illus. map.

A Los Toros!, Bayonne - Biarritz, 1921, Unpaged, illus.

Musee d’Anvers, Recueil de 200 photogravures dapres les cheff-d’oeuvre de la galerie des Maitres Anciens. Anvers, Gustave Hermans, n.d. unpaged.

Northern Pacific Railroad, travel pamphlets.

Parsons, Carrie B. (Phinney), poems : Christmas, 1930. 40p. autographed copy.

Perera, Guy U., A Trip to Egypt and the Sudan. Cairo, Tourist Development Assoc. of Egypt. illus.

Radio Digest, (periodical), one (1) issue, Feb., 1930.

Radio Mirror, (periodical), scattered copies.

Review of Reviews, (periodical), Oct., 1930. Two (2) copies.

Soviet Intriques in China, Hong Kong, Publicity Bureau, n.d. 96 p.

Meat industry and trade, Swift & Company and the American Meat Industry. U.S.A., Swift & Co., n.d. 33p. illus.

The Tugwell Mill, senate bill, 1944. Includes pamphlets by James F. Hoge and James H. Beal.

Vanity Fair, (periodical), Nov., 1918. Two (2) copies.

Voice of the Air, (newspaper), Vol. II, No. 1,3.

Zion, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Union Pacific, [c. 1930] 48p. illus. maps.

Box 179

The American Magazine, March 1919.

Barnett, (Lieut.) Gilbert, V.C.’s of the Air : The Glorious Record of men of the British Empire Air Force Awarded the Victoria Cross for Valour with an Additional Chapter on Heroes of America. London, Burrow & Co., n.d. 36p. illus.

Box Office, (periodical), scattered copies, 1930’s.

Castle Heights Military Academy, Lebanon, Tennessee. Yearbook, 1937 - 1938. 100p. illus.

Commerce Monthly, (periodical), Sept., 1925.

Housing - U.S., facts about the Johns-Manville home improvement sales plan in support of the National Housing Act. (1934?)

Legion of Valor, 54th Annual Convention of the Army and Navy Legion of Valor of the United States of America, New York, August 13 - 16, 1944. 111p. illus. ports.

Veterans, Foreign Service Publication by Veterans of Foreign Wars., Feb., 1932.

Great Lakes Recruit, (periodical), Vol. IV, Nov., 1918.

Isba Russe de Serge Borowsky, programe, photos.

Judge, (periodical), Aug., 1932.

Master Detective, (periodical)., February [n.d.].

Motion Picture Herald, (periodical), April 25, 1931.

Mundo Grafico, (periodical), August 26, 1925.

The Mutual Magazine, July 1930. Published by Mutual Benef. Assoc. of Pennsylvania Railroad Employees.

National Geographic, (periodical), June 1926, Feb., 1935, June 1935.

The New Movie, (periodical), Feb., 1933.

The New Republic, (periodical), May 2, 1934.

The New Yorker, (periodical), May 2, 1931.

Newsweek, (periodical), June 29, 1935.

Our Navy, (periodical).

Popular Aviation, (periodical), Jan., 1928.

Prism, 1865 - 1965. Univ. of Maine, Orono, Maine. 296p, illus. Ports. Map.

Reader’s Digest, (periodical), Jan. 1930, Feb. 1937, Aug. 1944.

The Scoop, (periodical), April, 1917.

Showmen’s Motion Picture Trade Review, (periodical), scattered copies, 1930’s.

Le Sourie de France, (periodical), Jan. 31, 1918.

The Southern Spectator of Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia, (periodical), Sept., 1937.

The Strand Magazine, March, 1919.

Time, (periodical), 1930’s. Four (4) copies.

Twenty-five Years of the Limited Company, formerly the Skoda Works in Plzen, Prgua, 1925. 88p. illus.

U.S. News & World Report, (periodical), Aug. 11, 1950.

The Western Front, (periodical), March 1917, pt. III, April, 1917, part IV.

Facts about the Johns-Manville home improvement sales plan.

Army and Navy Legion of Valor, 54th annual reunion of the army and navy Legion of Valor, Aug. 13 - 16, 1944.

Foreign Service, publ. by Veterans of Foreign Wars. 1932.

Box 180

Official World’s Fair Weekly, How to enjoy this week at the Fair.

Motion picture advertising, pamphlet.

Walsh, Edmund A., The United States and Soviet Russia. c. 1925, 20p.

L’activite nord Africaine et Colonaile, (periodical), Dec., 1922.

Carboloy, a technical consulting service to American industry. (periodical) Nov. 1929, July and Aug. 1930.

Seadrome, Ocean Airways report covering the development program. Wilmington, 1930. 38 p. illus. maps.

Warner Bros., advertising folders, particularly relating to vitaphone.

Antietam Celebration Commission, official program and guide celebrating 75th anniversary of Battle of Antietam.

Literary Digest, Sept. 9, 1933.

General Electric, merchandise department advertising reprints, June, 1930.

Cunningham, B.H., Principle rules for the pronounciation of French. 1902. 10p.

L’indicateur des Cours de Paris, 1921 - 1922. 32p.

Le Theatre de la Chauve-Souris a Moscou. unpaged. Programme.

Republican National Convention, Chicago, June 14, 1932.

Chicago Herald Examiner, May 28, 1933. Concerning Century of Progress.

National ad-views, (periodical), June 1931.

1917 Documants de la Section Photographique de l’armee Francaise. No. 2. 49 p. illus.

Klein, Rudolf, Felicien Rops, Vol. II., Paris, Librarie Artistique Internationale, n.d. 63 p. illus.

Country Life in the War, (periodical). Dec., 1918.

Cosmopolitan, periodical. Scattered copies.

Photos, pictures, letters. Includes autographed portrait of John J. Pershing.

ABC, periodical. Madrid, Sept. 9, 1925.

Box 181

Literary Digest, periodical, scattered copies. Contains Floyd Gibbons serialized stories.

Liberty, periodical, June 11, 1927 - Dec. 31, 1927.

Box 182

Liberty, periodical, 1928, 1929, 1930 - 1938. Scattered copies.

Liberty Digest, periodical, scattered copies 1930’s.

Box 183

Liberty, periodical, May 18, 1929 - Aug. 3, 1929. Concluding nine installments on Red Napoleon.

Box 184

Radio broadcast, April 24, 1930, to honor President-Elect of Colombia, Doctor Olaya Herrera.

South America, notes and information.

Red Napoleon, illustrations.

Floyd Gibbon’s stand on the Bonus Army and the Sino-Japanese Conflict.

Adventurer’s Club, 1935.

Letters about trip to South America. Includes clippings.

Turn of the Tide, first of thirteen programs made by the Van Buren Corporation, 1931.

South America auto expedition.

World’s Fair, Transportation. 1933.

National Safety Council Material, 1934.

World’s Fair, World 1,000,000 years old. 1933.

Notebook of clippings, 1938.

World’s Fair, miscellaneous material. 1933.

Rumania, strip #1, 1930.

China strip and Mexican strip.

National Safety Council, broadcast, March 28, 1934.

Box 185

South America, pamphlets on individual countries, published by the Pan America Union.

And They Thought We Wouldn’t Fight, Gibbons, Floyd.

From a Terrace in Prague, by B. Granville Baker. Published by George Allen & Unwin, 1923. 262 p. map illus.

Newspapers, mostly Chicago Tribune.

Press Books, two (2) press books (scrapbooks).

Box 186

SOHIO, Two (2) folders.

Century of Progress, 1933. Two (2) folders.

Century of Progress, 1933 : balloon flight.

World’s Fair, includes clips on the closing of Chicago H.S.

World’s Fair, 1933 : skyride.

Clippings, 1916 -1928, 1920. Two (2) folders.

Daily News broadcasts, 1931. Three (3) folders.

Box 187

And They Thought We Wouldn’t Fight, Gibbons, Floyd. Published by George H. Doran, 1918. 410 p. illus. frontis.

African Pictures.

Century of Progress, 1933 : Missouri State Day.

Century of Progress, 1933 : Hollywood exhibit, etc.

Century of Progress, 1933 publicity.

World’s Fair, radio releases, 1933.

World’s Fair, Wisconsin Day, 1933.

The American Legion, periodical. Scattered copies : Sept., Oct., Nov., 1933.

Clippings, 1933.

NRA, clippings, 1933.

Fan Mail, 1930, 1932. Two (2) folders.

Wiley Post, and the flight around the world, 1933. Clippings only.

Box 188

Here Are Dragons, by Henry Baerlein. Published by Leondard Parsons, 1925. 317 p.

The Modern Grocery Store, by Carl W. Dipman. Published by Progressive Grocer, 1931. 199p. illus.

Floyd Gibbons, Your Headline Hunter, by Edward Gibbons. Published by Exposition Press, 1953. 350p. 33 plates. frontis.

The Red Napoleon, by Floyd Gibbons. Cover of book only.

The Red Napoleon, by Floyd Gibbons. Published by Jonathan Cape & Harrison Smith, n.d. 14p. Dummy cover etc.

Floyd Gibbons, Knight of the Air, by Douglas Gilbert. Published by Robert M. McBride & Co., 1930. 96p. frontis.

Un Pelerin D’Angkor, by Pierre Loti. Published by Calmann-Levy, 1912. 234p.


Marketing Farm Animals, by Charles S. Plumb. Published by Ginn, 1927. 366p. illus.

Merchandising Packinghouse Products, by E.L. Rhoades. Published by University of Chicago, 1929.

RKO, Pathe Personality Group.

A Wayfarer in Czecho-Slavakia, by E. I. Robson. Published by Methuen & Co., 1925. 211p. map.

Gettysburg, the Place, The Battles, the Outcomes, by W.C. Storrick. Published by J. Horace McFarland, 1932 167p. illus.

The Meat Packing Industry in America, by Swift & Co. Published by Swift & Co., 1931. 113p. illus.

World’s Fair, 1933. Five (5) folders.

Box 189

Photographs, miscellaneous. One of Jack Dempsey, autographed.

Stuart, Eugenia, letter from Eugenia Stuart.

Photographs, taken in Florida, 1930’s. Includes those of Heywood Brown and Ted Husing.

Photo album, and single photos, most unidentified.

Explorers Club, “The Log.”

Fan Mail.

Pershing, John J., letter to Gibbons, March 15, 1926.

Gathland, (originally named Gapland) a memorial arch to honor war correspondents, in Frederick, Md. 2p. Typed copy of article in Washington Star, Nov. 14, 1958.

Eulogy to Floyd Gibbons, by Boake Carter.

Clippings, miscellaneous.

Cables and telegrams between Mary McCormick and Floyd Gibbons.

Thomas, Lowell, letter to Mrs. Floyd Gibbons, Oct. 1, 1940.

Museum pieces, includes radio medal, membership plaque-membre a vie. Ligue International des Aviateurs

Pencil portrait of Floyd Gibbons, by McClelland Barclay. May 3, 1934.

Rossollin, Agnes L., pupil of Rodin. Photographs only.

Love Letters, from “D” and Margot.

McCormick, Mary. Letters, 1922-1924, telegrams, photographs.

SOHIO, advertising.

Radio Programs, lists of guest artists for radio programs, 1936-1937.

Recruiters Bulletin. 1918.

SS Floyd Gibbons, christening 9/1/44. Clippings.

Sahara log.

Sobol, Louis and Reynolds, Quentin. Floyd Gibbons - Headline Hunter 41p. Typed copy of the outline for movie version on life of Floyd Gibbons.

Star Shells, headline highlights of Americans at war. Typescript #1 -12 (#8 missing). Includes two additional stories without typescript.

Thompson, Dorothy. Passing of a Journalism Era. From the Washington Star, 5/29/58. Prompted by the death of Elmer Davis.

Visas and passes.

W.T.N.T. broadcasts, notebooks and advertising. Two (2) folders.

World War I, Description of a Battle. Author unidentified. 4p.

Letters, miscellaneous. 1932 - 1937.

Last Will and Testament, of Floyd Gibbons.

Gibbons, Isabella. Correspondence with Floyd Gibbons. Photos and telegrams included.

Lengel, William C. Correspondence with William C. Lengel of Literary Associates.

Correspondence, business and personal. Some clippings included.

Death of Floyd Gibbons, clippings.

Doctor’s Reports on Floyd Gibbons, 1918, 1922.

In memoriam to Floyd Gibbons, a clipping from the N.Y. World Telegram, Sept. 27, 1939 by Heywood Broun.

Estate of Floyd Gibbons, business letters, 1941.

Divorce from Isabella, Aug. 1924. Testimony, decree. clippings, letters.

Box 190

Photographs, maps, drawings, most relating to Floyd Gibbons and World War I.

Letters, three (3) letters (Jan. 12, June, July 7, 1921) to General John Pershing, Washington, D.C. Carbon copies, all unsigned.

Leve d’itinevaire de la piste automobile. 1923. maps. 8p.

Pershing, John J., two (2) letters to Floyd Gibbons, Jan. 27., and June 21, 1921, from General Pershing. Signed.

Roosevelt, Eleanor, letters, May 31, 1933, to Floyd Gibbons.

Roosevelt, Franklin D., three (3) telegrams to Floyd Gibbons. July 9, Nov. 2, Nov. 11, 1932.

Roosevelt, Franklin D., two (2) letters to Floyd Gibbons. July 14 and Dec. 14, 1932. Typescript signed.

Estate of Floyd Gibbons, inventory of files, December, 1939.

Box 191

Chicago Tribune correspondence, letters from R.R. McCormick, etc.

Correspondence, family. 1931-1932.

Petain, photocopies of letters.

Letters, Georgetown, 1909. Also early police stories.

McCormick, Mary. Letters, 1922 - 1923.

Letters, 1926.

National Safety Council, The Fifth Horseman - Safety. 1932.

Graf Zeppelin landing, Lakehurst 8/5/29.

Epitaph for John Daniel.

“Press at War”, Philadelphia Sunday Bulletin, June 2, 1968.

Miscellaneous papers.

Powinski, wood portrait of, 1926.

Chicago Tribune Office, Paris. Photographs.

La Lorraine passenger list.

Emergency Unemployment Relief Committee, broadcast, 11/14/32.

Russian famine, 1931, as told by Floyd Gibbons on Ed Sullivan’s radio show.

Headline Hunter, radio program #4, 6/29/29.

Adventures in Science, manuscripts of chapters 1 - 8.

Adventures in Science, manuscripts of chapters 9 - 15.

Headline Hunter, radio program #33, 2/19/30.

“The Fleet is In.” N.B.C. Feb. 19, 1933.

Francis J. Houlihan story.

Cable with code.

Pamphlets, miscellaneous.

Gibbons, Edward. Correspondence, papers.

Correspondence, business, 1920’s.

Chicago Tribune cables, 1918 - 1920’s.

Correspondence, personal. 1919 - 1920’s.

Gibbons, Donald. Personal correspondence 1933 - 1936.

Photographs, miscellaneous.

Chicago Tribune, revenue - expenses 1920 - 1922

Brag Sheet.

Gondolier, February 16, 1938.

Radio Mirror, April 1937. Story on Floyd Gibbons.

Clippings, miscellaneous.

Gibbons, Isabella. Photographs.

Eisenhower, Dwight D., Photostat copy of letter.

Letters, with Isabella Gibbons, one telegram. 1928.

The Tribune Company of France, corporation papers.

Box 192


Gibbons, Mrs. E.T., obituary and funeral photos, 1925.

Gibbons, Floyd. Obituary clippings, 1939.

Radio Digest Broadcast, “Radio in the Next War.”

Red Napoleon, Liberty pamphlets, advertisements, etc.

Headline Hunter #11, 8/16/29. W.E.A.F. “Albert Woodbridge : Man Who Shot Down Richthofen.”

Correspondence, to Edward Gibbons, mainly from Floyd Gibbons. 1917 - 1924.

Red Knight of Germany, motion picture arrangements.

Red Knight of Germany, newspaper serialization. 1928.

Broadcast, 1932. Japanese halt battle, salute U.S. ship.

Sahara trip, correspondence between Edward and Floyd Gibbons. 1923 - 1924.

Liberty Magazine, Aug. 1949. The Red Napoleon book condensation.

Correspondence, concerning promotion of biography of Floyd Gibbons by Ed Gibbons. 1953.

Testimonial letters to Ed Gibbons, concerning Floyd Gibbons including Hoover and Gen. Lucius Clay.

McCormick, Mary. Ed Gibbon’s notes and material on.

Georgetown University, catalogue 1905 - 1906.

Conlon, George. Photos of busts of Amelia Earhart and Clarence Darrow with accompanying letters, 1932-33.

Photographs, family.

Ethiopian War, 1935, coverage by Floyd Gibbons and Webb Miller United Press Europe News manager.

Estate of Floyd Gibbons, inventory of files, 1939.

Hull, Peggy. “Floyd Gibbons and his Stars.” (astrology).

Mother’s last letters. 1924 - 1925. Russ-Pole War, reports from Poland. 7/29/20, Chicago Tribune.

Headline Hunter, W.E.A.F. 8/12/29. Trotsky exile of Prinkipois.

Report from Prague, “Boy Napoleon : Gen. Gaida.” 7/24/26.

Headline Hunter, N.B.C. story of the zeppelin, 8/25/33.

Red Napoleon, N.B.C. proposal on the Red Napoleon for radio, 1933 - 1934.

Correspondence, republication of the Red Napoleon.

Correspondence, concerning movie treatment of the Red Knight.

Copyrights, publishers, moving pictures.

Passion Play, clippings. Chicago Tribune Paris edition, 5/10/22.

Diploma and insignia of the Legion d’Honneur, 1926.

Sahara Desert expedition, for Chicago Tribune, 1923, Part III.

Floyd Gibbons The Headline Hunter, a Biography, by Ed Gibbons.

Box 192a

Photographs, two pamphlets of photos of Floyd Gibbons.

Clipping, from Maine Sunday Telegram, 4/11/76. “Red Baron’s Opponent Dies in Canada.” Gerald E. Nash).

Photographs, miscellaneous.

Photo-graveures, thirty-three (33).

Correspondence, including Pershing letter and letter to mother.

Maine Alumnus, fall 1975. Gibbons Collection article.

Photograph album, World War I.

Pages from scrapbook, photos of Florida, 1930’s.

Yellowstone National Park, photo album.

Pages from photograph alum, Chinese-Japanese War, 1932.


Johns Manville sales organization, a message by Floyd Gibbons. 1 phono-record.

Natural Safety Council program, Wed. March 28, 1935, Washington, D.C. Two phono-discs, four sides.

Pall Mall, Compton Agency audition, May 4, 1938. Two phono-records.

Phono-records, three (3), unidentified.

Portland Cement broadcasts, Nov. 20, 1933 and Nov. 27, 1933, Eight (8) phonodiscs.

Supersuds audition, CBS, June 3, 1937. Two (2) phonodiscs, Pt. 1, & 2.

WLS broadcast, May 23, 1933 : Floyd Gibbons fair reporter. Two (2) phonodiscs.

Phonorecords, two (2) unidentified, undated.

Your True Adventures, Colgate broadcasts, third #1 - 13, July 8, 1937 - Sept. 30, 1937. Twelve records #7 missing.

Your True Adventures, Colgate broadcasts, second #1 - 13, April 8, 1937 - July 1, 1937. Thirteen records.

Your True Adventures, audition, pt. I, II, III, Jan. 3, 1933. Five records.

Your True Adventures, Colgate broadcasts, first #1 13, Jan. 7, 1937. Thirteen records.

Today’s News With Floyd Gibbons, audition record for Colgate. One large record.

RCA Magic Key Program, titles and dates vary. March, 1936 - August 30, 1936.

Palmer House broadcasts, May 25, 1933 - Sept. 25, 1933. Thirty- three folders.

Pall Mall - Compton Agency, audition, May 4, 1938. Pt. 1 & pt. 2.

Nash Speedshow Programs, CBS, second thirteen, Jan. 2, 1937 - March 27, 1937. Thirteen folders.

Nash Speedboat programs, CBS, first thirteen, Oct. 17, 1936 - December 26, 1936. Thirteen folders, numbers 2 and 4 missing.

Johns Manville broadcast, Oct. 3, 1933 - Dec. 8, 1934. Nineteen folders.

Headlines Speak, broadcast recordings for King Features. Two records, n.d.

Colgate audition, WABC, Dec. 8, 1936 pt. 1.5. Program started January 7, 1937. Four records.

Phonodiscs : Floyd Gibbons, pt. 1,2, Jan. 25, 1937. Two records.

Adventurer’s Club, sketches of Floyd Gibbons Adventurers Club, New York Evening Journal.

Adventurers Club, sketches of Floyd Gibbons Adventurers Club. Boston American.

Scrapbook, on Gibbons. Many posters included.


Johns Manville broadcasts, May 26, Sept. 22, Sept. 25, 1934.

Supersuds audition, June 3, 1937. Two (2) phonodiscs.

Portland Cement Association broadcasts, Nov. 27, 1933. Four (4) phonodiscs.

Palmer House programs, Aug. 8, 1933.

Pall Mall-Compton agency audition, May 4, 1938. Part 1 and 2.

Nash programs, recordings, No. 1,5,6, 1936.

Floyd Gibbons audition, Dec. 8, 1936. Four phonodiscs.

Record Player, with bamboo needles.

Posters, photographs, maps. Most relating to World War I and the Red Baron.

Popsical Adventure Club, WOR radio station, New York, May 28, 1935. Two (2) phonorecords.

Pictures, posters, awards, maps.

Pictures, maps & Liberty magazine drawings.

Photographs with signatures.

Photographs, two (2) unidentified.

Photographs, of mother’s funeral.

Photographs, and pictures, autographed. Includes Alfred Smith.

Newspaper headline layouts.

National Safety Council Program, March 28, 1935. Two (2) phonorecords.

New York Journal, Jan 29, 1932 - March 30, 1932. Relates to Sino-Japanese War.

Mystery of the East in Algeria, broadcast Nov. 30, 1930. Includes North Africa supplement to the Chicago Tribune.

More junk for the ashpile, cartoon.

Maxwell House Showboat, radio program, April 2, 1936. Two (2) phonorecords.

Maps. Four (4) rolls. Subjects vary.

Junior Birdmen of America, NBC, Dec. 12, 1936. Eight (8) phonorecords.

Johns Manville Corporation, aluminum Speak-o-Phone phone-records. October 1933 - December 1934. Twenty- six phonorecords.

Italio-Ethiopian War, clippings from the New York Evening Journal.

Interview on WINS, radio station, October, 1936. Two (2) phonorecords.

L’illustration (magazine). Scattered copies.

Headline Hunter comic strips, 1930, appeared in newspapers. Original drawings.

Photographs, World War I, Floyd Gibbons uncensored World War I pictures, vol. l. Newspapers vary. Includes listings of where photos appeared and dates.

Floyd Gibbons speaking to personnel of Remington Arms Co., 1918.

Rogers, William, Floyd Gibbons’s goodbye to a pal - Will Rogers, Wiley Post. Clipping, mounted.

Adventurer’s Club, vol. 1, 2 Jan. 1937 - June 12, 1937. Chicago American.

Adventurer’s Club, complete volume. February to July, 1936. The Call Bulletin, San Francisco.

Adventurer’s Club, complete volume. Jan. to Sept., 1936. Wisconsin News.

Adventurer’s Club, vol. 1 - vol. 8, January 7, 1935 - December 1, 1936. Boston American.

Adventurer’s Club, complete series. Jan. to July 13, 1935. Detroit Times.

Adventurer’s Club, complete series. Jan. 6, - April 16, 1935. Washington Herald.

Adventurer’s Club, vol. 1 - 4, 1935 - 1936. Pittsburgh Sunday Telegram.

Adventurer’s Club, vol. 1 12, 1935 - 1937. New York Evening Journal.

Adventurer’s Club, WEAF, radio station, New York, Dec. 9, 1932. Two (2) phonorecords.

Elgin broadcast, WEAF, radio station, New York. Five (5) phonorecords.

War Maneuvers in the Pacific, descriptions, WEAF, radio station, New York, Feb. 19, 1933. Two (2) phonorecords.

Clippings, about Floyd Gibbons.

Century of Progress, WJZ, radio station. New York, May 21, 1933. Two (2) phonorecords.

Before Departure to Ethiopia, Aug. 30, 1935. WINS broadcast, WABC. Two (2) phonorecords.

Badrutt, Casper. Assomptione della Madonna. Zurich, Hofer, & Burger, 1895. Twenty (20) plates.

Awards and memberships, six (6) items. Includes Legion of Honor.

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