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Special Collections: Guide to the Clifford Guy McIntire Papers

Collection title: Clifford Guy McIntire Papers
Collection number: MS 334
Date of collection: 1913-1965
Size of collection: 39  boxes


Clifford McIntire was born in Perham, Maine in 1908. He graduated from the University of Maine in 1930 and was a farmer in Perham from 1930 on. He was elected to Congress in 1953 and served from the 3rd district in the 82nd-87th Congress and the 2nd District in the 88th Congress. McIntire left Congress in 1965 and died in 1976.

Scope and Content Note

The official records of   McIntire during his tour in office as U.S. Representative from the 2nd and 3rd districts of Maine during the period 1953-1965.

Contents of  Boxes

Box  900



"A" miscellaneous.

Accelerated public works program.

Agricultural Act of 1956.

Agricultural Adjustment Act of amended.

Agricultural legislation, 83rd Congress.

Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946.

Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937.

Agriculture Act of 1949.

Agricultural Act of 1954.

Agriculture Act of 1958.

Agriculture - ANFUSO Subcommittee.

Agriculture Committee.

Agriculture (conservation).

Agriculture 1960-1962, two folders.

Agriculture, three folders.

Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act.

Price support programs.

Agriculture (cooperatives).

Box  901

Agriculture - cotton.

Agriculture - cotton/wheat bill of 1964.

Agriculture - dairy, 1961-62.

Agriculture - dairy products, two folders.

Agriculture - experiment, laws.

Agriculture - extension, laws.

Agriculture Extension Service, Maine.

Agriculture - FAO, two folders.

Agriculture - Family Farm Subcommittee, two folders.

Agriculture - Farm Credit Administration; Keith Condon file.

Agriculture - farm credit, three folders.

Agriculture - Forest Service job literature.

Agriculture - Forestry, 1959-62, three folders.

Agriculture laws.

Agriculture - manpower reports.

Agriculture - marketing.

Agriculture - mercantile.

Agriculture - Paris, two folders.

Agriculture - potatoes, Brookmont School 1959.

Agriculture - potatoes, four folders.

Agriculture - poultry, three folders.

Agriculture - press releases of the committee.

Agriculture - research, laws.

Agriculture - surplus commodities.

Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act.

Box 902
Packers and Stockyards Act of 1921, as amended.

Air Force, Department of the, three folders.


Airlines, Northeast Airlines, three folders.

Airports, Dow Field.

Airports, five folders.

Airports, Loring.

Airports, Presque Isle.

Airports, Quebec-Air.

Federal-Aid Airport Program, 1952.

Box 903

Alaska, two folders.

Allagash, two folders.

Alpha Zeta Washington Association.


Appropriations and government spending.

Appropriations, fiscal 55.

Appropriations, fiscal 55, agriculture.

Appropriations, fiscal 56.

Appropriations, fiscal 56, Department of Agriculture.

Appropriations, fiscal 57, Department of Agriculture.

Appropriations, fiscal 58, Department of Agriculture.

Appropriations, fiscal 59.

Appropriations, fiscal 59, Department of Agriculture.

Appropriations, fiscal 1960, Department of Agriculture.

Appropriations, fiscal 1961, Department of Agriculture.

Appropriations, fiscal 1962-63, Department of Agriculture.

Appropriations, fiscal 1965, Department of Agriculture.

Appropriations - miscellaneous.

Appropriations, 1959-1960.

Appropriations, two folders.

Area redevelopment.

Area redevelopment, 1961-62.

Armed Services.

Box 904
Armed Services, committee on.


Army, Department of the, two folders.


Atomic energy, two folders.

Attaches, Department of Agriculture.

"B" miscellaneous.


Bangor - Dow Air Force Base, miscellaneous.

Bangor - Dow Air Force Base, 1959-1961.

Bangor - Dow Field, roads etc.

Banking and Currency, Committee on, three folders.

Bar Harbor.

Bar Harbor - Yarmouth.

Basing point.


Blueberries, imports.

Blueberries, Maine.

Blueberries, Maine - production.

Box 905
Bolivia, two folders.




Bridges, Maine.

Bridges, Maine. Bangor-Brewer.

Bridges, Maine. Calais.

Bridges, Maine. Dennys River.

Bridges, Maine. Jonesport-Beals.

Bridges, Maine. Lubec.

Bridges, Maine. Mount Desert Narrows.

Bridges, Maine. Northeast Harbor.

Budget, fiscal 55.

Budget, fiscal 56.

Budget, fiscal 57.

Budget, public debt.

Budget, three folders.


Campaign expenditures.

Campobello Bridge.

Campobello Bridge and Park.


Canada, imports - exports.

Canada, labor.

Castor bean.


Census, applications - 1960.

Census, Bureau of the - 1960

Census, district supervisors - 1960.

Census, farm - 1960.

Census, general - 1960.

Census, Maine.

Census, Maine - housing.

Census, Maine - population.

Cities, Maine - Bangor.

Cities, Maine - Bucksport.

Cities, Maine - Caribou.

Citrus fruits.

Civil aeronautics.

Civil Conservation Corps.

Civil defense.

Civil rights.

Box 906
Civil Service Commission.

Civil Service, two folders.

Clerk hire.

Clothespins, two folders.



Coast Guard, 1957-1960.

Coast Guard, two folders.

Commemorative stamps.

Commemorative stamps, 1959-1960.


Committee on Committees.

Committee on Committees, 1959-1960.

Commodity Exchange Authority.

Commodity Exchange Authority - onions.

Commodity Exchange Authority - potatoes.

Common Market.


Community Aids - federal grants.

Congressional personnel, structure, and function.

Congressional summaries.

Conservation Committee. American Forest Congress, October 6-8, 1975.

Conservation Reserve, State of Maine.

Constitution - Bricker Amendment.

Consumer's costs.

Consumer's costs - food.


Cooperatives - National Council of Farmer Cooperatives.

Cooperatives - National Tax Equality Association.

Cooperatives - taxation.


Corps of Engineers - 1961-1962.

Corps of Engineers, U.S. - 1960.

Corruption, government.



Credits and loans, farmers.

Credits and loans, farmers - Maine.

Credits and loans - Government Corporation Control Act (H.R. 8332).

Credits and loans, Maine.

Box 907
Cross Rock Dam Reservoir.



Customs, Madawaska.

Customs, 1961-1962.

Customs Service, Madawaska Customs House.

Customs Service, 1958-1960.

Customs Service, two folders.

Customs Service, Van Buren Customs House.

Custom Service, Vanceboro Border Station.

Custom Station, Van Buren.

Customs Station, Vanceboro.

"D" miscellaneous.

Daughters of the American Revolution, National Society.

Defense, Department of.

Defense Production Act.

Department of Agriculture.

Department of Agriculture - appropriations, fiscal 1964.

Department of Agriculture - foreign agriculture service.

Department of Agriculture - 1959-1960, transportation policy.

Department of Agriculture - reorganization.

Department of Agriculture - speeches and releases.


Disclaimer affidavit.

Draft, reserve.

Economic opportunity, 1964.


Economics, business recession.


Education and Labor Committee, Federal Aid to Education. Two folders.

Education and Labor Committee, 1961-1962.

Education and Labor Committee, two folders.

Education, NDEA.

Box 908
Education and Labor Committee. H.R. 9846.

Education and Labor Committee. H.R. 10440.

Education and Labor, Committee on. Federal Aid to Education, 1959-1960.

Education and Labor, Committee on. H.R. 9802.

Education and Labor, Committee on. H.R. 9824.

Education, educational television.

Education, Federal Aid to, 1961-1962, two folders.

Education, federally impacted areas.

Education, Maine.

Education, vocational education.

Educational T.V., Maine.


Eighty-Second Club.

Eighty-Fifth Congress.

Eighty-Sixth Congress.


Elections, Maine.

Elections, presidential.

Emergency legislation.


Engineers, Army.

Equal rights.

Evacuation, Maine.

Eveland, Mrs.

Exports, P.L. 480.

Extension Service - 4-H Clubs, 1959-1960.

Extension Service, 1957-1960.

Box 909
Fair trade.

Farm and Home Week.

Farm and Home Week at the University of Maine, 1957.

Farm crops, diverted acres.

Farm crops, imports.

Farm crops, industrial uses.

Farm crops, insects and diseases.

Farm crops, Maine.

Farm crops Maine, crop production.

Farm crops, marketing.

Farm crops, marketing agreements.

Farm crops, parity.

Farm crops, price supports.

Farm crops, prices.

Farm crops, school lunch program.

Farm crops, section 32 funds.

Farm crops, surpluses.

Farm, speeches.


Farmers, census.

Farmers, compensatory payments.

Farmers, conservation (ACP).

Farmers, conservation (soil).

Farmers, conservation (watersheds).

Farmers, education.

Farmers, exempt carriers.

Farmers, experiment stations.

Farmers, extension work.

Farmers, farm programs.

Farmers, 4-H clubs.

Farmers, Future Farmers of America.

Farmers, income.

Farmers, international exchange.

Farmers, Land Grant Colleges.

Farmers, Maine.

Farmers - Maine, conservation (ACP).

Farmers - Maine, extension work.

Farmers - Maine, 4-H clubs.

Farmers - Maine, income.

Farmers, National Farm Organizations.

Farmers, research.

Farmers, social security.

Federal Aviation Agency.

Federal Communications Commission.

Federal Housing Administration.

Federal personnel.

Federal Trade Commission.

Outstanding Farmers and homemakers.

Box 910
Feed grains.

Ferries, Bar Harbor-Nova Scotia.


Fish, appropriations.

Fish, clams.

Fish, Maine.

Fish, Maine - laws.

Fish, 1959-1962.

Fish, 1960-1962.

Fish, sardines - two folders.

Fish, tariffs.

Fish, two folders.

Flag, United States.

Food for Peace Program.

Food Stamp Plan.

Foreign Affairs Committee.

Foreign affairs, two folders.

Foreign Aid, 1960-l962.

Foreign Aid, two folders.

Forest products.

Forest products, appropriations fiscal 1956.

Forest products, appropriations fiscal 1958.

Forest products, appropriations fiscal 1959.

Forest products, appropriations fiscal 1960.

Forest products, appropriations fiscal 1962.

Forest products, appropriations fiscal 1963.

Forest products, appropriations fiscal 1964.

Forest products, appropriations fiscal 1964.

Forest products, appropriations fiscal 1965.

Forest products, Christmas trees.

Forest products, experiments.

Forest products, Maine.

Forest products, national forests.

Forest products, research.


Forestry, appropriations fiscal 1961.

Forestry Sub-Committee.

Forests Sub-Committee trip, 1961.

Lobsters, two folders

Box 911

Fuel, gas.

Fuel, gasoline.

Fuel, oil - two folders.

General Accounting Office.


Goldwater issues.


Grants in Aid, federal.

Grants in Aid, Maine.

Harbors and ports.

Harbors and ports - Maine.

Harbors and ports - Maine, Bar Harbor.

Harbors and ports - Maine, Bass Harbor.

Harbors and ports - Maine, Beals Harbor.

Harbors and ports - Maine, Blue Hill Harbor.

Harbors and ports - Maine, Corea Harbor.

Harbors and ports - Maine, Cranberry Island Harbor at Isleford.

Harbors and ports - Maine, Eastern River, Orland.

Harbors and ports - Maine, Northeast Harbor.

Harbors and rivers, Bucks Harbor.

Harbors and rivers, Bunker's Harbor in Gouldsboro.

Harbors and rivers, Calf Island and Roque Bluffs.

Harbors and rivers, Ellsworth, Union River.

Harbors and rivers, Fort Kent.

Harbors and rivers, Machias.

Harbors and rivers, Machias River.

Harbors and rivers - Maine, Castine.

Harbors and rivers, Narraguagus, Cherryfield.

Box 912
Harbors and ports - Maine, Milbridge, Narraguagus River.

Harbors and ports - Maine, South West Harbor.

Harbors and ports - Maine, Stave Island Harbor.

Harbors and ports - Maine, Winter Harbor.

Harbors and rivers, Corps of Engineers programs.

Harbors and rivers - Maine, Stonington Harbor.

Harbors and rivers - Maine, Wyman.

Harbors and rivers, Penobscot River.

Harbors and rivers, Pig Island Gut, Beals.

Harbors and rivers, Pleasant River.

Harbors and rivers, Portland Harbor.

Harbors and rivers, Prospect Harbor.

Harbors and rivers, Rankin Rapids.

Harbors and rivers, Saco River (dredging).

Harbors and rivers, Saint Croix River.

Harbors and rivers, small navigation projects.


Health, Education and Welfare, Department of.

Health, Education and Welfare, Department of - 1958-60.


Hospitals, appropriations.

Hospitals, 1956-60.


Highways, Maine.

Hospitals, Maine.

Box 913
Hospitals - Maine, Ellsworth.

Hospitals - Maine, Fort Kent.

Hospitals - Maine, Millinocket.

Hospitals, two folders.

Houlton, town of.

House voting record, (Mr. McIntire).

Housing, college housing.

Housing, defense housing.

Housing, Maine.

Housing, Maine - Aroostook County.

Housing, Maine - Dow Field.

Housing, Maine - Limestone.

Housing, Maine - Presque Isle.

Housing, Maine - Van Buren.

Housing, Maine - Winter Harbor.

Housing, military.

Housing, 1957-60.

Housing, private housing.

Housing, public housing.

Housing, two folders.

Housing, veteran housing.

I.C.C., R.R. cars.

Ice breaker.

Immigration and naturalization, 1959-1960.

Immigration and naturalization, two folders.


Indians, Maine.

Industry, Maine.

Industry, Maine - Associated Industries of Maine.

Interior and Insular Affairs, Committee on. Two folders.

Interior Department.

Interior, Department of.

Interior, Department of, 1959-1962.

Internal Revenue Service.

International Joint Commission.

Box 914

International Materials Conference.

Interstate and Foreign Commerce, Committee on, two folders.

Interstate and Foreign Commerce, 1958.

Interstate Commerce Commission, two folders.

Judiciary, Committee on the, three folders.

Labor, 1957.

Labor, 1959-1960.

Labor. three folders.

Labor - Winter Harbor Project, 1958-1959.

Legislation - miscellaneous and assorted.

Legislation - miscellaneous, 1959-1960.

Libraries, HEW, PL 88-605.


Limestone Airbase.

Limestone Dry Cleaning.

Limestone, 1954-1959.



Livestock - beef prices.

Livestock - hoof and mouth disease.

Livestock - imports.

Livestock, Maine.

Box 914


Loring Air Force Base, access highway 1952-1953.

Loring Air Force Base, housing 1953-1958.

Loring Air Force Base, 1958.

Lumber industry.

Mclntire, general.

Box 915

Mclntire, H.Con. Res. 140, Baltic question before the U.N.

McIntire, H.J.Res. 376, equal rights for women.

Mclntire, H.J.R. 307, six percent quota on softwood imports.

McIntire, H.J.R. 328, for National Harmony Week.

Mclntire, H.R. 247, anti-backdoor bill.

McIntire, H.R. 383, tax deduction for college expenses.

McIntire, H.R. 465, for a small business committee.

McIntire, H.R. 904, prohibit futures trading on potatoes.

Mclntire, H.R. 2023, benefits re female telephone operators.

McIntire, H.R. 2891, extend P.L. 815 and P.L. 874.

McIntire, H.R. 3369, private bill, Mrs. Mason.

McIntire, H.R. 3536, higher education bill.

McIntire, H.R. 3698, Social Security, Maine folks.

McIntire, H.R. 3752, private bill for Sgt. Tonini.

McIntire, H.R. 3965, fishery products in P.L. 480.

McIntire, H.R. 4457, point of origin of lumber products.

McIntire, H.R. 4889, estimate tax on phones and wires.

McIntire, H.R. 4949, making a joint budget committee.

McIntire, H.R. 5219, potato marketing quota bill.

McIntire, H.R. 6115, tax credit for senior citizens on house.

McIntire, H.R. 6746, regulate forestry and agricultural imports.

McIntire, H.R. 6820, anti-discriminatory use of feed grain.

McIntire, H.R. 6932, to prohibit foreign aid under Title I.

McIntire, H.R. 7001, cropland retirement bill.

McIntire, H.R. 7002, medical service for fishermen.

McIntire, H.R. 7241, anti-dumping bill.

McIntire, H.R. 8705, assistance and loans, optometry.

McIntire, H.R. 8789, 5 cent George Washington stamp.

McIntire, H.R. 8814, private bill, Hannah Robbins.

McIntire, H.R. 8976, triple tax exemption, working student.

McIntire, H.R. 9186, disaster loans through F.H.A.

McIntire, H.R. 9215, import-export bank loans.

McIntire, H.R. 10854, anti-dumping bill, corrective legis.

McIntire, H.R. 11920, medical care for working owners or part owners of fishing craft.

Box 916

McIntire, general.

McIntire, H.J.Res. 1113, constitutional amendment, State Legislatures.

McIntire, H.R. 9740 and 9741, P.L. 88-363, Campobello International Park.

McIntire, H.R. 9892, Hoover-like organization on executive branch of government.

McIntire, H.R. 10179, authorizing a Quoddy Tidal Project.

McIntire, H.R. 10423, private bill, pension - widows.

McIntire, H.R. 10604, banks for cooperatives stock issue.

McIntire, H.R. 10605, income tax reduction for teachers.

McIntire, H.R. 10682, fishing vessel subsidy.

McIntire, H.R. 11447, increase in social security earnings.

McIntire, notes on 1964 campaign.

McIntire, Rotary correspondence.

McIntire-Stennis Advisory Board and Advisory Committee, April 24-26, 1972. Mississippi State University and State College of Mississippi.

McIntire-Stennis appropriations and correspondence.

McIntire-Stennis Cooperative Forestry Research Program.

McIntire, two folders.

Box 917
McIntire, H.R. 335, revenue code, timber lands.

McIntire, H.R. 336, graduate corporate income tax.

McIntire, H.R. 337, mining and metallurgical center - manganese.

McIntire, H.R. 767, poultry inspection.

McIntire, H.R. 2464, lobsters, interstate transportation.

McIntire, H.R. 2561, recreation in national forests.

McIntire, H.R. 2817, Stave Island Harbor.

McIntire, H.R. 2818, homeworker exemption.

McIntire, H.R. 3396, production cost insurance.

McIntire, H.R. 3988, to amend Bankhead-Jones Act.

McIntire, H.R., insured loans as assets, Bankhead-Jones.

McIntire,. H.R. 5137, National Potato Grade Labelling Act.

McIntire, H.R. 5241, potatoes into soil bank.

McIntire, H.R. 5604, capital gains advantage for poultrymen.

McIntire, H.R. 6257, horseshoe on free list.

McIntire, H.R. 6325, tree planting - soil bank.

McIntire, H.R. 6423, maritime academies.

McIntire, H.R. 6423, plywood imports.

McIntire, H.R. 7299, P.L. 85-210, Passenger boats, to postpone effective date of P.L. 519.

McIntire, H.R. 8320, authorize vessel Edith Q....vessel of the U.S. with full coastwise privileges.

McIntire, H.R. 8379, Federal Intermediate Credit Bank.

McIntire, H.R. 8510, flexibility in marketing agreements.

McIntire, H.R. 9082, National Grange headquarters...

McIntire, H.R. 9159, vessel Fundy II owned by Stanley E. Dodge.

McIntire, H.R. 9429, H.R. 64233, assistance to state and territorial maritime academies.

McIntire, H.R. 10669, Houlton-Canada interstate highway designation.

Mrs. William Curran, Payne's bill - passed June 11, 1956.

Box 918
Campaign material, 1964, two folders.

Harue Sugahara - McIntire.

McIntire, background material 1964 Senatorial election, two folders.

McIntire, environmental material.

McIntire, H.R. 3609, Dedham.

McIntire, H.R. 5147, Howe, Mrs. Edmund.

Mclntire, H.R. 5337 amending PAC agriculture.

McIntire, H.R. 5822, amend public law 727.

McIntire, H.R. 6360, Maria Campaiola Falone.

McIntire, H.R. 6731, forest land tree planting.

McIntire, H.R. 8110, Orrin J. Bishop.

McIntire, H.R. 9484. National Potato Market Act.

McIntire, H.R. 10392, merge production credit corporations and inter banks.

McIntire, H.R. 10607, Soil Bank.

McIntire, H.R. 11185, Commercial Fisheries Division.

McIntire, H.R. 11804, domestic fisheries, loans etc.

McIntire, H.R. 111520, convey lighthouse to Castine.

McIntire, S753, Lanoie immigration.

McIntire, state assistance for pesticide applicator certification and training advisory committee.

McIntire - Stennis, Forestry Research Bill, P.L. 87-788, H.R. 12688, two folders.

1964 campaign.

Pesticides, E.P.A. - P.U.C. Farm Bureau.

Report of Natural Resources Program Study Committee to the Officers and Board of Directors...December 2, 1968.

Madawaska, town of.

Box 919
Maine Congressional delegation matters.

Maine Congressional delegation matters, 1959-60.

Maine Congressional delegation minutes, 1959-60.

Maine delegation matters, 1961-62, two folders.

Maine delegation meeting, minutes.

Maine delegation meetings.

Maine Industrial Building Authority Act.

Maine, employment.

Maine Maritime Academy, three folders.

Maine mill closings, 1964.

Maine Potato Council.

Maine, state of - Aroostook County.

Maine, statistics.

Manganese conferences.

Manganese, four folders.

Manganese, memorandums.

Manganese ore, conference memoranda, 1952.

Box 920
Maine Maritime Academy, 1961-1962.

Maine Republican Finance Committee, Second District members only, 1962.

Manganese material.

Manpower Development and Training Program.

Manpower reports.

Maritime academies, appropriations fiscal 1958.

Maritime academies, appropriations fiscal 1959.

Maritime academies, appropriations fiscal 1960.

Maritime academies, appropriations fiscal 1961.

Maritime academies, appropriations fiscal 1962 and 1963.

Maritime Academy.

Meat, beef.

Medical aid.

Medical and nurses.

Medical care for the aged.

Medicare and Social Security.

Mercantile Exchange, hearings.

Mercantile Exchange, operations.

Merchant Marine.

Merchant Marine and Fisheries, committee on, two folders.

Box 921
Migrant workmen.

Military construction.


Milk, Maine.

Milk, school milk programs.

Milk, support programs.


Minerals, agreements.

Minerals, Maine.

Minimum wage, 1961-62.

Miscellaneous correspondence and news releases.

Miscellaneous data, two folders.


Money, price controls.


Moosehorn Wildlife Refuge.

National Federation of Independent Business, two folders.

National forests.

National forests, recreation.

National Guard.

Box 922
National Guard, two folders.

National parks, Acadia.

National parks, Allagash.

National parks, Maine.

National parks, Quoddy Head.

National parks, two folders.

Navigational aids.

Navy ROTC.

Navy ROTC, public laws.

New England.

New England Council.

Newsletters of Mr. McIntire.

Newsletters of Mr. McIntire, 1959-1960.

Newsletters of other congressmen.

Nomination papers.

Oil, residual.

Box 923

Paper and pulp.

Paper and Pulp, paper mills, third district. four folders.

Passamaquoddy news clippings and letters, 1963.

Passamaquoddy, 1963-64, two folders.

Passamaquoddy, 1963-64, two folders.

Passamaquoddy supplement.

Pay, federal and postal employees.

Poems of note.


Political, Maine.


Pollution, Androscoggin River.

Pollution, 1961-1962.

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, three folders.

Box 924

Post Exchanges.

Post office.

Post Office and Civil Service, committee on, 1959-1960.

Post Office and Civil Service, Committee on, 1961-1962.

Post Office and Civil Service, Committee on.

Post Office and Civil Service, 1956-1957.

Potato Council.


Potatoes, branding.

Potatoes, exports.

Potatoes, flakes.

Potatoes, future trading.

Potatoes, goals.

Potatoes, grades and sizes.

Potatoes, imports.

Potatoes, inspection.

Potatoes - Maine.

Potatoes - Maine, marketing orders.

Potatoes - Maine, Potato Tax Committee.

Potatoes - Maine, production in bushels.

Potatoes - Maine, seed.

Potatoes - Maine, shippers.

Potatoes - Maine, starch potatoes.

Potatoes, marketing agreements and orders.

Potatoes, packaging.

Potatoes, patents.

Potatoes, potato chips.

Potatoes, potato division.

Potatoes, Potato Industry Council of Maine.

Potatoes, potato standards.

Potatoes, price supports.

Potatoes, prices.

Potatoes, production in bushels.

Potatoes, programs.

Potatoes, rail rates.

Potatoes, school lunch program.

Potatoes, soil bank program.

Potatoes, stocks on hand.

Potatoes, transportation rates.

Potatoes, Walker Rider.

Potatoes, Warren Potato Act of 1935.

Poultry and eggs.

Poultry - Maine.

Poultry, two folders.

Power - Maine.

Prayer case, form letters.

Prayer letter.


Presque Isle Air Force Base, deactivation.

Presque Isle Air Force Base, 1961-1962.

Presque Isle, city of, 1961-1962.

Post Offices and Civil Service, Committee on.

Presidential messages.

Presidential messages, calendar 1957.

Box 925

Presidential messages, calendar, 1960.

Primary returns, 1964.

Public Law #480.

Public Works Committee, three folders.

Pulp and paper, 1961-1962.


R.EA., State of Maine.

R.0.T.C., general.

Radio and tv scripts.

Radio and television, 1959 scripts.

Radio and Television scripts, 1961.

Radio scripts.


Railroads, workmen.

Rankin Rapids Dam project.

Redistricting Maine, 1961-1962.

Releases, press, four folders.

Rates - railroads, Maine.

Releases, press, seven folders.

Box 926

Hoover Commission, reorganization.


Republican committees - national, state, etc.

Republican convention, Bangor 1954.

Republican Policy Committee, two folders.

Requests for material, information, etc.

Rivers and harbors, three folders.

Box 927

Roads, 1962-1963.

Roads, two folders.

Rules Committee.

Rural areas development.

Rural development program.

Rural Development Program, Washington County, Maine.

Rural Electrification Administration.

Saint Croix Island monument.

Saint Croix River Basin, two folders.

Saint John River Basin.

Saint John River, hydroelectric

Saint Lawrence Seaway, 1962-1963.

Schools, construction.

Schools, federal aid.

Schools, five folders.

Schools - Maine.

Schools - Maine, federally impacted areas.

Schools, 1957.

Miscellaneous for servicemen.

Box 928

Senators' press releases.


Shipbuilding and ships.

Ships, contracts.

Ships, F.C.C. requirements.

Ships, two folders.

Shoe and boot - Maine, factories.

Shoe and boot, two folders.

Shoe industry, two folders.

Small business, two folders.

Social security, two folders.


Socialized medicine.

Soil bank.

Soil bank, conservation reserve.

Soil bank, corn.

Speeches, two folders.

Speech material, graduation or young people.

Box 929
Speeches, McIntire.

Speeches, inaugural and convention.

Speeches, 1958.

Speeches, 1959, 1960, 1961.

Speeches, presidential.

Speeches quotes.

State convention delegates.

State government.

Statements, 1960-1963.

Statute: Public Law 87-788. McIntire-Stennis Cooperative Forestry Research Program.

Stockman's Bill.


Box 930

Interim report on sugar beet processing facility in Aroostook County, Maine.

Opinion survey of Maine on the Passamaquoddy Project, October 14-22, 1963.


Sugar beets, seven folders.

Sugar beets, two folders.

Supreme Court.

Supreme Court, 1961-1962.

Supreme Court, school prayer.

Survey of Maine voters, October 14-22, 1963.

Box 931

Tariff Commission.

Tariffs, agriculture.

Tariffs and trade, 1961-1962, two folders.

Tariffs and trade, three folders.

Tariffs, European Common Market.

Tariffs, five folders.

Tariffs, fish.

Tariffs, G.A.T.T.

Box 932

Tariffs, rates.

Tax foundation.

Taxes, excise.

Taxes, 1961-1962.

Taxes, three folders.

Taxes, timber sales, capital gains.

Television - Maine, Portland.

Television stations.

Television stations, Maine.

Tennessee Valley Authority.

Textiles, five folders.

Textiles, Maine.

Textiles - Maine third district, mills.

Testimony tips.

Tidelands, two folders.

Box 933

Miscellaneous "W', one folder.


Tinker Dam.


Townsend Plan.

Trade marks and patents.


Transportation, automobiles.

Transportation, Interstate Commerce Commission.

Transportation, train.



Treaties, Japanese.

Treaties, Yalta.

Trip leasing.

Truck transportation.

Trusts and anti trust.

Tung oil.

U of M.

Un-American activities.

Un-American Activities Committee.

United Nations.

United Nations charter.

United Nations, 1961-1962.

Universal military service.

Universal military training.

Universities, Maine.

Vegetable Growers Association of America.


Veterans Affairs Committee, three folders.

Veterans, Korean.

Veterans, legislation, 1964.

Veterans, pensions.

Veterans, World War II.

Voting and registration information from the state committee.


Washington county.


Water pollution control.

Box 933

Water pollution, Sebasticook lake.



Waterways, Saint Lawrence Waterway.

Waterways, subsidy.

Box 934

Veterans Administrations, Portland office.

Veterans, pensions etc.

Voting record, McIntire, C.G. 87th congress, 1st session.

Ways and Means, committee on, 1961-1962.

Ways and Means, committee on, three folders.


West Quoddy Head.


Wheat, price supports.

Wheat, wheat agreement.

White House, two folders.

Wilderness bill.




Workmen, Labor Market Newsletter, Maine.

Workmen, laws.

Workmen, minimum wage.

Workmen, Railroad Retirement Act and benefits.

Workmen, Social Security.

Workmen, Unemployment Insurance.

Workmen, unions.

Box 935


Campaign material.

Campaign news release headings.

Campaign schedule and correspondence, 1964 campaign.

Campaign statistics, 1964 campaign.

Capital Comments, newsletter.

Convention clippings, 1964.

Cuba foreign affairs and wheat deal.

Lincoln material.

McIntire for Senate committee, 1964.

Maine Lines, February, 1961.

Maine Political Yearbook, 1961.

Maine Political Yearbook, 1962.

News releases, 1964.

Pamphlet, Republican State Convention, April 26-27, Bangor, Maine.

Pictorial Directory of the Victory Congress, 79th Congress, 1st session.

Radio programs, 1964.


Republican National Convention, San Francisco, 1964.

Speeches, statements, news releases, 1963-1964.

Wood industry, Maine.

Box 936

Capital Comments, newsletter.

H.R. 3609.

McIntire for Senator.

Master list of McIntire bills.

News releases.

Radio, 1959, McIntire.

Radio, 1961, McIntire.

Radio, 1962.

Radio, 1963.

Radio, 1964.

A sample of mail received on the prayer issue.

Washington, potato capsule reports.

Box 937

Miscellaneous materials on Gould Academy, Bethel, Maine.

Pamphlet, Republican State Convention, June 25-26, 1958. Two copies.

Pamphlet, What is the Veterans Administration Doing Through Medical Research to Save the Lives of Veterans.

Passamaquoddy - St. John hearings before subcommittee of the Committee on Public Works United States Senate.

Quoddy, 1957-10,59.

Quoddy, 1963-1964.

Box 937 Folio

McIntire-Stennis Act.

Republican primary election tabulations, 1951-1962.

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