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Special Collections: Guide to the Kendall A. Merriam Papers

Summary Information

Collection Number:  MS 341
Collection Title:
  Kendall A. Merriam papers
Dates of Collection:  1913 - 1996 (bulk 1969 - 1975)
Size of Collection:  3 boxes (3 linear ft.)
Provenance:  Gift of Mr. Kendall Merriam. Original donation in September, 1980, with occasional additions.
Note: Additional materials have been received that are not yet processed or represented in this description. Please contact the department for more information about these materials.

Administrative Information

Arrangement: Arranged in three series: I. Manuscripts of Merriam’s writings, II. Museum workers union related materials, and III. Items saved by Doris Merriam, Kendall Merriam’s mother.
Access Restrictions:  Kept at Fogler Library's offsite storage facility. One week's notice requested for retrieval.
Use Restrictions:  Information on literary rights available from the department.
Preferred Citation:  MS 341, Kendall Merriam papers, Special Collections, Raymond H. Fogler Library, University of Maine, Orono, Maine.
Conservation Note: 
Materials transferred to acid free folders and storage containers.
Accruals expected. 

For Additional Information:

Special Collections Department
University of Maine
5729 Fogler Library
Orono, Maine 04469-5729 
(207) 581-1686

Biographical Note

Kendall Merriam is a poet and author from Richmond, Maine. He now resides in Rockland.

Scope and Content Note

The collection includes manuscripts of poetry, typescripts, notebooks, newspaper clippings, correspondence and miscellaneous papers of a Maine poet and author. The items in Series I and II represent the original donation from September, 1980. Dates of items in those series range from 1913 to 1980, but the bulk of material is from the early 1970s. The items in Series III had been saved by Doris Merriam, Kendall Merriam’s mother, and were part of an additional donation in 2005.

Folder Titles

Box 1

Series I: Manuscripts of Merriam’s Writings

f 1-1  Article - How To Become a Published Poet

f 1-2  Bombers (The Bombers, poem typescript)

f 1-3  Carolyn - short stories and poems; Red Phoenix City; booklet, National Archives & Records, 1971

f 1-4  Contacts, letters, articles

f 1-5  Lara poems; newspaper clippings

f 1-6  Medvedb's Journal, typescript, chapter one

f 1-7  Men's poems

f 1-8  On Becoming a Poet; Katlyn; Hymn to Janina Lewandowska; odds and ends of letters and articles

f 1-9  Play - Mayakovsky in Kiev, 1913

f 1-10  Plays - My Grandfather; Claire's Song; Interogation of Janina Lewandowska; Zomo; Journey of the Neva; Bag of Sugar

f 1-11  Poems, Plain Song, Rhyme Song, Complex Song; Letter from Jeb Carter

f 1-12  Poems about Himself

f 1-13  Poems about Maine

f 1-14  Poems about Women

f 1-15  Poems for Phyllis; Maine Edition Magazine, 1974

f 1-16  Poems of Animist

f 1-17  Poems - The Job, Testimony, Shalom Speech, Togus, etc.

f 1-18  Poems - Tonya Gumilina; poems for Vladimir Mayakovsky

f 1-19  Poems - The Tribe that Lost Its Head; Blue Yeti; Liberty Mutual; Shaman, etc.

f 1-20  Poems - Wireless, Welcome to the Warehouse; certificate, Honorary Irish Poet

f 1-21  Political Items

f 1-22  Russian poems

f 1-23  Short stories - Brenda; Fox Fountain; Blue Fox; Fox of Many Colours; Charles

f 1-24  Short stories and poems

f 1-25  The Uncensored Guide to Maine

f 1-26  Variety of poems

f 1-27  Variety of poems - some for children, some about fairs

Box 2

f 2-1  Writer's notebooks

Series II: Museum Workers Union Related Materials

f 2-2  Alan Kistler letters; American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations

f 2-3  American Association of Museums (AAM), elections

f 2-4  AAM Bulletin, Jul. 1, 1969-Nov. 1, 1971 (scattered); Booklet for AAM members

f 2-5  AAM 1972 magazine, group retirement program, invitation, cards, guest pass, etc.

f 2-6  Andrei Amalrik, letters and newspaper articles

f 2-7  Art workers newsletters, form for health plan, retirement, etc.

f 2-8  Article from The New England Quarterly; letter from Walter Whitehill

f 2-9  Barbara Shissler, letters, MIA

f 2-10  Booklet, list of International Institution for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC), list of members, February 1971

f 2-11  Constitution of the Staff Association of the Museum of Modern Art; union clippings and letters

f 2-12  Denver AAM speech, 1971

f 2-13  Denver speech, Museum Workers of America newsletter, letters to and from Kendall Merriam

f 2-14  Kendall's weekly newsletter, Jan. - Feb. 1982; Apr. 20 - Jul. 20, 1984

f 2-15  Letters from Cheryl Coffin; letter from Richard Leavitt; letter from Joan Balfour

f 2-16  Letters from Kendall Merriam to Nina Osnos; newspaper articles from Washington Post and the Evening Star

 f 2-17  Letter from Kyran McGrath

f 2-18  Letters from Lynne Stolte

f 2-19  Letters from Susan Silverman; small books on national labor relations

f 2-20  Letters to and from Walter Whitehill; newspaper article, A Union for Museum Jobs

f 2-21  Letters, newspaper article and a guide to minimum wage, 1969

f 2-22  Letters to Alderson, American Association for State and Local History; Ninth Annual Conference of New England Historical Societies, 1971

f 2-23  Letters from Anne McGrath

f 2-24  Letters concerning dues, American Association of Museums

f 2-25  Letters to and from Charles E. Buckley

f 2-26  Letter to Charles Eberhart

f 2-27  Letters to Edmund Muskie on minimum wage; explanation for minimum wages; handy reference guide

f 2-28  Letters to Fred deBroeder and Kendall A. Merriam about a newsletter

f 2-29  Letter to Helen D. Bullock; pamphlets on preservation

f 2-30  Letters to and from James Brown, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

f 2-31  Letters to Kyran McGrath

f 2-32  Letters to Michael Robbins

f 2-33  Letter to and from Mr. Joseph Noble, Museum of the City of New York, 1971

f 2-34  Letters to Mr. Marvin E. Tong, Jr., Museum of the Great Lakes, 1970

f 2-35  Letters to Mrs. Anne McGrath, secretary, and the editor of AAM Bulletin, 1970

 f 2-36  Letters to Polly Cone; exhibition program on the portrait of Juan de Pareja by Diego Velazuez

f 2-37  Letters to Richard West; Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Associates Film Program, 1971

f 2-38  Letters to S. Silverman from K. Merriam

f 2-39  Letters to Thomas Freudenheim, Director of the Baltimore Museum of Arts

f 2-40  Letters to Wayne O'Leary, Penobscot Marine Museum, 1971

f 2-41  Letter to Yssbel Lightner, need for a union, 1971

f 2-42  Los Angeles County Museum of Art position list, 1970-71

f 2-43  Magazine (American Labor), 1970; newspaper - aerospace (AFL-CIO); pamphlet on engineer's and scientist's association

f 2-44  Maine Labor News, January, 1971, annotated with statistics

f 2-45  Maine State Labor News, 1971

f 2-46  Museum addresses

f 2-47  Museum bibliography

f 2-48  Museum News magazine, 1972

f 2-50  Newsletters, newspaper clippings; magazine (New York); university notebook with names

f 2-51  Newspaper - adult education classes, 1971; letters about forming a union

f 2-52  Newspaper articles, Maine Employment security law and regulations handbook 1969; contacts

f 2-53  Newspaper articles on museum unions

 Box 3

f 3-1  Roberta Faul, Museum News

f 3-2  Seminar for Historical administrators, graduate positions, 1959-1969

f 3-3  Transcript of AAM's 66th annual meeting in Denver speech with corrections

f 3-4  Williamsburg, Virginia, faculty biographies

f 3-5  Union funds, check books

f 3-6  Washington trip, Museum Union Workers of American newsletter No. 1, June, 1971

Series III: Items Saved by Doris Merriam

f 3-7  Causes and projects – care for the mentally ill, 1974-1986

f 3-8  Causes and projects – equality for women, homosexuals, 1973-1974

f 3-9  Causes and projects – farm policy, 1977

f 3-10  Causes and projects – fishing industry history, aquaculture industry, 1973-1986

f 3-11  Causes and projects – freelance writers, improved wages, 1977

f 3-12  Causes and projects – museum workers union, 1971

f 3-13  Causes and projects – Russian and East European study group, Russian immigrants, Richmond, Maine, 1978-1984

f 3-14  Causes and projects – student history project, 1973

f 3-15  Causes and projects – history topics, general, 1973

f 3-16  Clippings – Books published – 72 Mechanic Street, 1996

f 3-17  Clippings – Books published – Dictionary of Lobstering, 1978-1979

f 3-18  Clippings – Books published – Face of the Horse, January, 1989

f 3-19  Clippings – Books published – God is a Fox, including a copy of the book, 1975

f 3-20  Clippings – Books published – Gulf of Maine (an anthology that included a Merriam poem), 1977

f 3-21  Clippings – Books published – Hymn to Janina Lewandowska, 1981

f 3-22  Clippings – Books published – Inside Vacationland – including Merriam two act dramatic monologue, “Claire’s Song,” portraying a sardine industry worker

f 3-23  Clippings – Books published – Medvedb’s Journal, Feb. – Mar., 1992

f 3-24  Clippings – Books published – Poems for Pemaquid, 1979; writings for children 1975-1980

f 3-25  Clippings – Books published – Uncensored Guide to Maine, 1985

f 3-26  Clippings – Feature story – “Kendall Merriam: a Russophile Matures in Richmond,” Maine Sunday Telegram, July 9, 1989

f 3-27  Clippings – Festival poet, 5 cents a line; The Maine Festival Program, 1977-1985

f 3-28  Clippings – James Lewisohn’s poetry, conviction for murder, 1980-1981

f 3-29  Clippings – Maine Edition officers and directors, article in Portland Press Herald, Mar. 31, 1975

f 3-30  Clippings – “Maine Stance and Stanza” column by Minnie Bowden, editions that mention Merriam, Courier-Gazette, Rockland, 1982-1987

f 3-31  Clippings – Merriam named associate editor, Freeport Post, 1973

f 3-32  Clippings – Readings, speaking engagements, 1973-1989

f 3-33  Clippings – Richmond, Maine, waterfront, coastal events, 1975, 1984

f 3-34  Correspondence – between Doris Merriam and Minnie Bowden, columnist, “Maine Stance and Stanza,” 1983

f 3-35  Freelance writing – animals, hunting, 1973

f 3-36  Freelance writing – crime in Lisbon, Maine, from the Lisbon Post, Feb. 22, 1973

f 3-37  Freelance writing – “Historical Footnotes,” Merriam column, Maine Sunday Telegram, Oct. 1972-Jan. 1973

f 3-38  Freelance writing – History, “Wreck of the Concrete Steamer ‘Polias’”, DownEast Magazine, Apr. 1971

f 3-39  Freelance writing – “High school revisited: new outlook,” Lisbon Post, 1973

f 3-40  Freelance writing – Poetry camp, Orono, Maine Sunday Telegram, Sep. 21, 1980

f 3-41  Freelance writing – “Maine’s best living poet?” Miriam Dyak articles, 1979

f 3-42  Freelance writing – Maine Women Writers, Maine Sunday Telegram, Jan. 31, 1982

f 3-43  Freelance writing – How to become a published poet, 1981; How to become your own publisher, 1982, Maine Sunday Telegram

f 3-44  Freelance writing – Nuclear power in Richmond? The Maine Issue, Jul. 1977

f 3-45  Freelance writing – on poetry and its relevance in Maine, 1980-1982

f 3-46  Freelance writing – reviews of others’ books, published in Bangor Daily News, Kennebec Journal, Maine Times, 1980-1989

f 3-47  Freelance writing – reviews of others’ books, published in Maine Sunday Telegram, 1974-1991

f 3-48  Freelance writing –“Where Time Runs Backwards,” (“Franks,” Lisbon Falls, Maine), Maine Sunday Telegram, Aug. 12, 1973

f 3-49  Letters to family; poems written for members of the family, 1970-1987

f 3-50  Lists – Doris Merriam’s lists of Kendall Merriam’s published articles, 1974-1989

f 3-51  Maine State Archives – firing, court case, issue of free speech, reinstatement, Dec. 1973-Dec. 1974

f 3-52  Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance, Mark Melnicove, 1981-1989

f 3-53  Notes – On Becoming a Poet, no date

f 3-54  Photograph of Kendall Merriam at a typewriter, Dec. 1980

f 3-55  Plays – drafts, performances, programs, 1981-1988

f 3-56  Poems by Kendall Merriam, pages from publications, 1970-1996

f 3-57  Poems by Phyllis Merriam, clipped from publications, 1976-1977

f 3-58  Short story, “A Fox at Christmas,” published in Merrymeeting Standard, Dec., 1985


Finding Aids for selected manuscript collections in the Special Collections Department at Fogler Library are accessible online in URSUS, and in a browsable Guide to Manuscript Collections. Please contact Special Collections at or (207) 581-1686 for further information.

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