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Special Collections: Guide to the Maine School Administrative District Records

Arranged and described by Brenda Howitson Steeves

Collection title: Maine School Administrative District Records Collection
Collection number: MS 1433
Dates of collection:
Size of collection: 8 boxes
Restrictions on access and use: Kept at Fogler Library's offsite storage facility. One week's notice required for retrieval


In 1957 Maine enacted the School Administrative District Law, also known as the Sinclair Law, which encouraged the formation of school administrative units (SADs), each made up of several communities. The purpose of the law was to help small towns provide better education, increase the quality of instruction and the breadth of school programs, and reduce per student costs in each school unit. No town was forced to join a School Administrative District but many did so in the years after the law was enacted, leading to a reduction in the number of smaller school districts.

Scope and Content Note

The collection contains materials from the various School Administrative Districts in Maine and includes annual reports, budgets and informational booklets. It appears to have been gathered by staff at Fogler Library, and much of the material dates from 1959 and the early 1960s when districts were being formed in many communities. The material is arranged by School Administrative District number and runs from S.A.D. #1 to S.A.D. #77. Dates given for holdings are inclusive; reports may not have been received for each year within a given set of dates.

Contents of Boxes

Box 1

f1-3 S.A.D. 1: Castle Hill, Chapman, Mapleton, Presque Isle, Westfield: Reports, 1959-1979
f4-6 S.A.D. 2: Greenville, Shirley: Reports, budget reports, etc., 1964-1979
f7-9 S.A.D. 3: Brooks, Knox, Montville, Waldo, Freedom, Liberty, Thorndike, Jackson, Monroe, Troy, Unity: Reports, 1959-1982
f10-11 S.A.D. 4: Abbot, Cambridge, Guilford, Parkman, Sangerville, Wellington: Reports, budget reports, 1964-1994
f12 S.A.D. 5: Owls Head, Rockland, South Thomaston: Reports, budget reports, informational bulletin, 1964-1971
f13-14 S.A.D. 6: Buxton, Hollis, Limington, Standish: Reports, 1961-1980
f15-16 S.A.D. 7: North Haven: Reports, 1973-1984
f17 S.A.D. 8: Vinalhaven: Reports, 1959-1976

Box 2

f1-4 S.A.D. 9: Chesterville, Farmington, Industry, New Sharon, New Vineyard, Temple, Vienna, Weld, Wilton: Reports, 1959-1988
f6-7 S.A.D. 10: Allagash Plantation: Reports, budget reports, 1968-1971
f8-9 S.A.D. 11: Gardiner, Pittston, Randolph, West Gardiner: Reports, 1964-1982
f10-11 S.A.D. 12: Jackman, Moose River, Dennistown Plantation: Reports, 1963-1982
f12-13 S.A.D. 13: Bingham, Caratunk Plantation, Moscow, The Forks Plantation, West Forks Plantation: Reports, 1959-1984
f14-15 S.A.D. 14: Danforth, Weston: Reports, 1960-1982
f16-19 S.A.D. 15: Gray, New Gloucester: Reports, 1961-1982

Box 3

f1-2 S.A.D. 16: Farmingdale, Hallowell: Reports, budget reports, 1962-1976
f3-4 S.A.D. 17: Harrison, Hebron, Paris, Waterford, Norway, Oxford, Otisfield, West Paris: Reports, 1963-1994
f5- 7 S.A.D. 18: Prospect, Verona: Reports, 1961-1983
f8-9 S.A.D. 19: Lubec: Reports, 1962-1983
f10 S.A.D. 20: Fort Fairfield: Reports, 1970-1982
f11-12 S.A.D. 21: Canton, Carthage, Dixfield: Reports, 1964-1983
f13-15 S.A.D. 22: Hampden, Newburgh, Winterport: Reports, 1963-1979
f16-17 S.A.D. 23: Carmel, Levant: Reports, 1964-1983
f18-19 S.A.D. 24: Cyr Plantation, Grand Isle, Van Buren, Hamlin Plantation: Reports, budget reports: 1964-1971

Box 4

f1 S.A.D. 25: Mt. Chase Plantation, Patten, Sherman, Stacyville: Reports, 1963-1978
f2 S.A.D. 26: Eastbrook, Waltham: Reports, 1963-1979
f3-6 S.A.D. 27: Eagle Lake, Fort Kent, New Canada Plantation: Reports, 1963-1993
f7-8 S.A.D. 28: Camden, Rockport, Lincolnville: Reports, 1967-1982
f9-11 S.A.D. 29: Hammond Plantation, Houlton, Littleton, Monticello: Reports, 1963-1984
f12 S.A.D. 30: Lee, Prentiss Plantation, Springfield, Webster Plantation: Reports, 1963-1979
f13-15 S.A.D. 31: Burlington, Enfield, Howland, Lowell, Maxfield, Passadumkeag, Seboeis Plantation: Reports, 1963-1983
f16 S.A.D. 32: Ashland, Garfield, Portage Lake, Masardis, Oxbow Plantation: Reports, 1964-1971

Box 5

f1-5 S.A.D. 33: Frenchville, St. Agatha: Reports, 1965-1982
f6-7 S.A.D. 34: Belfast, Belmont, Morrill, Northport, Searsmont, Swanville: Reports, 1967-1984
f8 S.A.D. 35: Eliot, South Berwick: Reports, 1964-1979
f9 S.A.D. 36: Fayette, Livermore, Livermore Falls: Reports, 1967-1983
f10-11 S.A.D. 37: Addison, Cherryfield, Columbia, Columbia Falls, Harrington, Milbridge: Reports, 1967-1982
f12-13 S.A.D. 38: Dixmont, Etna: Reports, 1968-1983
f14 S.A.D. 39: Buckfield, Hartford, Sumner: Reports, 1967, 1969
f15-f16 S.A.D. 40: Friendship, Union, Waldoboro, Warren, Washington: Reports, 1967-1984

Box 6

f1-3 S.A.D. 41: Atkinson, Brownville, LaGrange, Lake View Plantation, Milo: Reports, 1965-1979
f4-5 S.A.D. 42: Blaine, Bridgewater, Mars Hill: Reports, 1969-1994
f6 S.A.D. 43: Byron, Mexico, Roxbury: Reports, 1965-1981
f7 S.A.D. 44: Andover, Bethel, Greenwood, Newry, Woodstock: Reports, 1967-1980
f8 S.A.D. 46: Dexter, Garland, Ripley, Exeter: Reports, 1968-1971, 1981-1984
f9 S.A.D. 47: Belgrade, Oakland, Sidney: Reports, 1966-1975
f10 S.A.D. 48: Corinna, Hartland, Newport, Palmyra, Plymouth, St. Albans: Reports, budget reports, 1966-1967, 1970-1971
f11-12 S.A.D. 49: Albion, Benton, Clinton, Fairfield: Reports, 1969-1984
f13 S.A.D. 50: Cushing, Saint George, Thomaston: Reports, 1978-1980
f14 S.A.D. 51: Cumberland, North Yarmouth: Reports, 1969-1984
f15 S.A.D. 52: Turner, Leeds, Greene: Reports, 1968, 1970
f16 S.A.D. 53: Burnham, Detroit, Pittsfield: Reports, 1968-1971
f17 S.A.D. 54: Canaan, Cornville, Mercer, Norridgewock, Skowhegan, Smithfield: Reports, 1969-1980
f18-19 S.A.D. 55: Baldwin, Cornish, Hiram, Parsonsfield, Porter: Reports, 1968-1982

Box 7

f1-2 S.A.D. 56: Frankfort, Searsport, Stockton Springs: Reports, 1969-1983
f3 S.A.D. 57: Alfred, Limerick, Lyman, Newfield, Shapleigh, Waterboro: Reports, 1967-1970
f4-9 S.A.D. 58: Avon, Eustis, Kingfield, Phillips, Strong: Reports, 1967-1982
f10-11 S.A.D. 59: Athens, Madison, Starks, Brighton Plantation: Reports, 1967-1993
f12 S.A.D. 60: Berwick, Lebanon, North Berwick: Reports, 1967-1978
f13 S.A.D. 61: Bridgton, Casco, Naples, Sebago: Reports, information booklet, 1967-1970
f14 S.A.D. 62: Pownal: Report, 1968
f15-17 S.A.D. 63: Clifton, Eddington, Holden: Reports, 1966-1984; 1991
f18 S.A.D. 64: Bradford, Corinth, Hudson, Kenduskeag, Stetson: Reports, 1967-1983
f19-21 S.A.D. 67: Chester, Lincoln, Mattawamkeag: Reports, budget reports, etc., 1970-1983

Box 8

f1-2 S.A.D. 68: Charleston, Dover-Foxcroft, Monson, Sebec: Reports, 1968-1982
f3 S.A.D. 69: Charlotte, Pembroke, Perry, Robbinston, Dennysville: Reports, 1969, 1971
f4 S.A.D. 70: Amity, Haynesville, Hodgdon, Cary Plantation: Reports, 1969-1971
f5-8 S.A.D. 71: Kennebunk, Kennebunkport: Reports, budget reports, etc., 1969-1983
f9-10 S.A.D. 72: Brownfield, Denmark, Fryeburg, Lovell, Stoneham, Stow, Sweden: Reports: 1969-1981
f11 S.A.D. 73: Brooklin, Brooksville, Deer Isle, Sedgwick, Stonington: Reports, 1969, 1971
f12 S.A.D. 74: Anson, New Portland, Solon, Embden: Reports, 1969-1980
f13 S.A.D. 75: Bowdoin, Bowdoinham, Harpswell, Topsham: Reports, 1969-1970, 1975
f14-16 S.A.D. 77: Cutler, East Machias, Machiasport, Whiting: Reports: 1969-1984

Please note: S.A.D. 45: Perham, Washburn, Wade: S.A.D. reports for 1971 for district #45 are incorporated in town reports for Perham, Washburn and Wade.

No materials were received for S.A.D. 65 (Matinicus Isle Plantation) or S.A.D. 66 (Ellsworth, Hancock, Lamoine, Surry, Trenton).

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