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Special Collections: Guide to the League of Women Voters of Maine Records

Collection title:   League of Women Voters of Maine Records
Collection number:  MS 291
Date of collection:
Size of collection:  19 boxes
Restrictions on access and use: Kept at Fogler Library's offsite storage facility. One week's notice required for retrieval


The League of Women Voters was founded after the passing of the 19th amendment (in 1920) for the purpose of educating women voters and becoming involved in the political process.

Scope and Content Note

Records of the League of Women Voters in Maine. Collection includes chapter records and state level records. The records include correspondence, pamphlets, manuscripts, reports on both the administration of the organization, and on the issues of the organization and on the issues of the day.

Contents of Boxes

Cage Box 24

The All-American cities award.

Annual reports from the national organization.

Auburn branch, eight folders.

Bangor branch, two folders.

Cage Box 24a

Banking laws of Maine.

Bates, Nellie Gertrude. Obituary.

Baxter, Percival P. Water Powers, a communication embodying constitutional amendment to the eightieth legislature, March 17, 1921.

Blue Hill branch.

Brewster, Ralph O. Reprints of addresses.

The Bricker amendment.

Brown, Dorothy Kirchwey. The case for acceptance of the Sheppard-Towner Act.

Brunswick branch.

Budgets of the league.

Budgets (state), three folders.

By-laws of Maine state branch.

Child labor pamphlets.

Clippings. Convention and meeting coverage.

The commonwealth fund.

Conferences, regional and state.

Congressional correspondence.

Congressional (U.S.) interviews, two folders.

Cage Box 25

Congressional (U.S.) newsletters.


Constitution paper #2, Jan. 15, 1965.

Continuing responsibilities.

Conventions and council planning.

Conventions and councils, four folders.

Cormier - Smith debates, 1960.

Correspondence, 1959-1963, five folders.

Cage Box 26
County government.

Cumberland County branch.

Economic stability and taxes, pamphlets.

Education fund.

Education, two folders.

Equal rights amendment.

Falmouth branch, three folders.

Field visits.

Finance publications, state and national.

Finances. The Maine state branch of the organization, 1932-1963. Two folders.

Cage Box 27
Finances, state and league.

Foreign policy.

Foreign policy institute.

Foreign policy, 1940-1959.

Foreign trade.

Foreign trade letters.

Griswold, Erwin N. The fear around us.

Hormell, Orren Chalmer. Corrupt practices legislation in Maine and how it works.

Hormell, Orren Chalmer. Cost of primaries and elections in Maine.

Hormell, Orren Chalmer. The direct primary.

Hormell, Orren Chalmer. Maine public utilities.

Hormell, Orren Chalmer. Personnel problems.

Houlton branch.

How to do it, ideas for local leagues.

Immigration, resource material.

Individual liberties.

International relations.

Kittery branch.

Cage Box 28
League of Women Voters general information.

Legislative action.

Legislative bulletin.

Lewiston-Auburn branch, two folders.

Lewiston branch.

Local current agenda.

Local leaders handbook, 1946.

Maine committee on children and youth.

Maine revision of constitution.

Maine state board.

Maine State Library.

Material from leagues.

Cage Box 29
Maternity and child welfare.

Membership in Maine.

Minimum wage.

National board of the league.

National conference on citizenship, 1960.

National conventions of the league.

National programs.

News clippings.

Nominating committee: correspondence.

Non-partisanship of the league.

Norway and South Paris branch.

Old age assistance for Maine, 1938.

Organization of leagues, three folders.

Organization reports, 1961, two folders.

Cage Box 30
Organization reports, 1960-61, two folders.

Orono branch, two folders.

Pamphlets, booklets, programs, 1940-1960.

Personnel law.

Portland branch, two folders.

Cage Box 30a
Orono branch materials, 1950's-1970's.

Cage Box 31
Pre-legislative conference.

President's letters, 1955-1963, two folders.

Presidents (state).

Presque Isle branch.

Primaries, pamphlets.

Probation and parole.


Public relations.

Public relations of the national league.

Publications, three folders.

Cage Box 32
Publications, 1953-1960, two folders.

Publications, state (Maine), two folders.

Reed-Coffin debate.

Reports from the hill, legislative newsletter, 1954-1957. Scattered issues.

Reprint of the opinion of Judge Madden, 1960. League of Women Voters of the United States vs. The United States.

Rockland branch, two folders.

Rumford branch.

Sears Roebuck discussion.

A short biography on the basic principles of government.

Social issues.

Cage Box 33
South Berwick branch.

South Portland branch.

Southwest Harbor branch.

State board (Maine), lists.

State board (Maine), minutes, 1952-1961.

State conventions.

State conventions (annual) 1920-1945.

State legislation.

State programs.

Taxation in Maine, 1959-1960.

Thumbnail sketch of local league projects, 1960-1961.

Cage Box 33a
United Nations, 1951-1961.

Voters service, 1933-1960, three folders.

Water, 1958-1959.

Water resources.

Water resources committees, two folders.

Waterville branch.

Women's legislative council, 1957-1959.

Women's rights and welfare.

Women's suffrage.

World peace.

World peace and the atom bomb.

Youthful offenders.

Rockland, Maine. Agenda, 1967-1968.

Box 349
Rockland, Maine. Annual reports, 1941-1960, scattered.

Rockland, Maine. Bulletins and samples, 1961-1968.

Rockland, Maine. Board list (state), 1951-1952, membership list (Rockland), 1952-1953.

Rockland, Maine. Business reports, 1947-1964.

Rockland, Maine. Bylaws.

Rockland, Maine. The government and the legal status of women, 1934.

Rockland, Maine. List of paid members, 1957-1958.

Rockland, Maine. Miscellaneous papers, 1960's.

Rockland, Maine. Papers, letters, minutes, bulletins, 1940's.

Rockland, Maine. Papers, letters, minutes, bulletins, 1950's.

Rockland, Maine. Reports of board and membership meetings, 1957-1959.

Rockland, Maine. Reports of local meetings, 1938-1939.

Rockland, Maine. Reports of local meetings, 1944-1945.

Rockland, Maine. Reports of meetings, 1965-1969.

Rockland, Maine. Scrapbook, 1938-1944.

Rockland, Maine. Scrapbook, 1963-1967.

Box 350
Action, 1944-1948.

Bulletin, League of Women Voters, Bangor-Brewer area.

Bulletin, League of Women Voters, Portland area.

Bulletin, Maine League of Women Voters.

Facts and issues.

Facts and issues. league of Women Voters of the U. S.

The headlight, League of Women Voters of South Portland.

Know your state of Maine, revisions and supplements.

Know your state of Maine. Two folders.

The Maine bulletin.

Mainstream, a study of how Maine uses and manages its water resources, 1960.

Members magazine. League of Women Voters of the U. S.

Box 592
Trends: National league of Women Voters.

Box 350

Youthful offenders in Maine, 1958.

Annual reports, 1967-1972. Three folders.

Box 592
Human resources.

Augusta branch, 1969-1971.

Bangor branch, 1969-1971.

Brunswick branch, 1969-1971.

By-law changes, national.

By-laws, state.

Conference, New England, September, 1969.

Conference on Aging, 1971.

Conference on environmental quality, August, 1970.

Conference on open admissions, University of Maine, 1970.

Congressional interviews.

Convention, national, 1970.


District of Columbia home rule.

Education funds, 1969-1971.

Election night reporting, 1970.


Environmental Improvement committee, Maine water and air.

Environmental resources, two folders.

Established state leagues.

Field service, national.

Fiftieth anniversary state celebration.

Finance, state.

Foreign policy.

Houlton branch.

Box 593
Human resources, state, 1967-1971.

Human resources, time for action.

Kittery - York branch.

League day at legislature, 1969.

League voters service information booth, 1968.

Legislation 104th.

Legislative action, 1967-1969.

Legislative luncheon, 1969.

Legislative task force.

Lewiston - Auburn branch.

Liberty amendment, 1968.

Maine League of Women Voters internal revenue.

Maine tuberculosis newsletter.

Maine resources symposium, 1968.

Members at large.

Mount Desert Island branch, 1969-1971.

New leagues.

Nominating committee, 1969-1971.

Non-partisanship policies.

Office file.

Orientation and action workshops.

Orientation guide.

Orono branch, 1969-1971.

Pesticide seminar, 1967.

Policies of the board, 1968,1969,1971.

Portland area, 1969-1971.

President's correspondence, 1961.

President's council.

Program planning, national, 1969-1971.

Public broadcasting.

Public relations, state.


Rockland branch.

Box 594
Annual reports, state, 1970-1971.

Seminar on air pollution, 1969.

Sierra club.

South Portland branch, 1969-1971.

Speakers bureau.

State board, minutes, 1969-1971.

State board, policies.

State board, reports, 1969-1971.

State board task force, 1970.

State boards.

State government, 1967-1969.

State job descriptions.

State league exchange.

State league kit. Party precinct participation, voters service focus for 1967-1968.

State league units.

State legislative program, 1970.

State legislatures progress reporter.

Structures and procedures.

Times for action, 1967-1970.

Treasurer, state.

U.S. Congress, 1970.

Voter service, federal.

Voter service, state.

Voter, state.

Voters manual, state.

Water and air, 1967-1971.

Women's legislative council of Maine.

Working with youth.


Youth conference.

Box 595

League of Women Voters of Maine.


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