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Special Collections: Guide to the Edward Leander Higgins Architectural Papers

Collection title:  Edward Leander Higgins Architectural Papers
Collection number:  MS 242
Dates of collection:  1910-1951
Size of collection:  9 boxes + ca. 2000 architectural plans
Restrictions on access and use: Kept at Fogler Library's offsite storage facility. One week's notice required for retrieval


Edward Leander Higgins, the son of Ambrose H. and Elizabeth Ash Higgins, was born on March 8, 1879, in Bar Harbor, Maine. He was a member of the class of 1905 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and established an architectural office in Portland, Maine, in 1906. He was a practicing architect there until his death in 1936, designing many residences in the Portland area as well as numerous churches and other buildings. Higgins married Hortense L. Stevens in 1906 and they had two children: Ambrose Stevens Higgins and Blanche Elizabeth Higgins.

Ambrose S. Higgins was born in 1908. He graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut in 1931 and from the School of Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1935. He joined his father’s firm after graduation, served in the U.S. Air Force in World War II, and opened an office in Bar Harbor, Maine, after his discharge from the air force. In 1952 he joined the Bangor architectural and engineering firm Crowell-Lancaster, the firm then becoming known as Crowell-Lancaster-Higgins and later Higgins-Webster & Partners. He designed a wide variety of buildings including residential, commercial, industrial, educational and public structures. He was active in the design of several buildings on the campus of the University of Maine as well as the Millinocket Community Hospital, the Aroostook General Hospital, a wing at Eastern Maine Medical Center, and the Bangor Theological Seminary Library. He died in 1971.

Scope and Content Note

The collection contains drawings and records of both Edward Leander Higgins and his son Ambrose S. Higgins. It includes office records, specifications, plans and elevations, architectural renderings, correspondence and blueprints for a wide variety of buildings mostly in the state of Maine. Represented in the collection are plans for business, public and residential structures in Bar Harbor, Ellsworth, Skowhegan, Portland, Camden and Cape Elizabeth, among others. He died in 1971.

Contents of Boxes

An asterisk following a file name indicates the file has an accompanying architectural plan or plans.

Box 583
Department of Health and Welfare, State of Maine.

Farrington Hospital and Boothby Home, Portland, Maine.*

Farrington Hospital. Central steam plant.

Hill, Charles. Store and apartment.*

Hinds, Charles B.

Lincoln Memorial Home. Newcastle, Maine.*

Masonic Temple Association, Ellsworth, Maine.*

Milliken-Tomlinson Co., Portland.*

Miscellaneous letters, 1934.

National Bank of Commerce, Portland. Alterations.*

Oakley, John W., Portland.

Office of Price Administration, Boston.

Ordway, Grace L. Beach cottage at Bay View, Maine.

Owen Moore and Company, Portland.

Payson, Olcott S. Residence at Falmouth Foreside, Maine.*

Porteous, Mitchell and Braun Co., Portland.*

Portland City Hospital.

Portland Country Club.*

Portland Municipal Airport. Administration building.

Portland Public Library. Two folders.*

Portland Stove Foundry.

Saint Thomas Church, Camden, Maine. Two folders.*

Stetson, Clarence C.

Thornton Academy.*

Thornton Academy, Saco, Maine.*

Toland, Leigh. Residence in LaCrosse, Wis.

Tremont School, Tremont, Maine.*

Box 584
Alexander, Robert. Alterations to residence in Cape Elisabeth, Maine.

Alexander, Robert B. Residence on Cape Elisabeth, Maine.

Anthony, Gertrude. Residence at Ocean Park, Old Orchard, Maine.*

Armstrong Cork Company. Proposals and specifications submitted to Ambrose Higgins.

[B ] camp, Molasses Pond.

The Bar Harbor Playhouse, Bar Harbor, Maine.

Belfast shoe factory.

Blake, Sherman. Residence in Falmouth Foreside, Maine.*

Boyd, James. Residence In Falmouth Foreside, Maine.

Buzzell, Judge H. C. File concerning the property of Mrs. L. M. Layton at Lincolnville, Maine.

Camden town hall. Two folders.*

Casco Mercantile Trust Company, Bridgton, Maine.

Clark, Roland.

Clark, William E. Residence in Falmouth Maine.

Coca Cola Bottling Plants, Inc.*

Cyr, Homer.

Dow, Fred N.

Dudley, Benjamin F.

The Federated Church, Skowhegan, Maine.

Flagg, Charles F.*

Hancock County Cold Storage, Inc.

Harmon, Harry True. 147 Pine Street, Portland, Maine. Two folders.

J. B. Brown and Sons, Middle Street, Portland.*

Jarvis Engineering Co., freezing plant.

Maine Eye and Ear Infirmary, Portland, Maine.*

Maine Trust and Banking Co., Gardiner, Maine.*

Medbury, Lewis. Great Diamond Island, Maine.*

Miscellaneous material, two folders.

Montgomery, J. Hugh. Residence in Camden, Maine.*

State building, Congress Street, Portland, Maine.*

War production building.

Box 585
File of uncollectable accounts due Ambrose S. Higgins, Architect.

Gordon, Mrs. Thurlow. Residence at Southwest Harbor, Maine.*

Hancock County Cold Storage, Inc. Two folders.

Hancock County Creamery, Inc., Ellsworth, Maine. Two folders.*

Harborview House, Bar Harbor, Maine.*

Hendrich warehouse, Presque Isle, Maine. Two folders.

Higgins, Ambrose S., personal correspondence.

Jackson Laboratory.*

Lubec Bank, Lubec, Maine.

Lubec School. New eight room elementary school in Lubec, Maine.

Luchini's Restaurant, Ellsworth, Maine.*

Maine Maritime Hardware Supply Co.

North Atlantic Packing Co., Bar Harbor, Maine. Boiler room addition and alterations.

Sargent, Lennox L.*

Wardlow, Tom.

Warehouse building, Ellsworth, Maine.

Waterville Fruit and Produce Company.

Wheat, Dr. John. Residence - office renovations.

The Whitaker Corporation, Bar Harbor, Maine.

Williams cottage.

York Corporation, freezing plant.

Box 586
Boiler house, Farrington Hospital, Portland, Maine. Two folders.

Boyd, James. Residence at Falmouth Foreside, Maine.

Central steam plant, Farrington Hospital, Portland, Maine.

Congress Square Hotel, Portland, Maine.

Cushman Baking Company, Portland, Maine. Specifications for garage and factory additions.

Dufresne, Luke. Alterations to his residence in Bar Harbor, Maine.*

First Baptist Church, Sanford, Maine.*

Herrin, Anson L. House in Southwest Harbor.

Kebo Valley clubhouse.*

Lovett, Howard E. Wooden handles.

Porteous, Mitchell and Braun, Portland, Maine. Two folders.*

Porter, A. F. Residence in Trevett, Maine.

Portland, Maine. Administration building, Portland Municipal Airport. Two folders.

Quotations, miscellaneous.

The R. W. Realty Co., Inc., New York, N. Y.

Randall and McAllister Company, Portland, Maine.*

Rosen, Maurice E. Residence in Portland, Maine.

Ross, Theodore. Residence In Camden, Maine.

State Office Building competition.

Thornton Academy, Saco, Maine.*

United Baptist Church, Saco, Maine.*

U. S. Civil Works Administration.

Valley Forge Memorial, Valley Forge, Penn.

Virgin, Harry R. Glazed porch on house in Fryeburg, Maine.*

War memorial plaque and monument, Bar Harbor, Maine.

Woodward, George. Stone platform and monument.

Woolley, George. Alterations to residence.

Woolwich, Maine. School construction.

Box 587
Alexander, Robert B. Alterations to his residence in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

Bar Harbor Hotel. Specifications for alterations.*

Blake, Sherman. Residence in Falmouth Foreside, Maine.*

Clark, William E. Residence in Foreside Falmouth, Maine.

Cunningham, Fred. Specification for an apartment in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Congress Building, Portland, Maine.*

Dow, Fred N. Alterations and additions to Owen-Moore and Company Store.

Farrington Hospital and Boothby Home. Alterations to the Ward 5 wing.

Farrington Hospital and Boothby Home, Portland, Maine. Boiler house, laundry and coal pocket.

Gordon, Thurlow M. Residence in Southwest Harbor, Maine.

Hanly, Donald. Bottling plant in Rockland, Maine.*

Harmon, Harry True. Residence in Portland, Maine, specifications and agreement.

Hill, Charles. Store and apartment in Portland, Maine.*

Jackson Memorial Laboratory. Specifications for a behavior laboratory.

Jones, E. W. Residence in Kennebunk, Maine.*

Milliken Tomlinson Company. Alterations.*

Ordway, Grace. Beach cottage at Bay View, Maine.

Payson, Olcott S. Residence in Falmouth Foreside, Maine.*

Short, M. L. L. Residence in Manchester, N. H.

Taylor, Bartlett. Residence in Portland, Maine.

Women's Reformatory, Skowhegan, Maine. Boiler house, laundry and coal pocket.

Women's Reformatory, Skowhegan, Maine. Maternity Hospital.*

Box 588
Cadillac Apartments, Bar Harbor, Maine.

Clement, E. C. Residence in Seal Harbor, Maine.*

Cohen, Emanuel. Residence in Lamoine, Maine.*

Dexter camp.

Emery, Albion. Residence in Bar Harbor, Maine.*

Farmers Home Administration.

Fenton, William, correspondence.

First Baptist Church, Sanford, Maine.*

Foster, Charles. House in Ellsworth, Maine.

Franklin area school.

General Electric Supply Company, Bangor, Maine.*

Grant Block, Bar Harbor, Maine.

Greenlaw, E. B. Apartment in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Hancock School, Hancock, Maine.

Heald School, Bar Harbor, Maine.

Higgins, Ambrose S. Correspondence concerning the Officers' Honorary Retired List from the Adjutant General's Office.

Higgins, Ambrose S. Unpaid invoices.

Hillman Dairy Bar, Bangor, Maine.

Hinckley, H. R. Alterations to home in Manset, Maine.

Houlton municipal garage.

Immanuel Baptist Church, Portland, Maine.*

J. L. Stanley Fish Company, Southwest Harbor, Maine.

Jackson Memorial Laboratory. Three folders.


Job applications.

Kappil, Mrs. L. C. Proposed home in Waterville, Maine.

Kennebec Broadcasting Company, Waterville, Maine

The Knowles Agency, Northeast Harbor, Maine.

Legal correspondence.

Lehr, Mrs. Louis. Summer residence in Bar Harbor, Maine.


M. I. T. placement bureau.

Maine Public Service.

Masterman, R. C., attorney at law.


Morrell Park grandstand.

Mount Desert Island Hospital. Addition to the nurses residence.*

Naval radio Station, Winter Harbor, Maine.

North American Distributors.

Portland Country Club, Portland, Maine.

Prospective client register.

Quonset buildings.

Renwick, George. Residence in Bar Harbor, Maine.*

Richards, Mrs. Storer. Maine Solar House, Presque Isle, Maine.*

Saint Thomas Church, Camden, Maine.*

Sands, Howard T. Alterations to his home at Bay View.*

School board, Ellsworth, Maine.

Sea and Shore Fisheries.

Second Congregational Church, Biddeford, Maine. Alterations to church.*

Short, Marian L. L. Residence in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Southwest Harbor Boat Corporation, Southwest Harbor, Maine.*

State Board of Architects, Maine.

Stauffer, Milton. Residence at Petit Manan Point, Maine.

Box 589
Anderson Dairy, Rockland, Maine.

The Architectural Forum, New York. Correspondence about the publication of plans designed by Ambrose S. Higgins.

Aroostook General Hospital, Houlton, Maine.

Bar Harbor High School. Alterations to office.

Bar Harbor Hotel, Four folders.*

Bar Harbor town float.

Black House, Ellsworth, Maine. Restoration of the barn.*

Building of Arts, Bar Harbor, Maine.

Casino investigation, Bar Harbor, Maine.

Haraden Electric Company, Bar Harbor, Maine.

Maternity Hospital, Skowhegan, Maine.*

Municipal Garage, Bar Harbor, Maine.*

Orchestra shell, Bar Harbor, Maine.

Saint John's Church, Presque Isle, Maine.

Saint Paul's Church, Brunswick, Maine.*

Saint Stephens Church, Portland, Maine.*

Saint Thomas Church, Camden, Maine.*

Skowhegan Hospital, Skowhegan, Maine.*

Women's Reformatory, Skowhegan, Maine. Boiler house.*

Spring, Mr. Romney. Monument at Falmouth Foreside honoring Dr. Woodward.

Box 590
Aroostook Motors, Inc., Caribou, Maine. Specifications for construction of garage.*

Bar Harbor Hotel. Specifications.*

Bar Harbor, Maine. Municipal garage.

Blake, Sherman. Specifications.*

Camden Town Hall. Alterations.*

Casco Mercantile Trust Company, Bridgton, Maine. Alterations.

Clark, Roland E. Residence at Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

Cowan, Kennett. Residence at Sand Point.

Deer Isle Elementary School. Specifications.

Dudley, Benjamin F. Stores and apartment building in Portland, Maine.

Emery, Albion. Specifications for residence at Bar Harbor, Maine.*

First Baptist Church, Sanford, Maine. Alterations.*

Hancock County Creamery, Inc. Specifications.*

Immanuel Baptist Church, Portland, Maine.*

Jackson Memorial Laboratory. Specifications for lodge and cottage.

Longfellow Garden Club, Portland, Maine. Garden wall.*

Maine Eye and Ear Infirmary, Portland, Maine.*

Masonic Temple, Ellsworth, Maine.*

Medbury, Lewis. Alterations and additions to cottage on Great Diamond Island, Casco Bay, Maine.*

Oakley, John W. Residence in Falmouth Foreside, Maine.*

Pemetic High School, Southwest Harbor, Maine. Specifications for an addition.

Porteous Mitchell and Braun Co., Portland, Maine. Alterations and additions.*

Portland City Hospital, Portland, Maine.

Renwick, George. Residence in Bar Harbor, Maine.*

Ross, Theodore. house in Camden, Maine.

Saint Stephens Church, Portland, Maine. Alterations to church and parish house.*

Saint Thomas Church, Camden, Maine. Additions and alterations.*

Saint Thomas Church, Camden, Maine. Parish House.*

Sargent, Lennox L. Residence at Sea Wall, Maine.*

Second Congregational Church, Saco, Maine.*

Thornton Academy, Saco, Maine. New building and alterations and additions.*

United Baptist Church, Saco, Maine. Alterations and additions.*

Warehouse in Presque Isle, Maine. Specifications.

E. Leander Higgins: General architectural books.

E. Leander Higgins: Financial ledger, 1910-1923

Additional plans found in collection:

Abbott house alterations, Yarmouth, Maine.

Baltimore cottage.

Bancroft and Martin Rolling Mills Co.

Bennett houses alterations, Bar Harbor, Maine.

Brown estate.

Braun house, Bridgton, Maine.

Brockway, Walter B. residence.

Burnham, George. Houses, Portland, Maine.

Burnham and Morrell building, Portland, Maine.

Butler School, Portland, Maine.

Central Fire Station, Brunswick, Maine.

Central Maine General Hospital (new wing), Lewiston, Maine.

Chapman, Alice G. House alterations, West Bethel, Maine.

Chapel at Bailey Island.

Codman Memorial Chapel, East Deering, Maine.

Chandler residence alterations, Camden, Maine.

Farmers' National Bank, Houlton, Maine.

Fidelity Trust Company building, Portland, Maine.

Frye House alterations, Portland, Maine.

Foley House alterations.

Gutcree residence.

Gabbott garage.

Goodwin, George B. Shops and apartments, Portland and Biddeford, Maine.

Higgins, Dr. R.G. Residence alterations, Bar Harbor, Maine.

Higgins shops and apartments, Bar Harbor, Maine.

Leonard residence, Portland, Maine.

Lowell house, Saco, Maine.

MacDougal, H.N. Portland, Maine.

Maine Central Railroad Company, Gardiner train station; George Burnham, architect.

Monument Square property (no. 1-9), Portland, Maine.

Maritime Quality Hardware Co. additions and alterations, Belfast, Maine.

Maine solar house, Libby Owens Glass Co.

Maxy residence, Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

Memorial honor roll on village green, Bar Harbor, Maine.

Medical building, Portland, Maine.

Martin residence, Gloucester, Virginia.

Nason building, Bangor, Maine.

Parish house, Standish, Maine.

Pierce camp, Houlton, Maine.

Portland Club, Portland, Maine.

Police headquarters, Portland, Maine.

Porter house, Trevett, Maine.

Payson Company additions and alterations, Portland, Maine.

Portland Cathedral.

Portland High School alterations.

Portland Shoe Manufacturing Company, Portland, Maine.

Quimby log lodge, Bingham, Maine.

Quimby residence, Northwest Harbor, Maine.

Rectory and student center, Episcopal Diocese of Maine, Orono, Maine.

Rensselaer Water Company, Rensselaer, N.Y.

Robinson house alterations, Southwest Harbor, Maine.

Sherman Street school (proposal)

Southwest Harbor Boat Corp. alterations, Southwest Harbor, Maine.

St. Mary's Chapel, lych-gate.

Security Trust Co., Camden, Maine.

St. Luke's Cathedral, Portland, Maine.

St. Mark's Church proposed alterations, Waterville, Maine.

Summit Tavern, Acadia Corp.

Thomas house, Farmington, Maine.

Universal Laundry proposed office plans, Portland, Maine.

Village Improvement Assoc., Bar Harbor, Maine.

Walter Stover House, Bar Harbor, Maine.

Watson Miller and Co.

Wills, J.M. house, Manset, Maine.

Wingwood house alterations.

YMCA building, Portland, Maine.

YMCA additions and alterations, Portland, Maine.

Folio folders of drawings, blueprints, watercolors, etc.:

Mrs. Berkley LeV. Allen building

American Red Cross Disaster Relief Headquarters

Warren L. Anderson garage, Caribou

Warren Anderson residence, Caribou

Aroostook Motors Inc.

Atlantic Highway Service

Baptist Church (study)

Bar Harbor Elementary School

Bar Harbor Hotel

Cherry-Burrell Corp.

Eastern Atlantic log structures

Desmond Fitzgerald house

Hancock County Creamery, Inc.

Harborview House

H.F. Hutchinson house

Immanuel Baptist Church, Portland

Luchini Building, Ellsworth

Maine solar house

Masonic Temple, Ellsworth

Nurses’ wing, Mt. Desert Hospital*

Maternity building, Skowhegan

Municipal garage, Bar Harbor

Municipal pier, Bar Harbor

George S. Munson house

Northern Sales and Service garage

Mr. and Mrs. George Renwick house

Riley Stoker Corp., Worcester, Mass.

Mr. and Mrs. Lennox Sargent house

Skowhegan Hospital

St. Thomas Church, Camden

Stanley Fish freezer, Southwest Harbor

Tompkins house

Tremont School


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