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Special Collections: Guide to the Arthur E. Silver Class Photographs Collection

Collection title: Arthur E. Silver Class Photographs Collection
Provenance: Gift of Elisabeth Silver Stager, November 2005
Collection number: MS 1078
Dates of collection: 1899-1905
Size of collection: 1 box (ca. 50 photographs)
Preferred citation: Arthur E. Silver Class Photographs Collection, Special Collections Dept., Raymond H. Fogler Library, University of Maine
Restrictions on access and use: Kept at Fogler Library's offsite storage facility. One week's notice required for retrieval.


Arthur E. Silver was born at Silvers Mills, Maine in 1879. He graduated from the University of Maine, class of 1902, with a B.S. degree and received an honorary doctor of engineering degree from the university in 1954. In 1951 he was the recipient of the Lamme gold medal award given by the American Institute of Engineering in recognition of his pioneering work in rural electrification; his design of a simplified farm-type transformer lowered the cost of transmission to rural areas. He was chief electrical engineer for Ebasco Services, Inc., formerly Electric Bond and Share Co., until his retirement in 1948. He died in Upper Montclair, N.J. in 1975.

Scope and Content Note

Photographs of students from the class of 1902 at the University of Maine. A few photographs of members of the classes of 1899, 1900, 1901, 1904 and 1905 are also included. Photographs were used in the Prism, the university's yearbook, and were taken by various photographers in Bangor, Maine, including Fred C. Chalmers, J.F. Gerrity & Co., John T. Heath, George Lansil, and Ramsdell & Halloran. 

Box List

Box 1

Photographers indicated in parentheses


1 Class of 1899

Oliver O. Stover, Pownal, ME (Geo. Lansil, Bangor, ME)

Class of 1900

Clinton L. Cole, South Portland, ME (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

DeForest H. Perkins, No. Brooksville, ME (Geo. Lansil, Bangor, ME)

J.O. Whitcomb, Morrill, ME (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

2 Class of 1901

Mark J. Bartlett, Montville, ME (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

Wales R. Bartlett, Center Montville, ME (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

Thomas Buck, Orland, ME (Not able to identify photographer)

Fred L. Martin (Geo. Lansil, Bangor, ME)

3 Class of 1902

A.W. Bacheldor (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

W.E. Barrows (Heath, Bangor, ME)

E.J. Bartlett (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

M.M. Blaisdell, Ft. Fairfield, ME (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

H.W. Chadbourne (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

Nathan A. Chase, South Paris, ME (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

Henry E. Cole (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

A.R. Davis, Auburn, ME (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

George W. Durgan, Jr., Sherman Mills, ME (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

4 W.H. Eldridge, Bucksport, ME (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

L.E. Fessenden, Bridgton, ME (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

George L. Freeman (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

Henry C. Frence, Rumford Center, ME (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

Frank W. Kallom (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

Henry W. Kneeland, Searsport, ME (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

Lida Knowles (Chalmers, Bangor)

P.E. McCarthy, Lewiston, ME (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

Harold W. Mansfield (J.F. Gerrity & Co., Bangor, ME)

5 Irving Pease, Bean’s Corner, ME (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

Luther Peck (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

Frank E. Pressey (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

Clinton M. Radcliffe (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

Marie C. Rice (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME) 2 photographs

Roy E. Russell, Livermore, ME (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

C.W. Stephens (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

DeForest Read Taft (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

A.M. Watson, Portland, ME (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

6 Class of 1903

R.F. Chandler, New Gloucester, ME (Chalmers, Bangor, ME)

Rodney C. Davis, Lewiston, ME (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

Amy I. Maxfield, Sandy Point, ME

S.G. Small, Lubec, ME (Chalmers, Bangor, ME)

Roy E. Strickland, South Paris, ME (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

M.C. Wiley, Bethel, ME (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

7 Class of 1904

Lennie P. Copeland (Chalmers, Bangor, ME)

Frances Webber (J.F. Gerrity & Co., Bangor, ME)

Class of 1905

Walter B. Manson (Ramsdell & Halloran, Bangor, ME)

Roy M. Snell (Chalmers, Bangor, ME)

8 Unidentified photographs

9 Sleeves from photographs (samples)


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